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Birthday at the Nudist Resort: The Conclusion

Brit’s smooth mound was hot with sexual energy.
“Oh my God, my pussy is so sore! It feels like it has been pounded by a brick multiple times!” Brit said as she laid there in the bed, petting it, like she was trying to sooth it.

I could not help but look as she caressed her tender lips. The fold there between her legs was still a little puffy, the ripples it made still pronounced more than they actually usually were.

“Well, Brit,” I looked at her and said, “In a way, you essentially were. There was no way that I ever could have consumed a penis that big. My tight pussy just wouldn’t let me. But you have always been bigger than me in the private parts!”

“Sam, are you insinuating that I am loose?”

I laughed and said, “Well you are now!” I could not help it; the moment was too good to pass up.

“I certainly feel it!” Brit said as she continued to feel her outer flaps that had yet to go back to normal. “Honestly, I am not sure if I can walk!”

Truth was, I believed her. Maybe today was our stay indoors day. It would do us some good to just sit back and relax and enjoy a day where we tried not to find some kind of action. Like we had actually been trying to in the first place. It kind of fell into our laps. In more ways than just one.

I looked at Brit and said, “I must say, it still is a little puffy, Brit. I know, if it had been me, I would need a day to recuperate. Let’s just take it easy today. We essentially have this one day anyway before we head back home tomorrow. We could just stay and relax in our room.”

“I’m afraid you may be right. I think it is best,” Brit said as she finally quit lightly rubbing over her sensual place.

“Then breakfast in bed it is!” I said and got up to go over to the mirror and brush my night slept hair. As I stood there brushing it, I looked at my naked body and I could see the short sprigs of dark hair popping out on my mound. I could not live with myself if I went out there so everyone could see that it did not match the drapes. I had to shower and shave first.

Finally, with delicate matters taken care of, I walked out of the room and to the little café across the way. I looked at the menu and tried to decide what I wanted and what I could get for Brit, but it was a hard to make a decision. I finally made up my mind for a simple breakfast sandwich, and when I went to order, the young lady behind the counter said that my breakfast had already been ordered. I looked at her funny and she pointed. I looked to where she pointed and Gavin waved and smiled to me. I smiled back to him and actually blushed.

“Hey Sam!” Gavin yelled as he came out holding two to go boxes. “I saw you walk in and took the opportunity to cook you and your friend something special! I have for you an applewood breakfast casserole and for your friend, sorry I just can’t remember her name, but I whipped up an amaretto maple delight!”

“Aw, Gavin, you didn’t have to, but it sure does sound delicious!”

“Oh, it’s the least I could do after you cooked up something special of your own the other day! Hope you and your friend enjoy!”

I could only smile at him. I did not want to let him think there was another chance, so I said, “Thanks! We are staying in today. We need a break.”

“Nothing wrong with that. Have fun!”

I walked out of the café and back to our room. What Gavin had cooked smelled wonderful and I actually could not wait to taste it.

When I walked back into the room, Brit was patting her wet hair with the towel as she looked at herself in the mirror. I could tell that she had done the same thing I did. She obviously was getting stubby, but now she was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Brit definitely could walk, but I could still see the puffiness of her slit.

Brit turned and said, “Ah ha! Breakfast!”

“And cooked by my favorite chef!” I answered with a little more enthusiasm than I should have.

We both lay in the bed together that Brit had made hers during our stay. We had both dug into our dish. On the first bite of hers, Brit moaned. On mine, I did the same thing.

“Oh, you have got to taste this Brit. Here,” I said and forked out a fork full and held it up. As Brit leaned in to take it into her mouth, a few crumbs fell between her breasts. Without thinking, I reached and picked the few pieces that fell, brushing over her nipple slightly.

Brit looked at me and there was something in her eyes that I had never seen before. They were sultry and shining with desire. As I looked into them, a feeling started to travel through me that I had never felt before also. It was a deep sensation that made my heart skip a beat.

I think we were both scared, since I saw her body tense and Brit saw mine shudder.

We continued eating the wonderful breakfast, but I could not forget the brushing feeling of Brit’s nipple as I picked those crumbs up from between her breasts. I even recalled how soft her skin was there.

I began to think if there was something wrong with me. I actually felt myself getting aroused. And Brit was the one responsible for it. I never had feelings toward any other woman before. Now I was having sexual desires toward my best friend. What was wrong with me?

Absolutely nothing, apparently. As I finished my breakfast, I leaned to put my empty box on the bedside table and when I turned back around, I felt a soft hand brush my face and the soft tender touch of Brit’s lips onto mine. Instantly, I felt my pussy pour.

As Brit kissed me, her hand found my small breast and started squeezing, bringing my nipple to full attention. I tasted pure erotic adrenaline in her mouth and felt sensual electricity flow from her hand onto the skin of my breast.

Suddenly, Brit pulled away quickly and said, “Oh God, what am I doing? Sam, I am so very sorry. Damn!”

I took my best friend’s hand in mine and said, “Brit, honey, it’s okay. You did nothing wrong.”

“Yes I did. I did something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It was supposed to be just a kiss, not a feel,” Brit said and put her head in her hands.

“You’ve always wanted to kiss me?” I asked Brit as I pulled her hands away from her face.

Brit could not say anything to me. She just looked at me and shook her head yes.

“Well, do it again!” I looked at her and pretty much demanded as I leaned into her.

She just looked at me with a very startled look and could not move. She was surprised.

“Well, Brit, are you gonna kiss me or not?”

Still, in a state of shock, Brit never moved, so I finally pressed my lips to hers. Again, I felt the same desire on her lips, as well as passion, and my pussy was drenched. I was just as much surprised as Brit was shocked.

Slowly, as we kissed, I ended up on top of Brit. I could feel her bigger breasts press into mine as I wrapped myself around her hot naked body. As I kissed her lips and our bodies intertwined with each other, I could feel how soft Brit’s skin was. She felt so baby-like as my smooth legs touched her equally smooth ones. I could feel the heat building up inside my body and I was sure Brit could feel it on hers.

I felt Brit spread her legs and wrap them around me. I felt my smooth love mound touch hers. Brit’s smooth mound was hot with sexual energy. I felt the softness of it give under mine as our clits almost touched each other. Brit slowly moaned into my mouth as mine still covered hers. I slipped my tongue inside hers and together, we tongued each other, tasting each other’s desire and passion as it flowed into each of us.

I started to kiss down her neck as I began to rock my body against hers, mimicking the thrusting movements of a man. Brit started to moan as my clit rubbed against hers. I felt the initial shocking touch travel through my body as well as we were clit to clit. Then I started to release some of my sexual fluid and I felt it lubricate our clits as I grinded my hips into Brits. The slickness of it made for easier thrusting and felt so damn good.

I continued to kiss her body, slipping my mouth over one of her erect nipples, sucking on it, taunting its hardness with my tongue. I felt the heat in her nipple on my tongue as my tongue circled it and around her dark areola. Brit leaned her head back as I tasted the erectness of her mounded peak. I squeezed her other breast with my hand and as I tweaked that nipple, I took my lips and pulled on the one where my mouth was. Brit moaned even deeper.

I leaned up and Brit stretched her legs out on the bed and I straddled her like I would do a man. I felt her hot pussy lips touch mine. I began to rock on her again, still able to rub clit to clit. I looked down and I could see the slick wet spot on her where I dropped my sexual core. It was hot and tense.

I ran my hand down between my legs there as I straddled Brit and slowly found her hard clit with my fingertip. I rubbed in circles until I felt it pulse against my finger. Her pink button was hot and erect and slick with my pussy juice. Then I found her hot opening with my finger. It was wet and very slick with her own naturalness and I could not help but stick my finger inside it.

As I slowly entered Brit’s pussy, a first for me with another girl, Brit moaned, “Mmmmm, God!” and I felt her inner cavity wrap around it. It felt just like my warm pink opening. The difference was I was fingering my best friend. And it felt so damn good.

“Taste me, Sam. I want to feel a woman’s tongue on my clit! Your tongue on my clit!” Brit yelled out.

I moved down, spreading Brit’s legs as I went. I had never tasted a pussy before, but I was going to find out how sweet one was now. I looked at her sensual orifice and I had to say, it was so beautiful. The way her outer lips curled from being engorged with desire. I actually could not wait until I slid by mouth over it.

Slowly, I crawled up to it. I could smell the scent of passion, the aroma so alluring that it was drawing me in. Brit’s sexual perfume was calling out to me. I knew it tasted as good as it smelled.

Brit’s pussy was wet and the trickle of her natural goodness was seeping out of its pink hiding place. I slowly put my mouth over her hot hole and stuck my tongue inside, just enough to feel the curvature her lips made. Up through the soft seem, I ran my tongue, collecting what sweet liquor evaded it. Brit tasted of pure honey. Warm and delicate and felt good on my tongue.

Brit moaned, “Oh my sweet God!” as I ran my tongue up through her slit and then down over her rippled labia. She curved her body into the mattress, forcing her pussy against my mouth, letting me taste her hot crevice even more. My pussy was now sopping wet and I felt the droplets exit as I continued to taste Brit. I actually could feel my orgasm starting as I ate my best friend.

Soon, I found her hot, hard, and glossy clit with my mouth. I put my lips over it, let my tongue circle its pinkness, and felt the warmth that came from it. It was on fire. I flicked my tongue over it slightly and Brit arched into the bed even further.

“Yes, Sam, that’s it! Oooohhhh, that feels so good! Keep doing that!” Brit yelled as I saw her hands grip the sheets. I knew what was happening.

The spasm began to travel deeper in myself. I reached down and started to feel my clit as I sucked Brit’s. God I was wet and I when I touched my clit, I almost came instantly, but held it off.

Brit started to quiver and buck her body slightly on the bed. Still, her hands scrunched up the sheet and balled it there. Brit spread her legs as wide as they could go. As she did, I felt even more of her arousal leak out of her hot canal. I stopped flicking her clit with my tongue and put my lips down over it and began to suck it like a nipple. I did not even have to pull it in my mouth. Her clit began to pulse and contract as her orgasm neared.

Gradually, I slipped my finger inside her hot wet nook as I still covered her clit with my mouth. The inside walls of her vagina wrapped tightly around my finger and started to pulse as well. It was like her pink pudding was opening and closing, constricting onto what had entered her. I wiggled my finger around inside her suppleness. Little by little, I could feel Brit starting to let go.

My orgasm was nearing as well as I rubbed circles around my own clit. I actually could hear my pussy begin to constrict as mine got closer. I was so wet, the slurping sounds of my hot pussy echoed through the room. That was not the only thing that echoed through the room either.

“Mmmm, mmmm, uuuuhhh, Sam,” Brit moaned deeply and bucked her body hard into the mattress and moved her arms back and forth, the sheet sliding with them as she gripped it tightly in her hands, “I’m gonna. . .I’m gonna. . .God, I’m gonna SQUIRT!”

Upon hearing that, I moved my lips off of her hot erect clitoris and started to roll my finger inside her hot channel, moving it in and out in a fast pace. Her pussy lips moved back and forth with my fingers as I finger fucked her, bringing her to orgasm. As I did, I started to rub my clit fast so that I could let my orgasm go with Brit. Brit began to secrete more and more wetness and her pulses and constrictions came faster and faster. She was almost there.

“Oh. . .Oohh. . .Ooohhh. . .Oooohhhh! HERE IT COMES!” Brit said and with a loud “UUUMMMMMFFFFF,” Brit let her orgasm consume her. Her pussy forced my finger out of her, and the long arching jet of sexual excitement followed. Brit squirted so hard, the curve of her cum went off the end of the bed and trailed on the sheets until she just spurted short shots then oozed the rest.

At the same time, I gushed just like I did when I was fucking Gavin. That was the second time I ever did that. I wet the sheets just as much as Brit did. Afterwards, I rubbed my clit until I could not rub it any more. The sensitivity of it was mesmerizing.

“Oh God. . .Oh God. . .Sam, that. . .that. . .” Brit said through hot puffs of breath, “That was so fucking intense! So fucking. . .”

“I know Brit, I know,” I said as I interrupted her so she could catch her breath. “I made myself gush as well. God it was so hot!”

I got up beside Brit and curled my body close to hers. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back to her. I took my hand and rubbed her hot face and said, “I never thought that we would do something like that. I knew we were best friends, but this?”

Brit took her hand and rubbed my face, tucking my hair behind my ear and said, “It means we have a strong relationship. Not just a best friend relationship anymore. We have something more.”

Brit and I did have so much more now. We could feel it. It was a relationship that I never even thought of having. A relationship actually filled with love. Brit knew me best and I knew her best. It was only fitting.

“Brit, this won‘t end when we get back home will it?”

Brit looked at me, stroked my face again with her fingertip, smiled and said, “Sam, we found something we did not know we had. I won’t let it end. Never. I love you too much.”

I smiled back at Brit and said, “I love you too much also. I am glad you are my best friend.”

“Lover, Sam. I am now your lover. That’s the way it’s always going to be.”

I wrapped my arms around Brit, my new lover. She felt warm all over. We held each other until the morning when we had to pack up and leave the nudist resort that had been a birthday present to both of us. Thanks to Brit, I would have never found my real birthday present. Her. It was definitely a birthday dream come true.

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