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Breast Friends 2 - Peggy and Charmaine

Can Charmaine help Peggy out

Please first read Breast Friends and then read the following to find out how life progressed for two of the friends...enjoy!

Peggy’s life plan was to work very hard during high school and get a scholarship in a top UK university to study law. After that she would move to London , get a well paid job in a big law firm, and eventually start her own practice. Her prince charming would come along somewhere along the way. Peggy parents who were not particularly wealthy had struggled to raise the money to send her to a private high school so she could get the best education. She was not about to let them down.

Peggy took her studies very seriously at high school. She was extremely grateful for her best friends Sue, Charmaine and Lizzie with whom she could giggle endlessly over silly stories. Peggy’s friends all came from very wealthy families and had a more relaxed attitude towards their studies. They were however sympathetic to Peggy’s situation and constantly encouraged her to do well.

Peggy’s life pretty much went as she had planned. After university, she moved to London
and got a job in a law firm. It was here that she met Ralph a fellow lawyer who came from a similar background to Peggy’s and was also very ambitious. It seemed very natural for Peggy and Ralph to get married, have kids and start their own practice.

Peggy’s life should have been picture perfect. She was rich, had 2 wonderful children and a dedicated husband. To the outside world Peggy had it all and it was important for her to maintain this image. Inside, Peggy felt more like a robot, mechanically going through the motions of life. She was extremely frustrated with her sex life and had never actually had an orgasm. Ralph made love as if he had been given a recipe and told that he must follow it word for word. Their lovemaking never lasted more than 15minutes. Not wanting to offend her husband, Peggy had learned to moan, groan and shake at the right moments convincing Ralph that he had brought her to wild climaxes. Peggy had read about women having earth shattering orgasms and was convinced that the authors grossly exaggerated female orgasms to sell more books. Although she met up with Charmaine and Lizzie every now and then, she never confided her misery to them

Upon turning 30 Peggy felt her life could not go on as it was and she decided to go see a counsellor. The counsellor told Peggy that she was one of many women who had never had an
orgasm. She asked Peggy if there was any point in her life when she had felt particularly sexually stimulated. Peggy immediately coloured and thought back to that afternoon in high school when she had watched Lizzie rub Charmaine’s nipples. Unable to look away, she had stared helplessly as her pussy throbbed and her panties became wet. Her religious upbringing told her that the whole incident including her reaction was wrong. At the time she felt it was only right to tell Sue about how put off she was by the whole thing. She figured she might as well be honest with her counsellor who smiled broadly and told her that if she was willing to keep an open mind, she may have just the thing for her. Peggy left the office with a website address which she promised to check out.

Charmaine on the other hand studied business and psychology at university. During her university day’s Charmaine met Paul a marketing major who adored Charmaine and worshipped her huge
breasts. Charmaine confided to Paul that she also longed for a woman’s touch. Paul, an open minded man told Charmaine that she could sleep with as many women as she wanted as long as she did not cheat on him with any men. In fact the idea of another woman feeding on his
girlfriend’s huge breasts turned him on thoroughly. Heck once in a while Charmaine invited him to join in. Paul and Charmaine were a match made in heaven. They got married and moved to London. Paul worked in a marketing firm and Charmaine started an events planning company.

By the age of 30, Charmaine had two children and a voluptuous body with jiggly 38DD breasts. Her business had blossomed over the years and in fact Charmaine had such competent staff that she was hardly needed. Charmaine was bored and needed to get involved in something new and exciting. One thing Charmaine had discovered through her sexual escapades with women in university was that many straight woman who wanted husbands and children but were also attracted to other women felt immense guilt and shame. As Charmaine thought about the number of women with fantasies about other women but now knowing how to go about fulfilling these fantasies, an idea sprang into her head.

She decided to start a website through which women with sexual fantasies about other women could connect, share their fantasies and hopefully eventually meet someone. It was to be a members’ only website. Browsing through the different ‘fantasy requests’ was free but if
women wanted to contact each other then they had to pay a monthly access fee and agree to a confidentiality clause. Paul had sensed his wife’s growing boredom with her career and supported her idea 100% even giving her tips on how to market the website.

Within 2 months the website had 50 satisfied members one of whom was Peggy’s counsellor. When Peggy first logged onto the website she felt like she had hit a goldmine. She immediately paid for subscription with her credit card. She started off by sharing stories about her sexual frustrations and how turned she had been watching her best friends rub each others breasts when she was younger. A few days later, Charmaine looking through the list of new account subscriptions couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Peggy’s name and address. Nobody knew who ran the website and Charmaine had on occasion responded to a few fantasy requests to quench her own insatiable lust for breasts and pussy.

She read through Peggy’s postings and her heart went out to her friend. She created a new account using a fake name and started to communicate with Peggy. Over time she got an idea of what Peggy liked and decided to help her friend out. Since she knew Peggy would take
forever before suggesting a meeting, Charmaine decided to pretend that she was the one in need of having a fantasy fulfilled and asked Peggy if she would help her out. Peggy was ecstatic at someone else taking charge and said she would go along with everything.

Peggy was instructed to show up at a hotel two nights later at 9pm where other instructions would follow. At the hotel, Peggy was shown to a room and handed an envelope containing a letter with detailed instructions. Peggy undressed and put on the items laid on the king size bed - pink lace panties cut open to expose her pussy and a pink bra also cut out such that Peggy’s
slightly sagging now 36C breasts with huge pink nipples flowed out of. As instructed, Peggy put the blind fold over her eyes and sat on the edge of the bed.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Peggy heard the sound of high heels walking towards her. The next thing Peggy felt was a soft hand caressing her face and a light fingertip outlining her
mouth. There was something familiar about stranger’s fragrance but Peggy could not pinpoint what it was. Peggy parted her lips and sucked gently on the stranger’s finger. The now moist finger then proceeded to trace a path down Peggy’s neck, down to Peggy’s right breast and rested on her nipple. Peggy struggled to maintain her composure as the stranger started to circle her finger around her taut nipple, pinching it gently every so often. While this continued Peggy then felt a firm hand begin to massage her other breast. Peggy began to breathe heavily. The stranger must have knelt down as Peggy then felt moist lips descending on her right nipple and sucking gently but deliberately. Peggy started to moan and thought she might die of happiness.

The stranger then kissed her way over Peggy’s chest to her left breast and cupping it began to suck hard on the nipple and lick around Peggy’s areola. Peggy was now trembling uncontrollably
and squeezing her legs together. Satisfied that she given Peggy's breasts the attention the deserved, the stranger slowly pushed Peggy back onto the bed, parted her thighs and bent her knees. She slowly rubbed Peggy’s exposed pussy. Peggy’s juices began to flow out. The stranger then buried her face between Peggy’s thighs and sucked on Peggy’s clitoris for 10 minutes. Peggy
almost burst. Peggy then felt a finger gliding into her vagina. As the finger plunged in and out of her vagina faster and faster, Peggy felt herself jerk and something inside exploded. Her juices flowed out in streams. Peggy had had her first orgasm.

As Peggy lay back she thought she could not be any happier. She then heard a familiar voice, “feel any better now sweetie?” Peggy thought she recognized the voice and quickly sat up and removed her blind fold. She couldn’t believe it when she saw Charmaine stark naked and leaning
over her. Peggy was torn between rage, embarrassment and relief that it hadn’t been some nasty stranger touching her.

“Charmaine, what the hell are you doing?” Peggy gasped.

“Peggy, please. Please let me explain, I only wanted to help, please hear me out,” Charmaine said earnestly. Charmaine went on to explain how since the day Lizzie had rubbed her nipples she had fantasized about women and how she had experimented with women in university and discovered that she was not alone in her desires. Charmaine confided to Peggy about the website she was running and that she could not bear to think about how frustrated her dear friend had been all these years.

Peggy touched by her friends concern burst into racking sobs. A well of pent up frustrations flowed out of her and Charmaine brought her friends head to her bosom and stroked her hair. As
Peggy’s sobs subsided, she slowly became aware that her face was buried in between Charmaine’s huge breasts. She started to massage both breasts and rub Charmaine’s nipples as Charmaine breathing grew heavy.

“You poor pet,” Charmaine whispered, “please let me nurse you,” she said in a hoarse voice as she lifted one of her magnificent breasts to Peggy’s mouth.

Peggy’s mouth clamped onto Charmaine’s nipple sucking greedily. The sensation was heavenly and Peggy carried on for what seemed like eternity before moving on to the other breast. Charmaine was ecstatic as there was nothing she enjoyed more than a woman’s mouth on her
nipples. The fact that it was one of her best friends made the experience even more satisfying.

Peggy was now on fire and could not wait to taste Charmaine’s pussy. She led Charmaine to the reclining armchair and put each leg over the sides of the chair. Peggy then reclined the chair back and marvelled at Charmaine’s fat pussy and huge clitoris. Her mouth watered and she
knelt down and she lapped at every inch of Charmaine’s pussy before concentrating on sucking her clitoris bringing her friend to a violent climax. Afterwards they went back to the bed where Peggy feasted on her friend’s nipples until they both fell asleep.

They agreed to meet once a month after that, each taking turns creating the scene for their next liaison and giving instructions which were to be followed strictly. They both loved the new direction their friendship had taken

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