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Cabin In The Woods

Sammy and Marisa stared at each other hatefully then felt a spark, and Sammy kissed her hard.
Marisa Jenkins loaded her suitcase into the boot of her friend's four wheel drive as they were off for a road trip to remember in the woods. She wasn’t so sure it was a good idea as wild animals roamed the woods and murderers lurked in the dark shadows of the forest. Obviously her friends told her to stop being such a coward, so she got into the backseat of the car. She looked to her right and the girl she thought was so irritating, Sammy Pope, smacked her lips together as she chewed her chewing gum, making Marisa get a headache.

“God, Sammy, did your parents ever tell you to chew quietly?” Marisa said irritably.

Sammy Pope, a strikingly pretty, slender, blonde girl with cropped hair like a boy’s and crystal blue eyes, turned to her with a sneer. “Gee, Marisa, when did you become such a tight ass?”

“Guys, come on, we’re going on this trip to have fun remember,” said Louisa, a tall girl with long brown hair. She turned in the front passenger seat.

“I’m having fun,” retorted Sammy, “just Miss Goody-two-shoes here is not.”

Marisa wanted to throttle her but she told herself to remain calm.

It took them a three hour drive up to the cabin in the woods. Their friend, Jessica Knowles, a gorgeous African – American girl with big brown eyes and long black hair, pulled the car to a stop outside the big cabin made out of stone brick.

They all got out and breathed in the fresh outdoor air, smelling the oak trees, flowers, plants, and animals. A red squirrel ran up a tree trunk and up into the tree branches.

“OK, guys, let’s get the stuff indoors and then let the fun begin,” said Louisa happily, clapping her hands together.

Jessica stepped up beside her to whisper, “Are you sure this was a good idea to bring Sammy and Marisa together?”

They watched as their friends fought over the luggage. Louisa nodded confidently but inside she wasn’t so sure.

“God, Marisa, why are you such a baby?” said Sammy, yanking her blue rucksack from the boot and heading for the front door of the cabin, pushing past Louisa and Jessica without apologising.

“Are you sure?” whispered Jessica, raising an eyebrow.

“Right, Sammy, you and Marisa are rooming together,” said Louise once the entire luggage was brought into the cabin from the boot.

“What?!” both girls said together at the same time.

“It’s already been decided. Jessica and I have decided that to make this a fun holiday for all of us you two have to sort out your differences and get on,” said Louisa, standing in front of the black stone mantelpiece with a stuffed head of a deer above it on the wall.

“Fine,” said Sammy, sulking.

“Fine,” Marisa said, sighing heavily.

“Good, your room is at the end of the hall and the pair of you is to stay there for the remainder of the day.”

“What?” cried Marisa and Sammy.

“Yes,” agreed Jessica. “It won’t be a fun holiday otherwise with you two at each other’s throats constantly.”

Sammy and Marisa stared at each other hatefully and then turned towards their bedroom at the end of the hall. They pulled their suitcases into the bedroom which had a double bed, dresser, small bathroom with toilet and shower and a sink.

“I can’t believe we have to share a bed,” complained Sammy, dumping her suitcase in the middle of the floor.

Marisa and Sammy heard a key in the lock locking and they immediately ran to the door and tried opening it. “Hey, guys, what are you doing?” cried Sammy.

“Sort it out!” Jessica and Louisa shouted.

“This is your fault, you know,” said Sammy, turning on Marisa, who looked surprised.

“Excuse me? My fault? You’re the one who can’t chew quietly,” Marisa argued back.

They began circling each other and then stood two inches apart, staring hatefully at one another, but then felt a spark between them growing.

Marisa took off her black jacket that showed off her curvaceous figure, drawing Sammy’s eyes to glance down and stare at her big tits where her nipples were hard.

Sammy felt a strange feeling in her groin and felt her panties moisten. She glanced quickly away and then looked again feeling the arousal grow stronger as they were still inches apart. She grabbed hold of Marisa and kissed her hard on the lips, taking her and Marisa by surprise.

Marisa and Sammy stared back at each other with lust in both of their eyes and then gave in to their desires. They kissed passionately, arms around each other. Sammy backed her against the wall and began running her hand up Marisa’s short denim skirt to her panties that were too wet with sexual arousal.

Marisa gasped as she let her rub her pussy up and down with her hand. Her heart pounded as she let Sammy slip off her panties and then lead her to the bed where they tore each other’s clothes off with passionate desire.

Sammy lowered her naked body in between Marisa’s legs and let her lips touch the sweet tasting taste of her friend’s wet pussy.

Marisa gasped, then moaned softly with pleasure as her clitoris was being lapped up like a dog drinking water. She moaned louder, gripping the bed railing above her head with her hands. Marisa closed her eyes and her body turned and twisted with pleasure. She gasped louder as Sammy inserted two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucked her.

She felt herself building up to an orgasm as her breathing increased and heart pounded hard against her chest. Suddenly, her body quivered and she let out a cry of delight.

Sammy pulled her fingers out and looked at her friend’s orgasm juices dripping down her hand, licking it and closing her eyes, smiling. “Tastes delicious,” she said. She turned to Marisa and lowered her body against hers and began kissing seductively on her breasts. “I’ve always wanted you, Marisa. That’s why I’ve been such a bitch to you. You make me so horny.” She slowly began grinding her pussy against Marisa’s and her pelvic muscles moved back and forth.

Their lovemaking got more and more intense as Sammy had Marisa’s legs up on her shoulders for deeper sensation. This made them both groan and moan with ecstasy. It took them to new heights of sexual desire. Sammy fucked her from behind, slapping her ass and calling her sexy baby making Marisa cry out in pleasure. They then fucked up against the wall where Marisa had her legs tightly around Sammy’s waist.

And then finally, Marisa and Sammy settled back down on the bed together and fucked hard, furiously with passion and desire like an earthquake trembling the earth. The bed banged against the wall, the windows shuddered and the door handle rattled.

They orgasmed together as their bodies entwined as one, trembling with ecstasy. Sweat dripped down and off their naked bodies. Sammy and Marisa stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily.

“Hey, guys, are you alright? I think we had a small earthquake just now,” said Louisa from the other side of the door.

Both Marisa and Sammy burst out laughing.

“Are you guys friends again now?” they heard hope in their friend’s voice.

“Yeah, we are,” replied Sammy, gazing into Marisa’s eyes.

“Shall I let you guys out?”

“We’re playing a card game. Ask us again in about an hour.”

“Oh, OK,” Louisa said with surprise.

Sammy and Marisa listened for her to walk away back down the hall before kissing each other passionately again and stroking each other’s hair. Then they went onto round two.

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