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Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part Two
Jinxy & Poppet

Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part Two

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
A Birthday Surprise I Didn't Expect!
The rest of the day seems to fly by, until the doorbell rings a little after six in the evening. I go to answer the door, unsure who it is. We've made plans to meet up with some of our friends later. When I open the door, there stands my girl Cricket. I let out a shrilling scream, wrapping my arms around her.

“Holy fucking shit! You’re here!” I yell probably too loudly in her ear, as we hug tight. Her embrace is amazingly strong. It’s been a few months since we've seen each other.

“How could I possibly miss your birthday? You silly girl. Sam called and we figured it all out. Happy birthday, Blondie,” Cricket tells me. Her voice is soft, and she kisses my cheek.

“I love the both of you; this is already by far the best birthday.”

At this point Sam comes walking into the kitchen, a smile spread across his face. “Surprise, Blondie!” He hugs me, kissing my forehead, before going to hug Cricket. “I see you've made it here just fine. Was the drive okay?”

“Just fine, it all worked out. You two weren't kidding—the drive is a bitch.”

We go into the living room, and talk about how the two of them had set the whole thing up. They've been planning it the last two weeks. As I said, it’s been a few months since I've seen her. Sam and I went to go see her at the start of summer, but seeing her now makes up for it. We had a great adventure up there, now we can show her a good time down here.

“I hear we’re having a bonfire, and lots of alcohol will be served with great food. As Sam told me, anyway, right?”

“That about sums it up. We wanna get drunk, don’t we, Sammy?” I tease him again, using his pet name. He tackles me, and pins me on the couch, kissing me.

“Yes, we do! Keep it up, Blondie; I’ll spank you for real.”

“Oh, can’t Cricket? She has a great snap in her spankings,” I let out a moan, looking at Sam, and back at Cricket.

“I’m sure we can arrange something,” Cricket teases me, landing a nice spank on my ass. It feels incredible even over my jeans.

“Hey! Let’s call Andrew on Skype; I bet he’d love to talk with all of us,” I giggle, reaching for my laptop.

“You two go ahead. I need to go make a few calls for the birthday girl. Just behave yourself, and don’t tease the guy to much!” Sam strolls out of the living room.

Luckily, when I sign onto Skype Andrew is on. It’s after six here, but well after eleven for him. He is excited to see the both of us, and we talk for about an hour. Of course we begin to tease him. We start making out on camera for him.

Cricket’s hand slides up my shirt, teasing my nipple, as I run my hand along her pussy. Even though she’s clothed, I can tell she’s turned on. Andrew just looks at us in envy. He’s always wanted the both of us, and we know we’re teasing him. I lift Cricket’s shirt up and off her, taking her breast into my mouth. I suck hard on her nipple, biting on it, as she grinds herself into me. We’re both focused on each other, and we can even hear Andrew moaning in the background.

I take a look over at the screen, and he’s taken out his cock. He’s hard as a rock, and stroking himself watching us. He begs us not to stop, and who are we to deny him? We keep going.

With one move, I’m removing Cricket’s pants with her panties easily. I move to lie on the couch perfectly between her legs. She guides my head between her, and I start lapping at her pussy. She tastes as good as she did the first time I had her. She is a loud one, and Sam comes in.

“That didn't take you two long. I knew you’d tease him, but this is extreme. Carry on, I love it,” he laughs, sitting on the recliner. I can tell he’s hard as a rock. Since the time we went to go visit Cricket a few months ago, we've talked about doing this again. He loves watching me eat her pussy. It’s one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. I’m sure he’ll want to join later, and I have every intention of sharing her.

Andrew encourages us to keep going, stroking still. He’s moving his hand slowly right now, just watching us. I move my attention back to Cricket. My tongue sneaks into her folds, and I suck on her clit. She moves her body to my movements, helping me find new levels of her pussy. Moving my pointer finger inside her, I begin to fuck her slow. I do her, like Sam does me. I know how much I love it.

My tongue is fast, lapping at her quickly, my finger slow. Randomly I switch it so my tongue is slow, and my finger is fast. “Fuck Blondie, don’t stop!” she moans out. She is close, I know she is, but she is the type of girl to cum a lot. I love that in her. She’s a fountain. Andrew’s stroking his cock faster now, panting. It almost sounds as if he’s fucking one of us, the same pace I’m going on Cricket. Their breathing is matched.

Sam is watching; I can see he is hard, but he’s holding off. He knows I’ll share later. He wants me to have her all to myself this time. I grip her tighter, moving my face in closer. My little frame allows me to push closer into her. Her fingers are locked in my hair, moving her hips quicker. She arches her chest up, and lets out a cry. She starts to cum hard for me, and Andrew. He moves quicker, wanting to cum hearing her cum.

A harsh grunt comes from Andrew over the Skype call. Cricket is still moaning, coming down from her orgasm. I’m still sucking and licking on her clit. My finger is working lazily inside her.

“Undress for me, Blondie,” Cricket whispers to me. I do as she asks, and she has me move to straddle her. I lay the length of her on the couch. My face back in her pussy, but now mine is on hers. She dives right into me, knowing I’m so wet because of her. She lashes her tongue into my hole, fucking me fast. I grind myself on her, my own mouth working her clit.

I’ve never done sixty-nine with a girl before; it’s new and fun. I can see Sam better from this view, and Andrew groans out. He thought we had finished also, but keeps watching us. Both the guys seem to love what they see. I know I love what I feel, and have a feeling so does Cricket.

Her tongue is soft inside me, fucking me quickly. I’m so turned on, and with how fast she’s going it won’t take me a whole lot. I try to focus on pleasing her again. I moan out against her pussy, as she fucks me with her tongue. She begins to moan on me, and we’re moving together. We’re two horny little girls who want each other. I’m the first one to cum and I cum hard!

I moan out into her pussy, biting on her clit as I feel her climax now. She lifts herself up, bringing herself closer to me. Her body lifts and falls again as she cums. It turns me on so much it makes me cum harder. I hear both the guys groan out, clearly loving the reaction we are giving each other. Our moans are sending triggers of responses to one another.

When we’re done, we pull ourselves into a sitting position to talk with Andrew. We talk for a little while longer, before letting him go. It’s getting late for all of us. We have a party to get to. We go and get ready, changing into our outfits.

Arriving at the party, I introduce everyone to Cricket. They all love her, and greet her. She does really well, surprisingly. She’s a very shy girl, but she isn’t so socially awkward that she makes it weird for everyone. It’s not long before the liquor is brought out, and we all dig in.

Throughout the night I dance and mingle with everyone. I haven’t seen some of my friends in forever. I've been working a lot, and a lot of my time has been with Sam. By midnight we’re all pretty drunk, but the music is loud and the fire is high. One of my friends had baked me a cake, and even made sure to bring s'mores. It’s all so good!

By the time the three of us get home, we’re all pretty drunk. Though on the ride home Cricket and I were all over each other, and are both horny. Sam tells us we’re endless, and we know we are. We make it to the bedroom, stripping him down first. We have him lie on the bed, and we strip each other. When we’re undressed, we get on the bed, and begin to tease him. We kiss each other over him. He lies there, watching as we fondle each other, kissing deeply, our moans growing.

Sam has other ideas in his head though, and quickly takes a little control back. We both giggle at him, as he slaps our asses. He has me move to lie on the bed, and Cricket between my legs. She dives right in, not even waiting for what is to come. She assumes this is where he is going, and she’s had too much drink to care. She sucks and licks on my clit; my moans tell her to keep going. Sam smiles down at me, kneeling behind Cricket. He takes her by her beautiful hips. Her white pale skin looks like the moon compared to his darker complexion.

I know the look on his face, and know he’s incredibly turned on right now. He moves his cock towards her pussy, and she moans, whispering out to fuck her. Sam begins to slide inside her, increasing her moans on me once more. He starts slowly, working his cock into her tight little pussy. The three of us all moaning, the sound of sex is heard clearly.

Pinching my nipples hard, I move my body with Cricket. Allowing her to fuck me still, she has two fingers inside me, fucking me hard and fast. Sam has picked up speed inside her, his hands still on her hips. He almost looks like he’s digging his nails in, but this seems to make her moan out louder. She clearly likes it, and wants him to keep going. He’s not about to disappoint.

We've been looking forward to this for a long time. We weren't sure if it was going to happen though. I've wanted to watch Sam fuck Cricket since the first time we all met. He loves watching her go down on me. A great, perfect threesome we make, I think to myself. I have the sheets curled into balls in my fists. I’m so close; I moan out that I am.

Sam begins to fuck Cricket faster now, wanting all three of us to cum together. He reaches one hand down around her, fingering her clit. She moans out hard right on my pussy, making me moan out. Sam moans that he’s going to cum. With one hard buck, he slams against her body, and then does it again. It slams her into my pussy harder, and I begin to cum for her. I buck into her, as he slams her from behind. We use her hard, wanting her to cum.

He cums first; he slaps her ass so hard it sounds like it hurts more than pleases but he doesn't stop. He does it again, and this makes Cricket cum hard. She is cumming hard around him, as he cums deep inside her pussy. She moans out on me, I moan out, Sam moans out, and we all cum so hard with one another. I feel so good, knowing between the alcohol and great sex, I’m fucking happy.

We all move into a cuddle, me in the middle. I love having Cricket and Sam with me, and we talk for a while, even though it’s really late. We just have so much to talk about, we don’t care.

“I’m so happy you came down to visit, Cricket,” I tell her, in an all too tired voice. I look at Sam, and smile, “Thank you for making this my best birthday ever, Sammy, my baby,” I yawn, happily.

“You’re welcome, Blondie,” they both say, and we all laugh.

We say our good nights , and curl up close together. Our naked bodies are covered by a thin sheet. I’m the last to fall asleep, thinking this truly was my best birthday ever. I couldn't have asked for a better one, if I could have anything I wanted.

Happy Birthday, Blondie!
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