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Body Heat

There was just one problem with her decision. She was a woman who enjoyed sex.
Body Heat

Susan seemed small, almost toy-like, lying naked in the center of the king-sized bed. The attractive, blue-eyed brunette, in her mid-thirties, was slightly less than five foot two in height, with firm breasts, a trim waistline, and considering her short statue a pair of long legs and nicely rounded knees. Opening her eyes, she focused them on the ceiling with its collage of muted colors from the sun's first rays of daybreak. She ran her fingers through her mated perspiration-stained hair, and pushed a tangled strand away from her face.

Moving in the bed, she dangled her legs over the side. She gathered her strength, and stood, now finding it impossible to keep her legs straight and bring her knees together. Bow-legged and stiff-kneed, she hobbled across the carpeted floor of the mansion's guest bedroom and entered the bath. She closed the door behind her and leaning against it saw her reflection in the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. Her breasts were bruised and swollen; her nipples ached, and glancing down, saw her swollen coital lips. They were inflamed and sore to the touch. Continuing to stare at her reflection, the events of last night slowly filtered through her mind. Now thinking about it, Susan couldn't believe what she had done.

Looking away from the mirror, she reached for the gold box lying on the vanity table. Her fingers fumbled with the lid. Opening it, she pulled out a fresh joint of Panama Red. She lit it and drew the smoke deep into her lungs then slowly exhaled it. Standing there, she realized she'd never smoked marijuana or drank to excess until coming to work for Howard.

A year ago, he’d hired her as chief of the household. The job involved managing a staff of 8 people and household expenses of the 27-room palatial mansion. It was a job she was well qualified for. She'd been the assistant manager of a premier hotel on the east coast, before her husband's work had transferred them to southern California.

Susan took another hit from the Panama Red and thought about her marriage. She was a woman who took her vows seriously. However, her husband wasn't so inclined. Before moving to California, she'd discovered he'd been cheating on her. She began to notice it when they were together. His body was in the room, but his mind was someplace else. The sex stopped soon after that. She'd thought the move to the west coast would end the affair. It hadn't, because her husband now spent much of his time shuttling between coasts, telling her it was business, when it was nothing more than the opportunity to get between the sheets with his former secretary. She knew she should divorce him, but decided to wait until he asked for it. Waiting meant he'd pay more than the community property laws allowed. And she was going to take the bastard for every cent he was worth.

There was just one problem with her decision. She was a woman who enjoyed sex. And that had been non-existent for the past 18 months. Even the vibrator she'd bought to reduce her sexual cravings had proven ineffective, because it failed to provide the euphoric feeling of a warm body pressed against hers.

She imagined she could have sex with Howard, her employer. In fact, he'd propositioned her shortly after she'd started to work for him. He was single, nearly movie star quality in looks, and a gentle, considerate man. She found just being around the man gave her a rush of sexual excitement. She imagined sex with Howard would be good. And she knew it would not damage their employer-employee relationship. But her marriage vows got in the way. She was not going to commit adultery.

Susan began filling the bathtub with hot water. Moments later, she stubbed out the joint and got into the tub and leaned back. She let the hot, sudsy water lap over her shoulders then shampooed her hair, and slid under the water to rinse it away. When she resurfaced, her nostrils filled with the rich fragrance of the shampoo mixed with the sweet scent of marijuana.

She closed her eyes and thought about what Howard had once said to her. He'd told her he understood her reasons for not having sex with him or with any other man. Then he'd given her a boyish grin and handed her the address of a lounge. He told her it was a place frequented by woman looking for sex, but unwilling to break their marriage vows.

She'd given him an arrogant look, "Are you're suggesting I have a lesbian affair?"

"No, I'm telling you too."

"Howard I couldn't do something like that."

"Why because you think it's wrong, ugly, dirty, against your religion, what?"

"No, none of those things," she snapped back. Its...well sex is something I've always done with a man. I have no idea how to have sex with another woman. Jeez Howard you'd expect me to walk up to a complete stranger and say, honey why don't you and I get it on."

"You know Cassie, one of the production accountants from the studio that's always coming around. You like her; she likes you."

Susan laughed. "Howard she isn't a lesbian. I've witnessed the two of you fucking each other's brains out.

And that's when he said it. "She goes both ways Susan."

And that's when Susan began to first think about it.


She closed her eyes and sunk further into the tub thinking back to the clear summer night six weeks ago. There was a full moon, and a light breeze stirred the air. Howard had been hosting a lawn party for a couple dozen people working on one his films. Everyone was drinking, smoking pot, doing lines of coke or popping pills. Susan had smoked a joint and was on her third glass of champagne. She was already too drunk to drive home. It made no difference anyway. Her husband was on another of his so-called business trips to the east coast. Going home would only make her feel more alone and depressed than she already felt. She'd collected a blanket and walked down the stone steps leading toward the beach. Kicking off her shoes, she walked out into the sand and stretched the blanket out. The noise of the party high above was hushed by the light breeze and sound of the waves washing onto the beach. She looked up at the canopy of stars above her and sighed.


Susan looked up at Cassie standing there. The strawberry blond was holding a magnum of champagne in one hand; two glasses in the other. The ends of her long, very long strawberry blond hair stirred in the breeze, as she made a drunken grin.

"Want some company?" her words slightly slurred.

"Yeah sure," Susan said motioning for her to sit. Cassie filled Susan's glass then hers and sat the bottle in the sand. Her narrow oval eyeglasses were crooked on her face. She adjusted them then retrieved a silver-compact from the pocket of her dress. Opening it, she pulled out a joint.

"I hate these fucking parties," words slightly muffled as she placed the joint between her lips and struck a match.

Susan imagined Cassie's statement was due to the frustration of coming to the party, and expecting to spend the night with Howard. Instead, she found him escorting a young redhead around by the arm. Cassie took a long pull on the joint then swallowed the smoke down with a sip of the champagne.

"You know, I'm just as good looking as that redheaded slut that Howard's with tonight "---and here she pulled the hem of the dress up over her legs---"and hell, I've even got better looking legs."

She passed the joint to Susan. Susan took a toke and handed the joint back to Cassie looking at her. She was an attractive woman. She was tall, with a curvy pair of stunning handsome extra-long legs, and her square chin and broad shoulders gave her an athletic look without being overdone.

"What the hell does he see in that redhead anyway?" A glum look crossing over the features of Cassie’s lovely face.

"The opportunity of getting into her panties," Susan replied with a chuckle.

Cassie made a half laughed and hiked the hem of the dress to her waist.

"Hell, he'd have a better chance with me. I'm not wearing any."

Susan sat, for a long moment, gazing at the thin patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair that seemed to glisten in the moonlight. Quickly, she turned her attention away and took a long drink from her glass. Cassie sat the glass down and reaching out took Susan's hand into hers. Quickly, Susan turned and gazed at Cassie. She saw one side of her long hair thrust back over her left shoulder the other side spilling down her right shoulder. In the moonlight, she looked beautiful. Their lips touched. Cassie's soft and warm; Susan's trembling slightly. Cassie drew her arms around Susan's waist. Their bodies touched, their mouths found each other again. The kiss grew more urgent, as Cassie's tongue closed around Susan's. She sucked it into her warm mouth then let the tip of her tongue flick at the tip of Susan's. Susan felt her nipples grow hard and anxiously press against the confines of the thin bra she wore. When Cassie's tongue thrust back inside her mouth, she thought it much larger and firmer. She sucked on it, treating it as if it were a cock fucking her mouth. A moment later they stopped, each feeling the heat of passion and seeing it in each other’s eyes. Cassie gently, but firmly placed her hand on Susan's knee. Slowly, she ran her hand up under the hem of Susan's dress, along the length of the nylon stockings, until the tips of her fingers touched the bare skin of her upper thigh. Susan just sat there letting it happen. Her breathing became shallow. She felt her white cotton bikini panties press hard against her bulging vulva. She was becoming wet between the legs and in desperate need of sexual relief. And when Cassie's fingers slipped inside her panties, Susan made no resistance.

"Um honey, you need an orgasm don't you?"

Susan leaning back on her elbows didn't answer.

"Lift your hips up," Cassie softly said.

Susan did and in one swift motion, she felt Cassie removed her panties. Her pussy was open and exposed. A second later, Cassie began removing Susan's clothes then gently positioned her on the blanket, with her legs bent at the knees and spread widely apart. Susan, naked and lying on her back, watched as Cassie leaned forward and began to tongue her pussy. Her touch was gentle, almost loving. The instant the tip of Cassie's tongue touched her clit, Susan's body exploded in a series of uncontrollable spasms. And then Cassie’s tongue flicked faster over her Susan’s sensitive clit. An instant later, she arched her back; her body tensed, then visibly shook, as her orgasm hit her. She cried out in sheer contentment. Lying on the blanket, her eyes closed, her chest heaving up and down with each breath, Susan continued to make little moans of contentment.

Moments later, she opened her eyes and sat upright on the blanket. It was then that she saw Cassie had undressed. She was kneeling in the sand in front of her. Susan reached out and placed her hands on Cassie's hips. She drew Cassie's warm body closer, while tilting her head up and then pressed her mouth against Cassie's breast. She took a nipple into her mouth. Sucking on it, her fingers searched for the other then kneading and tweaking with her fingers. A moment later, Cassie pushed Susan backward onto the blanket and came over top of her.

"I want you," Cassie's voice husky.

"What do you want me to do?" "I want you to put your mouth between my legs and lick me until I come," her voice almost a whisper, as she moved and straddled Susan. Glancing up, Susan saw the outline of Cassie's pink slit accompanied by tiny, little beads of moisture.

She rose up on her elbows and drew her face between Cassie's spread legs. Slowly, she drew her face closer. In the moonlight, she could make out Cassie's coital lips, swollen and slightly parted, with a wetness seeping from between them.

Cassie made a loud moan as Susan's kissed her softly on the outer lips then slowly ran her tongue up along her slit. She made another loud moan, as Susan's tongue continued toward her throbbing clit. But instead of flicking the tip of her tongue across it, Susan moved back down and pressed her lips against the entrance of Cassie's vagina.

"Oh fuck," Cassie cried out. "Put a finger in me."

Susan quickly obeyed, placing one then two fingers into Cassie.

Instantly, Cassie responded by flexing her hips back and forth, until Susan got the idea and began to slowly stroke her fingers in and out of the woman's convulsing pussy.

"Ooh, that's it. That's it," Cassie yelled, her body beginning to squirm above Susan. Susan ran the tip of her finger up along Cassie’s slit. Finding it, she let the tip of her tongue flicked across it. Suddenly Cassie's body shuttered against the effect. Her hips danced upward, as her hands grasped the back of Susan's head. Immediately, Susan sent her tongue flicking over the clit as Cassie had done to her. She could hear Cassie moaning and then becoming louder.

"Oh fuck. Fuck, I'm going to come in your face. Huh...huh?" Cassie cried out. And an instant later, her hips bucked up, her body shuttered, and she came. Cassie moved off Susan and collapsed onto the blanket and lay next to her. The gentle breeze coming off the ocean fanned across their naked bodies, as the two women held each other close and kissed.


Susan felt the hot water in the tub easing her aching muscles and she began to think about the weeks that had passed since their lovemaking session on the beach. And then last evening Howard had hosted a small party at the studio. Howard loved to throw parties. This one was to celebrate the promotion of someone at the studio. Halfway through the party, he'd been called to New York to resolve a legal dispute. He'd immediately telephoned Susan telling her he needed to go over a number of things with her before he left.

He sent a limo to pick her up at her home. The sun was beginning to set when it pulled into the studio gates. She met Howard in his office and he quickly went over the details of a birthday party she was to plan for his mother. He finished, grabbing his briefcase telling her the studio limousine would take her home, but take a couple of minutes and enjoy the party. He left with a wave and Susan sat in the office listening to the noise of the party down the hall. She got up and walked down the hall and found the celebration party in full swing.

The booze and drugs flowed and everyone was in a festive mood. She saw Cassie standing in the center of the room surrounded by a circle of people. She motioned for Susan to join her and as she approached Cassie reached out and gave her a warm hug.

"Let's get the hell out of here,” she whispered in Susan’s ear.

The two women moved through the crowd and out the side door, into the parking lot where the limo sat idling.

“Howard gave me the studio limo," Susan said. "Why don't we use it and have some drinks and a nice dinner?”

Cassie frowned looking down at her scuffed tennis shoes and the button up the front, thin cotton dress she was wearing.

"Honey, I'm not dressed for anyplace nice. Hell, I'm not even wearing hose. Suppose we go to Howard's place. The guy has some grass and plenty of booze. We can have a couple drinks there.”

They sat in the backseat of the white, stretch limousine with its smoked glass windows and glass panel separating them from the driver. The limo’s interior lights cast a soft bluish glow about the passenger compartment, as Cassie opened the liquor cabinet and filled two glasses with bourbon and water. The whiskey going down felt smooth and warm in Susan's stomach. She leaned back in the thick cushioned seat and relaxed. In the muted light, she glanced over at Cassie and saw the hemline of her dress rested on her thighs. The light playing across her tanned, bare legs, accented the tiny thin blond hairs on her upper thighs. She thought about the night they'd spent together on the beach; her warm body against hers, and the sensations she'd experienced in their first kiss. Cassie turned her head, eyes smiling, her lips slightly parting, and then she gently placed the tips of her fingers on either side of Susan's face. Her lips moved toward Susan's. They kissed. It was an emotional kiss and when it was over Susan was breathless, her body beginning to burn with desire.

The moved closer together in the seat, neither woman speaking, as they drew their arms around each other. They began kissing. Susan knew she was losing control. But she made no effort to stop, as her fingers began unbuttoning Cassie's dress. Her lips moved to Cassie's neck; her tongue lightly licking it, as she reached around and unclasped Cassie's bra. Spreading the bra straps and front of the dress over Cassie's shoulders, her mouth quickly found a nipple and began sucking on it.

The air raced out of Cassie's lungs, as Susan flicked her tongue across her erect nipple and felt the other being tweaked between Susan’s thumb and finger.

"Oh fuck," Cassie moaned the excitement building between her legs. "Get out of that fucking pant suit outfit. Let's get naked together."

Their clothes removed they sat kissing, their tongues searching and probing each other's; hands roaming over their naked bodies, uncaring which breast or crotch to rub.

Finally, Susan's placed her mouth against Cassie’s ear. "I want to do you. I want to do it now; right here in the car."

Cassie offered no resistance as Susan pushed her down in the seat cushions and quickly moved between her long legs. A shiver of anticipation raced through Cassie's body as the tip of Susan's pointy tongue found her clitoris and began to flick across it. Moments later, Susan introduced a finger into Cassie's vagina and began rubbing it against her pubic bone. The sensation only served to make Cassie wetter. Susan inserted another finger and collecting the wetness, retracted it and placed it in her anus. She worked her tongue swiftly over Cassie's throbbing clit, while her fingers rapidly stroked themselves in her pussy and ass. Moments later, Cassie came in an incredible orgasm crying out Susan's name.

When the limousine pulled into the circular drive of Howard's mansion both woman had only partially dressed. Cassie was the first to get out. Her heavy breasts spilling out of the front of her unbuttoned dress as she carried her shoes, bra and purse in one hand, while fastening the center button on the dress. Susan, slipping into her high-heeled shoes, fastened her silk blouse and collecting her jacket, slacks, undergarments and purse followed Cassie out of the back seat. Both giggling as they scurried along the flagstone path toward the front door of the mansion. At the door, they stopped and blew a kiss to the limo driver who stood watching them.

The two women entered the house. Walking into the den they cast their clothes in different directions. Collecting a bucket of ice from the built-in bar, a pair of glasses and a bottle of Crown Royal, their naked bodies bumped against each other as they went through the double French doors that lead onto the wood deck. Still giggling, their bare feet making little pat-pat sounds on the wood as they walked toward the double wide chaise lounge and sat together. The night air felt cool on Susan's bare skin. She shivered from the chill and the excitement of holding and being held by the warm body beside her. They drank and talked, laughed and occasionally kissed each other on the lips or shoulder then shared a joint together.

"I have a fantasy that involves you," Susan giggled, words slurred. "It involves you wearing a strap-on and fucking me hard and rough."

"You know I could make that fantasy come true," Cassie's voice sensual, eyes flirting, as she looked at Susan. "It just so happen to know where there's a strap-on dildo inside the house.”

Susan, a drunken grin on her face, running her words together and saying, "Then let's make it happen tonight."

Upstairs, in the guest bedroom, illuminated by the light of a half-dozen flickering candles, Susan lay on her back in the center of the large bed. Her eyes were wide with anticipation as she watched Cassie fit the strap-on around her waist. Her entire senses filled with a wild kind of excitement as she saw the flesh colored hard-rubber dildo attached to it. Cassie moved onto the bed and drew her body over Susan's. Tenderly, she kissed Susan on the lips then began planting soft, little kisses over her breasts and stomach, until she was between her legs. Using her fingers, she carefully spread Susan's coital lips apart; licking up one side then down the other.

Shivers of pure ecstasy raced through Susan's body. Her heart pounded rapidly, as she tossed her head back into the sheets.

“Oh yes. Yes, please do me,” Susan murmured.

Cassie knelt on the bed between Susan's widely spread legs. She reached for one of the soft, thick pillows and placed it under Susan's butt. Collecting a tube of jell from the nightstand, she smeared it over the head of the six-inch hard-rubber dildo. Fitting the tip of it against the entrance of Susan's vagina, she just barely pushed it into the tight opening.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" Cassie asked.

Susan gasped and answered by thrusting her hips forward forcing the dildo into her vagina. Cassie straightened her body and in one quick thrust sent the dildo plunging deep into Susan. One second Susan felt a blinding kind of pain, the next an incredible sensation. She lifted her legs and spread them wider apart.

Cassie was slow in her movements, giving Susan a chance to recover from each stroke. Then gradually, she began to increase her thrusting strokes. Susan moaning in appreciation began beating her hips against the dildo and pulling on her nipples. Cassie slid her hands under Susan's ass cheeks. She squeezed them gently, and gazed down at the woman she was fucking. Susan's head was tossed back, her eyes tightly clamped shut, her mouth wide open.

Susan's brain was on fire with passion. She felt her orgasm was close. But the pleasure of the hard dildo stroking in and out of her convulsing pussy made her want to prolong it. Opening her eyes, she looked up at Cassie.

"Do me doggie-style," her voice excited.

They repositioned themselves on the bed. Susan's shapely ass elevated upward, the hard rubber dick slipping between her legs then finding her opening.

"Don't be gentle," Susan gasped. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me like my husband use too."

Cassie unmercifully pounded the dildo in and out of her.

"Slap my ass!" Susan bellowed.

Cassie sent the palm of her hand across the cheeks of Susan's tender ass cheeks in a series of stinging slaps. Seeing the cheeks redden, she reached around and grabbed Susan by the tits, her hands roughly massaged and squeezed them, while her thumbs and forefingers viciously pinched and pulled on Susan's nipples.

The first waves of Susan's orgasm began to sizzle through her body. She shuttered then cried out as the full impact of the orgasm hit her. She collapsed face down, her arms and legs extended outward and breathing hard, as Cassie withdrew the instrument that had given Susan so much pleasure.

Removing the strap-on, Cassie lay down beside her. Drawing Susan's still quaking body into her arms, she held her tenderly. The candlelight flickered and danced across their bodies as she softly kissed Susan forehead, cheeks and lips.

"Oh damn," Susan murmured, "I've never came like that before; not ever."

Several long minutes later, Cassie rolled over on her back. Susan moved with her and drew her mouth over Cassie's hard nipple. She closed her lips around it and let the tip of her tongue flick across it, while her fingers found the other and began to tweak and kneed it.

Cassie couldn't take her eyes away from the sight of Susan's full lips surrounding her nipple. She watched as her tongue traced endless circles around it, and then sucked it inside her mouth, only to take it between her teeth and gently bite.

From time to time, Susan would release the nipple then look up at Cassie and smile, before letting her tongue flick up and down over the pointed and erect nipple. She moved to the other nipple and started to suck and bite and lick, until Cassie was squirming and loudly moaning. Moving away from Cassie's nipples, taking her time, rushing nothing, Susan kissed down over Cassie's pulsating body. She licked Cassie's belly then rose up, and knelt between her spread legs. Smiling at Cassie, she let the tips of her fingers gently move up and down over her thighs.

Cassie felt a burning sensation of raw passion radiate from her clit to her tummy. Her clit was throbbing. She wanted Susan's mouth there and was growing impatient. And the moment the tip of Susan's tongue touched her inflamed coital lips; Cassie thought she would go insane with desire.

Susan's head bobbed up and down as she licked up one side and down the other of Cassie's folds. Then pausing at the opening of Cassie's vagina, she began wiggling her tongue around it.

"Honey, oh...honey, don't stop," Cassie’s words coming in short breathless pants, her hands reaching out, holding Susan's head tight against her pussy.

Susan's mouth moved onto Cassie's clit. Rapidly, she flicked the tip of it back and forth over it. The grip on the back of Susan's head tightened, as Cassie began rocking her hips, fucking Susan's mouth. And now Cassie's entire body was shuddering. Her screams of ecstasy echoed off the walls of the room, as her long legs tensed, shook for a brief second, before she came in a mind-bending orgasm.

Cassie lay mindless on bed for several long minutes, with Susan's face resting on her still convulsing stomach, while running the tips of her fingers over Susan's belly.

* *

The bath water was growing cold. Susan stepped from the tub and dried herself off. She wrapped a towel around her glowing pink body then drained the tub. Walking back into the bedroom, she dropped the towel onto the floor and walked naked out into the hallway. Cassie was somewhere in the large house. She would find her and fix breakfast. And afterwards, they would start where their evening had left off.

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