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Birthday surprise

A girl discover something new on her birthday

Amber just turned 18 today but was celebrating it alone. Her parents were gone on a business trip and had sworn they would make it up to her later. Kathy, a friend of hers, was out of town, and her little brother was staying over at a friend's house. She wanted to be alone with her boy friend, Robert, anyway because she was ready to give herself fully to him, but he couldn't come over. He told her his parents were making him stay and to help fix the car. She thought she was going to spend her whole birthday alone until she saw her neighbor Susan in a lawn chair. Susan was a kind and charming woman with long blonde hair. Looking a lot like A.J. Cook from Criminal minds but with a bigger and firmer ass. Being beautiful as she was made Amber wonder why she never saw any guys around her house. Not that she was spying or watching her every move, but in the last three years she had never seen a guy around.

Susan was wearing a white blouse and tan pants, drinking red wine and relaxing. She didn't want to bother her but she was lonely and needed someone to talk to. She didn't want to sound like a whiny little girl as she explained how bad her day was going. She let out her plan to have sex with her boyfriend, even though she didn't want to get that personal with her, and felt that sex wasn't something you talk about. It was a sin. Well, at least that's what her mother said. She was more afraid of having sex than upsetting God. She was told the first time you have sex it was painful but after breaking your hymen it will become wonderful. When her friend explained how it had gone for her, she lost some fear that held her back and was looking forward to tonight with Robert.

When Susan learned it was her birthday she was eager for Amber to have a good time. She took her into her house where they could talk some more and have some fun. "Since it is your birthday, here is something to liven up your day. I am only doing this because it's your special day and please don't tell your parents!" Amber didn't want to drink any alcohol but she didn't want to seem uptight. Swallowing her pride with mouthful of tasty alcohol, she found it gave her a sense of calm. She figured it was better testing it out now with someone safe that won't take advantage of her. Part of her wanted to let go and she was going to start with her boyfriend, but the jerk couldn't find the time to come over, even on her special day. She was having a real good time until Susan's phone rang. There was a problem at work and she needed to come in. Susan told Amber she was sorry but she can have another glass before going home.

Amber felt weird being in Susan's house all alone and felt that she should leave. Downing the drink fast, she felt the alcohol hit her all at once when she stood up. She realized she must have reached her limit and felt herself unable to walk or think straight. The only thing she could think that may clear her head was a cold shower. Too afraid to walk home, she went in search for Susan's shower. Figuring she wouldn't mind and would be out before she got back anyway. After finding it in the bedroom en-suite, she quickly removed her clothes and stepped into the glass walk in shower. The shower helped a little but she became little light headed, so she got out and put on a silk pink bathrobe that hung on the wall. Laying down on the bed to remove the dizziness sent her to sleep.

Amber woke up with a jolt of pleasure running through her body. In her confused state, she could only figure out three things. The first it was dark. So dark that she couldn't make out anything in the room. The second was that her robe was undone. She could feel the night air dance across her naked flesh and her nipples were so hard that they were aching to be touched. The reason they were hard was the third thing she noticed, and that was that somebody was between her legs. She once had watched a porno with her friend Kathy and knew what was being done to her. They laughed about it and thought it was gross, but now she knew why people did it. The pleasure that came from it was beyond words. This stranger was eating her pussy and was very good at it. Her ears also picked up sounds of someone moaning. "Mmmm...ohhhh...mmmm." Realizing soon after it was coming from her.

It shocked her to realize that she wasn't trying to stop what was being done to her. This was the kind of things bad girls would do when these things happen. Good girls would say no and try to stop what was happening but she never wanted it to stop. She started to feel shameful because she began to think this may be Susan's boyfriend, and that she also had one of her own. Knowing she should say something to fix his mistake, she opened her mouth, but the wave of pleasure paralyzed her tongue.

This was her bed and he must have assumed she was her. She opened her mouth again to tell him to stop but only another moan escaped her lips. A tremble of pleasure ran through her and she let out a loud echoing moan. Powerless to resist, her body started acting on its own. Amber's legs opened wider, denying nothing to this stranger, and her hands move across her body. Grabbing her breasts squeezing it and pulling then twisting her nipples. The stranger didn't need any help hitting the right spot. Every lick, bite, and sucking was done in the right way. It's like this stranger knew her vagina inside and out. Finally finding the strength to speak and not wanting to ruin anybody's relationship over a mistake, she tried to speak, but before she could get a single word out a light from a car passing by came through the bedroom window illuminating the room.

For a moment she only registered someone with black hair, then it hit her. Susan's boyfriend wasn't between her legs, but her friend Monica was. What shocked her more was that she wasn't putting up any fight knowing that a girl was between her legs. It was one thing finding a guy between your legs but another a girl. She knew it was wrong in any case for anybody doing this but she liked it. Amber's mind told her this was wrong and a sin but her body told her something different. Feeling too good to stop, she let Monica have her way with her. The orgasm hit her like nothing else and sent her body in wild fits. Arching her back screaming at the top of her lungs and forgetting about it being wrong. The sound that came out of her mouth was between some kind of wild animal and a demonic entity.

Hearing a seductive voice calling out from between her legs. Not really to her but to Susan. "Susan. Susan, my baby doll. I see you like what I did to you, or should I say heard?"

Feeling Monica standing up and pulling her to her knees. She felt her inches from her face and the heat coming off of her body. She spoke again but this time in a teasing voice. "When will you let your lovely neighbor join in our fun? What was her name again? Oh yeah, it was Amber wasn't it!"

Amber's body tensed up at this revelation, and not in fear but in excitement. She understood now why she had never seen a guy hanging around. It was because these two girls were lovers and this one wanted to fuck her! If she only knew she already did and was turning her on by the thing she was saying. This should have disgusted her, but she felt only ecstasy. Being too afraid to speak, Amber did the one thing she thought she would never do, and kissed Monica. She couldn't believe she found her lips in the dark, and was more surprised to find herself letting Monica's tongue invade her mouth. While they were kissing, Monica sensually massaged Amber's breasts, making her moan again.

The kiss was amazingly soft and tender, nothing like when Robert kissed her. It left her in a daze and before it ended Monica slid the robe off her shoulder and it fell behind her.

Amber was completely nude with only the darkness covering her, hoping no car would come by and ruin this moment. Fearing if she knew she wasn't Susan she would stop. She was passed the point of ending this, and Robert's memory faded away to nothingness. The pleasure was too great to run from and she was ready to do whatever Monica wanted. Feeling a single finger working around her breast now and gradually down toward the areola in a spiral pattern. The touch made her body tingle all over and made her nipples a little bit harder. She didn't think it could get any harder or more sensitive than right now. Touching her nipple made her cry out and moan. Monica traced her finger up to her shoulder and down her arm to her hand. Grabbing it tightly speaking again with hot breath on her face that smelt like cherry Jolly rancher. "I got a new toy for you sweetie. Come and feel it!"

Guiding her hand to the toy, Amber felt something long, thick and hard. Amber didn't know what she was feeling but she liked it. "I know you've never used a strap on before baby, but I promise you will enjoy this. Turn around and get on your hands and knees!"

Doing as she was told, Amber felt Monica getting in position behind her. Monica's hands found her ass and squeezed it before tracing the head of the fake dick around her wet pussy. It almost went in because of how wet she was but Monica was a master when came to teasing a lover in bed. She rammed all seven inches inside Amber's pussy and it swallowed all of it with ease. Her mouth fell open as a rush of pleasure overwhelmed her body and the sounds that came from her almost mimic a train in the distance. Monica held tightly on Amber's legs as she began to thrust slowly then pick up speed. Monica slid her hands down to Amber's breasts and squeezed them as she bent over to whisper in her ear, giving her a fucking she will never forget. "Let's invite Amber over tomorrow and we can fuck her! How about it, baby?" This was turning her on so much hearing this woman speak about her in a lustful way and not knowing she was getting her wish. Amber kept her eyes shut as her orgasm built up to a powerful release. Between the grunts and moans Monica's words started to be drowned out.

"Mmmm...ummm...ohhh," she emitted squeals of delight. Monica's voice became strong and demanding. "I see how you look at her firm ass when she's not looking and the shape of her perky breasts. Let's fuck on... or I will not finish." Stopping in a slow pace enough to tease her of forthcoming pleasure but without getting her the orgasmic release she now craved.

Amber felt herself weep and the need to cum, but was afraid to speak. "Just one word my dear. Just one word and I will fuck you like no other!" Needing to cum so badly she didn't know she did it until it was too late. Yelling in a loud, lustful voice, "Yes! Yes! Yes! You can fuck me!" The fear ran through her body knowing Monica must have known her voice wasn't Susan. Saying, "You can fuck me" and not "her," should have gave the game away. Monica seemed not to notice as she grabbed Amber's hair, pulling her head back as she picked up speed. The orgasm was coming back and this time it was stronger. The room was once again filled with strange sounds coming from her and when the orgasm hit made her body weak.

"Ahhh...mmmm...fuckkkk!" Amber couldn't believe she let this woman fuck her and found herself wishing that it had happened sooner. When Monica let go of her hair she was too weak to keep on all fours, so she crashed her face into the pillow. Monica wasn't finished and kept her ass up, continuing fucking her.

The pillow couldn't keep all the moans from coming out and each orgasm that followed wreaked her body with pleasurable weakness. After the third powerful orgasm she passed out and had a exotic dream. She dreamed about being in a bed full of naked woman touching and kissing her. Some of them she knew from movies and real life. The bedroom door burst open when she was kissing and fingering Keira Knightley. Kathy walked in naked, with her dark hair tied back in a pony tail, lowering herself between her legs. Kathy's face was filled with so much lust and she spoke in a seductive tone. "I've been waiting to do this for the longest time now." Lowering her head and before making contact Amber woke up.

Amber had never had a sex dream like that before, and never with her best friend. The thought of sleeping with Kathy never crossed her mind. She was a pretty girl and she'd seen her naked numerous times with zero interest. Now she found herself getting wet thinking about her and wishing that it wasn't a dream. She started to wonder what pussy tastes like and wished Monica was still in the room to find out. Her mind went back to Kathy's naked frame and she began to touch herself while she pretended she was eating her pussy. This scared her and made her wonder if she was a lesbian now. It didn't scare her being a lesbian but the reaction from her mother did. Knowing she will never accept it, Amber decided she would keep this secret from her as long as she can. Letting out a low whimper and cumming over her fingers, she resisted the urge to lick her juices from them.

Amber got out of bed and quickly put the robe back on, hoping to find Monica still here. Amber found Susan instead in her dining room drinking some coffee at a glass table. Susan smiled at her as she sat down. "I see you had some fun while I was away." She said with a smirk. Amber lowered her head in shame. "I am sorry things just got carried away."

Susan let out a light laugh. "There's nothing to say sorry about. Monica told me everything. I should warn you that she likes to play games with people and has a thing about fucking impressionable young girls. She found you in my bed and pretended she thought you were me. By the way we are just friends and not lovers. Like I said, she likes to play games."

Amber's mouth dropped open in shock and she started to smile. She can't deny that she enjoyed the whole experience and was more than willing to do it again.

"I can see you are not mad at her for the trick. She is really a good person but it's just that she likes to have sex and lots of it. She is more adventurous than me and goes for who ever she wants." Amber noticed her eyes looking down with a hint of lust and smiling . It took her a moment to realize her robe came undone and she could see some of her bush. This excited her and without much thought she spread her legs wider to tease her a bit. She couldn't believe she was acting like a slut and her action made Susan choke on her coffee. The robe opened further than she thought it would and slid off her lap completely, revealing silky legs and a glistening pussy.

Susan couldn't stop staring at those sexy legs and pussy. Even from where she was sitting she could tell Amber was wet. Really wet. Susan smiled, thinking that Monica had made yet another young girl realize she wasn't straight. She never cared for thick bush, but it wouldn't stop her from going down on one. It had been a while since the last time she had sex. Between the show she was getting and no sex made her a little moist. If she was more like her friend she would make her move and show Amber a thing or two about eating pussy.

Amber felt her lust starting to take control over her again. She wasn't exactly a good girl but no way near being a slut. At least not before today. She was getting off on exposing herself to Susan. It was like she was in a dream when she rose from the table, her body was in full control and her mind was powerless to deny what it wanted. It was in need of sex, like a succubus on a hunt that found a prey to devour. Amber allowed the robe to fall off and walked toward Susan full of desire. Susan could only stand up and take in her beautiful body with lustful eyes. They embraced in a fiery hot kiss and ended up rolling on the floor with Amber on top.

Amber's hands roamed over Susan's body and squeezed one of her breasts through her blouse, feeling a hard nipple. She wasn't wearing a bra and Amber found this thrilling. Twisting the nipple made Susan moan into Amber's mouth, making her more bold. Amber lowered her hand between Susan legs, playing with her pussy through her pants. Susan let out a moan and felt her panties getting soaked with her juices.

Breaking the kiss, Amber started undoing Susan's pants and preceded to remove them. Taking her shoes and panties with them. Susan had a thin patch of pubic hair that Amber found to be cute. Not sure what to do next, she just started licking the best way she knew how. She liked how it tasted but was unsure if she was doing it right. She was glad when Susan started to direct her to the right spot and started moaning loudly. Showing her she was on the right track, her body squirmed around and let out a series of moans. "To the right a bit...mmmm... a little higher... Ahhh. That..mmmm is...ahhh... it... Fuckkk I am cummingggg!" An orgasm erupt through Susan's body, reminding her how much she missed and needed this.

Amber was lost in thoughts of knowing there was no going back from this. She found eating pussy turned her on so much that she could feel her juices running down her legs. She was addicted to this and looked forward to the next time. Being so caught up in the moment never notice that Susan had removed her blouse until she felt their breasts smash against each other as she kissed her. Susan's nipples were thick, hard, and poking into her like little erasers.

Susan could taste herself on Amber's lips and drank down her juices with delight. In a lustful rage she dragged Amber to her room and threw her on the bed. Jumping on top of her, she started kissing wildly over her body. Taking a stiff pink nipple in her mouth, she began biting playfully and sucking on it, so it sent a ripple of pleasure down Amber's spine. Placing a series of kisses and bites down Amber's stomach till she got to her pussy. The scent that was coming off was intoxicating and alluring. Susan ate her pussy with a hunger of a wild animal and Amber was thrashing about moaning madly.

The sensations that ran through Amber's body by the artful tongue showed that Monica wasn't the only one that was a master at this. "Mmmm...ahhhh...ohh..fuck..yesss." Arching her back, her legs slightly tighten around Susan's head, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. A long "mmmm" came out softly at first but was getting louder. When the powerful orgasm hit, her legs held Susan's head so tight that she couldn't hear the earsplitting moaning scream. "Mmmm...Oh fuck...yesss... mmmm...oh fucking godddd... that was good."

Amber's legs loosened up around Susan's head and she lay down beside her with the joy of sex running through her. Their bodies were covered in sweat and were weak from the orgasms they had shared.

They lay there for a time in a loving embrace. Needing to wash up they took a long hot shower together and after another intense orgasm Amber headed home.

The house was silent but she still could still hear faint sound of moans in her ear. The clock on the wall read nine and she felt it should be later. She was glad things didn't go right at first or she wouldn't have the best birthday ever. She pondered the idea as to whether she was always a lesbian or if these things can make you one. Looking at the posters covering her bedroom wall made her realize there were no guys in them. She knew she was brain washed to believe she was straight by her mother and society, but her subconscious knew better. Monica's actions washed away the illusion and revealed to herself who she really was.

Taking her phone from her dresser, she saw that she had 4 missed calls and a text from her mom. She text her back letting her know she was ok and that she forgot her phone while out with friends. Looking at a poster of Keira Knightley on her wall, she thought she would really like to kiss her for real. She made one last text to Robert saying she was breaking up with him. Laying on her bed thinking of what just happened, she fell asleep dreaming about being marooned on a island with Keira Knightley dressed in nothing but her smile.


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