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Call me Pixie: part Five

Call me Pixie: part Five

Enter Anne

I loved cuddling up with Emily. She knew what I needed after the erotic adventure we had been on – a secure and safe haven. I found that in her arms. There was something visceral in my need to be between her breasts, something primal; the reaction of the small, and therefore vulnerable, to being sheltered by the stronger.

Between that, and the orgasms, we must have fallen asleep. It was dark when I awoke. I was snuggled up against her breasts. I could hear her heart beat. My arms were round her. It felt as though all the world was somewhere out there, but all that mattered was the refuge of this warm place. I nuzzled closer. The blackness enveloped me. I slept.

‘Little one, wake up, coffee time!’ I felt a hand gently stir me from my slumber. Rubbing my eyes, I opened them and saw Emily. So it had not been a dream. That was a relief.

‘Thank you, darling,’ I muttered, sleepily, but gratefully. She had set a tray of orange juice, coffee and a croissant before me. I smiled.

‘Building up my strength for the day ahead?’

She smiled back.

‘No, just spoiling my little Pixie. You pleased me very much. We need to talk – I hope?’

‘About what, Miss?’ I grinned.

‘Oh, so you are still of the view you want to be mine?’ She had a very broad smile.

‘Yes, yes, I am, darling Emily, very much so.’ I reached out and took her hand, squeezing it.

We drank our coffee and ate our croissants, touching, smiling, and talking. We agreed that this was something special, and that we wanted it to continue. We set no limits, no boundaries, and made no plans. We would have the next two, or even three days together, at least in the evening, and we would take a view at the end of that. It might, as violent passions can, burn itself out, or it might be the beginning of something good. We agreed to wait and see.

Well, I suppose to be accurate, we did not quite wait. I found myself between her thighs, sucking and kissing her cunt until, once more, she came, in a gush, on my face. As I lapped it up, I knew only that I felt very happy.

We showered, soaping each other so copiously that she came again. I am a slower burn, and was content with the pleasure she gave me. Men seem to think that an orgasm is all, but any woman will tell you otherwise. Inside, she made me feel whole, and warm. That was worth all the orgasms in the world. Or maybe I just didn’t come easily? I did not care.

I dressed, the dress of shame – last night’s knickers and clothes, although as I grabbed the former, she took them from me.

‘Mine, baby!’

I blushed. Was she just a hunter who, now she had taken me, would discard me? As though she could read my mind, she hugged me.

‘I want to smell you during the day. Can you meet me here for supper about seven thirty?’

‘Yes, darling, I will be busy organizing the concert, but will be back here by then’.

It was with extreme difficulty that we parted.

My room seemed sterile. The bed not slept it, no disturbance at all. I stripped. I put on my favourite yellow knickers, and my short black dress with the yellow flower pattern. Looking in the mirror as I combed my hair, I thought I was not bad – for a flat-chested midget.

The day passed in a blur. The technicians were worried about the live cinema feed, and the Director was in that state of blue funk characteristic of his kind on the day of the dress rehearsal. I got two tickets for the afternoon and left then at the hotel for Emily. I was delighted to see her, with a gorgeous friend, at the rehearsal. I took it that this vision of beauty was that American of who she had spoken. She was tallish (but everyone was to me), full-breasted, with a great smile.

I felt a little jealous, I had to confess (later to her) when I saw Emily and her friend kissing. Everyone else was too busy to see what I saw. It made me damp. What was wrong with me?

Naturally, as I was in a hurry, the team wanted to discuss last-minute alterations, with the result that I was only just back at the hotel for seven. I had wanted to go and change, but there was not time. I went straight to the restaurant. I saw Emily and her friend at a table – set for three. She waved me over.

Close to, her friend was even more beautiful than at a distance. She must have been about ten years older than me, but she seemed a creature from a more exotic universe.

‘Anne, this is Pixie, Pixie, Anne, she likes the look of you, lift your dress, fast.’

Oh, my goodness, I had not shared a word, but was, in a public place, to show her my knickers. There was, admittedly, little danger. The waiters were not about, and we were the only people at that far end of the restaurant. I complied, showing my yellow knickers.

‘She sure is a pet, Em, such a cutie.’ Anne smiled at Emily. ‘You sure you want to share her?’

‘Good Pixie, skirt down now darling, we don’t want you arrested for flashing.’

Emily’s ability to get me all of a flutter in a moment, was unsurpassed.

I sat. We ordered. Anne, I learned, was an entrepreneur who owned, among other things, her own highly successful business. Among the other things was a string of submissive women.

We got on well, laughed and joked, drank too much wine, and generally had a whale of a time. It was impossible not to like Anne. I found myself wondering ….

‘Penny for them, Pixie?’ Emily teased.

‘Oh I was just wondering what Anne tasted like.’ I giggled.

‘You are about to find out. Up we go.’

And so we did.

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