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Blondie Makes A Choice

Blondie Makes A Choice

This Seems To Be What We Both Need
She rolls on top of me, kissing me softly, a light giggle in her throat. We're both far too drunk, due to having the shittiest day. The place we work claims they are downsizing, letting go way too many employees to help with costs. Since we are some of the newer people hired, we're being let go. I found her in the ladies room, crying and punching the door to the stall.

“It took me months to find this job!” She growled, “I can't start all over again. I hate this economy, it's too hard.”

Her words are true, I think everyone is suffering. It took me a long time to find this job as well. Her makeup streaking down her face, her hair frazzled, almost like a good session after sex.

“I'm sorry, Katie, I have only been here a month or so longer than you. I'm being let go as well.”

She turns to me, her eyes full of fresh new tears, trying to hold them back. I step forward, without even knowing her that well, we hug. I let her sob into me, as I stroke her hair. I try to sooth her, she just seems so innocent. I don't really know this girl, but something about her makes me want to make sure she is okay.

After a little while when I know her tears are dry, I offer to take her out for a drink. The boss was smart and didn't let us know about what was going on until the end of our shift. It is already after seven when we left, seeing no one else really in the office. We decide to go to the bar around the corner, since it's raining.

The bar is small, with only a few other people in it. The music is loud, thumping away, which neither of us minded. We both order a beer, drinking them quickly, ordering another beer each. We start talking about how we hated the job and maybe this was a good thing. Though, I think deep down, as much as we hated the job, it was a good paying one. One we both needed, surely.

When we have half a dozen beers in, we get silly, dancing to the music. It's not really that kind of bar, but we make it as such. The bartender doesn't seem to mind. Though, how many men are going to complain about two girls dancing together? Even if we're dressed a little too nice. Katie is wearing a pin stripe suit, with her dark hair up, but still looking like sex hair. Her black heels make her taller than she is, giving her about three more inches to her pretty short height.

I'm wearing a pale pink skirt set, with black leggings and heels to match. My blonde hair is down, though it's hot in the bar, I don't mind. Katie and I are about the same height, though it doesn't seem so with her heels on. We begin to bump and grind into each other, becoming very flirtations with each other.

Throughout the night we drink more, dance longer, getting a lot of attention from those in the bar. We feel like we're giving them a show, but they're not on our minds. We just talk and giggle, bitch and moan about our job and being let go. It's not until a little after twelve, when Katie nearly falls into me, but skies me as she does. I'm not shocked, but taken aback a little by it. Her lips are soft, gentle, but she seems to know what she is doing.

I kiss back, deeper than she is, taking the lead suddenly. I hear a few catcalls from the guys who have been watching us. Surely this must be what they wanted to see all along. I've never been with a girl before, the idea had never come to me. Somehow though, this seems so natural, so I don't stop it. Why should I?

“Blondie, let's get out of here,” Katie says. She suddenly breaks our kiss, looking at me.

I hear one man boo us, we can't help but giggle. I just give her a nod, we grab our jackets and hurry out the door. We run back to the parking lot of our now old place of work, it's down pouring. By the time we reach our cars, we're soaked. We agree to take our own cars, to my place. I give her the directions, she follows behind me.

The drive to my place is short, the heat blasting hard through the vents. I'm shivering hard, hoping that it's warm in my apartment. I hate being cold, though I'm sure I can think of a few ideas to get warm. A smile widens on my face, at the idea. Could this truly be happening? Am I going to have sex with a girl for the first time? I've never thought about it before, but it sounds like it could be fun. See what guys like about it so much.

I get out of my car, showing Katie where she can park. She gets out, all smiles, but I can tell she is shivering as well. We get into my apartment as quickly as we can, pulling off our wet jackets.

“If you give me your clothes, I can dry them. I have some clothes you can wear, in the meantime,” I offer.

“Thanks, Blondie, that's really nice. I'm freezing.”

She begins to undress, I can't help but watch her. She truly does have a beautiful body. I'm straight, or at least I thought I was, but have always appreciated a pretty girl. Katie is definitely one of these girls. She doesn't seem to mind me watching her either. Once she is done, I move to take mine off as well, seeing her watching me. I toss them into the dryer, before going to look for warm clothes.

Katie follows me, watching my hips sway, moving towards the closet. Is it wrong that I'm getting so turned on? That I like another woman watching me when I'm naked? I sure hope not, because I know I like it.

“You don't need to bother looking for clothes, I have a good idea how to warm up,” Katie says.

“Oh, what's that?” I ask, wondering if she is thinking the same as I did in the car.

I feel her suddenly step behind me, wrapping her arms around me, gripping my tits. Her bare body pushing up against mine, our height now even again. Her tits pressing right against my back, my ass pressing into her pussy. I can't help but lean back into it, feeling her push up into it.

Slowly one of her hands move down my stomach, finding my pussy. I let out a soft gasp, the softness of her hand is so new to me. The men I've been with haven't been rough, but the feeling is just so different. She doesn't take her time though, she seems to really need this. Her fingers move along my pussy, getting wet from my juices. Her lips kissing on the back of my neck, grinding her hips into me from behind. She starts to slowly finger fuck me, right where we are. It's so hot, I grab the door jam for support, feeling lightheaded. Her thumb on my clit, two fingers inside me, fucking me deeply.

“God, Blondie, you're so fucking wet. I love that,” Katie purrs so softly in my ear.

She pulls me towards my bed, having me get on my back. The control and need she has is very intriguing. Katie quickly slides down, kissing towards my pussy. I've never had a girl do this to me, but I wanted it to happen more than ever. She moves to take me just as fast as her fingers did. Her mouth licking, to sucking, to fucking so quickly.

She puts her fingers back inside me, fucking me even faster than she did when we were standing. It's not long before I'm cumming hard. I can feel my body shaking as I cum. I'm not even sure if I'm done before Katie is moving, she moves with ease, but is suddenly on top of me. All I see is the sight of her beautiful pussy. She is facing away from me, leaning down just enough to keep fingering my pussy. I don't need a second guess as to what she wants.

I lift my head up just enough, I gently lick, tasting her. It's my first time, the nerves are there, but the excitement is more. I taste her, the sweet taste of a girls juices for the first time. It is so good, I dive my tongue in further, wanting to taste more. I hear Katie purr out, loving it, it seems. I must be doing something right. I've had my pussy eaten enough, to know what I'm doing.

It seems to come so naturally though, I feel my tongue just fucking her. I reach up, pulling her closer down to me. She still fucks me with her fingers, feeling her fingers so deeply inside me. My tongue swirls up towards her clit, moving back towards her hole, fucking it, fast. She moans out, telling me not to slow down, she is close. I don't, knowing how much the need to cum is there.

She begins to purr out a long moan, tensing, she starts to cum for me. I drink in her juices, something I've never done before, and I just love it. It makes me cum with her, her fingers still working deep inside me. She fucks me hard, we cum together.

She rolls on top of me now, facing me, kissing me as she giggles, “Oh my god!”

Her lips are so soft on mine, kissing me lovingly. I feel my body relaxing now, seeing how late it is. I'm suddenly so tired. She moves to be in my arms, just holding me close to her. I'm not sure what this even means, but if this is what happens when I get fired, it almost is worth it.

I can worry about looking for a new job tomorrow.
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