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Body shots - my first encounter

My first taste of pussy - A true account
Shortly after getting divorced I decided to go on a little soul searching trip. The destination was familiar to me and I knew a few people in the area which made money matters a bit easier since I was offered a place to stay and gladly accepted.

Let me start off with giving a bit more detail about myself. I am a tall redhead with curves in the right places, an amazing body I have been told. 36C cup size and a tight ass, with milky white skin and red hair. I am now 30 years old but was 27 at the time of this encounter. The female form has always intrigued me, and the first time I saw a girl naked I wanted to know how it would be to taste every inch of her. I often had amazing orgasms by myself thinking of other women's glistening pink lips.

But right back to my holiday before I get sidetracked by fantasy ...

I stayed with an older couple, who were mostly at work during the day. This allowed me time to go to the beach or just chill in their pool. I was free to do whatever I wanted.

A few days into the holiday a young couple I'd met briefly before stopped by the house, wanting to visit the owners. I mentioned that they were at work and invited the guests inside for a drink. Even though it was only 10am I decided that I would have an alcoholic beverage since I was on holiday and the couple gladly accepted the same offer.

The girl's name was Mary-Ann, she was a bit shorter than me with beautiful long auburn hair. I learned that the guy was Martin, her husband, he was of medium build with light hair and blue eyes. Both were pleasant enough and we sat outside on the patio having a few drinks and chatting.

It became extremely hot towards the afternoon and I decided that it was a good time for a swim. I brought a few bathing suits with me and decided on a black and white polka dot bikini with red embellishments. When taking off my panties I noticed that they were wet for some reason, and I could not resist rubbing my clit before I put on my bikini bottoms, licking some sticky juice from my fingers after. I was indeed a slippery little slut.

I draped a towel around me and cut up some lemons, and packed the salt and tequila to take outside. The guests were very comfortable and helped themselves to beverages most of the time.

When I got outside I noticed that Mary-Ann was looking at me but I shook it off as my imagination. Martin gladly took the tequila from me and poured us each a shot. After sipping my tequila I dropped my towel and got in the pool, feeling the cold water got my nipples to attention immediately.

I swam a few laps and returned to the steps where I invited the couple to join me. Martin poured us another shot and brought it to the pool, while Mary-Ann explained that she had no swimsuit with her. I offered to let her borrow one of my extras and she agreed. Martin had already stripped down to his shorts and dived into the pool. By this time we were all a bit giggly already.

I took Mary-Ann to my room, after covering up again. I was a bit shy.

She chose a leopard print tankini and proceeded to take off her clothes. She must have noticed me eyeing first her small erect nipples, then flat tummy, right down to her shaved lips. I noticed a wet patch on her panties when she took them off and could literally feel my own pussy heating up at the sight.

"You have a very nice body," I said to her.

She looked a bit surprised as she was putting on the swimsuit. "Thank you, Do you really think so?"

"Oh yes, definitely. Come, let me help you with that," I said as she needed help getting the strings tied. I enjoyed the feel of her skin under my hands and resisted the urge to start kissing her neck.

She turned around to face me asking, "How do I look?"

"Very fucking hot! Your husband is going to eat you up!" I answered.

She gave me a sexy smile and proceeded out the door. As I followed her I checked out her ass and could feel my pussy oozing a bit of juice.

We got outside and I poured another tequila for us, and got us each a fresh cider before getting into the pool next to Mary-Ann.

There was a lot of accidental brushing of thighs and fingers while we swam and after an hour we all got out to lounge next to the pool. I bent over on purpose giving them both a very nice view of my ass as I dried off.

Martin started pouring another tequila and decided to take a body shot from his wife's neck, with the lemon between her lips. I enjoyed watching them so much that I did not drink yet.

"Mary-Ann, why don't you take one off her just for fun and she could return the favour. Let's see how daring you girls are," Martin suggested.

I leaned closer to Mary-Ann and she whispered, "If he wants a show I will give him one, just play along." I nodded and because I was taller I lay down so she could easily reach anywhere.

I felt salt being poured on my cleavage and she stuck the lemon wedge in my mouth. The moment her tongue licked the salt off me my pussy gushed some juice, and then she took the lemon out of my mouth, lightly licking my lips with her tongue. I clenched my thighs just to get some relief on my wet little snatch.

"Your turn," I announced and she lay down while I got up and looked at her body, planning.

I moved her swimsuit a bit, just before her nipple stuck out, and felt it was hard under my fingers. I could hear her gasp and planted the lemon wedge just there, over her nipple, with a piece sticking out for me. And then I poured some salt on an exposed part below her belly button. And to add I put my shot glass in her mouth.

I moved down over her from her neck, letting my warm breath out on her skin. All the way down her tummy to lick off the salt. Then back up again where I took the shot glass out of her mouth with my own. Then I moved and licked her nipple lightly before taking out the wedge and sucking it off. I was bent over in such a filthy way, with my leg touching her pussy and her husband could probably see how wet my cunt was from playing with his wife.

We both got up and giggled and when we looked at her husband he was standing there with his hand inside his shorts, stroking his own hard cock.

"Oh you want more?" Mary-Ann said coyly to her husband. She made me lie back down and poured another shot. I did not expect what she did next. All I knew was that I had salt all over an exposed left tit, my bikini bottoms were pulled to the side with a lemon wedge between my pussy lips, and she poured some tequila into my navel.

She literally sucked on my nipple to get all the salt off, then drank the tequila from my belly button. I thought I was on fire and I had no idea how long the lemon wedge would last in its very delicious position. Finally she took it out but not without giving my wet cunt a few licks, I saw her come back up slurping on her lemon wedge before kissing me. She licked over my lips and circled my tongue with hers. "Like that?" she asked.

I could only nod, my hand found her pussy and I started to rub her clit while pulling at her swimsuit to get a nipple out, which I plopped into my mouth. I could still taste the lemon. I caught a glimpse of her husband who was jerking himself off, his cock fully exposed.

"Sit on my face, I want to taste that creamy slit of yours," I ordered. I wanted to taste her and cum everywhere all at once. While she moved herself up I stuck my fingers into my sticky cunt and made her lick off my fuckjuice at the same time my tongue found her gaping hole. I started swirling it around and sucked on her clit, feeling my face getting covered in her juice. Martin came over and opened her pussy lips for me to lick deeper, while he stroked his own cock.

She tasted so divine, fucking my face and reaching back to stroke my clit. I could not hold back and once she started cumming, creaming my lips and chin, I did the same. Her fingers were deep inside me and my pussy clamped down on them as waves of orgasm rushed through me.

Out of breath the couple both came down to lick her cum off my mouth, and I noticed Martin's cock and hands were covered in jizz.

"Maybe we could get together tomorrow? I have some more things I want to try out," She said as she was getting dressed.

"I would love that," I responded, and her husband winked at me as they left for the car.

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