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Blondie's Beach Trip
Jinxy & Poppet

Blondie's Beach Trip

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
Could This Get Any Better?
“Is it weird I am nervous to meet her? I mean, I've known her for so long online, so why should I be so nervous?” I take my boyfriends hand, as we drive up north for our vacation. We finally both got time off, and we’re going up to see friends of ours. We’re also meeting someone I've known online through Lush.

“No, I don’t think it’s weird at all. I suppose it’s different in person, isn't it? I mean, you know her, but you don’t know her. I bet she’s just as nervous to meet you. She also has to meet two of us, where there is just her.” Sam, my boyfriend talks as though he’s done this a bunch of times. He’s never met someone from online either, but I guess he has a point.

“You’re right, but I've been looking forward to this for so long. I don’t want it to be awkward. I truly care about her. She’s also been through so much, as you know and I want to see her happy.” The friend I’m talk about has had a rough go with a breakup recently, and hasn't been herself like she used to be. I want to help in any way I can.

“She’ll be fine. She’ll love you, and you her and well I love you already so you’re in the green. We’ll have a great time, Blondie.” I giggle at him, I love when he calls me that. He’s the only one to get away with it. It’s his pet name for me. I reside to the fact he’s right and need to stop worrying so much.

When we pass the state line I get excited, we’re about three hours away. We plan to stay up here for a little over a week, and see and do as much as we can while here. I've mostly been looking forward to finally meeting Shania. We meet on Lush back in mid October, and we've grown close over the last few months. In ways we couldn't have picked a worse time to meet, now that her heart is broken, but at the same time it’s a good time to try and help her heal. That’s what Sam thinks anyway. I do hope he is right, which he most often is, but I don’t tell him that.

This summer has been hot, hotter than the year before, and after such a cold winter I’m glad to soak in as much sun and heat as I can. It makes most complain, but I love it. I love being outside, and living my life outside. When I see a rest stop, I tell Sam to pull over, so we can have lunch, and stretch our legs. He’s all for it, he’s done all the driving so far. We pull in, and notice only one other car there. There is a young couple, with two kids. A little girl about four, running around the parking lot, as the dad chases her, telling her to be careful. The mother is watching, as finishes up breastfeeding the baby.

I text Shania that we’re stopping for lunch, and that we’re about two hours away. She tells me that it’s no problem; she’s just getting into the shower. I pull out the cooler I packed before leaving and take out lunch. Sam doesn't even need to ask what I packed, because it’s of course peanut butter sandwiches, and sun chips, along with Sprite, and brownies for after. Everyone who knows me knows I have an addiction to peanut butter.

Midway through our meal the little family wraps their things up, pile into the car and head off. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever have kids, and shake my head knowing we’re not ready for that. Sam and I haven’t been together all that long, but I do know he is the one. We've been dating nearly six months and he’s the one I’ll spend forever with. He helped me with a broken heart that even the last person I was with couldn't fix.

“What are you thinking about, Blondie? I see it from here you’re lost in thought.” He takes a rather large bite of his sandwich, nearly finishing it.

“Just about us, and having kids, and forever stuff, the normal things.” I tell him nonchalantly. He nearly chokes on his food, and I can’t help but laugh. “No! I don’t mean now, not bend me over and fill me with your babies. I just mean, one day, in the future, far away from now. No need to get scared.” I can’t help but keep laughing, as he keeps choking taking a sip of sprite. I can see him physically relax once I explain though.

“Are you trying to kill me, Blondie?” He manages to ask, once he gets his food down his throat.

“No, but taking big bites of food might, especially peanut butter, Dork!” I toss a chip at him, and he growls. “What are you going to do about it, Sammy boy?” I tease him, knowing he hates being called that. I only do it when I’m being playful, and he picks right up on it.

“I’ll bend you over my knee right here and teach you a lesson.”

“You’ll have to catch me first, Sammy boy!” I drop my bag of chips and take off. I’m grateful I have taken off my flip-flops, or I would trip. I run off into the wooded area, trying to keep on the grass, not wanting to hurt my feet. Sam is right behind me, he’s able to run faster with shoes on. I cry out like some kind of victim, giggling all the while. He reaches me as I try to round a tree, but he catches me.

“Now, you were saying?” he says between breathes, and I’m giggling so loud I can barely answer.

“I said nothing, Sammy boy.” I drag out the name, teasing him more.

“That’s it, I warned you.” He attempts to pull my shorts down, and I giggle out trying to keep them up.

“You wouldn't dare! We’re in public.” I shoot him a glare.

“I would, and I am. You've teased me enough.” He yanks my shorts down, along with my panties. My pale, much needed ass is exposed and he runs his hand over it.

“Such a sweet little ass, Blondie, I’m going to make you mine.” He stands me up to face him, cupping my ass, he kisses me deeply. I let out a faint moan, kissing him back. It’s all to short before he lets go has me spin back around. “Grab your ankles,” he commands of me. I bend over, grabbing my ankles. My ass is high in the air for him. He slaps it, hard. He does it again on the other side. “That’s for calling me that name.” He does it again, getting me to squeal out in pain.

His fingers slide across my skin, and spread my cheeks wide. He leans down and licks along my crack down into my pussy. I feel my knees lock, and lean back into him. He slowly uses his tongue to fuck me just like his cock does. Once he is happy with how wet I am, he stands back up. I hear him slip his own shorts off, and stands behind me. I can see his legs, his shorts around his ankles like mine. He takes one hip and a handful of hair, and thrusts in hard. I lean back against it, forcing him to go deeper.

Without a care of who might possibly hear us, I moan out loudly, carefree of anything around us. He fucks me deep, giving me no relief and taking all he can. I bounce against him, rocking like a rocking chair on him we move faster. It’s not long before we both need to cum. He tells me to cum with him, and I do. I feel light headed being in this position as we cum, but it makes it all the more intense.

He helps me stand when we’re done, and I slide off my shorts and panties. He looks at me wondering what I’m doing. I take my panties and clean myself from our mess, and then him and hook them to a tree branch. I put my shorts on, and giggle at him. “You’re going to free ball, Blondie?” he jokes, yanking his shorts back up.

“I have no balls to go free, but something like that. Just a little present to the next nasty couple who come along.” I walk off, and go pack up our mess.

Back on the road we try and finish out the last two hours without needing to stop. It’s coming about three in the afternoon and we want to get there by six. It’s a Friday and we know we’ll meet up with the traffic jam sooner or later. We’re going to have dinner with Shania before getting our hotel. We wanted to get the meet out of the way as soon as we could, so we wouldn't drag it out. Shania is a very shy girl, and even though she wants to meet has a bit of anxiety towards it all.

Once we’re in her town, I text her to meet us at Denny’s. She tells me she’s on her way, and tells us how to get there. It’s not far, and we pull into the parking lot of the restaurant, and see her there standing by the door waiting for us. I don’t even need to know what she looks like, or even have to know the poor girl is nervous. All my fears and worries escape me when I see her, and Sam takes my hand and we head towards her.

Luckily she knows what I look like, and she smiles timidly at us. It’s a bit weird seeing someone I know so happy, and easy going look shy and timid. Almost like a lost puppy, I want to pick her up in my arms and hold her. I do the next best thing, and hug her tightly. She is about five inches taller than me; everyone gives me crap about being short. I even have a friend who calls me Munchkin. “Don’t be nervous, Cricket girl,” I whisper, as I hug her.

She lets go a giggle, and I can feel her relax a little. Sam hugs her, and she seems to breathe a little easier. We go inside, and we’re seated in a booth. We all order breakfast items, even though its dinner time, but order milkshakes to go with it. Shania asks us how the drive was, and if we were able to get here easily enough. I tell her we did just fine, and that the drive was great.

After dinner we hang out for a while longer, but we still need to get to the hotel. We say our good-nights and promise to see her the next day. We’re all going to the beach, and tan our pale white asses. When we get to the hotel we take a quick shower and hang out playing cards, talking about the day. “She seems nice, though really shy. I know you said, but didn't except that shy.” Sam says causally as we play. “I told you, though I didn't think it was that bad either.”


The following morning we grab our stuff, wanting to head out early. We meet Shania at Denny’s again, and have a quick breakfast. She is just as shy as last night, like we have to redo the whole meet and greet all over. I think it’s rather cute, in a way. It still makes me think of how open and bouncy she is online to how she is here in person.

Shania has on a pair of shorts and a tank with her bikini on under. Her brown hair down, flowing along her back, but what stands out most of all is her bright green eyes. It’s almost hard not to stare at them. You can read her soul through her eyes; she has those kinds of eyes. I have on a dress, with my bikini under, with my faithful flip-flops. My own hair is down as well. Sam has on a Metallica shirt, and dark blue shorts. His brown hair hidden under a hat, it matches his shirt.

Once Shania tells Sam where to go, we head to the beach. It’s a short drive, about thirty minutes from where she lives. It’s still really early, about quarter of ten and only a few people are here. It’s mostly older people sunbathing. (Gross, I know.) We set up our area as far off as we can, wanting privacy. We strip off our extra clothes, and I can’t help but notice Shania’s figure. She hides herself well under her clothes, but damn is she beautiful.

I even catch Sam taking a glance. I don’t mind, because I know he’s mine. We both look, but never touch. Not that we’re against it, it’s just never happened before. The idea of taking Shania right here sounds perfect though. I feel the plan working in my head as we all agree to go get wet. We go test the water, Sam is the first to dive in. He tells us it won’t feel as cold if we get all wet. I knew this fact already, and decide to go for it. I dive in after him, and swim into his arms. We kiss softly, and wait for Shania.

She’s biting her lip; I know she is feeling shy again. I splash her, and tell her to get her ass moving. She pouts at me for splashing, but it only makes me do it again. She giggles this time and dives in to join us. It makes me want to kiss her lip I just kissed Sam, but I don’t. A few other people come onto the beach, but we’re so far apart we all have our own piece of beach. It’s great.

We spend about an hour in the water, trying to out beat the next in some stupid crazy way. Heading back to our towels, we feel our water legs making it almost difficult, and we’re all giggles. We snack on a few crackers, and peanut butter, with bottled water. Shania goes on to tell us about the breakup, and what happened in the end right before the break up. I can hear the pain in her voice still, I know she’s hurting. She does her best not to cry though, but says it’s for the best. She just hopes they can somehow manage to be friends.

After a while she brings up another friend of ours, he’s been there for her since the breakup. She said he’s become like her best friend, and wouldn't know where she’d be without him. I know him, but not very well but it makes me like him a whole lot more when she tells me this. Even Sam who doesn't know any of these people follows along, and agrees she is lucky to have such a good friend. She jokes we should have our way with him together, and thank him for being such a good friend. I agree, and Sam pulls my hair and smiles at me.

When we start talking about relationships in general we’re all just kind of laying there on the towels. Shania is on my right, Sam on my left. She sighs; her eyes are closed and say it’s been so long since she’s been touched. How much she misses, just even being kissed. I turn to look at her, but she doesn't look back. I turn to face Sam, who winks at me. I wink back at him, knowing I can help her with that.

I get up quietly, more in a crawl and go to her. She lies there still with her eyes closed. I lean down and kiss her lips gently, taking it into a full kiss as her eyes open. She takes and kisses me back without hesitation and lets out the most sensual purr I’ve ever heard. I reach up and touch her boob, and kiss her deeper. With all the months I've known her, and all the jokes of us ever having sex I want her. I use to joke with her ex Master I was going to steal her from him.

Shania doesn't stop me as I begin to untie her bikini top, and let her breasts fall free. We’re far enough away that no one can really see what we’re doing. The tree line helps, and I don’t care just like I didn't the day before with Sam. I look over at him, who gives me a look to say I’m okay and to keep going. My mouth moves down and takes her nipple into my mouth. I suck on it lightly, my mouth gentle. My hand goes down into her bikini bottoms, and finds her pussy.

A soft sigh comes from her lips, a soft hum almost. She is relaxed, and I want to make her happy. I move so I’m between her legs, my mouth still on her nipple. Shania is watching me, and the green in her eyes burn brighter as I start to turn her on more. Sam slowly gets closer to us, inching within touching distance. I remove my own top, and let my breasts spring free. Shania tells me how sexy they are, and I tell her I agree, they are. It makes her laugh.

“Come here, Sam, let’s give Cricket something to suck on,” I tell my man, and he moves quickly, pulling his swim trunks down. His cock hard already, but what man wouldn't when seeing to women kissing? Shania turns her head, looking up at him. She opens her mouth with such a seductive little minx way Sam groans, and she hasn't even touched him yet. She moves her head forward, and begins to suck on him.

I lift her hips, and remove bikini bottoms. She wasn't lying; she is beautifully shaved and looks so smooth. I can’t wait to press my face against her wet pussy. I part her by the knees, and get down starting in on her. I've not been with a girl in who knows how long, but it’s a lot like riding a bike, kind of hard to forget. Her aroma is to die for, she smells so sweet. I work on her without thinking, I just do. I hear her sucking on Sam, he on his knees, groaning as he thrusts lightly into her mouth.

When I thought of coming up to see Shania, this isn't what I had in mind. Now that I’m here, I couldn't ask for anything better, that is until I make her cum. I want to taste her. I dine on her pussy as though it’s the last I’ll ever have it, like I’ll never get the chance to please her again. I suck hard on her clit, fingering her deeply. I fuck her hard, as she sucks harder on Sam’s cock.

She takes his long shaft deep down. She’s defiantly a cock sucker. Any man would be lucky to have her, and it makes me think of how silly her ex is. His loss is Sam’s gain, at least for now. Sam’s moans are getting hitched, and I know he’s close. He’s trying to hold back though, wanting to make sure Shania cums first. I work on her more; I’m teasing her though wanting to prolong this orgasm, making it build as high as I can take her.

She moans through each suck, begging me. I can tell she is ready, but I don’t let up. One of her hands digs into the sand, as if she is gripping something other than sand. Sam keeps thrusting into her throat, moving deeper. I spread her wider, and fuck her a little faster now. I know she’s ready. It only takes a moment after for her to cum. She lets out a defending moan as she cums, a mouth full of cock still. Sam thrusts, as Shania almost can’t move. He takes her throat, and begins to cum in her mouth. She swallows as she gasps for breath, trying to regain her composure over her own high.

The blush on her face is there; she hides behind her hands and giggles. I climb up to her, moving her hands and kiss her lips. “No hiding, Shania. You’re naked on the beach, kind of pointless to hide your face.” Her blush deepens before she scrambles to look somewhat decent. We all cover up, and lie back down in our own spots. We all can’t help but giggle, because anyone could have seen us, but we just didn't care.

I look over at Shania, and smile. “By the way, you owe me one.” I wink at her, as I giggle.

Written for LushStories Only, Author rights belong to Jinxy and Poppet…

This story is written by Jinxy and Poppet. It’s loosely based on true events, and took both of us to write it. Poppet took the time to edit and do the grammar and I thank her highly for the help. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been able to tell such a wonderful story. She put in just as much hard work into this as I have, and hope that you will like it. Thank you, Cricket Girl. Also, Sam, thank you for allowing us to add you into our little story. Love you, babes.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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