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Best Friends Forever III: Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Alexa and Amanda share time grinding each other's bodies together on a bed!
Amanda and Alexa were having a wild weekend at Alexa's parents house while they were away for the weekend. Alexa had secretly planned, and hoped, to try and seduce her best friend Amanda. It all was going to plan as she fingered her friend to begin with, before Amanda had just eaten out Alexa's wet pussy.

The two were sat at the edge of the pool, with the night drawing in darker. "I think we should move on inside!" Amanda said, as she slipped up and out of the pool.

The water dripped from her naked soft flesh upon the floor around it, as the soft moonlight shimmered across her beautiful, curvaceous figure. She stopped, and turned to look back at Alexa still at the edge of the pool staring at her.

"You coming in then or what? The party isn't over yet!" Amanda spoke with a wicked smile on her face.

Alexa looked upon the beautiful best friend's body, her long, wet hair that attached itself to the archway of her spine, the breasts that were large, bouncy and so soft to squeeze with large, erect nipples that poked out from the tip of them, and her delicious peachy round ass cheeks, leading to her thighs and long legs.

"I'm coming babe!" Alexa spoke, before Amanda turned her body, and walked away towards the house.

Alexa could not help but watch this female form of a figure wobble her ample charms of her body as she moved into the house. She pulled herself up and walked across to the house before entering inside, and locking the door behind her. She looked around at the soft lighting inside, to see Amanda nowhere to be seen. Then, she heard her upstairs. She made her way up to go searching for her best friend.

Opening the room of her parent's bedroom, she discovered Amanda laid upon the sheets, still fully naked and seemingly comfortable with her body on full view now. Amanda leaned on her elbows, staring back at Alexa as she walked in upon her, and waved a finger, inviting her to join her upon the bed.

Alexa stepped across and got on her hands and knees, crawling across the end of the bed, hovering over Amanda's naked body below till she reached fully over her.

"Let's spend the night together, cuddling up to each other in here tonight!" Amanda said.

She laid back flat upon the bed, and gently took hold of Alexa's face staring down at her in the palms of her hands. Caressing her face, before Alexa lowered her slightly wet, naked body upon Amanda's. Their breasts were heaving against each other. Alexa's legs were teasing one between Amanda's thighs, and the other at the side.

She moved in, and the two kissed. A soft, wet kiss as their lips met. At first, it was another exploration of each other's mouths. Gentle lips upon each other, then the slight protruding tongue that licked across Amanda's lips, before exploring within and the two connecting together between their mouths as they met, in a deeper, longing wetness of passion.

Amanda's hands moved down, across Alexa's neck and to the arch of her spine. She caressed her palms across the soft, damp skin of Alexa's body, drifting over her back, up and down, back and forth. Feeling every muscle that ached for her as she moved and arched her back while staying on top of her best friend. The hands hovered lower, and reached the two soft juicy ass cheeks that were free to touch. She caressed over them, squeezed them a little, and occasionally just offered a very gentle slap upon them.

Alexa's hips began to slowly rock in motion, the excitement building up inside of her body, the heat rising, the warmth of other bodily contact against her own. Amanda's hand gripped upon Alexa's ass cheeks, helping her as she began to grind her hips, and her pussy rubbed back and forth, over and over against Amanda's thigh.

Alexa's pussy lips stretched across the soft thigh of Amanda, pulling itself, rubbing itself to a feeling of over powering enthusiasm of erotic pleasure at being pleased. Amanda's free leg was raised, and wrapped itself across the back of Alexa's thighs.

Alexa's own thigh was starting to rub against Amanda's pussy below, with the motion of her body rocking over her. Their lips still kissing, licking and the sweet taste of each other above, as their nipples rubbed together as heaving breasts met the perkiness of Alexa's soft fleshy mounds of womanhood. The sounds of sex were erupting around the empty, open room. Breathing beginning to deepen, growing heavier, sexual tension being raised by their sexual acts upon each other.

The wet water from the pool, soon began to turn into sweat from their heat rising within their bodies. The feel of another body against each other, the soft flesh of two naked female bodies connected together, exploring, teasing and pleasuring each other was driving them both wild with ecstasy. Alexa's hand pulled up, across Amanda's large breasts as she raised her body slightly above her. She took one of her soft heaving breasts within her palm, and began to squeeze gently.

She squeezed the shape into the perky flesh of mountains rising towards her face, as she opened her mouth and suckled upon it within her lips. Amanda laid back, her hips grinding her pussy against Alexa's thigh as she was herself getting herself off by doing the same in return. Alexa's lips locked tight around Amanda's large breast, sucking on it, flicking her tongue across the erect nipple inside, and teasing it, playing with it. Amanda's warm breath flowing towards the neck of Alexa.

She could feel the heat rise in her pussy, as Alexa raised her body upright to sit upon the bed. Amanda stared back towards her best friend, before being pulled up by Alexa to sit upright in front of her. Alexa stared upon her friend's naked flesh, each curve of her body, her breasts heaving upon her beating chest. She slowly positioned herself, sliding a leg below Amanda's, and slid closer to her body, with the other leg raised over the other side of Amanda's thigh. The two bodies were intertwined together.

Alexa wrapped her arms around Amanda's back, and pulled her in towards her own naked body. Raising her slightly as she joined her best friend, almost sitting upon her body a little. Their two pussies met in the center, with their legs weaving under and over each other at both sides. Alexa slowly, began to rock her hips a little.

Her pussy began to grind against Amanda's, who followed suit and began to rock her hips in motion with Alexa's. Their pussies were grinding against each other, their eyes staring deep into each other's eyes. The hips turning, rocking, swirling around in circles and up and down, as the two pussies rubbed harder upon each other.

The breathing grew heavier from each of the two girls. Their lips parting, tongues protruding and licking each other, before they kissed once more. A deep, passionate embrace of two lovers joining together in the moments of love. The kiss went on, long, deep, tender embracing of wet lips and tongues touching each other.

Alexa pulled back, as she released Amanda from her clutches, and leaned back upon the bed behind. Her hips still grinding her tender mound of fresh pussy against Amanda's pussy lips. Their honey juices sliding together.

Alexa arched her body back, offering her perky breasts towards Amanda who seized upon the opportunity. She moved forward, and wrapped her lips upon Alexa's mountain shaped breasts, and sucked on them. Sliding her tongue over and over across the erect nipple that was sensitive to the touch, and suckling upon it as Alexa moaned in pleasure.

"Ughhhh.... ooooohhhh yes babe.... suck my tits!" she groaned out with lustful expression on her face.

Amanda moved over, taking both of Alexa's ample charms in her mouth, one after the other. Both breasts heaving between her lips, and nipples that stood out upon the mountain top.

Amanda moved back, as she fell behind slightly, stopping as her palms rested behind her upon the bed. The two in similar positions, leaning back as their bodies rose gently up off the bed sheets an inch or more. Their legs were resting upon the beds at the sides, still their bodies intertwined within each other. Their hips were grinding, and the wet dripping cunts of their pussies rubbing against each others. The sound of heavy breathing and smell of sex floated around the bedroom.

"Ughhhh... oh fuck... I'm close babe!" Alexa called out first, as she could feel her pussy lips stretching, pulling and sliding against the swollen pussy lips of her best friend.

The sounds of fleshy mounds of pussy rubbing against each other from below. The two girls leaned back upon the beds, looking at each other's heaving bodies and chests pounding in sexual lust and ecstasy for each other's bodies. Their grinding grew harder, heavier, quicker in movement.

"Fuck... Ughhhh..... that's it.... oh my God.... this feels wonderful.... fuck yes!" Amanda called out, the sweat dripping across her large breasts as they bounced perfectly upon the frame of her naked body.

"Oh fuck... I'm gonna cum babe.... God... I'm cumming!" she called out soon after, and the feel of her body getting ready to explode.

"UGHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed out as a wave of orgasms rushed through her body, as it shook, her mouth open wide and eyes closed as it filled her inner warmth with rushes of excitement and tension.

"UGHHHHHHH!" Alexa screamed out not long after, as her body began to convulse.

She soon shook heavily, her pussy still grinding against Amanda's wet pussy lips as she suffered aftershocks of an amazing orgasm ripping through her. The two looked at each other, as their hips ground hard, heavy thrusts of deep pleasure against each other's pussies, before collapsing upon the bed sheets.

The room filled with deep, heavy breathing being sighed from both girls. Amanda reached forward, as she took Alexa's hands and pulled her in, towards her own body and the two fell back. Alexa crashed down, upon the sweaty body of her best friend.

The two laid together, Alexa upon Amanda as they cuddled their arms around each other, and came down from the rush of orgasmic state they just experienced, before closing their eyes and slowly falling asleep in each other's arms for the night.

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