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Call me Pixie: part 6

Call me Pixie: part 6

Pixie sandwich

As we went back to Emily’s room, my mind was working overtime.

I had never been with two women at the same time, let alone two dominant ones. In a very short time, I had gone a long way from my previous vanilla love life. Hand in hand between Anne and Emily, I was, I reflected, tummy fluttering, about to go a great deal further.

Emily opened the door. Anne held my hand. She looked down at me.

’Don’t worry little one, you will enjoy this.’

Wanly, I smiled back.

’Thank you, Miss Anne. This will be the naughtiest thing I have ever done.’

I felt my cheeks flush.

’Not to worry, little one, it won’t be the naughtiest for very long.’

With that, she pulled me into the room. Emily stood there, tall, full-breasted and proud. The sight of her, in that sexy black dress which exposed her generous cleavage, made me shiver with delight. She held her arms out. I knew what she wanted.

Holding out my own arms, I leaped up at her, grabbing her round the neck, my legs round her waist. Her hand gripped my bum cheeks, under my flared skirt.

’Love my Emily.’ I declared, pushing my body against her.

’Love my little Pixie, too.’ She kissed me.

Even as I felt her hands grip my bum, I could feel Anne’s body pressing me from behind. Pixie sandwich time.

I moved my head out of the way so the could kiss each other. It was a long and passionate kiss. My petite form was pressed between them. I could feel Anne’s nipples pushing into my back, and Emily’s nipples pressing into my own. Squashed between them, I was in an ecstatic state. Emily pulled out of the kiss. I felt her fingers on my pussy.

’I think our dirty little Pixie is enjoying being the meat in the sandwich, Anne. Her cunt is dripping.’

Pushing against me, Anne responded by groping for my nipples.

’She has such cute, tiny titties, let’s get ready for business.’

At that, her fingers undid my blouse, as Emily unzipped my skirt, with me clinging to her neck. In moments I was down to my white panties. I felt Anne pull away, and heard the sound of her undressing. She grabbed me from Emily.

’Come to Anne, babygirl.’

I felt her hands on my tiny breasts. She held me up. At five foot ten, that was no problem. I watched as Emily stripped. As her gorgeous beasts emerged, and her smooth, glistening pussy, my excitement grew.

’So cute to see you held up like that. Legs out for me.’

As Anne held me, her naked breasts squished against my flesh, I stuck my legs out. In a moment Emily had my panties off.

’Look, Anne, Pixie goo.’ 

I was so embarrassed as she showed Anne the evidence of my arousal. My panties were sticky. So were my thighs. She grabbed my legs. They carried me to the bed, with Anne depositing me on my front.

’Turn over, baby,’ Emily ordered. 

I did so. I caught my first sight of the naked glory of Anne. Tall, her breasts were easily 36c, if not more, and her hips were shapely. If she had been a model, she’d have earned a fortune. Her mound had a landing strip. I gasped, audibly.

’Oh, seems as though our dirty little Pixie likes you, Anne.’

’Lie down darling, next to me,’ Emily said. ‘Pixie, time to put your tongue to work.’

I knelt up. Emily and Anne lay next to each other, kissing and fingering each other’s breasts. I knew my place.

Guests first, I thought, diving between Anne’s open thighs, inhaling her scent, and kissing her pussy lips. As I did that, my fingers went to Emily’s pussy, dipping into her wetness. As my tongue broadened to lap Anne’s glistening slit, pushing her petals apart, and making her moan, my skilful fingers traced a figure of eight on Emily’s clit. She gave a loud moan, straight into Anne’s mouth, as they kissed. I felt more of Anne’s juices flow into my eager mouth. As my tongue pushed her clit back, I thought how much bigger it was than Emily’s. Not often a girl gets the chance to compare and contrast.

’Finger fuck me, Pixie,’ Emily demanded.

Not wanting to disobey, I slid two fingers into her wetness. She bucked, moaned and cried ‘fuck.’

I sucked on Anne’s engorged clit, flicking it, gumming it with my lips. Her body responded.

My fingers drove in and out of Emily, making an audible squelching sound. But that was drowned out by the groans Anne was making as my tongue worked on her clit. I ground my wet face deeper between her thighs, using my spare hand to slide two fingers into her. She and Emily were both bucking, thrusting down on my questing fingers. I could hear them kissing.

Moving swiftly, I tasted Emily’s nectar, tonguing her engirged clit. She screamed.

’You filthy little Pixie, fuck, oh fuck.’

I took that to be approbation, and sucked harder, grazing her clit with my teeth. At the same time I twisted my fingers into Anne, tapping at her special spot. She was breathing heavily. I could feel from the clenching of her pussy that she was not far off. So I switched my tongue back to her, finger fucking Emily harder. Emily responded - she began to come, her pussy gripping my fingers as she spasmed. At the same moment, Anne gushed, squirting into my face; I was drenched in her juice.

As my two gorgeous Mistresses came simultaneously, I smiled. I may have been a very dirty little Pixie, but when it came to pleasing my lovers, that, it seemed, was a good thing. I ached like mad between my thighs. But I focussed on them. 

They shuddered, Anne still having after shocks. Emily, more used to me, slid off me and hugged me. Anne joined her.

’Now for the Pixie sandwich,’ she declared, as they both hugged me.

Please, was my only thought.


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