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The drama unfolds between Kalani and her girlfriend Danielle....and her ex....Treasure


Chapter One


        “ A fter all that I have done for you!” Those words were constantly playing over in Kalani’s mind as she drove down Peachtree Street in her Range Rover. The vibration of her Palm Treo interrupted her thoughts, as she picked it up she smiled to herself, it was a text message from Danielle, Dani to her - and only her.

I DON’T KNOW IF I TOLD YOU BUT JUST IN CASE I HAVEN’T – I LOVE YOU BABE! That message brought about a warm feeling for Kalani. Danielle Mackenzie Smith was a vibrant, intelligent, successful and oh-so-sexy-slap-your-mama type of woman. Kalani had met her almost two years earlier at a party that Kalani had planned for a client. Although Kalani was in a relationship, a dead, empty, unfulfilling and lonely relationship, she couldn’t help but notice Danielle. She was the type of woman that commanded attention – no matter what or who and she definitely had Kalani’s and she had managed to keep it. As Kalani pulled into the parking garage she couldn’t help but have an extra side of sexy into her already seductive walk as she thought about her relationship with Danielle. “Damn. You are one lucky woman Kalani Ajanae Rollins.”

As she entered the Lennox Towers she greeted Sandra, the receptionist as she made her way to the 22 nd floor where her office was located. She wasn’t a big fan of heights but she was a fan of the best, and the 22 nd floor was it. It was a corner office decorated with dark mahogany furnishings. Calling Kalani’s space an office was an understatement because it was no mere office. There was a living room with a Tiffany Blue leather sofa and chocolate accents. She had paintings and African artwork displayed around the entire room. The office also had a full bath and bedroom. No, this wasn’t your typical high-rise office – this was immaculate working at its best.

            Kalani was a self made event planner for the celebrities; she had no problem planning for the regular working class as long as they had the funds to pay her. She just started five years ago with a website, local phonebook listing and business cards. She started off arranging escapes and intimate settings for couples for anniversaries, birthdays, just because and a few holidays. Destinations like a weekend hotel stay, carriage ride or dinner and a movie. Kalani found that not everyone knew how to plan an event on a budget and still make it a wonderful experience. She did her first few and word of mouth put her in flight. In less than two years she was planning birthday parties, album release parties and anything else you could think of for Hollywood ’s Who’s Who.

            Kalani’s phone buzzed, it was Nicole Kalani’s secretary, “ Ms. Rollins, Michelle Barker is on line one she would like to make an appointment to discuss plans for her 5 th wedding anniversary.” Kalani was thinking “ Michelle Barker why does her name sound so familiar?” “ She is the model who just did the commercial for Victoria ’s Secret’s Million Dollar bra.” Nicole explained. “ How does my schedule look for 4 o’clock today?” “ You are clear up until 7; remember you have dinner with Danielle at the Atlanta Grill @ 8:00 .” Nicole said.   “ Okay then, get all of her particulars and set it up.” Kalani said.

              Kalani never went into a business deal without doing her homework so she took this time to use the waves of the internet and the people that she had in high places to see who, what and how much money this Michelle Barker was really about.”

            Kalani arrived at the restaurant at 7:30 she had just spoke with Danielle who was on her way, so she decided to order a drink, “ Can I please have a glass of white wine while I wait for my partner to arrive.” she asked.   Just as the waiter was bringing the wine Kalani spotted her other half. Danielle was wearing Sean John linen pants, polo shirt, and argyle sweater with Cole Haan shoes. It never failed each and every time Kalani saw Danielle she still felt those butterflies that she had when she first laid eyes on her at the party two years prior. Kalani motioned her hand to where the table was and stood up to greet her sweetheart.   “ Hey love bug.” Danielle said as she wrapped her arms around Kalani and gave her an embrace that opened the flood gates between her thighs. “ Hey babe,” Kalani said as she kissed Danielle on the lips and whispered in her ear, “Aggression is on the menu for tonight.” Danielle smiled and said, “ Yes it is, you are wearing my power suit.” The two sat down. “ So how was your day,” Kalani said. “It was full of tension I had to let two employees go today.”. “Oh, really, what happened?” Kalani said. “ Yeah, it was unavoidable. Their work was just unacceptable and sloppy.” Danielle was the chief operator at Allied Health Urgent Care. She had graduated Columbia State University with her Bachelors and finished up with her Master’s from University of Phoenix . Danielle came from a typical middle class family, her mother was a social worker and her father had his own landscaping business. She was an only child. The waiter returned “ Will you ladies be interested in one of our appetizers for starters?” Sure, we will have the shrimp cocktail and the avocado and spinach dip please.” Danielle stated. I loved how Danielle knew right off the bat what my favorite foods were, the way that she always took the initiative without being asked. “ Thank you babe, how do you always know?”   “ I know you.” “ Indeed you do,” Kalani said. As the waiter was serving the appetizers Danielle’s phone went off, she glanced at it, didn’t answer, and turned it face down. “Who was that?” Kalani asked. “ Jessica.” Danielle shot back. “ I’ll call her back.” She said while taking a sip of her drink. “Jessica,” Kalani thought, “ it’s always Jessica, let you tell it.” Something wasn’t right and Kalani couldn’t place her finger on it but she would find out, and that’s for damned sure.”















Chapter Two


            After dinner Danielle walked Kalani to her truck and gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that she would see her later. Once she saw Kalani speed off into the warm summer night she retrieved her cell phone and hit redial, it was Treasure, her ex. “ What’s up Treasure?” “ You.” She replied. Danielle chuckled and said “ You know I have Kalani and that I love her so stop tripping.” I am not on a trip dear, I’m hoping to take the whole vacation; in fact that’s why I am calling.” “ I am not following you,” Danielle said. “ Look I have to take a weekend trip to New York and I want you to accompany me.” “What did I just tell you Treasure?” “ And. So. What? ““Besides that has never stopped you before, my God Danielle you were just at my loft two days ago.” “I was there dropping off your mail and you know it.” Treasure laughed, “My mail?” “Since when did the U.S. Postal Service stop handling that little problem?” “So you have jokes now huh?” “No. I do not.” “I am serious, so I am going to let you think my little offer over and I will be in touch, love you sweetness, bye.”   “Danielle was left holding the phone, she had to smirk at that thought because Treasure always had to have the last word, statement, thought   or whatever. “Treasure, Treasure, Treasure,” Danielle thought to herself as she made her way out of the parking lot.

            Treasure and Danielle had known each other for sometime and after graduating high school they both attended Columbia together. Through all of Danielle’s dating Treasure was always around; to lend a helping hand, cook, listen and even iron Danielle’s clothes. It was only natural and right that sooner or later they would eventually get together as more than friends. Opportunity presented itself after a victorious basketball game over Hamilton University ; Danielle had just had an argument with her on again-off again girlfriend Lourdes . This was the off again stage, so Danielle took it upon herself to stop by Treasure’s dorm room to see what was up. She knocked on the door and Treasure open it up with a look of surprise on her face “ What are you doing here, I thought you were out with Lourdes tonight?” she said. A voice from the background interrupted Danielle thoughts, “ Who is it babe?” Treasure turned and said, “ It’s my friend Danielle from up the hall.” At that moment Danielle realized that she had dropped by at the wrong time. “ I am sorry Treasure I didn’t you that you had company over, I will just scream at you later.” She turned and walked away. “ Wait.” Treasure said and stepped outside in the hall while pulling the door close. “ I will get rid of him and be right over, you look like you need a friend.” “ Besides he is boring,” she whispered in my ear. “ No, its okay I don’t want to interrupt any more than I already have, just stop by later.” “ Are you sure?” Treasure asked. “ Yeah,” Danielle responded. Treasure went inside and Danielle went down the hall.




            Danielle opened the door to her dorm room and threw her keys on the counter top as she opened the refrigerator and retrieved a Faygo grape soda. She proceeded to her bedroom and took off her shirt and jeans and slipped into her Old Navy sweat pants and left on her wife beater.   She went into the living room and put on her all time favorite movie Love Jones with Nia Long and Larenze Tate, the love scene was her   favorite, and started to settle in for the night. In the middle of the movie, her phone went off; she didn’t bother to pick it up as she knew that is was Lourdes . “Fuck her.” The phone rang five more times before Danielle dozed off to sleep. Just as she was turning over she heard a soft knock at the door, “ Go away, I don’t want to see or hear from your sorry ass again.” There was the knock again, Danielle got up and snatched the door open, much to her surprise it was Treasure in a long satin robe, her hair down and the sent of a woman tat was putting off very strong mating vibes. “Hey.” she said. “ What’s up?” Danielle said while inviting her in. She turned to close the door and when she turned back around in one swift move Treasure had Danielle up against the door and her tongue was in her mouth. Danielle reciprocated by running her hand underneath Treasures robe to reveal another surprise, she was naked! Her skin was so soft and smooth. Danielle followed her wet thighs up to her waiting honey pot, it was dripping. Danielle quickly inserted two fingers and proceeded to ram them in and out. Aaah, that’s it…right there…uummm…yes…., Treasure whispered. Danielle removed the two fingers and placed them in her mouth, sucking and licking them feverishly. “ I knew that you would taste good, I have dreamed of it.” Danielle picked Treasure up and carried her off to her bedroom and laid her down. She completely removed her robe and admired the beautiful body that was spread before her. She slinked in between Treasures legs and gently placed her weight on top of her, she began to kiss and suck her nipples and caress her body. She kissed her collar bone, her breast, her stomach, navel, inner thighs, calves, feet and even her toes. Treasures body was writhing and trembling with anticipation, she had managed to create quite the wet spot in her angst. “ Please hurry…” Treasure said. “ Don’t worry your pretty little head I am going to take care of you.” …and with one flick of her tongue the deal was done and the envelope was sealed…




Chapter Three


            Treasure sat at her computer desk and typed in www.K.Rollins.Com in her web browser and waited for the site to upload, and what a beautiful sight it was…

            It had been a little over a year since Danielle had informed her that she had begun a serious relationship with a woman by the name of Kalani Rollins.   Of course she was interested and wanted to know the ABC’s of the woman since Danielle was the ONLY woman to conquer her magnificent body.   And conquered it she had. She remembered it like it was yesterday as oppose to close to ten years.   It was often a basketball game’ No’ the basketball game while she was entertaining some jock Danielle had come and knocked on her door seeking friendly conversation and fellowship after a disagreement with her foolish- good for nothing-girlfriend Lourdes.   If only Danielle knew of the many nights she had spent with her Jack Rabbit and visions of Danielle going down on her. Oh, how she was so attracted to her never ending smile, the way her ponytail fell, and the way that she used her hands to communicate and get her point across. So many nights she longed to have those hands ravish her perky nipples, or smooth skin.   She fantasized about wrapping her thighs around Danielle neck forcing her to her aching volcano.  

            Ring…ring…ring! The suddenness of her phone brought her out of the past and back into the present she picked up the phone and saw that it was Michelle Barker.

“What’s up Mi-Mi?”

“I had the meet and greet with the infamous Kalani Rollins.”

“How did it go?”

“It went really nice; the woman is a piece of work. She really knows her shit.”

“So how is her relationship?”

“Tee, I didn’t ask.”

“Why not Mi-Mi, I didn’t have you go over there to sit and watch her tits!”

“Honey calm down, I have another meeting scheduled with her on Friday, we are going to the Hard Rock Café.”

“Oh okay, that sounds great, find out the information and get it to me because I am leaving for New York in a few days.”

“Okay, well you know that you will owe me big time.”

“And I got you, just get the info.”

            Treasure hit the END button on her Blackberry and turned back to her computer screen.  

            After a brief summary of K. Rollins Incorporated and a few sample destination getaways and intimate settings there was the beautiful Kalani seated at her desk, with her navy blue pinstripe suit on and her million dollar smile starring back at Treasure as if to say “Here I am, come and get me.” Treasure leaned back into her chair and interlocked her fingers together as she smiled.... “I’m coming.”