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Call me Pixie: Part Seven

Call me Pixie: Part Seven

A night to remember

Pressed into Emily's firm, but yielding breasts, with Anne's nipples in my back, I was caught in their close hug. Emily lay back on the bed, taking me with her. I felt myself falling, landing on her warm flesh; I sighed. I sighed again as I felt Anne's body on mine. Her hands were firmly on my slim hips, and I could feel her mound, with its landing strip, against my tight little ass. Meanwhile, Emily's mound was grinding into mine. She swiftly opened her legs, pulling me with her, as Anne shifted position.

I found myself tribbing with her, with Anne toying with my nipples, and kissing my neck. My fingers instinctively reached out for Emily's engorged nipples. Our twin wetness joined. At every other rub, I could feel the electricity as our clits met. The sticky wetness provided amply friction as our smooth pussies squished together. With Anne squeezing my nipples and kissing my earlobes, I was getting lost in an erotic haze. I teased Emily's hard nipples, feeling her rub faster as I did so. She was moaning loudly.

I was so excited that I was almost pulling Emily's nipples to their full length; she was clearly enjoying the treatment. She rubbed back all the more vigorously. Anne's fingers were now exploring my ass, she was squeezing it, her fingers down my crack. Then I felt it. As we tribbed, Emily's pussy had moved against my asshole, and now Anne was using that lubricant to help her finger take me there. One hard push and she was in. Someone shouted 'fuck,' loudly; it was me.

Already excited by the earlier orgasms they had both had, I was beginning to lose it. Emily was skilfully grinding her pussy just where it had maximum effect on mine. Who needed a strap-on? I was gasping for breath, pushing back, but being pushed, in turn, by the finger up my ass. Anne's skilled fingers were making my nipples ache, and the connection to my clit was being made by Emily's tribbing.

'Come for us, Pixie slut,' said a voice. From some far distance, I realised it was Emily's voice. I no longer cared. I was floating above it all. It was as though I was looking down, seeing my petite form tribbing, whilst being taken from behind by Anne. Emily was smiling, bidding me, ordering me.

'Oh. My. Goodness!' That must have been my voice. Who knew? I felt myself go, utterly, like never before.

My pussy was a mass of wetness and sensation. I felt my asshole clench on Anne's probing finger. My nipples sent waves of pleasure to me, seeming to join with my clit in making me explode. It all went black. I drifted out of consciousness and time.

'Are you okay, little one?' That voice. There was in it a note not only of concern, but even panic. It was Emily.

'It is okay, darling, I think we just short-circuited the little Pixie.' That was Anne.

Woozy, I opened my eyes, blinking.

'What ... what?'

'Bless you, Pixie, you passed out - such a sexy little thing.'

Emily smiled.

'See, I told you, darling.' Anne leaned forward and kissed Emily, firmly on the lips.

She moved in on her. Fascinated, lying next to them, I pulled over, pushing myself up on one arm, watching as these two gorgeous women made love together.

They clearly knew each other's body. Anne's controlled aggression was turning Emily on. Along with Emily's reaction to my playing with her nipples, that was worth storing away; there was a side of Emily which was not so different from me.

Anne played with Emily, pushing her fingers in, deep. I could hear the noise, see Emily gyrate. The room was filled with their scent. Emily was playing with Anne's ass, squeezing it. Oh well, I thought, what the heck?

Scrambling onto Anne's perfect back, I kissed and licked all down it, until I reached her ass crack. I licked carefully down that, rimming it, and curling my fingers into her swollen, wet pussy. She moaned as I did so. I could feel her redouble her efforts with Emily. Emily's breathing was getting ragged. There was little time to spare.

I moved down further, raising Anne's hips, and applying my mouth to her pussy, sliding through to suck her clit. I nibbled. She pushed back, thrusting hard into Emily, who began to moan. I felt her legs go rigid and bit on Anne's clit. That did it. As Emily came, so did Anne, gushing into my eager mouth. I pushed my face right in, to catch all her juice. She collapsed on Emily, with me on her ass. Oh, that warm, soft feeling. I pressed in.

I felt Anne move.

Kneeling up, she looked over her shoulder.

'You, Pixie, are a delight. How did you know I'd like that?'

I blushed, admitted I had no idea if she would, but that the idea just came to me.

'Well, I just came too.' Anne smiled.

'Me too, lovers,' said Emily, pulling herself up into a sitting position.

Anne grabbed me, pushing me towards Emily, who took me into her arms.

'Pixie, you are such a little doll. Now, sleep with us for a while, I am quite exhausted.'

I was more than happy. Who cared about washing? I just wanted to snuggle up into their sweaty bodies, luxuriating in their scent. I felt myself in her arms. Then Anne came in, cuddling me. It felt so warm, so safe. I slept.



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