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Best Friends, Soul Mates, Lovers...

Two best friends have their first lesbian experience
I’d turned eighteen the day before our high-school prom. My friend, the girl I’d loved as one of my best friends for the few years we’d known each other, had turned eighteen the previous September. 

I had a long-term boyfriend of three-and a-bit years by this point; she had one of two years. We were all friends and we’d grown up together. She was beautiful; red hair down to her bra strap, thin tapering waist, full hips and a delicious, round handful of a behind that just begged to be slapped.

Which I did.


She didn't mind, her boyfriend just rolled his eyes and punched my arm.

And then there was me; the curvier, louder, sarcastic one of our partnership in crime.

We did stupid things together; once school had finished or exams and we were free from revision, homework and high expectations, she came over and we spent the day making cake with more chocolate chips than batter. We made pancakes, went out for walks, watched films while cuddled up on the sofa.

The vast majority of the time, I’d be in a t-shirt and panties.

Long story short, we were best friends. She was one of the few people who’d seen me topless due to my terrible self-esteem. It was ok with her, though; we had trust and a bond that most couples don’t have. She was my soul mate and I loved her more than she ever knew.

Until that night.

Our prom had finished; there had been the usual dancing, drinking and scandals. We’d gone back to my house where we were due to have a girly sleepover.

As we undressed in my room, I caught a glimpse of her topless. No bra. Perky and curvy and beautiful… I was snapped out of my staring by the pillow that was thrown at my head.

“Pervert,” she whispered, giggling.

“Why are you whispering, idiot? Parents are out, remember?” I said, throwing the pillow back. I missed and it hit my blinds.

We chatted as we got ready for bed, having a toothbrush battle in the bathroom and a mini water fight. Once we’d calmed down, we put our pyjamas on (consisting, for both of us, of a t-shirt and panties) and chucked duvets and sheets around until we were comfy.

We lay in my bed, the duvet kicked off my half. Although the windows were open it was stupidly hot and I felt Becky kick off her side of the duvet.

“Fuck that shit,” she huffed, spread-eagling her limbs in an attempt to cool down. I smiled; Becky had a potty mouth.

Not that I minded.

“You realise this is it for our summer, right?” I said, only half joking. The weather had been awful for July, raining almost constantly, and when it wasn't raining it was miserable and cloudy.

“I hope not,” she replied. I heard her turn over. “How’s things with you and Vinny?” she asked.

“We’re good, I think we’re through the rough patch for a while,” I answered, sighing. I won’t go into details, but there had been a lot going on in the last six months that had really out a strain on our relationship. Becky was there all through it.

“Nice to hear,” she said softly, her fingers lacing through mine.

I played with her fingers for a while, considering what to say next. The room itself was pitch black and I could see only the vaguest outline of her hips through the darkness.

“Becky, do you think we'll still be friends in when we go to uni and stuff?” I asked her. Underneath my cocky exterior, I felt surprisingly vulnerable. Especially at the thought of losing my best friend.

“Of course, idiot, why wouldn't we be?” She unlaced her hand and placed her entire arm over my waist, hugging me closer. As I was slightly taller, her head rested just below my shoulder on the swell of my breast. I sighed.

“I don’t know,” I said, admitting defeat.

“Stop worrying, you'll give yourself an aneurysm. Besides, we’d better keep touch if I'm your chief bridesmaid!” she said. Her fingers slowly stroked my waist, when, suddenly, they dug into my sides. I screamed and began to writhe.

“No, stop, please, oh Christ just stop!” I giggled through my screams.

She gave me that deliciously cheeky grin that just made me want to kiss her.

I ignored the sudden warmth that hit me like a sucker punch straight in the pit of my stomach. It’d happened before; the love and lust I held for this gorgeous woman managed to disable almost all rational thought. I knew nothing could come of it – we were both taken, and, as much as I was pretty sure the boys wouldn't mind, the guilt would kill me.



“Can we try something?”

“Um, sure, I mean, what did you, um, have in mind?” I stuttered. My mind was racing. All possible scenarios threw themselves at my mind, more than one of them involving handcuffs and a naked, writhing Becky with her legs over my shoulders and her dripping pussy beneath my tongue and fingers.

She lifted herself from her position on my breast, and leant over me, placing both hands on either side of my head. She was leant over me, her long hair trapping us; just her and me.

“I understand if you don’t want to. I won’t push you. But I need to know if you feel the same way I do. I'm not a lesbian, but…” she trailed off, and I sensed before I saw her lose her confidence and pull away. I rolled us over so we were lying on our sides, facing each other again. Equal. No one dominant, no one submissive.

“If you want to do it, just do it. I know you'll stop if I ask you to.” I smiled at her even though she couldn't see it. I leant over and kissed her forehead in a gesture of reassurance. If there was one thing I could teach her then it was confidence. The minute my lips touched her skin I felt her blush, the warmth spreading over her skin like the most delicate of water colours.

We were so close now, face to face, our noses about an inch apart. Our breathing became lighter but quicker, my heart was thumping faster and I could feel myself getting nervous…

What about Vinny?

I pushed that thought to the back of my mind. This isn’t about me, I told myself, this is for Becky.

I knew I was lying.

I traced the outline of her jaw with my fingertips, feeling her breath hitch.

Our lips touched.

My world exploded.

The warm tingle that had settled in my stomach roared into an inferno. Her hand gripped my waist, sharp nails dragging across my skin hard enough to mark my skin.

She whimpered and, instantly, I pulled back gently.

“Sorry, B,” I said, slightly breathless.

No words were spoken. She just kissed me again, this time harder, a clash of lips and teeth and tongues, nibbling, licking, biting… We pressed closer together, her breasts pressed against mine and our legs tangled together.

Her hands slid up my body, and ghosted over my breasts. My nipples, already hard from arousal, were painfully stiff. I moved my hand up her back, under her shirt and dragged my nails gently down the slight indentation of her spine.

Becky shivered. She grasped my breasts, thumbs rubbing my breasts through my thin t-shirt. I kissed her across cheek, down to her neck, and nibbled. Soft, pale skin was revealed as I lifted her shirt off. Perky breasts, probably about a C or D in size, were topped with dusky pink nipples which presented to my view. I moaned low in my throat.

She was beautiful.

I kissed across her shoulder as she ran her hands through my long dark hair. I couldn't stop touching her, and I could hear the little mewling sounds she made from sheer pleasure.

My mouth was in line with her nipples. I licked one with the tip of my tongue, gently brushing over the other with my thumb, and blew cold air across the taut peak. She cried out, her nails digging into my scalp, pressing my face towards her breasts. She began to grind her hips against the air, trying to gain some friction.

I played with her nipples, teasing her to a level of arousal beyond which I ever thought anyone could exist.

She grasped my shoulders and pushed me until I was lying on my back. Pulling my shirt up, her lips instantly went to my nipple and her hand drifted up my thigh, into my panties where she began stroking the outer lips. It was my turn to moan, loudly, her name thrown past my lips with passion I’d only felt a few times before.

She stopped sucking.

Sliding my hand into her panties, I caressed her sex gently, loving the feel of her neatly trimmed pubic hair against my fingers. She was drenched, her thick, sticky juices coating her thighs and my fingers. I could smell her. I wanted to lick her, suck her, make her come all over my fingers, my tongue, over and over again until she begged me to stop.

I slipped my index finger through her lips as she did to me and we instinctively found each other’s clits. Rubbing gently, I felt her shake, matching my movements.

Sod it, I thought, and I pulled my fingers from her pussy, up towards my nose. I smelled her, her wetness, and licked my fingers. Her salty-sweet flavour caused my own rush of juice to flow onto Becky’s fingers.

“Can I-” I asked, through kisses and shuddering moans, “Becky, can I lick you out?”

She paused for a second, her fingers still on my clit. Then they resumed their circular motion at a faster pace. I shuddered, moaning, my entire body shaking with the effort of holding back my orgasm.

“Stop, stop,” I gasped, my fingers faltering.

I shifted and Becky lay down with no encouragement from me. I pulled down her panties and threw them behind me. Oh my God, her pussy, puffy and dripping with her wetness looked so inviting… I spread her lips with my fingers and licked the swollen, hard nub.

Christ, she tasted so sweet.

I licked and sucked and nibbled, and she squirmed underneath me. I teased her, burying my face into her wet pussy. I brought her to the edge, feeling her shake and clamp her thighs around my head.

She screamed something unintelligible, rocking her crotch towards me. “Emma, Emma, Emma!” she cried. I could feel her tightening, spasming around my tongue as I gently brought her down from her orgasm.

I hadn't even noticed that I was touching myself.

As she came over my tongue, my fingers worked my clit furiously.

“Ems, stop it,” she cried out.

Instantly I moved away, my fingers still but my nipples, clit, hell, my entire body was screaming to be touched.

“Sorry, B,” I said, fearing I’d pushed it too far, that she’s run off and leave, that she wouldn't want to be friends with me…

She was panting, gasping for air. “Don’t… Don’t apologise! I'm just not done with you yet. And I'm sensitive,” she slurred slightly. I knew that feeling only too well; the one where your clit is so sensitive that it hurts to be touched, the breathless, still-coming-down-from-your-orgasm dizziness.

“Oh,” I breathed, and shifted upwards so I was lying next to her again, my fingers grazing lightly over my clit. I couldn't help it. I was aching, dripping wet and sweat was beading along my brow.

Becky leant over, moving my hand and replaced my fingers with her own. She got up, still wobbling slightly, and straddled my upper legs. She gestured at me to sit up, and pulled my top up and over my head. She leant forwards, and kissed me, our breasts pressing together; I could feel her pebbled nipples pressed into mine. I couldn't help but moan.

“Can you take these off?” she said, motioning towards my panties. Through my aroused haze, somehow, they made it to my bedroom floor.

She spread my legs and I whimpered. But, instead of her moving down to lick my dripping sex, she placed one leg over mine and lowered her pussy towards me. At the first touch of her drenched on mine, my eyes flew open and, looking down, I saw our clits rubbing together. I shuddered hard, grasping her breasts and playing with those beautiful, dusky nipples. I couldn't keep my hands still; they roamed over the creamy flesh of her skin over and over, that delicious ass, the expanse of her belly, her thighs, her hips… nowhere was exempt from my touch.

We pushed each other closer and closer to the edge, crying out louder and louder, names mixed in with the incoherent moans. Her thighs tensed, her head flew back and I felt the space between us get wetter.

“Emma!” she screamed, rocking faster and more erratically. The sight of the woman on top of me, grinding on me, drove me past the edge into the black oblivion that follows a mind-blowing orgasm.

I opened my eyes, and Becky was lying on top of me, her head on my chest. I smiled, too exhausted, sated and happy to do anything more than brush her hair from her eyes and kiss the top of her head. My phone buzzed next to me.

That was amazing, beautiful girl. Happy birthday. I love you xx

It was from Vinny.

What the…? I thought, before I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Part 2 to follow! EDIT: it's late, but I'm almost there... I'll link it at the bottom of this story, look for it in the "Threesome" section xx

Please note this is my first story, little bit nervous... Critique and constructive criticism is appreciated!! xxx
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