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Brenda and Sharon

Brenda and Sharon

My name is Brenda. I came to the university on my own. Parents gave me some money but I was working getting loans and grants for the rest. I had lived off campus with a dude who turned out to be a douce. He tried to put the moves on me and I wasn’t interested, for whatever reason. He just didn’t do anything for me. Anyway, I decided that day that I needed to move out and find a new room-mate. I couldn't afford a place by myself. But this time I was going to find a female room mate. So I checked the university apartment listings for a few days and finally found one girl who wanted only another girl to share with.

So I called her, and she was so bouncy and perky on the phone she cheered me right up. And when she noticed from my name that I was Latina, she got even perkier. So I went right over to talk to her and see about moving in.

She opened the door and I saw this pixie, with red-hair and freckles, and the most sparkling teeth in her grin. She grabbed my arm and pulled me in and sat me down right beside her on the couch.

She was infectious; she made you happy just to look at her. She was Sharon.

She was all giggly as we discussed our situations, and finally, we decided to live together for at least the rest of the semester, just to get to know each other (although I thought I already knew enough to live with her forever!)

I moved my stuff in the same day, telling dick-wad he could lump it. The only little problem was that the new apartment was a one bedroom apartment with twin beds. I supposed I could get used to a smaller bed.

We settled in well together, going to classes together sometimes, going out to eat together sometimes, cooking in sometimes; we were very, very compatible. But a little something tickled my brain sometimes when I saw Sherry looking at me with an odd look.

Although, to be honest, I was also looking at Sharon with secret glances. I was still very naive.

Finally, after a few weeks, we were sitting on the couch, and Sharon started asking me questions, a little personal. She wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. Never, I told her. "Then you must not know anything about sex. You're a Catholic right?" I had to agree that I was Catholic, but I was blushing.

“Someone taught me about sex."

I had grown to trust Sharon. She was fun, and loving and never put me down. So I decided to tell her about my experience.

“You're not going to judge me are you?"

"Sweetie, after all the shit I've done in my short life I couldn't judge anyone." And she grinned that pixie grin.

So in short sentences I explained that I had been a virgin until a few weeks ago. When I had decided to go to college I had went to my priest for counseling. I don’t know what happened. He seduced me because I thought the priest could do no wrong. I lost my virginity to my Catholic priest. I was ashamed. I thought I must have done something wrong for God to do this to me. I had made a priest break his vows.

"Holy shit, you fucked your own priest, rad little Latina princess."

And she laughed and laughed. I started blushing, for what reason I wasn't sure. But Sharon just kept laughing and finally gave me a hug because of the distress she saw on my face.

"I am beginning to really like you, Brenda. You realize, don’t you, that the asshole took advantage of you. I would say he is going to hell himself for this. But you’re not a virgin anymore, are you sweetie?”

Somehow that made me feel very good, in my heart, but also in my little pussy. I didn't understand what was happening. But I was tingling on my clit, like Father McCarthy licking it.

"You seem to be open to lessons in sex, Brenda. Would you let me to teach you a few things?"

I was surprised, but the feelings I had compelled me to agree.

"Well, the first thing I'm going to teach you is how to make love without a dick in the process, okay, Brenda?"

I nodded shyly. I was still very naive. The priest had been thorough but we hadn't talked about what we were doing much. I was ready for more in-depth training.

So, Sharon took my hand, drew me into our bedroom and showed me how the beds would move together to form a larger bed. This was interesting. Had she done this before? I bet she had.

Then she slowly took all of her clothes off. She was wearing a blouse and skirt. They came off. Then her bra and her panties, revealing cone shaped, Irish breasts with little pink nipples, and a tiny, little pussy with no hair at all. I had never seen a pussy so bare (but hadn't really seen any except in the shower after gym class.) It looked somehow very "tasty".

"Now get naked.”

I did as ordered. I took off my dress over my head, ruffling up my blacks locks, and then took off my bra, releasing my huge Latina breasts, with their dark aureoles, and my panties, displaying what I now thought she might think was ugly, my hairy, v-shaped pussy.

"I'm sorry, but I've never seen a pussy without hair."

"All the better to learn even more, but your cunt is beautiful, too, Brenda. It’s natural, and natural is always sexy as hell."

We just took some time to look and enjoy each other's body, then Sharon took my hand and led me to the now double bed. She gathered me in her arms and then began hugging me. Our breasts were smashed together, and we could feel each others hard little nipples jabbing each other. Then she slowly began to kiss me, and I responded, with surprise. I hadn't ever thought of kissing a girl, I was so fucking naive. We were not just kissing, but making out, and it felt so fucking wonderful. Like the fulfillment of a dream.

We made out for what seemed like hours, and never got tired of it. Finally, I felt a little hand on my pussy. It was tickling the little nub at the top, and then tickling the lips of my pussy, and finally sticking a finger in my pussy. I loved it. And I started humping my pussy against the little hand.

"Do me," Sharon said. I finally figured out she wanted me to diddle her pussy too. I didn't really understand why I hadn't done so already. I wanted so much to touch that hairless pussy. So I started awkwardly trying to do to her what she had done to me.

"Easy. It's delicate. Treat it like a flower."

And I did, touching her clit with a thumb, while placing my middle finger in her pussy, and pushing it in.

"You're a quick learner. You're so fresh I may come in only a minute or two."

And she did, moaning and kissing me hard and humping against my hand, getting some sort of fluids flowing out onto my hand.

"Fuck me, that's good.”

Then she took my hand from her pussy and brought it up to our faces and said we licked juices. I was almost in a sex trance. We both licked my hand clean of her cum. Then I began shuddering, and I think I also came on her hand. I was so fucking naive.

She gave her hand to me. I loved the taste of pussy come, both hers and mine. Hers was delicate like clover honey, mine was spicy.

I thought this was a good introduction to what the Nuns had called a sin, but it didn't feel sinful. It felt joyous.

"Now we're going to do something called tribbing, or the scissor.”

Was she going to cut me? I might not have minded, I was so horny now. But what happened next was very happy making. She put one leg under my opposite leg, then her other leg over my other opposite leg crossing them over each other.

This was so interesting, but then she pressed her little hairless pussy up against my hairy cunt and started rubbing against it. And I did the same, of course, it felt to good. And we could look at each other's face and see the joy, and she watched my tits shaking and I watched her tits jiggling. We kept scissoring until both of us were leaking come out of our cunts and all over our legs. It was very good.

Then was the last lesson of the day.

"Dear, sweet, Brenda, now we do what true lesbians do."

I didn't know I was a true lesbian, but perhaps I was.

"We suck each other dry of our come juices, and then we come and squirt again all the more.”

So I lay down, and pixie Sharon got on top, and she started sucking my cunt so hard I thought I would lose my cervix. So I started sucking her pussy, and she, the little vixen, came again, all over my face. What fun!

Then, after sucking for for what seemed liked hours, we relaxed, cuddled together, and licked each other's face clean.

Then we made out, and made ourself one.

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