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Cards Part 1

Just how far can Belinda push her cautious friend Claire? Will her game go too far?
 Belinda sipped her wine watching Claire closely over the table. “It’s your turn,” she prompted.

“I know!” Claire replied after some hesitation, “but I still think you’re joking. Do you really want to?”

“Of course I do,” Belinda flashed a wide smile. “Pick up the card and let’s see what happens.”

Claire held her long hair back and reached forward with her free hand. She took the card at the top of the deck and turned it face up slowly. She placed it beside the card that Belinda had positioned earlier. “Oh God,” she whispered.

Belinda slid her chair back and stood up. She made her way round the table to Claire who looked up at her nervously. She licked her red lips until they glistened in the dim light of the room, and she ran her hands over her curved hips. “Oh Claire,” she grinned, “Don’t look so scared. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!”

“Maybe,” Claire replied cautiously. “It’s just that I’ve never done this before. I’ve never kissed another girl. I don’t think I’ll know what to do.”

“Nonsense,” Belinda purred. “Just do as I say and relax.”

Belinda pulled her tight black dress up over her thighs to reveal lace stocking tops, and she straddled Claire, sitting on her lap facing her. She rested her arms on Claire’s shoulders and ran her fingers into her long hair.

“It’s got to be a French kiss Claire, you agreed to that. I want to get my tongue right down your throat, and I want to feel you kissing back. You can’t stop until I do.”

“Okay,” Claire whispered huskily.

Belinda sank forward so that her body pressed against Claire’s and she began to kiss her. She kissed her softly at first, teasing the girls lips open. Then she kissed her more firmly. She put her tongue into Claire’s mouth and explored her deeply.

At first Claire was stiff to her touch as if shocked by what was happening, but as Belinda continued to kiss her, her body relaxed, and she became more compliant to the caress she was receiving. She moaned gently through the kiss as she grew more aroused. Her hands crept up slowly to grip Belinda’s narrow waist.

Finally Belinda withdrew, keeping her hands behind Claire’s head, and she licked her lips and smiled. “Well, for someone who’s never kissed a girl before, you seem to know what you’re doing! You’ve got me so wet, Claire, you bad girl!”

Claire looked up at Belinda shyly. Her face was red with embarrassment. “I don’t believe this,” she whispered. “You’re winding me up or something. You’re not a lesbian, are you?”

“I don’t know,” Belinda replied staring deeply into Claire’s eyes. “I am tonight. Just for you.”

Claire swallowed hard. She was scared by her own arousal, and of her own attraction to the pretty girl. She had always admired her friend’s good looks, and perhaps even daydreamed about a situation such as this, but she had never thought that she would end up kissing her in reality, or being offered something more.

“Let’s play again,” Belinda giggled. She rose up from Claire slowly, making sure that Claire got a clear view up her short dress to the stretched slip of lace covering her dripping pussy. She shimmied as she pulled the dress down over her hips to cover her black stocking tops and she swayed seductively as she made her way back to her seat. She put her elbows forward on the table and rested her chin on her small fists.

“Let’s play for greater stakes. Let’s make the loser do something deliciously awful.”

“Oh no,” Claire replied. “I think we should stop now. This has got way out of hand.”

“Are you scared,” Belinda goaded. “Is this a bit too much for you?”

“No,” Claire replied, “I just think that we’ve both drunk quite a lot, and we might end up doing something that we don’t mean to.”

“Oh,” Belinda smiled, “You think you might then. But you’re afraid. I understand that.”

“I’m not afraid,” Claire retorted. “Just cautious.”

“There’s no need to be,” Belinda whispered. “There’s only the two of us, and no one will know what we’ve been up to.”

Claire hesitated for a while and then looked to the cards on the table. “What do you suggest then?” Belinda giggled. “I suggest that the loser offers her backside up to the winner and gets it spanked. How does that sound?”

Before Claire could answer, Belinda reached forward and took a card from the deck. She turned it over slowly and placed it on the smooth mahogany surface of the table. It was the four of hearts.

“Not great!” she giggled as she took the bottle of wine beside her. She reached across the table and filled Claire’s glass. Her little black dress was cut low, and she revealed a deep cleavage to Claire each time she did this. Claire could not help but stare and she fought hard against the sexual attraction that grew within her. She felt tipsy and it made the battle all the harder. Why not surrender to the feelings, she thought. Why not let Belinda have her way?

Claire reached forward for a card. She turned the edge of one card and looked up at Belinda who remained leaning over the table towards her. She bit her lip in a concerned frown as she turned the card and placed it beside the one that Belinda had laid. It was the Jack of Diamonds.

A broad grin spread across Belinda’s face. “Oh my!” she giggled in mock horror as she held one hand to her breast! "It looks like I’m the loser this time. You will be gentle with me won’t you?” She got up and walked over to Claire. She took her hand and led her to the centre of the room and then fell down onto her knees with her back to Claire. She slid her knees apart and reached forward to rest her hands and elbows on the floor. She thrust her backside high into the air. “Pull my dress up around my waist, Claire,” she ordered, “otherwise it won’t sting.”

Claire knelt down and reached her hands to each side of Belinda’s tight dress. She slipped her fingers under the hem, and then drew the material up as Belinda had asked. She felt a wave of arousal hit her as she revealed Belinda’s perfect backside. It was firm and round and almost bare. Belinda wore a tiny pair of knickers, with a strip of lace drawn up between her buttocks.

Claire’s heart was beating fast as she placed her hand on the cheeks of Belinda’s pert backside to guide her aim. She knew she must go through with the dare, and she was shocked to find that she wanted to. She could feel her own arousal growing within her and she knew her own knickers would be dripping wet now. Belinda wriggled beneath her, so she placed her other hand in the small of Belinda’s back to hold her still. “Are you ready?” Claire whispered.

“Do it Claire,” Belinda ordered. “Do it to me now, and don’t stop, even if I beg you.”

Claire raised her hand and let it fall across Belinda’s smooth thighs with a sharp smack. She surprised herself at her own cruelty and the pleasure and power that it immediately inspired within her.

Belinda moaned and then thrust her backside higher ready for the next blow.

Claire slapped her again, more firmly this time, and Belinda began to whimper and moan. She deserves this Claire thought. She’s trying to tease me and shock me, but I’ll show her I can play her game too. She’ll get more that she bargained for.

Claire spanked Belinda’s round upturned bottom again and again, until Belinda was crying out loudly as each blow fell. But Belinda was still riding herself back into the blows and clearly growing aroused by the punishment she was receiving. Claire showed no restraint. When Belinda opened her legs wide, Claire slapped at her sex until Belinda began to stiffen and shudder with arousal. Claire could feel that Belinda’s pussy was hot and wet when she allowed her fingers to linger there.

“Oh fuck!” Belinda called out as Claire struck her again. “I’m coming!” She leant back into the next blow so that Claire’s fingertips smacked against the swollen lips of her cunt. Her body grew stiff and she threw her head back. She whimpered as the erotic sensation of climax overtook her.

Claire stopped spanking Belinda and rested back on her haunches. She looked at the woman beneath her who remained on all fours, breathing heavily. A red glow had appeared on Belinda’s tanned skin where the blows had fallen, and Claire suddenly worried that she had been too harsh. But Belinda had clearly enjoyed each moment of her punishment.

Belinda rolled onto her back. She giggled and looked up at Claire. “Well, my pet,” she laughed, “You are a dark horse!” She reached her hands back and slipped her fingers through her brunette hair, leaving her body exposed and vulnerable to Claire. Claire resisted the urge to reach out and touch her. Belinda noticed how Claire’s eyes roved over her body, taking in each curve of her full breasts and hips. She could tell Claire lusted for her.

Belinda opened her legs wide to give Claire a better view between her long legs and she dug her heels into the thick carpet. “We’ve got to play one more game of cards Claire, okay?”

“What for?” Claire replied. “I really think it’s time we stopped.”

“Oh no,” Belinda smiled at her. She slid one hand down over her body and let it rest over her pussy. “I’m horny again. You can’t get this far and then chicken out. I tell you what kitty cat. We play once more. If you win, we kiss goodnight, and you go off to the spare room to sleep,” she paused.

“And if you win?” Claire asked hesitantly.

“If I win, then I get you. Then we go to my room, and we fuck in my bed, for as long as I want. I can do anything I want to you. You can’t refuse. You become mine. My whore and slave for the night. I know that’s what you want, you dirty slut.”

Slowly Claire nodded, “But remember. If I win, then that’s an end of it,” she said sternly.

“Whatever you say Claire,” Belinda giggled as she climbed up from the floor and almost skipped to the table.

Claire followed, muttering to herself. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

“You go first,” Belinda ordered, as she lit a long white cigarette and blew a ribbon of blue smoke into the air.

Claire took a sip of her wine and reached forward to turn a card quickly. She placed it down on the table. She smiled when she saw it was a king and breathed an inward sigh of relief. Belinda was unlikely to beat that.

Unperturbed, Belinda reached forward and caressed the back of the card at the top of the deck with her sharp red nails. She watched Claire for some time before turning the card to face her so Claire could not see it. Belinda grinned.

The smile was so deviant Claire felt she may faint. Her heart raced. “Fuck, no,” Claire gasped, reaching out. “Show me the card.”

Belinda placed the card down slowly over Claire’s and laughed. It was the ace of hearts. “I win sweetheart,” she smiled. “Now you’re mine!” be continued

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