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Bridal Gift

Keeley's Maid of Honour Bridesmaid received a different kind of bridal gifts...
Author’s Note: This story was written a few years back under a different pseudonym on a different site. I went back and revamped it a bit. I hope you enjoy it; this story was inspired by a picture I saw of a woman wearing her wedding gown and getting fucked by the groom reverse cowgirl style & her bridesmaids were there to help her as well.

Keeley Mason was getting married today.

Keeley’s a deliriously happy twenty-four-year-old bride who was madly in love with her boyfriend of close to three years, Brandon Moore. Standing in front of her full-length mirror inside her bedroom checking her Vera Wang inspired white, silk organza with sweep trail gown. Its bodice was beaded intricately with crystal, silver and clear beads as well as a silver threading. In less than hour she will be walking down the aisle to promise to spend forever after with the man she loves.

She couldn’t have been happier than she already was.

Gina Clyde, Keeley's college roommate and officemate, burst into her bedroom wearing a Victorian lilac coloured Empress cut satin spaghetti strap gown. At twenty-five she has a busty figure and hour-glass like body. She also happens to be Keeley's sole bridesmaid.

"Are you ready for your big moment?" Gina asked, crossing the room to stand behind her friend, checking the voluptuous Keeley's reflexion.

"You know I am," Keeley smiled and squared her shoulders.

"Good," came Dana Moore’s voice as she followed an excited Gina and closed the bedroom door after her. She is twenty-four years old, blond, and has the body similar to that of Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. Dana happens to be Brandon's younger sister and Keeley's high school best friend.

She also happens to be Keeley's Maid of Honour.

Keeley looked at her best friend and smiled. "You sound relieved?" she teased.

Dana gave a slight shrug. Wearing the same Victorian lilac colour gown, hers is different from Gina's. It's a chiffon line with a drape front and braided straps. She pushed herself away from the doorway and walked up to stand beside her soon to be sister-in-law.

"Do I?" Dana teased, fiddling with her best friend's gown until it looked right to her. Her hands lingered a second or so longer over her friend's tits.

Keeley looked down at her friend's hands on her breasts, an eyebrow arched. "I don't know, you tell me," she whispered, her eyes slowly traveling up to meet her best friend's gaze. Something wicked flashed in her best friend's green eyes and Keeley felt that familiar jolt inside her.

Once, a long time ago before Keeley and Brandon met, she and Dana became lovers. It was a brief summer fling. They were both stuck at home while their parents went on a cruise; Brandon was already in college then and was enjoying his summer with his friends in Mexico. She and Dana were watching some lesbian porn and were intrigued to know what a pussy tasted like. They were both seventeen and lost their virginity to each other.

Brandon didn't know about this and Keeley's not going to be stupid enough to tell him. He'll probably freak out if he finds out she went down on his sister. And that her first lover was actually his sister instead of some jock she met in school. At least that was the story she spun when Brandon asked her who her first lover was that had the honour of taking her virginity.

Gina watched her two friends look at each other hungrily. She knew of Keeley and Dana's fling back when they were still in high school. Keeley told her this when, during a cold winter night when they were still sharing an apartment while in college, she tasted Keeley Mason's delectable pussy. Oh it was pure heaven. Her roommate was very hygiene-conscious and her pussy always smelled, tasted, and felt so damn good. Just thinking about her one-time encounter with Keeley made Gina soak her g-string.

"Cut it out you two," she scolded lightly. "I don't want to appear in front of everybody with the front of my gown soaking wet from my juices!" she hissed.

Keeley and Dana grinned wickedly and turned to look at their flustered friend. "Gina, we're just standing here doing nothing," Dana said innocently.

"Yeah right. And your hand's been on Keeley's boobs for more than a couple of seconds," Gina pointed out.

"Why? You wanna touch these puppies too?" Keeley squished her boobs between her arms, making them almost pop-out of her strapless gown.

Gina licked her tongue as she stared at her friend's boobs. "Don't tease me like that, Keeley. You know how I love your body," she admitted.

"I know you do," Keeley grinned and ran her fingertip over her heaving bosom.

Gina and Dana were both mesmerized by their friend's action. Neither of them could deny their attraction to the petite brunette before them wearing her wedding gown. Their brief moment together in the past was too short. They both wanted her. After having her once they doubt they'll be satisfied until they can have her again.

Keeley knew she was playing with fire. She loves her two friends. Heck, she even longs to feel their naked bodies press against hers once more; their soft, shaved pussies against her tongue and lips while her hands got busy playing with their tits. Right now, with less than an hour to go before she exchange 'I dos' with her best friend's brother she was lusting over her future sister-in-law and her long time friend!

"Oh fuck it, you two," Keeley hissed. "I am creaming my thongs here just thinking about your naked pussies."

"Glad I'm not the only one," Dana and Gina answered in unison.

The three women stared at each other dumbfounded before bursting into laughter. Once their laughter subsided the three friends looked at each other once again. Lust was still visible in their eyes. Dana made the decision for the three of them and stepped up to take Keeley's mouth hungrily, her tongue probing her surprised lips to part.

She maneuvered Keeley around and pushed her back towards the bed. The back of Keeley's legs hit the side of the bed and she feel down, Dana was still kissing her.

Gina made sure Keeley's wedding gown wouldn't be ruined by what they were about to do before she followed Dana's lead and got down to her knees in front of Keeley. She parted her friend's legs, hiked the gown's hem up to reveal Keeley's soaking satin thongs. Gina leaned her head closer and blew gently over her friend's pussy. Keeley moaned against Dana's lips. Gina looked up and saw Keeley cupping Dana's bared tits; she shrugged off the straps.

Liking the view a lot, Gina pushed aside the wet garment and darted her tongue out, licking Keeley's wet pussy lips apart until she found that small nub that would drive her friend wild for sure; Keeley loved it when she played with her clit while going down on her.

Keeley was busy playing with Dana's hard nipples, trailing kisses down her best friend's cheeks until she reached Dana's chest. Taking one luscious tit into her mouth, Keeley started suckling like a babe, making Dana moan in delight. Gina grinned and without warning flicked her tongue over Keeley's aching clit, making the supposed blushing bride jump where she sat before Gina suckled on that tight love button; latching her mouth on it and sucking with gusto while she teased her opening with her fingers.

Dana's hand snaked down the bodice of Keeley's dress, cupping her soft boob in her hand. Keeley nipped at Dana's nipple, lavishing it with her tongue before turning her attention to the other one. Gina was busy eating her friend's pussy, darting her tongue out and driving it deep inside Keeley's wet snatch causing Keeley to moan against Dana's tits as she humped her bridesmaid's face.

Gina stopped her tongue's assault on the bride's cunt long enough to suck on her two fingers and plunge it deep inside Keeley's wet cunt. While she drilled her fingers in and out of the bride’s pussy, Gina turned her attention to the Maid of Honour who stood beside her. Gina lifted the hem of Dana’s gown and disappeared underneath it, easily finding Dana's dripping wet thong and inhaling her sexy scent. She licked Dana’s wetness through the fabric, making her other friend shiver in delight at the touch of her tongue. Dana braced her legs apart, inviting Gina to do more than just tease her with her tongue.

Gina's fingers drove in and out of Keeley's cunt while her tongue got busy driving Dana crazy. Matching her fingers' speed with her tongue, Gina fingered the Bride and tongue-fucked the Maid of Honour at the same time. Both women being pleasured by the feisty Bridesmaid were clinging to each other for life.

Keeley and Dana resumed French kissing each other, their moans mingled together as Gina did her wonders to their pussies. Soon she had both women convulsing with orgasm; Keeley creamed Gina's fingers while Dana cummed in Gina's mouth; both women panting and slumped against each other, exhausted by what just happened.

"Fuck, this wasn't what I had in mind when I followed Gina in here to check on you," Dana admitted, her arms wrapped around her best friend's neck.

Keeley chuckled and looked down at Gina. She was licking her lips off Dana's juices and enjoying the taste of her friend's pussy juice. "Mmm, well I'm glad that you followed her, but I think it's time we return the favour."

Dana disentangled herself from Keeley and looked down at Gina. Grinning mischievously, she helped the Bride get up and held out her hand to help Gina. "Now it's your turn to sit on the bed, Gina Clyde," she ordered.

"Oh finally," Gina giggled and pushed the skirt of her dress up and sat down on the bed, her legs spread wide and waited. "What now?" she cast a questioning look at Dana then to Keeley then back to Dana.

"Now I get to eat both of your pussies," Keeley announced, surprising her two friends. "Lie down, Gina. Dana, go straddle her and lift up your dress. Show me your pussies ladies. I know it'll be awhile before I can taste them again after I'm married."

The two women looked at each other and giggled. Following the bride's orders, Gina lay down and Dana climbed on top of her. Keeley knelt down in front of her two friends, threw Dana's skirt over her back and marveled at her best friend's glistening cunt. Keeley's eyes dropped on Gina's thong-covered pussy. She hates shaving her pubes off entirely, but she meticulously trims them. Keeley's mouth watered at the two luscious cunts presented before her.

"Mmm, nice pussies," she cooed before leaning her face down to kiss Gina's cunt, her hand moved to play with Dana's.

Both women on the bed moaned in unison. Gina arched her back at the touch of Keeley's lips on her cloth-covered pussy. Dana wiggled her ass a bit, spreading her legs wider and wanting to feel her best friend's fingers against her flesh. Keeley took her time, however, pulling Gina's thong aside to reveal her glistening cunt; she blew gently on it, making the woman lying on the bed shiver. Keeley grinned wickedly before doing the same to Dana's pussy. Both women were in heaven.

"Really lovely pussies," Keeley cooed and gave her two friends' pussies a quick kiss, making the two women yearn for the feel of her tongue sliding in and out of their snatch.

Keeley pushed aside the thongs covering her friends' cunts, turning to give Gina her undivided attention, Keeley made sure her fingers got busy rubbing and pinching Dana's engorged clit while her tongue got busy moving up and down Gina's sweet, succulent slit. Before long both women on the bed were moaning in unison, their hips moving back and forth with Keeley being the source of both women's arousal. Her mouth got busy sucking on Gina's clit, her tongue occasionally slipping down her friend's wet crevice and inserting between her tight folds while her fingers, three of them, ram itself in and out of Dana's tight cunt vigorously. Keeley was fucking them both to a mind-boggling orgasm.

"Oh shit, Keel, that's it..." moaned Dana as she humped her best friend's fingers.

Gina bit on her lower lip, gyrating her hips as Keeley continued to alternately suck her clit and fuck her pussy with her tongue.

Keeley knew her two friends were about to cum; she can smell the sweet, tangy scent of their impending climax. And if their pussies were anything to go by, they were both creaming her hand and tongue. She pried her lips from Gina's delectable pussy long enough to demand, "Cum for me you bitches, let me taste your juices!" And she fucked the two women harder.

Ramming her tongue as deep as it can go into Gina's pussy and slipped a fourth finger into Dana's well lubricated pussy. Both women's moans echoed inside the room. Keeley was relentless in her pursuit to make her two best friends cum. Attacking the two women's pussies with vigor, soon she heard them whimpering and tasted Gina's juice on her tongue while Dana juiced her hand.

Keeley slowed down her pace, but she didn't stop what she was doing. After licking Gina's pussy dry, she pulled out her fingers from Dana's cunt and licked her juices off then pressed her face between her soon-to-be sister-in-law's pussy and licked her dry too.

The rapid knocking on the locked bedroom door snapped the three horny women back to reality. The rapid knocking was followed by a frantic, "Hurry up, girls! The wedding's about to start in a few minutes!" It was Keeley's mother on the other side of the door. She gave the door another resounding knock before walking away.

Keeley, Dana and Gina shared a knowing look and burst out giggling.

"Oh fuck, good thing I remembered to lock the damn door when I came in," sighed Dana as she climbed off Gina and straightened her gown.

"Yeah, good thing," agreed Gina and pushed herself off the bed. "That was some bridesmaids gift, Keeley," she winked down at the woman still kneeling on the floor and reached out her hand.

"It was," Keeley agreed and took her friend's stretched hand. Helping herself up, she turned to the full-length mirror and checked herself one last time. She looked a bit disheveled, but Dana and Gina did their duties and helped her looked like she didn't just spend a few minutes fucking her two girl friends in her bedroom. "Shit, I wish I could take you both with me on my honeymoon. I'm sure it'll be fun to honeymoon with you two around."

"I sure would love to go with you to your honeymoon, sweetie. It has always been a fantasy of mine to fuck you while Brandon's ramming his cock in and out of your pussy," sighed Gina as she fixed Keeley's veil.

"Really now?" Keeley quirked an eyebrow and met her friend's gaze through their reflection.

"Yeah-hm," Gina nodded, a pair of red stains appearing on her cheeks.

"Well...let's see if I can convince Brandon to drag you along with us," Keeley giggled then stole a glance at Dana, "What about you girl? Wanna cum with us?"

"Tempting, but me fucking Brandon?" Dana looked scandalized.

Gina and Keeley both laughed, then Keeley remembered Brandon's best friend and best man. "If we can convince Kevin to go, would you go? I know you've been eyeing Kev and his package since our rehearsal dinner," Keeley suggested.

Dana thought about it for a while. Keeley and Gina waited with baited breath for her decision, but the gleam crossing Dana's eyes told the two women she was considering it. The Bride and Bridesmaid shared a knowing look then burst into uncontrollable giggles before they finished re-freshening each other up; they didn’t want everyone to know that the Bride just had a pre-honeymoon sex with her two gal pals before the wedding.

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