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Boat trip in Miami

True story and photo related - Refer to my avatar ;)
Collaboration with Beckie2309

I was laid quite contently on my bed, enjoying a mid-morning day dream with sun's rays beaming through the window and penetrating through the closed roman blinds. I stretched across my bed enjoying the feel of my relaxed muscles. All was well until rather abruptly I heard repetitive thuds ascending up the staircase of my shared accommodation and suddenly my door flung open breaking me from my daydream.

There stood my best friend Natalie, with a face splitting grin.

Her long wavy blonde hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall and gently caressed her soft subtle skin which was peachy in colour. Her breast, all though on the small side, accompanied her body beautiful as they were firm and perfectly round in shape. She also had the pick of the boys, and girls, whomever or whatever she wanted at the time she got.... Even from me.

As for me my name Louise, I'm 18 and enjoying my gap year as college was such a pain in the ass for me. I stand at roughly 5ft 4 and I have a thin voluptuous body, my breasts unlike Natalie's, we're quite big in size at a size 34D and hung perfectly without the help of a bra. 

So as Natalie stood there I questioned her intrusion.

"What's the hurry, Nat? I asked sleepily.

"Oh nothing…”

“Don’t give me that, the only time you come bounding in my room like a total loon is when you’ve got something to tell me.”

“Damn, you know me too well. Let’s just say your best friend in the world has booked us a holiday! SURPRISE!"

I sat there, a bit confused wondering whether I heard her right.

"Well, I would say I expected a better reaction." Her face was a faint frown.

“When are we going?” I asked a bit dumbstruck.

“In a month’s time.” Her tone was sharp, and she started to pout as if she’d just been told off.

I stood up in front of her, held her close and kissed her softly on the lips. Her face dropped from a scowl to a smile.

"I can't wait Nat, seriously. I'm just a bit shocked that's all. Last week you were telling me you were flat broke and now this?” I paused to think “It was all a plan wasn't it? You bitch." I poked her in the stomach and she laughed wickedly.

"Well it's just a thank you for being the most amazing best-friend ever."

That was it, I was confused. What was with this happy attitude? I wasn’t complaining but I was more used to the Nat who came home in tears because a date ended badly or she broke it off with one of her many lovers.

She quickly returned the kiss, which was much more passionate making me question the meaning behind it. It was nothing like our friendly kisses we had before as that's all we were, friends. As I still contemplated the possibilities we broke our kiss and went separate ways, with Nat smiling like she was high.

The month flew by as I threw myself into my part-time job trying to earn more money from overtime and to keep the boss sweet as the holiday was such short notice. Before I even had time to enjoy my more than healthy pay cheque, it was soon time for us to jet off on holiday. I still didn't know where we were going and the suspense was killing me.

"Nat, we're about to leave for the airport you can at least tell me where we're going. Please?"

Natalie had a bemused expression and turned to faced me.

"Here." She said shoving a leaflet into my face. I tapped her on her leg and turned my attention the leaflet. Finally, I knew where we were going.

"We're going on a boat trip? That's a little… oh what’s the word. Intimate? Isn't it?"

"But it's Miami? The place you've always wanted to go, am I right?" Her voice was cracked and etched with worry.

This was why Natalie was my best friend, not that she treat me to things and spoilt me but she knew me so well. She even knew things about me that even I didn't know, if you catch my drift. 

"It’s gonna be great Nat, I really can't wait to be bathing on the boat with the Miami sun beaming down on us." I confessed my feelings about this holiday; I was actually excited about it.

Natalie looked shocked, this was the first time I actually sounded enthusiastic about the trip and started to become excited herself.

As we arrived to the airport 3 hours before departure we took advantage of first class. Time flew and before we knew it we were boarding our plane and started to become giddy with excitement as the plane slowly departed England.


After 9 and a half hours of flying we arrived at Miami's international airport. We were happy to be let off first due to being in first class and we both hurried to claim our bags to then meet our transfers as we didn't want to cause a delay. 

Rather soon after arriving in Miami we reached the starting point of our 2 week boat trip. The boat was magnificent, an 80' Solstice to be precise even though I had no clue what that meant. The sheer size of it was overpowering as it was capable to hold up to 49 people and it was only holding two, so I thought. We moved our luggage to our room and I went to explore the rest of the boat when I noticed two more suitcases in the kitchen.

I ran towards the upper deck to be greeted by two familiar faces, it was my two best friends from college, Kate and Leigh. They became a couple after we finished college so they didn’t have to face any unnecessary arguments and disapproving comments from our friendship group, being a lesbian couple in college shouldn’t have been such a hassle but with for some reason it had been in my college.

“Ahhh! Oh my god, what are you guys doing here?” I screamed as I almost rugby tackled a hug out of them.

“Slow down Lou before you knock us both out, it was Nat she arranged all this.” Said Kate, the more masculine one in the couple.

For god’s sake Nat, keeping all the secrets from me. I was wearing a face splitting grin as my attention turned to Leigh’s hand, she was sporting a huge diamond ring on her left hand.

I reached for her hand and looked at it then turned my attention to them both to be greeting by them both smiling like goons.

“We’re getting married!” Screamed Leigh like she was a little girl, confirming my suspicions.

“Congratulations you guys, I knew it was going to happen someday. Can I be a bridesmaid?” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Well that’s kinda why we’re here. We’re eloping and was wondering if you and Nat would be our witnesses so technically yeah, you both are our bridesmaids.”

I couldn’t contain my happiness, I held them both in a massive bear hug as Nat came to the deck to see if the rest of our party had arrived.

“Congrats you two, I kinda heard from all the screaming from Louise that you’re getting married.” Natalie joined our hug and we all broke away at the same time.

“So Nat, are you and Louise together yet?” Said Kate with a knowing smile

Natalie suddenly became tense and I turned a bright shade of pink. What the actual fuck, where the hell did that come from?

“What would make you think that we were interested in each other in that way? Anyway Nat has plenty of lovers to be wasting her time with me.” I tried my best to sound normal but I couldn’t help being a bit fazed by the question.

Kate and Leigh both gave Nat a look of disapproval as I turned and made my way to meet the crew and captain of the vessel.

After our mini meet and greet we set off on the first leg of our journey with a sense of awkwardness between Natalie and me. We arrived at a lovely desolate spot, the water was so clear you could see the life beneath us.

We all quickly undressed to our bikinis once the boat was docked and the crew and captain went ashore to give us some privacy. Since now there was only ourselves on the boat Natalie, Leigh and Kate decided to strip completely, it didn’t seem that awkward for them. I laid quite contently on a sun lounger as the girls caught up after months of not seeing each other.

“Hey Louise, aren’t you getting naked?” Said Leigh throwing a towel at my face to get my attention.

“You don’t want to get tan lines.” She added.

Protected my sunglasses I quickly made an assessment of Leigh’s body. She was short standing at 5ft, she had a thin waist and decent sized breasts being roughly a size C/D. The rest of her body complimented her overall figure making her look very cute. Kate on the other hand was tall at 5ft 10 she towered over the rest of us and was every inch the masculine girl than she hoped to portray, but she didn’t help her image in a bikini as she looked like a girl for once in her life. She had breast the same size as Leigh’s but didn’t stand out as much due to her height.

“Oi, earth to Louise. Can you hear me?” I threw the towel back and she dodged in time laughing like an idiot.

“Do I have to?” I said pouting like a little child who just been denied sweets.

“Yes, you need to fit in with the rest of us. Go inside and strip.” I obeyed as I wasn’t used to the strict and authorative Leigh.

As I stepped out back onto the boats deck I threw Leigh and Natalie the sternest look ever as they quickly snapped a photo of me in my purist form. Natalie looked at the image she captured and became increasingly wet, she hadn't wanted me to know her true feelings for me, although we experimented many of times before, it was strictly a no strings attached relationship and through that we named each other best friends. It didn’t help with Kate and Leigh dropping hints 24/7. 

The day progress and we took our newly tanned bodies inside to cool off and we decided to grab something to eat.

I was stood at the work top, still nude. I started preparing a salad when Natalie stood behind me and placed her arms around my stomach. I wasn't daft, I knew where and how Natalie wanted this holiday to go so I decided as she was being so nice to me I'd treat her.

Slowly Natalies's hands crept up my body, ascending their way to my breasts. Before she had the opportunity I swiftly turned around so my face was inches away from Natalie's and I kissed her hard on the lips.

“We’re are the girls?” I asked Natalie in a hushed tone.

“I…err…In the shower I think then they’re gonna have a nap.” She stuttered her words as the kiss caught her off guard.

“Well, that’s good then.” I gently placed my lips on hers again and she raised her hands to hold my head in an embrace. 

The kiss progressed rather quickly and she was soon massaging my breast, without knowing it I was releasing tiny moans. I thought to myself ‘I need to show her who’s in charge here’ so before Natalie got too engrossed in my breasts, I picked her up and placed her on the worktop kissing down her sun kissed skin and reaching down towards her delicate pussy lips.

Natalie threw herself onto to countertop, moaning in ecstasy and I reached her swollen lips. The movement of my tongue had sent feelings that were on par to 1000 volts of electricity into Natalie’s wetness. Moments into our session of lust I had sent Natalie over the edge.

“Oh fuck Louise, I’M CUMMING!”

The feeling caused her to experience the most intensifying orgasm in her life. She moaned uncontrollably and I threw a tea towel at her.

“Bite on that, I don’t want people hearing us.” I said with a salacious grin. Natalie bite down quickly on the material as her orgasm had reached full force.

As Natalie began to descend from her sexual high I leaned over her and waited for her to open her eyes.

“Is that what you’ve been wanting all those years?” I asked her with a faint smile as her eyes flickered open.

Natalie then sat up from the worktop and put both her hands around my face.

“I’ve loved you ever since the day I met you Louise, I thought I could ignore the feelings but it was getting too strong and I knew I could never say anything because we’re best friends and I didn’t want to...”

I promptly placed my lips against hers, interrupting her sentence.

“You’ve not ruined anything Nat, only made it better.” It was normal for us to finish each other’s sentences; we kinda had that telepathic skill between us.

Natalie’s shameful expression quickly faded and became pure relief.

I took Natalie’s hand in mine and led her to the master bedroom on the boat. It was adorned with the most expensive of furniture, with a nautical theme. I turned to Natalie, pulling her hand to my mouth so I could kiss it. This small action made her blush and her eyes filled with tears.

“Woah, Nat are you okay? I haven’t done anything wrong have I?” I said wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

“No no no, it’s how your acting. No-one has ever been this nice and caring to me before.”

I placed my lips on her forehead and held her close to me, relishing in the hug.

She pulled away and placed her lips on mine once again and started walking forward so I’d eventually fall on the bed. As we fell together her breast pressed hard against mine and Natalie began to descend down to my wetness, this was the first time Natalie had ever done this to me as we only ever practised certain sexual acts on each other.

She expertly licked my swollen lips sending me into a frantic spasm.

“Oh Natalie, I’m....OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING.”

Her expert attack led me to my first orgasm of the night which was so powerful it almost knocked me out. I laid on the bed, limp with ecstasy as Natalie was planning other things. Suddenly I felt a large intrusion between my cum soaked pussy lips, I sat up on my elbows to discover Natalie had rather abruptly inserted a double ended dildo into me. As I started to writhe against it Natalie had instructed me to move further on the bed so she could get on, and of course I complied. I laid in the place she told me to and she then moved her pussy to the end of the dildo and slowly inserted it to herself, eventually we was scissoring with the dildo deep inside our pussies and soon Natalie quickened the action and we came together.

“That was AMAZING Nat.” These were the only words I could mutter through my heavily breathing.

“Ready to get fucked harder Lou? You know you want me to pound the fuck out of you.”

Natalie’s tone changed quickly, she asserted her dominance and became forceful. Her hands grasped my waist and flipped me over so I was on all fours.

“Do anything you want to me.” I told Natalie, becoming submissive.

“Anything?” I heard the questioning tone to her voice and the sharp intake of breath but I simply ignored it as I was on cloud nine.

“Of course.”

Only then I realised what I was letting myself into, Natalie shifted off the bed and frantically rummaged in her bag trying to find something she obviously need. I was oblivious to the fact that she moved and her plans were not known to me.

Without warning, something started to press against tight rosebud which raised alarm.

“Natalie, what the hell are you doing? You know I’m not into that sort of thing!”

Natalie ignored my discomfort and began to plunge something deep into me, as first the pain was intense but as I started to accommodate it and relax I felt pleasure and it suddenly fell into place.

“How does it feel to have a butt plug in you? You dirty slut.” Spoke Natalie the Dominant, slapping my round and pert arse cheek with the palm of her hand.

At least then I knew what was in me, it felt good but I didn’t want Natalie thinking she knew best.

“Natalie it hurts, take it out please.” I tried my best to act the Submissive and plead, only to hope she’d catch on to it.

I hadn’t wanted her to remove it but I wanted to make her feel bad for it. She ignored my half hearted plea and continued to place pressure on the pleasurable interference. Only a few brief moments had passed when I felt something pressing on my pussy lips trying to fight for entry.

“What now Nat? What could you really do now?”

Natalie had a wicked grin which I didn’t see and then forcefully pushed this objects full girth into me taking my breath away.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Sadie, fuck me. Whatever that thing is pound it deep into my pussy.” I forgot all the anger I felt and succumbed to Natalie’s abuse.

“It’s a strap on idiot. If it’s the only way I can make my best friend scream my name it’s worth it.”

Without any notice, Natalie started to fuck me with total abandon from behind leaving me to moan uncontrollably. It hadn’t taken her long to build up my orgasm, before I felt the sweet release approaching.

“Oh fuck, Nat. NATALIE! I’M CUMMING!”

She quickly withdrew the strap on from me and cupped my throbbing pussy with her hungry lips so she could catch my cum. I pushed her hungry lips away as they were too sensitive to be touched, only then I truly started to enjoy my orgasm.

Falling from my orgasmic bliss I opened my eyes to be greeted my Natalie’s all teeth grin.

“I love you Lou.”

“I love you too Natalie, tell me how long you’ve been feeling like this. Honestly.” I tried to sound as stern as possible but it failed miserably.

“Since I first laid eyes on you, but you friend zoned me so I didn’t want to destroy that.”

“Ouch, the vicious bite of the friend zone.” I said as I smiled as both collapsed on the bed, breathless and in fits of giggles.

“Hey, I’ve just remembered. That butt plug is still in you.” Natalie said with a laugh.

I hadn’t noticed it being there anymore, I was still at the peak of my sexual high. As I was lost in a world of contemplation Natalie spoke again.

“Hey, at least you can say you’ve been DP’ed by rubber.” Natalie smirked.

I replied by pinching her nipple which sent us into more uncontrollable giggles. We were laid in a heap of sexual mess in the middle of the huge bed when there was a gentle knock on the door followed by it being opened.

“Well if you two are quite finished, I’d like to take my fiancé, my best friend and her new girlfriend for a meal.” Said Leigh as she shot Natalie a happy grin and we both nodded in agreement.

“Don’t be long you guys, I don’t like waiting for the juicy details!” Shouted Leigh as she left the room.

“So, you’re my girlfriend now are you? I’m not a silly conquest am I? Another notch on the bedpost.” I said with a hint of amusement.

“Not at all Lou, if you want to give this a try then so be it. I’m sure it would be magical.” Replied Natalie with a gleam in her eyes.

I nodded approvingly and we shared our first kiss as partners. We quickly dressed in sundresses and left to meet the rest of our party. It was obvious what had happened between me and Nat, but they didn’t drill us for information, pardon the pun. All was well and we had a full two weeks to enjoy each other and watch our friends get married, life at that moment couldn’t be better and I could wait to find out what else the holiday would bring.

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