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Best Friends Forever IV: Sixty-Nine

Alexa and Amanda wake up the next day, and decide to eat each other's pussy out!
Best Friends Forever IV: Sixty-Nine

Alexa and Amanda had spent the night together in bed, after a wild first night of a little fingering in the pool naked, as well as her best friend tasting and eating Alexa's pussy also, to their first real experience of grinding their naked pussies together on a bed and having wonderful orgasms. The two fell asleep in each other's arms, as the night drew in.

Alexa was the first to awaken, to the soft sounds of birds chirping their morning tune. As she opened her eyes, she found herself with her legs wrapped across the thighs of Amanda, and her arm draped across the large heaving breasts of her best friend. The warmth of her skin touching her own, the sexual appetite still growing from the previous night. She had planned it to seduce her best friend, having grown feelings for her for a long time now, but never thought it would have developed so quickly and into so much more.

She gently pulled her leg and arm away, allowing Amanda to lay there, naked and free as the sun slipped across the bed and offered a wonderful view of her beautiful shapely figure. She laid, resting on her side and admiring the soft skin, curvaceous body, and wonderfully heaving of her friends breasts as she gently breathed and in deep sleep, unaware she was being stared at so intensely.

She used the soft tip of her fingertip as she began to slowly caress down across Amanda's naked body, from her neck, across her large breasts accompanied with wonderful erect nipples which were already aroused in the cool air that breathed upon them. Circling the nipples softly, and moving down across her stomach, and her little button hole of her belly and further below. Sliding her finger down across the inner thighs, up and down, touching the softness and smooth legs of Amanda's.

Drifting back up towards the soft runway of fuzz that was placed just above the sexual opening of her inner warmth to her pussy. It began to stir Amanda a little, although seemingly still asleep, she instinctively began to spread her legs a little wider and a soft moan from her lips, allowing Alexa to caress up and down across the lips of her pussy. The wetness was beginning to form upon them, as some of it slipped onto Alexa's finger. she brought it back up, and tasted it in between her own lips. That sweetness, honey juice taste of her friends pussy was so delicious to experience and she wanted more.

Alexa slithered her way down the bed, turning around her body to head to toe opposite Amanda's own position, and worked her face towards the treasure centered between her thighs. She offered a gentle blow at first, upon the pussy lips, as it stirred a moan of sexual pleasure from Amanda's lips above as she glanced up to see her eyes still closed. She returned, licking her lips. She had fingered her best friend's pussy in the pool, and grinding their pussies together but never gone down and eaten her out. She felt a little nervous but knew she so wanted to do this.

She hovered slowly down, and began with soft kisses upon the inner thighs of Amanda's legs. Each one caressing the soft skin around her, working her way back up until she could smell the sweet aroma of sexual form so close now. She moved in, and began with a gentle, lick as her tongue worked from below up across the lips. The sticky, sweet wetness of her honey slipping across her tongue and sticking to it as she tasted more of the juices upon her lips. She worked upon it again, over and over, gliding her tongue across the outer edges of her pussy lips. The tip just edging between as they separated and she could feel the soft tender flesh of her friends folds against her mouth and lips.

Soft moans slipped from above, as her legs spread wider and allowing her greater entry to her pussy. "Mmmm.... Oooohhhhh!" erupted from above as Amanda could feel the swarm of butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach. Spreading a warm feeling that began to spread around her whole body. Her hands drifted upon her own breasts, as she played with them. Caressing them in her grip, squeezing, kneading the feeling of her own naked flesh and ample charms in her fingertips. Her breathing growing a little heavier, as she picked at her erect nipples. Grabbing them, and pulling upon them and releasing them to slap back down upon her large breasts that heaved amongst her breathes of hot air slipping from her lips.

Alexa could hear Amanda's moans and continued on, licking away and enjoying the folds of her friends pussy against her mouth and lips. Her tongue sliding up and down against her pussy, and circling around against it. The little nub of clitoris soon exposing itself to her as it slipped free from it's hood and wanted to experience the enjoyment. She slipped her tongue across it, sending shock waves across Amanda's body as her thighs shook below Alexa's head and she knew she was doing good.

Amanda's eyes awoke, the incredible intense sexual pleasure being felt was too much to keep her asleep for longer. Unaware at first if it was her own doing, of her morning sexual awakening of wanting, needing her fingers to touch her or more. She looked down to see Alexa's head between her thighs, as her best friend raised her head and looked back up at her. "Morning sleepyhead. Hope you don't mind, but I was a little hungry when I woke!" Alexa said with a wicked smile on her lips. Amanda just smiled back, as Alexa went back to work on her pussy and slipped her tongue across her infolds of her fleshy mound once more.

Amanda moaned, "Oooohh.... oh baby that feels so good!" she spoke softly. As she looked to the side, seeing the shapely and peachy curves of Alexa's sweet bum and thighs as it was a foot away. "Mmm, I think I'd like a little to eat too babe!" and with those words she stretched over and gently took hold of Alexa's legs and hips. Raising her up as she rose to her knees and helped her drag the lower half of her body across. Alexa cocked a leg up as Amanda pulled it across her chest and placed it back down on the other side. She looked up at the sweet shaven pleasure of Alexa's pussy above her lips. Already wet and waiting to be explored, as she licked her lips.

She pulled Alexa's hips down as her pussy dropped to in front of Amanda's own mouth and she teased her. Slipping a tongue forward and working small circles upon the fleshy folds of her friends pussy. The wetness dripping onto her own tongue as she took it in to her mouth and tasted it. That sweet taste of another girl, a girl she had eaten out already and enjoyed so much she wanted seconds now. She grasped her hands upon the lower soft cheeks of Alexa's sweet ass, and spread it a little. Her tongue began to work wonders, sliding across the sweet pussy lips of Alexa who moaned in sexual encouragement of being licked out.

Both girls, laying on the bed in opposite directions of a sixty-nine position. Alexa on top, her head slipping up and down between Amanda's thighs as she continued to lick away across the sweet nub of her clit and her pussy lips. Flicking her tongue upon her soft folds of flesh and teasing to go inside.

Meanwhile, Amanda was eating away like a pro, her head thrust upwards into the warm mountains of Alexa's thighs as her tongue delved deep into Alexa's wet cunt. Her nose buried in above as her lips and chin was covered in the wet juices that Alexa was already releasing against her. Moans and groans of sexual energy slipping from both girls as they continued to eat each other out.

Alexa finally summed up the courage as she dipped her tongue inside, spreading Amanda's wet cunt lips apart and into the wet jungle inside. The soft silky flesh of her inner cunt, and dripping, sticky honey that spread across her tongue and lips she couldn't get enough of. She twirled her tongue around inside, tasting every side of her cunt, and burying it deep within as she could feel the muscles contract of Amanda's pussy in reaction to being eaten out by her.

Amanda was buried face first into Alexa's cunt, her mouth smacked hard against the wet pussy and her tongue deep inside. Sliding back and forth, moving around inside and tasting every drop she could discover. Her hands squeezing a little tighter on Alexa's tight ass cheeks. The sloppy sounds of her mouth and tongue swirling around against the wet juicy cunt she pleasured. As she held on tight to Alexa's ass and hips, and without warning she turned her body over, as the two swapped places.

Within seconds, Alexa found herself now below Amanda's frame of her body, but carried on eating her cunt out. Amanda helped out her friend, as she began to grind her hips, and her pussy dragged itself up and down across the mouth and lips of Alexa's face. Grinding her pussy against her, as Alexa's tongue was still inside and licking her out. Her clit rubbing against the chin as she grinded it harder, faster upon her face, circling around on occasions and getting every angle just right for the immense sexual pleasure inside of her body.

Amanda was still gripped upon the tender ass cheeks of Alexa, and spreading them as her face was deeply buried into her wet cunt. Her lips upon Alexa's cunt, and her tongue pushing itself between the cunt lips and deep inside. Amanda pulled one of her arms free, and up close to her face. She pulled her tongue free and plunged two erect fingers deep into Alexa's cunt, who groaned upon the feeling of entry by her inside.

"UGHHHHHHH" she screamed out as she pulled back her head and free from Amanda's wet cunt. as she still continued to try and smother her friends face with her own cunt, grinding it back and forth over her face. "Fuck... Oh my God... yes.... oh fuck... Mmmmm.... Ughhhhhhh!" Alexa continued to groan as Amanda's fingers thrust deep inside and sped up faster and harder, fingering her friends tight wet cunt. She occasionally pulled them free, and thrust them between her own lips and inside of her mouth to taste the wetness of her friends cunt on her fingers. Before returning back and delving inside and thrusting harder, deeper inside her cunt. Her tongue began to flick over Alexa's clit at the same time as Amanda's fingers pushed themselves inside, against the tightness of her inner silky flesh and forcing them to fuck her hard and fast.

Alexa's hips grinded at being finger fucked. "Ughhhh... fuck.... I'm close babe..... keep going!" she screamed out as she could feel the volcanic reaction inside her stomach ready to blow at any given moment. Amanda sped up faster, faster as the sounds of her fingers against the sloppy wet cunt as they pushed in and out, in and out, deeper, harder, faster. Her tongue working overtime against the clit of Alexa's as it was so sensitive and hard to the touch. "Fuck... I'm cumming babe... oh fuck yes..... don't stop... here I cum!" Alexa moaned out louder, and with it, an eruption inside of her body as it shook violently but held in place by Amanda's body positioned on top. Still thrusting her fingers in and out of her cunt, and licking her clit.

"Yesssssss... AGhhhhhhhhhh.... Ughhhhhh!" she screamed, experiencing such an orgasmic sensation that felt like her body was going to explode. Her thighs tightened together, as Amanda's fingers and hand caught between, forcing her to push harder to keep thrusting her two fingers inside her tight cunt. "UGHhhhh!" was the final call from Alexa as her body exhausted from the eruption crashed back down, as Amanda slowed down dipping her fingers into her cunt and released them free, dripping her wet juicy cunt. Her tongue stopped flicking away, raising her head and slipped her fingers between her own tight, warm lips of her mouth to taste every drop of sticky juices she had upon her fingers.

Amanda hadn't finished though, as she worked her own hips. Still ongoing and riding her friends face with her cunt, as she dragged it up and down, back and forth. Her cunt lips rubbing over Alexa's sweaty face and her clit rubbing across her chin. She grinded it harder, faster. Alexa's tongue delved back inside as she licked her out once more. She wanted to taste her still, to give her the same experience she had explored and provided for her. Then, Amanda raised her body up, and turned around to position herself face first with her friend. She pulled herself over her face again and lowered her hips down.

She sat on Alexa's face and lips as Alexa stuck her tongue deep up inside. "Ughhhhh... that's it hun. Slide your tongue in my wet dripping cunt. Taste me.... lick me sweetie!" Amanda said as she grinded her hips, and her cunt grinded itself up and down her mouth. Twirling around at times to gain the full experience of her pussy being eaten out by Alexa's tongue deep inside. "Ughhh... oh fuck this feels so good hun!" she added. Her palms thrust forward, slamming against the wall in front. Turning, swirling her hips in circular motions as her cunt dragged itself around Alexa's mouth and chin. "Fuck... oh yes babe.. that's it.. right there!" she said, as she pulled one hand back, and gripped tight on her large breast. Squeezing it in her fingertips, as her hand snapped back and mouth opened wide. Groans of sexual lust released as she breathed harder, heavier.

Alexa continued to eat away at her friends pussy above her, sat on top of her face. Her hands moved up, and gripped on her friends soft ass cheeks, and squeezed a little. "Mmmmmm... that's it babe.. feel my ass in your hands!" Amanda spoke. Alexa gently slapped upon Amanda's ass a little, "Oooohhhh... I like that hun.. do it again.. harder babe.. harder!" Amanda said as Alexa obliged. She slapped her ass, one hand, then the other. Harder, and harder leaving red imprints on Amanda's ass cheeks. Her pussy still grinding faster, and harder, thrusting itself against Alexa's face buried below.

"Fuck babe... I can feel it cumming... Oh fuck yes... slap my ass babe... and eat my wet cunt out!" she called out to her, a little demanding as her pussy grinded against her tongue and lips. Alexa's hands slapped over and over on her ass, the sound blasting around the bedroom. "Fuck yes... oh my God this is amazing.... here it cums babe... I'm gonna cum!" Amanda said as within moments her body shook. A huge explosion of grunts erupting from her lips "UGhhhhh... Aghhhhhhhhh!" as her pussy thrust itself in deep long forceful grinds against Alexa's face buried underneath. And a small wave of wet gush dripped out of her cunt, and into Alexa's mouth, that sweet sticky honey juice that exploded upon the sexual orgasm she was experiencing.

"Fuck yes... oh my God.... UGHHHHHHHHHH!" Amanda called out as Alexa slapped her ass several more times until her body stopped convulsing and the orgasmic feeling was slowing down inside of her body. The heavy breathing began to slow down to casual, slower breathes from Amanda. She looked down to see the eyes of Alexa staring up at her, and pulled her pussy free and moved to the side, to witness Alexa's face covered in her sticky honey. "Oh, I'm sorry babe.. I made a bit of a mess!" she said and giggled at her.

"It's okay, I enjoyed it a lot, and you taste so sweet babe!" Alexa replied, as Amanda leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Her hands moved down, caressing the naked, perky breasts upon her friends body.

"I think we should take a shower hun, and get ourselves clean before we have breakfast?" Amanda said.

"I don't know, I think I may be a little full!" Alexa joked as Amanda looked at her. Alexa turned and stood up, as Amanda slapped her ass and she turned back to her. "Hey... that's not fair?" Alexa added.

"Why not, you got to do it to me a moment ago...!" Amanda said. "Now it's my turn...!" as she jumped over the bed and chased after Alexa as the two ran around the bedroom, down the hallway and into the bathroom, heading for a shower and who knows what else.......

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