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two girls find love in the forest

The forest is at peace after the raging storm of the previous night. The birds in the canopy high above the forest floor chirp with joy at the new day, as the animals creep from the safety of their dens to explore the world washed clean after the down pour in the night. The air is filled with the gentle patter of fat drops of rain rolling down the leaves above to fall to the ground. Even the tiny hut at the end of a barely destinguishable track, with a lazy trail of smoke rising to the heavens, has it place here.

In the tiny hut the girls, Amanda and Ebony, sleep in front of the fire, exhausted after last nights ordeal. Ebony lay flat on her back, her long jet black hair fanning across her pillow, her right arm laying above her head as if she had fallen there and never got back up. Here slim, naked body, only covered from the waist down by her blanket, was a picture of perfection. Tall and slightly tanned without a blemish to be seem, her breasts rising proudly from her chest.

Amanda lay curled against her side, her wavey honey blonde hair covering Ebony's left arm as she lay nestled on her shoulder, her mouth only a whisper form Ebony's nipple. She had one arm thrown over her lovers stomach loving and feeling loved from her even in sleep. The worries and stress that had plagued her for the last two weeks had finally disappeared. Where Ebony could best be described as beautiful and stunning, Amanda was more cute and pretty. Although both were eighteen, Amanda still had a sort of childishness about her. She was still small in many ways, short, thin, breasts small but firm and a scattering of freckles across her nose, that gave her and almost childlike appearance.

The girls had been best friends for as long as either could remember. They had often drove the boys wild at parties by making out but it was always about turning the guys on, than actually kissing each other. Until last night, that is.

Amanda's fiance had cheated on her two weeks before and of course she had turned to her best friend Ebony, to pour her heart out to. Amanda had truely believed that she would marry Ben, that he was the one for her. But she could never forgive him for what he had done to her, her heart shattered into a million pieces when she went to his parents to see him, knowing they would have some time alone while his parents were at work, only to walk in and find him having sex with another girl.

For the next two weeks Ebony was the rock she clung to. She was always there for her to talk to as she went from heartbreak, to anger, to deep sadness, to a kind of numb acceptance. Ebony hated seeing her like this, her friend was normally a lot of fun to be with and always full of life but now she was like a boat that had broke its mooring line and was set adrift on its own. Ebony was a solitary girl and prefered the single, or at least more casual, life but Amanda needed that someone in her life.

'Its just, everything I do and everywhere I go, reminds me of him Eb' Amanda cried one day to her friend 'how can I get over him when its like hes there all the time? Even home seems strange without him there'

'Hey I know' Ebony suggested 'my dad took my brother and I out to this little hut in the forest once. You cant drive to it and its a long walk but maybe we should go out there for a couple of days so you can clear your head?'

'Yeah' she sniffed 'that would be great if you dont mind?'

'Course not silly!'

Two days later they were ready to head off. Ebony's father dropped them off near the forest and they shouldered their bags and headed in. For hours they walked, barely talking as they trudged through the underbrush. Ebony was lost in her own thoughts and Ebony wanted to give her friend time to get her head around things. Eventually they came across a stream bubbling over over rocks near the track and decided to stop for a bite and rest.

'So' Ebony said between bites of her sandwich 'you ready to talk yet?'

'i guess' Amanda whispered 'It just that ive never felt the way I felt with Ben with any other guy. We just seemed to, I dont know, complete each other. I know that sounds really corny and cliche'

'Not at all' Ebony replied 'But Amanda, you dont need anyone to complete you! Your one of the most amazing people I know, your funny and fun and seriously one of the most gorgeous girls I know. Maybe, I dont know, maybe this is your chance to, you know, spread your wings and live for yourself for a while'

'maybe' Amanda said halfheartedly 'but ive never been on my own really. Ever since I was in primary school ive had a boyfriend and when things didnt work out I just kinda moved onto the next one. But I thought Ben was THE one. I dont even know what to do with myself now I dont have someone there with me'

'Im there with you Mandy and I always will be as well as all your other friends and family, your never going to be alone I promise you'

'Thanks' Amanda said with her usual cheeky grin 'i feel a bit better now. Want to keep going?'

'Sure' Ebony replied, shouldering her pack 'i dont think its much furthur'

For another half hour they trudged through the bush, when the light started to fade from the sky. Without speaking the girls picked up the pace as an eerie feeling settled over the forest and boiling clouds filled the sky. The bush was silent, not a breathe of wind stirred and not a single animal call could be heard, as the air took on an almost electric feel of tension. Then like a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel, they saw the hut through the trees, no more than a couple hundred metres away.

Suddenly the tension in the air climaxed as a streak of lightning screamed its way across the heavens and tore the sky open in a torrent of rain. The air seemed to have turned to water, the rain was coming down so heavily and although they both broke into a run, Amanda and Ebony were soaked through before they took two steps. The sky seemed to shriek at them, with blasts of thunder and lightning, to hurry as they sprinted for the hut. The door of the hut almost flew off its hinges as the girls shoved their way in, panting and wheezing with their hair and clothing sleeked to their bodies.

The previous hickers had left the fire set so Ebony wasted no time in getting it lit as Amanda opened their packs to find dry clothes and towels.

'Everything is soaked' Amanda moaned in despair over the rain thundering on the tin.

'Oh well come and sit by the fire and dry off with me' Ebony replied while pulling her sweater over her head.

In a few minutes the girls both sat in front of the fire naked, as their clothes dried on a makeshift clothesline, enjoying the sound of the rain and the thrill of the thunder now the danger was passed. they sat there chatting about random things for a few minutes before falling silent, both staring into the flames. As their skin dried, the warmth of the fire heated the hut and the adrenalin subsided, the air filled with a new sort of tension. Almost unnoticeable at first but growing as the silence stretched. Amanda put her arm around her best friend for comfort and gave her a cheeky grin which was enough to bring the tension Ebony was feeling, to a peak. She took her friend into her arms and lowered her face to Amandas. As Ebonys lips brushed hers, Amanda tensed involantarily. Sure they had kisses for fun and a bit of a joke before but this was so much more!

When Amanda didnt respond, Ebony kissed her way across her cheek to her ear. 'I love you babe' She whispered and kissed her way down her neck.

Three simple word and yet they were the exact words Amanda needed to hear. To know that someone loved her and wanted her made the pain fade away to be replaced by a sence of loving and belonging. Amanda turned to jelly in Ebonys hands and parted her lips as she offered her mouth up to Ebony. Their lips met with an gentle intensity that neither girl had ever experience with men, They kissed each other like they knew they liked to be kissed themselves. If a bolt of lightning had struck their hut at that very moment they would not have noticed they were so wrapped up in each other. Ebonys hands roamed all over Amandas body, from the cleft of her bottom up to her shoulder blades then around and across her breast, brushing her nipples with a feather like touch then continuing down across her stomach to the treasure beneath.

'Oooh' Amanda panted 'please dont stop'

Amanda lay on the floor and very slightly parted her legs so they just a hint of her pussy showed. Ebony lowered her face to her friends breasts and cupped them with her hands as she kissed and tickles her nipples then trailed her tounge down her stomach and gently parted her legs. Amandas pussy was gorgeous, completely bald, her inner lips just peeking out of her outer lips, a tiny drop of liquid forming on them as her passion grew. The gentle musky aroma of Amandas pussy flooded her nose as she kissed it and tentatively poked her tounge out to taste her. It tasted like heaven. Heedy and almost cloyingly sweet. Ebony ran the tip of her tounge up and down Amandas slit until she felt them yield and peel back allowing her tounge to find its way deep into her friends pussy. Ebony hummed as she fucked her friend with her tounge and twitched her nose across her clit that cheekily peeked from its hood.

'Oh god that feels so good' Amanda moaned 'im going to cum already!'

As soon as the words passed her lips she gasped as an orgasm washed over her body erasing every thought from her mind as she ground her pussy against Ebonys hungry face. Amandas pussy seemed to almost turn to water in her mouth as she climaxed, becoming almost dripping wet and so incredibly soft. Just as Amanda thought it was about to subside, Ebony pushed two fingers into her pussy and hooked them so they grazed against her g-spot making an even more intense orgasm rip through her body making her scream in ecstasy. Ebony continued to hum on her clit and pump her fingers in and out of her until the orgasms finally faded away.

'That was amazing!' Amanda gasped 'let me do it to you my love'

More confident than Amanda, Ebony lay on her back and opened her legs for her friend to feast her eyes on her own pussy, almost shaved except for a small strip of hair that, instead of hiding her cunt, seemed to show the way to it. Ebony was proud of her body and her pussy especially, she knew that she was tight and didnt even have a hint of inner lips showing, just one smooth slit with only a line of pubes above.

Starting from Ebony's toes, Amanda kissed her way up her friends gorgeous long legs, past her knees, up her thigh, unable to take her eyes away from Ebony's beautiful pussy. Nervously she wondered what it would taste like, most guys told her they were like fish. As she kissed her way up her inner thigh, the smell of her pussy reached her nose and it smelled wonderful. Nothing at all like fish, more like roses if anything, and her nerves faded away to be replaced by wonder. She wanted to taste and experience everything Ebony's body had to offer. Her kisses finally touched Ebony's pussy and turned into licks. First one lip, then the other, then a huge lick, that made Ebony gasp and start to moan, straight up her slit. Amanda licked her just the way she loved to be licked herself, with long slow licks right from her hole up over her clit and into her pubes then again and again. Ebony's panting and moaning had grown heavier as Amanda continued to lick her. Amanda pushed her hands under Ebonys arse cheeks and lifter her up slightly so she could run her tounge all the way from her arse to her clit. She loved it when Ben used to play with her arse when they were having sex and hoped Ebony would too, Which judging from the way she gasped her breath in, she did. Her arse didnt taste like she thought it would. She thought it would taste horrible but it didnt, it was more like a really sweet meaty taste.

'Wait babe' Ebony groaned 'I want you to try something else'

Ebony rolled over and got on her hands and knees in front of Amanda and wiggled her arse seductively at her. Amanda wasted no time lowering her face to her waiting pussy and arsehole. And as Ebony parted her legs it pulled her lips open so Amanda could bury her tounge in her cunt and her nose up her arse at the same time. Amanda ground her face into her, fucking her in both holes at once then hooked a finger of her left hand into her tight pussy until she found Ebony's g-spot and tickled it as she continued to lick and fuck her.

Ebony felt more turned on that she had ever felt before as Amanda fucked her, no one had ever played with her arse before and she always assumed it would hurt, but it felt amazing! Her whole body started to feel like she had pins and needles as the most amazing and intense feeling she had ever felt took over her. She lost control of herself and couldnt think of anything except grinding herself against her friends face.

Ebony's breathing had grown more sporadic and Amanda could tell she was about to cum so she pushed her tounge and finger as deep into her body as she could and rubbed a finger into her arsehole.

'Oh my fucking God, im going to cum!' Ebony screamed as her body started to buck and convulse.

Faster and deeper, Amanda's tounge and finger went and as Ebony finally went over the edge she pushed her other finger deep into her friends arse. The ecstasy the flooded Ebony's body was like nothing she had ever experienced before, it made even her best orgasms seem like nothing compared to this. As a huge spasm rocked Ebony's body, she came like she had never came before and gushed hot sticky girl cum all over Amandas face. Amanda didnt even flinch as she continued to lick and finger fuck her as her face was drenched by the flood of cum. She continued to slowly licke Ebony's drenched pussy and move her finger in and out of her arse until she gained control of herself again and Ebony floped over onto her side then rolled on her back, totally exhausted. Although she had her it was possible, she had never actually seen a girl squirt before much less done it herself.

Ebony couldnt get the huge smile off her face as Amanda squirmed up her body and into her loviong arms. 'Was I that good baby?' she asked with a grin.

'Oooh youve got no idea how amazing that was!' Ebony smiled.

'Ive never cum like that before' Amanda said

'Me either, but you were so amazing!'

They lay there in each others arms for a while just enjoying the crackle of the fire and the rain on the roof, just feeling the huge sence of love from each other.

'Hey' Amanda said after a while 'After youve had awesum sex to you get this strange urge to just shout it out to the world and tell them how amazing it was?'

'Oh my God' Ebony exclained 'I though that was just me!' I mean I tell you about my sex life but this is different hey? Wow we are so much alike. Oh her I know, I got this friend right, you dont know her but she writes all these erotic stories and stuff on the net, so like, maybe we could ask her to write our story? Whatcha think?'

'But theres heaps of freaks on the net though' Amanda said with a frown.

'I know but it would be cool though. We could ask her to change our names so only we would know its about us'

'OK' Amand replied enthusiastically 'that could be fun! Where can we meet her?'

'I'll just email her. Her names Peta by the way. Her email addy is p dot skeepa at gmail dot com'

'So can I email her too?' Amanda asked.

'of course! she talks to almost anyone especially when sex is the topic, she loves it! shes like some kinda horny freak!'

'Wow cool' Amanda replied 'so it right?'

'Yeah' Ebony replied 'sent her a message sometime or some naughty pics or vids and stories of course'

The girls fell silent again, thinking until the soothing sound of the rain and forest lulled them to sleep in each other arms.


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