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Beth's Wedding Reception Encounter. The Conclusion.

Beth had no appetite for dinner yet she took her place at the dinner table. Her mind was preoccupied with the earlier events of the evening. She had met an attractive older female named Daria and felt an instant bonding as they talked. Beth had been seeking escape from the main ballroom when she came across a small empty study.

She entered and was enjoying a smoke when Daria entered. Daria was older than she was but still very attractive. She joined Beth and they talked and they hit it off from the start. Everything was fine until Beth announced that she was heading back to the main ballroom so her parents could see her. It was after she promised Daria that she would return that it happened.

Without warning or permission, Daria leaned into Beth and placed a kiss on her lips. It wasn't just a quick peck but a full lip kiss that lasted a few seconds. Beth was surprised but not sickened at being kissed by a girl, in fact, she was a little turned on. Beth thought about that kiss as she returned to the main ballroom and her parents' table.

"But I'm not lesbian, I like the boys," she said to herself.

It was because of her liking the boys that she was now forced to accompany her parents to all their outings. Beth had been sitting in the young man's lap dressed in her most provocative lingerie with her tongue in his mouth. She was grinding her silk covered pussy on the lump in his jeans when her parents walked in.

She was busted and, as punishment, she was now forced to accompany her parents to any and all social outings as they would not leave her home alone.

Beth eventually returned to the small study where she had met Daria and found her waiting. Instead of taking a seat in the leather easy chair, Beth chose to sit on the couch with Daria. Beth admitted that was her first girl kiss andDaria asked if she wanted another. Beth could not say yes fast enough.

Beth made her stop after a few minutes of deep tongue kissing as her panties were getting wet. As much as she was enjoying herself she had no desire to spend the rest of the evening in damp undies.

"So take them off. That's what I did," Daria stated.

Daria stood and hiked her skin-tight leather miniskirt up to show Beth that she indeed had removed her panties. Her hiked up skirt also revealed that Daria had on a garter belt and nylons. Beth was about to remove her panties when Daria asked permission to do it for her.

Trembling with anticipation, Beth watched as Daria's small hands slid under her dress and slowly removed her panties.Once they were seated again, Daria embraced Beth and they sucked each other's tongue.A moan escaped Beth's lips as Daria's hand slid under her dress and along her legs.

When Daria's fingers reached Beth's dripping pussy she slowly slid her fingers inside it. The sensation of having a girl fingering her was beyond description. When Daria told Beth that she could do the same to her she didn't hesitate. The ladies brought each other to thundering orgasms.

Their afterglow was interrupted by Beth's father calling her name.The girls managed to give the appearance that had been doing nothing more than talking and he advised Beth was that they were serving dinner. The ladies shared one more kiss in the powder room before returning to the banquet hall.

As Beth took her seat at the table she suddenly became aware that she had not donned the panties that she had allowed Daria to removed earlier. Sitting at the dinner table with nothing on under her party dress but her bra was another turn on. Dinner finally ended and the bar reopened. It was when the band started up again that Beth asked to be excused.

She headed directly to the small study where she found Daria waiting for her again. Daria stood up as she approached and they share a long passionate kiss as they rubbed each other's body.

"So are you ready for dessert?" Daria asked.

"Yes," Beth responded as her whole body quivered with excitement.

Daria took Beth by the hand and led her to a door across the room. She opened it to reveal a large storage closet. Inside was another large leather easy chair and other furniture. Two candles flickered on the shelves throwing soft light on Daria's pretty face.

"You've been busy," Beth commented.

Daria only smiled and embraced Beth again and pushed her full breasts into Beth's. Daria kissed and licked Beth's neck and ears and she worked her way to the teen's soft full lips. Daria paused to look into Beth's blue eyes before she commenced to slowly kiss her. 

Beth felt Daria's tongue enter her mouth and once again a bolt of electricity shot through her body. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy heat up. When Daria's hands slid under her dress and gently stroke her butt Beth's pleasure increased and a small moan escaped her lips.

"Why don't you lose that dress," Daria whispered as she released Beth.

"Unzip me," Beth responded in a soft voice as she turned her back to Daria.

Beth heard the zipper to her dress being slowly pulled down and the tight garment loosen. It slid off her shoulders and down her body and was soon at her feet. Beth turned around and faced Daria in nothing but her bra and thigh high stockings. Beth watched wide eyed as Daria unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse.

As Beth took in the sight of Daria standing there in her blood red bra and black garter belt and nylons a wave of desire shot through her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.They embraced again and Beth could not hold Daria's warm silky body tight enough. Breasts were gently rubbed through their bra and their firm hard butts were stroked.

"Should I take off my bra?" Beth asked.

"No, leave it on. I find sexy lingerie a real turn on," Daria stated.

"Me too," Beth responded.

"So are you ready for dessert?" Daria questioned.

"Yes," the teenager hissed.

Daria escorted Beth to the large leather chair and bade her to sit. The cool leather felt good against Beth's bare butt and thighs as she settled into the chair. Daria then placed Beth's smooth and shaply legs over the padded arms and then knelt in front of the chair and moved in between Beth's parted legs.

Kisses were placed on her neck, tops of her breasts and her hard flat stomach as Daria's head moved slowly downward. Beth closed her eyes and laid her head back. Then she felt Daria's tongue lick the inside of her thighs and she issued another moan. Less than a second later that same warm tongue entered her pussy.

Beth struggled to keep her voice low as Daria's tongue flicked across her clit and her hands gently stroked her legs. This was not the first time she had her pussy licked, but it never felt this good. Daria was right, boys have no idea how to touch a female.

It didn't take long until Beth felt her orgasm arriving. Beth placed her legs over Daria's shoulders and Daria's tougue increased its speed. A long sustained whimper from Beth announced that her orgasm had arrived. She removed her legs from Daria and wet limp in the chair.

It was a minute or two later that Beth heard Daria say that she wanted dessert too. Beth opened her eyes and saw Daria on her back on the carpet with her legs parted. Beth left her chair and joined Daria on the floor and knelt between her legs. She then commenced to lick and lick Daria's nylon covered legs as she slowly worked her way to her pussy.

As Beth's tongue entered Daria's slit she moaned aloud.

"Lick me, pretty girl," she said husky whisper.

Beth was not put off by the wetness or the musky smell of another girl and she dove right in. She rubbed Daria's firm legs as she licked and kissed her. Beth seemed to know just what to do and brought Daria to thundering orgasm amid her calling Beth's name.

Beth removed herself from between Daria's legs and they cuddled on the floor gently kissing for the longest time.

"You taste so good," Beth admitted.

"So do you,"Daria responded.

They finally redressed and hit the ladies room to clean up and redo their smeared makeup. They returned to the main ballroom their separate ways.Beth remained at her parents' table until the reception began to break up. As Beth left the table to say goodbye to some relative, she saw Daria approach the table with the new groom in tow.

"Beth has informed me that she has been grounded and now is forced to accompany you on your outings," Daria stated.

"That is correct," her Father answered.

"If you're agreeable, I'd like to volunteer to housesit and keep and eye on her. I'm not big on social outings," Daria continued.

"That's true. We had to make her appearance an order. Plus she's my number two and can be trusted," the groom interjected when her parents gave her a look.

"Let's see how Beth feels," was all her Dad answered.

When Beth returned they told her of Daria's offer and somehow Beth managed to keep a blank face as she listened.

"If it means no more forced parties then I'm good with it," Beth responded.

Phone numbers were exchanged right before they departed and Beth received a goodbye hug from Daria.

"I guess we will see just how great you look in a garter belt, nylons and heels," Daria whispered in Beth's ear during the hug.

"With an older female watching I don't think you'll be smuggling boys in," her Father stated on the ride home.

"Maybe some of her adult habits will rub off on you," her Mother added.

"Maybe," Beth stated.



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