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Breaking in the New Probie

Leah Shows the New Girl How Things Work at the Fire Station
It was just before 0300 as Leah was backing the ambulance up into the firehouse bay. She and her crew had just returned from an accident call that took two and half hours to deal with. A truck full of teenagers were on their way home from a party, when they slid of the road and down the embankment on some old gravel back roads. They had five patients, all with significant injuries. They had taken care of four of the kids with out a problem and had them helicoptered to surrounding hospitals. But the truck wrapped around a tree, and it took more than an hour to cut the driver out of the wreckage.

Needless to say, Leah and her crew were tired, and covered in everything from mud to blood. Leah watched the boys climb off the fire engine and head to their locker room to shower. She walked around the side of the ambulance to plug it in, and caught a glimpse of the new girl trudging towards the girls locker room. Her name was Ally, and she was adorable. Leah had nonchalantly flirted with her when the guys were out of earshot, trying to figure out a little bit about her. She had blonde hair with blue eyes, and full C breasts that looked perfect under her uniform. She was a few inches taller than Leah, and she guessed she was about 5'4. The new girl was covered in mud, and looked more disheveled then the rest of the crew as she made her way across the bay floor. Leah knew it was one of her first serious calls and decided she would pull her aside after they cleaned up to make sure she was okay.

Leah was a few minutes behind Ally in the locker room, and the water was already going in the first stall. Leah went to her locker and undressed, throwing her muddy uniform into a bag, and grabbing her shower items. She walked to the stall, and played with the water knobs until it was nice and hot. Nothing felt better to her then a hot shower after a messy call. She unwrapped the towel, and slipped under the warmth of the water. She grabbed her shampoo and started soaping her hair. She had so much wet mud in her hair, she actually had to shampoo twice. As the soap started falling over her breasts, her mind flashed back to the night Lockhart finally made his move on her. After the shower they shared, they had a few more romps in the station before eventually the chemistry was too much to hide, and Lockhart decided to leave the station. He was promoted, and moved to a different station, and Leah was promoted as the new lieutenant. Now she only saw him on weekends, and for her sex drive, it just wasn't enough.

She was touching her pussy without realizing it, thinking about Lockhart forcing himself into her asshole. He was so rough, and took her any way he wanted. Leah loved the control he had over her. Suddenly the pop of a shampoo cap in the stall next to her brought her back to reality. The room was soon filled with the smell of fresh apples, and Leah couldn't help but take a deep breath. It was her favorite scent for bath products. She finished washing her hair and lathered herself with body wash before she realized she was getting tired, and just wanted to crawl back in bed.

As she pulled on a fresh pair of little boys boxers, she realized the back of the ambulance was still trashed from the last transport. She just showered, and didn't want to get mud on the extra set of uniforms she brought in, so she decided her bunker boots, boxers, and navy blue wife-beater would have to suffice to give the box a quick wash down. She was pulling her shoulder-length, wet hair into a pony-tail as she muttered under her breath and walked back into the bay. She noticed the ambulance doors were open and the light in the back of the box was on, and saw a shadow moving in the back. Leah walked up to the doors, and found Ally sitting in the captain's chair of the rig, looking confused.

"Are you okay?" Leah asked her.

Ally looked up surprised, and a little embarrassed. "Yeah, I just knew that the rig was still messy, and thought it needed to be restocked after that last call..." trailing off.

Leah pulled herself into the back of the box and took the neck braces from Ally's hands, and put them in their right places. "That's great. Your right, the rig is trashed and definitely needs to be restocked before the next call. Good initiative." Leah helped Ally put everything away, and pull the cot out of the back. They washed the floor of the rig, and replaced the cot. When they were finished, Ally sat back in the captain's chair, looking like she had something to say.

"Are you sure you okay?" Leah asked, "That was your first real traumatic call with us." Ally sat for a second before she answered. "You know, Lieutenant, I knew it wasn't going to be an easy job. But how do you do it?"

Leah took a seat across from Ally. She thought for a second and finally opened her mouth. "Well... Sometimes it takes a call like tonight to figure out if you can do it. It took me almost 8 months to see a real trauma call when I got on, and up till that point it was a lot of calls that weren't real emergencies. I didn't know I could do it until I was finally faced with it. After my first bad call, I went home, slept on it, and then came back to work the next day. And its been that way ever since. It never gets easier, you just have to determine if you love the job enough to keep coming back everyday."

As she was talking to Ally, she saw the change in her expression. Her face looked less sad, and it seemed as though she had a small weight lift off of her. Leah noticed how beautiful she was. The dim light from the ambulance ceiling was highlighting her breasts, which where heaving up and down with her breaths. Her wet hair was falling over her shoulders, and looked sexy tickling the skin above her shirt collar. Leah could see goosebumps forming under the touch of her wet hair brushing her skin. Ally smiled, she caught the looks her Lieutenant was casting towards her breasts. Her nipples hardened at the thought that she was turning the Lieutenant on. Leah caught the smile, and also caught herself staring. She jerked her gaze from Ally's bra-less tits, and forced herself to look back at her face. Leah felt her cheeks turn red, but regardless her professionalism caused her to keep a straight face.

"Thanks Lieutenant." Ally said, flashing a disappointed smile, her pussy now tingling from thinking about her boss. She got up from the captain's chair, and moved past Leah, brushing her ass against the tip of Leah's nose. "Oh, I'm sorry Lieutenant" Ally gushed. Leah couldn't handle it anymore, she smelled the apples again and lost it. She wanted this girl, and after a few months of the games they had played, couldn't hold it in anymore.

Leah reached up and grabbed Ally around the waist. Leah may have been four inches shorter than Ally, but her muscles were stronger. She pulled Ally onto her lap, inhaling the scent of apples hard. Ally seemed surprised, and turned around to face her Lieutenant. Leah watched Ally's head turn in what felt like slow motion, and watched her face her. Ally's face was a mix of surprise, and pleasure. She was smiling, biting her lower lip, and Leah took that as the green light.

Leah put her left hand to Ally's cheek, and pulled her in. Leah was met with no resistance, and pulled Ally's face to hers. Leah pressed her lips to Ally's, which tasted like vanilla frosting. 'That's what she's always putting on' Leah thought to herself, thinking of the millions of times she watched Ally drag some type of tube across her lips, making her jealous of a make-up product every time... The taste was delicious, and Leah forced Ally's mouth open with her tongue. She slithered into her mouth, and found her tongue. Leah's hand moved to the back of Ally's head, tangling in her hair, and pulling her head to hers, and forced her tongue deeper into her mouth.

Sitting on the bench of the ambulance, Leah had the new probationary girl sitting on her lap. She let go of Ally's face, and moved her left hand to Ally's left breast. Leah's hand reached under the department t-shirt Ally was wearing and found her nipple. Her fingers gently rubbed over the nub as her tongue danced in Ally's mouth. She felt Ally's heartbeat pick up under her wrist pressing on her skin, and Ally began to sigh with certain touches. Leah began pinching Ally's nipple in her hand, as she snuck her right hand towards Ally's snatch. Ally was wearing sweat-shorts that read "KEEP BACK 200 FEET", classic firehouse attire. They were girl style, and short, and it made for easy access for Leah's small hand.

Leah slithered her right hand under the leg of Ally's shorts, and found her snatch easily. Ally wasn't wearing any panties, and once Leah's hand was under the cotton, she immediately found skin. Leah moved her fingers over Ally's pussy, and found the divide. She pushed her middle finger between Ally's pussy lips and found a hole filled with wetness. Leah was in heaven. She had a hot girl on her lap, with a hand full of tit and a handful of pussy. She worked a second finger into Ally's wetness, and began to roll her clit between her fingers. Ally's legs tightened around her hands, and released again.

Leah pushed a finger inside Ally. As she did so, Ally's mouth slipped from Leah's, gasping so loud, Leah had to reach up and cover her mouth to keep her from waking up the sleeping crew. Once Ally had calmed down and quit gasping, Leah's hand slipped from Ally's mouth, and drifted back to her tits. Leah grabbed the bottom of Ally's shirt, pulling it up and exposing both her breasts. Leah's hand roamed the two hills on Ally's torso, pinching and twisting her nipples as her fingers found them over and over again. Leah felt the cum dripping from Ally's snatch as she teased her with her fingers. She pushed a second finger in Ally, and began to try to find her sweet spot.

Leah found it right away. She began thrusting her fingers into her, and soon the juices were flowing. Leah could hear Ally whimper as she fought to keep her moans quiet. Leah kept pounding her box with her fingers, and she felt a sudden warmth on her lap, and it swept over her hand. Ally was suddenly silent, holding her breath as she pointed her head to the ceiling with her eyes closed, and began to shake. Leah looked up at her, and saw that Ally's mouth was open, and realized she was silently orgasming on Leah's lap. Leah kept thrusting her fingers into her, slowing her pace, until Ally started breathing again. Her breaths were slow and deep as her body began to quit shaking.

Ally's orgasm passed, and Leah held her in her arms. Ally turned around looking at Leah with a smile. Leah looked into her ice-blue eyes and wanted to taste her. She pushed Ally onto her feet and stood up behind her. When she stood up, Leah looked down and noticed the wet spot on her boxers. Ally had soaked her Lieutenants boxers right through, along with her own sweat-shorts. "I'm sorry" Ally said, seeing the mess she had made. Leah just smiled.

"Lay on the cot for me Probie." Leah said. As she sat down, Leah pulled the bar behind the head of the cot and put it into an upright position. Leah looked into Ally's eyes, and slid her boxers down over her tan-skinned bottom, and down her long slender legs. She threw one leg over the cot and was straddling it, with Ally between her legs as well. Ally stared up at her Lieutenant in awe, not sure of what to do. "Taste me" Leah told the probie. Ally stared at her for a moment, and obliged. She moved her face towards Leah's cunt, and stuck her tongue out. She pushed it between Leah's lower set of lips, and dragged her tongue to the top, rubbing against her clit. Leah's body shuddered at the touch, and Ally did it again. 'Its sweet' Ally thought to herself. She never tasted another girls cum before, and she liked it. Leah's hands found Ally's long blonde hair, and grabbed it. She pulled gently, and pushed Ally's face deeper into her pussy, which was started to pour juices of its own.

One handing holding Ally's head to her snatch, and one hand grabbing the support rail screwed into the ceiling, Leah started moaning softly. She felt Ally lap up her juices as it dripped from her cunt, and she felt a finger poke inside her. She looked down, and opened her eyes to see Ally pushing two fingers into her snatch. She moaned softly, and swayed her hips towards Ally's face, pushing her face back to her box. Ally pulled away, "I've never done this before. Am I doing okay Lieutenant?" she asked. "Your doing fine Probie. Don't stop"

The thought of taking Ally's girl-virginity turned Leah on. She closed her eyes and focused on the fingers Ally was fucking her with. For a lesbian-virgin, Ally was doing a damn good job. Her fingers went just deep enough, and hit all the right places. Leah felt her snatch start to tighten, and get wetter. She grabbed the support beam with both hands, and let her orgasm hit her head on. She moaned, and Ally pushed her face back into Leah's box. Ally tasted the cum pour out of Leah, and greedily pushed her tongue back to her pussy. She was loving the taste of her, and didn't want to miss any of it. She felt Leah's hands in her hair again, and suddenly her face was pulled away from the honey pot she was enjoying.

Leah took a few steps back, and climbed onto the cot with Ally. She pulled the bar behind the head, and pushed the top down at a smaller angle. She pushed Ally up a bit, and settled herself between her legs. Leah looked up at Ally, and saw the want in her eyes. Ally's blue eyes were begging Leah to touch her. Leah pushed her legs up, and off the sides of the cot, and held her there for a minute staring at Ally's hairless pussy. It was perfect. Not a single hair. She had small light pink pussy lips, and her swollen clit was bright red and begging to be licked. Leah dove her head between her tan, soft-skinned legs and sucked her tiny slit into her mouth.

Ally's hands grabbed the rails of the cot. She gasped in shock as Leah's mouth inhaled her cunt. Leah swirled aimless shapes into Ally's pussy, and every time she tickled her clit, Ally would jump. Leah felt hands start to entangle in her own hair, and she pushed her face deeper into Ally's wet snatch. Leah reached up searching for Ally's soft, size-C mounds. She pushed the shirt aside, and grabbed her breasts. She massaged them in her hands, and tasted the increase of the cum pour from Ally. She tasted like sugar. Like a liquid Pixie Stick. It was delicious. She shoved her tongue into Ally's snatch, and matched it with her finger, diving deep into her wetness.

Ally gasped loudly again, but this time Leah didn't attempt to hush her. Her hands were full of tits and pussy, and that's all Leah cared about. She worked her fingers hard... she wanted to make Ally cum more than any guy from her past ever had. She was determined to leave a lasting lesbian impression on her. Leah's fingers worked hard and fast. Ally was panting heavy, and starting to soak the sheet of the cot. Leah smiled to herself at the puddle of girl juice, and dove her face back into Ally's box.

Her tongue continued to assault Ally's pussy with intensity. She was still sucking on Ally's clit when she felt the shaking start. Leah grabbed Ally's hips, and pushed her face deep into her box. Ally was getting ready to let out another orgasm, and was trying to pull her snatch away from Leah's mouth. Its was too much for Ally to handle, but Leah wouldn't allow it. Her arms held firm around Ally's hips holding her still, and she shoved her tongue deeper inside the Probie. Ally tried her best to squirm away, but Lieutenant Leah held firm.

Leah not only felt the orgasm hit Ally, but tasted it as well. The shaking went from soft to seizure like in seconds. Her snatch exploded with a wave of cum that Leah wasn't expecting. The amount of juices unleashed was more than she was expecting, and almost choked on it like it was one of Lockhart's sperm showers.  The cum just kept coming. Leah felt like she was drowning in cum for the first time in her life. She was proud, knowing she was the reason all the nectar was pouring from her Probie.

Ally finally quit shaking, and Leah figured she had enough. Leah looked at Ally, and her face was a mix between pleasure and overkill. Leah stood up satisfied with herself, and tired as hell. She grabbed her girl-cum soaked boxers and brought them to her face, inhaling Ally's sweet scent deeply before sliding them back up her milky legs and over her ass. Leah grabbed Ally's shorts and tossed them to her and told her to get dressed. Ally started pulling her shorts back on and stood up.

"You did a good job tonight Probie. If you keep it up, I'll think you'll do just fine here." Leah said while pulling Ally to her. She looked up at Ally, and planted one last kiss on her vanilla-frosting flavored lips. "Now, its time to get some rest. There is an extra bed in the captains quarters, you're welcome to sleep there." Leah jumped off the back of the ambulance and headed to the captains quarters to catch some sleep before the next call. As she walked through the hall, she heard the sound of soft foot steps trailing close behind her. Leah opened the door, and showed Ally to the bed.

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