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Blog 7

You’ve made me exceptionally horny and quite disgustingly soaked
Blog 7:

Oops what a palaver!

Or perhaps …

Oh dear, everything’s gone a bit Pete Tong*!

Now it’s not often that I have much of a choice in how to start my blogs but this time I’m truly spoiled because both of the above statements accurately summarise the furore that has occurred since I wrote about Pippa and my adventures with the double ended dildo … and, I really couldn’t decide which I liked the best, so I’ve been greedy and used both.

So what is the story?

Once I knew that Blog 6 had been published I texted Pippa to let her know. Basically, ever since I wrote Blog 2 she’s been on at me to finish our happy little tale of drunken debauchery; in fact she’s been quite The Moaning Minnie; so I knew she’d be pleased. Well, I got a message back saying … actually, let me get my phone and I’ll copy it down for you.

About time. At work. Read later x

At least I got a kiss out of it, even if it was only a text one, which, in my experience, is never quite as satisfying as the real thing.

Like Pippa, I also had work and on days when I publish I am a bundle of nerves. I find it hard to settle and can’t wait to rush home to see if anybody has written any nice comments. Knowing Pippa finished work before me and would also be making a beeline for her computer really got me on edge and, as if by magic, made the second hand on the office clock rotate at a pace usually attributed to snails. Eventually though the day was done and I raced through the rush hour traffic eager to read the one message that was really important to me.

This is what she had to say:

Dearest child snatching ex-lover

Yes! She does call me that.

Loved the blog! In fact I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your wonderfully widespread thighs, the gorgeous sight of ‘Mr Shaft’ sliding into your eager, sodden pussy and how your tiny, little body shook as I fucked and frigged you to orgasm.

Really, you’ve made me exceptionally horny and quite disgustingly soaked and if you were here now, I would have to insist on smearing your face in cum as your agile tongue lapped me clean. 

Honestly, I really am not going to be able to get through this evening without attending to myself so I’m heading for the bedroom before Jimmy gets home. Sadly, ‘Mr Shaft’ got left behind when I got ‘coupled up’ but I do have a vibrating rabbit whose batteries I intend to run dry. 

 Love and hugs  

Pippa xxx

See, I get three kisses now.

Ps. Might we have another one? Another blog that is. You’ve still written about hardly any of the events of that evening and I, for one, would be dribblingly excited to read more.


She does have a point; it’s always a bit of a squeeze trying to fit everything into 1500 words that so much gets left out and …

Okay, I’m going to have a little lie down too because, well the truth is the thought of Pippa on her bed working her Rampant Rabbit into her soaking pussy as she thinks about fucking me has got me a little worked up and I’ve got a small collection of vibrating bullets and some rather twitchy fingers that I need to find a home for.

There, that’s better. I’m sorry about that but it really was quite necessary. To make it up to you I’ll tell you a little of what I was thinking about as, with a vibrating bullet in my arse, two in my pussy and my fingers frantically caressing the cum-slick pulsating nub of my clitoris, I drove my poor, excitable, shaking body to orgasm after wondrous orgasm … though I do seem to have made rather a mess of my bedding and the air in my bedroom is thick with the reek of my happy sex, so it looks like it is going to have to be laundry day again tomorrow, which at least will keep me busy.

Anyway …

After Pippa had introduced me to ‘Mr Shaft’; after she had skewered me on that massive double-ended dildo and fucked my aching, stretched pussy until my whole body twitched and cum soaked my upturned arse; after all that, she left me helplessly spasming, my legs splayed, 6 inches of black, rubber cock filling my pussy and another 12 inches standing upright between my fair, alabaster thighs; left me and disappeared.

I lay there panting and quivering; my pussy muscles squeezing at the artificial intrusion in time to my breathing as the aftershocks from my orgasm gradually subsided. Before my increasingly fixated eyes ‘Mr Shaft’ quivered and moved in time with my breathing until … and this is going to sound strange … he wasn’t a dildo stuffed into my little girl pussy anymore, he was my huge, thick 12 inch dong that I kept tucked safely between my legs ready to satisfy any sweet young thing in need of a good fucking.

At which point Pippa returned; and at last she was naked.

Pippa is reasonably pretty. Okay, Pippa is pretty; she’s mid-height, shapely, with everything seemingly perfectly in proportion and although there is nothing wrong with the rest of her body, she has one asset that I’ve seen men fall over themselves to try and cop a feel of … her arse.

To give you an example of how delectable her perfectly rounded posterior is; earlier this year we were both invited to Kate’s wedding … in case you’ve forgotten she was one of the bevy of lovelies that Pippa had already introduced to ‘Mr Shaft’ before, finally, it was my turn. Now I was just a guest but Pippa, perhaps as a result of the intimate knowledge she’d acquired of the nectar dribbling lips Kate was concealing beneath her wedding dress, was a bridesmaid and, for whatever reason, Kate had her bridesmaids dressed in ankle length, figure hugging, ivory frocks that made Pippa’s persistently wiggling bottom the highlight and main talking point of the wedding. In fact, when a few weeks later we were invited around to view the informal wedding photos, I am certain that there were substantially more of Pippa’s arse than there were of Kate’s face.

And it was Pippa’s perfect arse that was now hovering in front of my recently acquired 12 inch cock.

I’d love to tell you how I fucked her. How I took my thick rubber manhood, bent her over and ploughed it into her juicy pussy … but, sadly, it wasn’t like that.

I lay there, my legs spread, enraptured as Pippa spread her feet, allowing me my first peek at the soft delights hidden below her smooth buttocks and betwixt her firm thighs. I was nothing but an innocent voyeur as she reached behind herself, dipped two fingers between her slightly puffy, cum bejewelled lips, grabbed hold of my cock, smeared her arousal across its head whilst it quivered in time to my raggedy breath, stroked a hand down the inside of my thigh, pushed them wider, turned her head, looked me in the face and in a voice thick with lust murmured:

“Hold it for me.”

I did; I reached down and gripped my cock at its base, at the point where it spread my engorged labia and disappeared into the dribbling dampness of my pussy. Unbidden, my free fingers drifted across the petite mounds of my chest in search of my stiffly erect nipples.

I teased myself; puffy nipples and smooth, shaven vulva; stroking myself as I watched Pippa grip my cockhead, guide it between her own dribbling lips, spread her thighs wider as its head disappeared, pushing down with that perfect bottom as ‘Mr Shaft’ slid effortlessly into the damp and receptive fissure between her legs.

I watched her descend; guttural moans spewing from her mouth as my cock finally filled her wanton, insatiable pussy; her downward thrust driving the thick rubber head, resting deep inside my own pulsating wetness, firmly against the innermost depths of my soft flesh forcing mews of pleasure from my slack jawed mouth. As she rode up and down, as she fucked herself on my cock, as she fucked me with every rise and fall of her perfect arse, as her pussy slid so prettily along ‘Mr Shaft’s artificially veined surface and as the endless fluttering orgasms shimmied throughout my sex; my eyes flicked back and forth between the wondrous curvature of her buttocks and the cum slick black rubber that joined yet separated us. With every thrust her back arched, tendrils of hair played about her shoulders, her buttocks became more and more widespread as inch by inch Pippa swallowed the dildo and drove herself down towards my eagerly waiting pussy in a mounting frenzy of lust.

Which is where I’m going to have to leave it; though I don’t think you really need me to tell you any more … there was panting, there was moaning, there was two well fucked pussies, two sweat sheened naked bodies and one cum drenched double ended dildo that had been all but consumed by two cock hungry and very naughty girls.

None of which really has much to do with the palaver that has occurred or how everything has gone completely Pete Tong … which will have to wait for next time.

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