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Cards Part 2

Claire has lost the dare, and now she must surrender. Her resistance weakens...
Belinda took another drag on her cigarette and then crushed it in the ashtray on the table. She got up and began to take things back and forth to the kitchen. Claire watched her, hardly daring to speak. Surely Belinda could not be serious she thought; would she actually go through with this?

Belinda made her way around the table and stood behind Claire. Belinda draped her arms around Claire’s shoulders and whispered into her ear. “I’m going to clear up down here. And you are going to go to my room. Take your clothes off, all of them, and get into my bed and wait for me. I’ll be up soon to claim my prize.” She nipped at Claire’s neck.

“ can't, Belle,” Claire protested, “I’m not sure.”

“Too fucking late,” Belinda said firmly, “I won fair and square. No backing out now, fuck toy!”

Almost in a trance, Claire rose and made her way to the door. Belinda smiled.


The bedroom was dimly lit and the sensuous aroma of roses filled the air. The large double bed, with its brass bedstead, was covered with white cotton sheets, which were drawn back slightly. She’s planned this all along, Claire thought. She was shocked to find herself growing more and more excited, and aroused too. Her heart was beating fast and she had a funny feeling inside; a strange tightness in her throat, and butterflies dancing in her tummy. Her doubts as to what was about to happen seemed to increase the erotic spell she had fallen under. Her rational self told her to leave now while she still could, but somehow she could not tear herself away. She had pledged herself to her beautiful friend for the night, and deep inside she knew that was what she wanted; to be her slave and plaything.

Claire’s hands were shaking as she began to remove her clothes, pull down the zip behind her dress, and let the dark material slide down her body to the floor. She stepped out of her high heels, unclipped her stockings from her suspenders, and rolled the nylon down her long legs. Finally, she removed her underwear and slipped into Belinda’s bed, quite naked. She pulled the cotton sheets up high to her chin and waited.

Claire heard Belinda climbing the stairs. She saw Belinda quickly pass the door without looking in at her and she heard the door to another room being opened. Then there was silence.

It was some time before there was another sound. It seemed like an eternity to Claire. She was shocked to find herself so aroused as she waited for her friend. Her nipples had stiffened into hard buds, and she could feel the heat and wetness of arousal in her pussy. When she heard footsteps approaching the room she sank down into the sheets and peeped over them at the door. Belinda appeared and Claire gasped.

Belinda lounged against the doorframe and stared at Claire. Her long dark hair was tied back tightly, and she was heavily made up in red lipstick and black eyeliner. She wore only black latex stockings, pulled high up her long legs to the top of her firm thighs, and matching latex opera gloves. She grinned as she looked at the young woman cowering in the sheets of her bed.

“How do I look, darling?” she questioned.

“You look, um, fantastic,” Claire replied cautiously. “I really don’t know what to say. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“But you’ve dreamed about it, haven’t you?” Belinda questioned. “You’ve watched me when we’ve been out, and in your mind you’ve undressed me. You’ve imagined what it would be like if I fucked you. I’ve seen you drooling, bitch. Now I’m going to make all those dirty little dreams of yours come true.”

Belinda walked towards the bed, swaying her hips. Claire looked down to see that Belinda wore knee length, lace up boots, over her latex stockings, with sharp silver spurs attached above her high stiletto heels. She caught her breath.

“Let me see you, Claire,” Belinda whispered as she took hold of the white sheets and drew them away. Claire tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

“It’s no good being shy,” Belinda giggled. “I’m going to see it all tonight. Close up. You’re my little plaything now!”

Claire held one arm across her heavy breasts and the other over the mound of her pussy. She pressed her long slim fingers down over the thin wisp of blonde curls between her legs, and covered her sex. She was shocked to feel how wet she had become. She knew her face would be burning red with embarrassment. Belinda smiled at her, enjoying her discomfort.

“That’s right,” Belinda continued. “Play with your cunt for me. Show me just how much you want me.”

Claire dared not move, and she could feel the flood of juice in her fingers as Belinda spoke, demanding she masturbate in front of her. “I can’t,” she whispered.

“Yes, you can. And you will. You agreed you would do anything I wanted, and this is what I want.”

Claire began to stroke her fingers back and forth, staring up at Belinda as the girl commanded her so forcefully. It made her weak with arousal. She let her middle finger slide into the folds of her pussy and search out the little hard bud of her clitoris erect from its fleshy hood. She rubbed back and forth, and moaned gently with pleasure.

“Faster,” Belinda ordered.

“Yes, Belinda,” Claire nodded

Claire pressed her fingertips firmly into her cunt and frigged herself, watching Belinda, her eyes wide and full of lust. She wanted Belinda to touch her now. She wanted to feel the latex on Belinda against her own skin. She wanted Belinda to frig her to orgasm, or to sink her tongue deep into her pussy and make her cum on her face.

Her mind raced with wicked dirty thoughts, and it shocked her. It aroused her too, to a point where she felt she may cum at any moment if Belinda ordered her to.

“Legs wide, bitch,” Belinda hissed, “I want you to show me everything.”

Claire did as she was told, and kept her fingertips in place over her clit working them back and forth, hard and fast, until she could hear the sound of her fingers frigging in the wet folds of her sex. She could smell the scent of her own arousal in the air.

Claire lost all thought of time and place and frigged herself hard and fast. Her back arched lifting her bum from the bed, presenting herself to Belinda, legs wide, as her orgasm overtook her. Her eyelashes fluttered as she writhed before Claire, gasping out the obscenities which hardly ever crossed her lips.

When the climax subsided, Claire opened her eyes and looked up at Belinda who now stood with her own long legs spread wide as she probed deep in her cunt with her latex covered fingers. She shoved two fingers deep inside herself, and withdrew them glistening with juice.

“Not so shy now young lady,” Belinda laughed as she stepped briskly to Claire and pressed her fingers soaked in pussy juice between Claire’s red lips. She pressed firmly as Claire opened her mouth to accept the intrusion and she pushed her fingers roughly inside.

“Suck them dry,” Belinda ordered. “It’s your punishment for coming in front of me like a little street whore.”

Claire lowered her arms and then pushed herself up slightly from the pillows. Her full lips puckered around Belinda’s fingers in their latex skin, and she began to suck hard as Belinda had asked. She looked up at Belinda with wide blue eyes as she savoured the flavour of another woman’s sex for the first time.

Belinda didn’t remove her fingers as she climbed onto the bed. She climbed up over Claire and planted one knee on either side of Claire’s hips. She leaned forward and looked down into Claire’s eyes.

“Do you want me, Claire?” she questioned.

Claire stared back at her nervously, visibly shaking.

“Admit you want me slut, and I’ll do things you’ve never even dreamed of.”

Claire nodded, and Belinda grinned. “Turn over,” she ordered.

Claire no longer felt any force within her to fight. She wanted to be Belinda’s plaything. She wanted to feel Belinda all over her. She wanted Belinda to use her body without restraint, and the thought of what was about to happen filled her with desire.

Claire wriggled between Belinda’s strong legs, turning over until her face was buried in the thick white pillows, and her round buttocks were held tightly, wedged between Belinda’s thighs. She felt Belinda sink down onto her to trap her. She felt Belinda’s pussy grinding down onto her buttocks, and the short strip of Belinda’s pubic curls rubbing in the cleft between the globes of her flesh. The short trimmed hairs were wet and slick. She pressed her face down into the pillows to stifle a moan of pleasure.

Belinda shimmied down the girl’s body slightly so that her thighs straddled Claire’s. She licked her lips as she gazed at the inviting flesh of Claire’s arse, and she resolved to be very wicked indeed.

Belinda slid her hands down the flesh of Claire’s buttocks, sliding her latex clad hands over the smooth skin. In one brutal movement she dug her long fingers between the orbs of flesh and prised them apart to reveal the rosebud of Claire’s anus, tightly clenched to resist any intrusion. She pressed the tip of her little finger against it.

Claire wriggled and cried out, but it was too late to escape now.

Belinda dipped her head until Claire could feel her hot breath against her most private orifice. Belinda stretched the rubbery flesh with her fingertips. “You want me to do this Claire,” she whispered. “You need fucking.”

“Oh no,” Claire shuddered beneath her trying to turn and see Belinda. “Please!”

“Yes, please,” Belinda retorted, as she dipped her head still further, arching her back in a supple contortion. She opened her red lips wide and pressed her wet tongue to the tightly clenched orifice. She remained there as Claire wriggled beneath her in pathetic resistance. Saliva rolled from Belinda’s tongue and gathered in the valley between Claire’s spread buttocks. Belinda leaned back a little and spat noisily into Claire’s arsehole.

“I’m going to fuck you right now, bitch,” Belinda hissed.

Claire’s fingers tightened against the pillows of the bed. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. Do it. Fuck me. Please!”

To be continued...

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