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Carla 3

Things get worse for Carla and Lauren and more interesting with Angela

When Lauren is busy so is everyone around her. She’s driven and drives her staff. Sometimes it is difficult because although she recognises the need for security, especially in the light of the threats, she is adamant in not curtailing her activity.

‘If I do that, they’ve won, beaten me. I’m not having that.’

A great attitude but not always easy for Frank and me to persuade her to take sensible precautions. Like the night she had a date with a woman in Edinburgh. She wanted to fly to save time but that meant the car could not be there to take her. It’s always a pain because of dealing with our weapons even if we have all the right paperwork, which we do. We landed at about 6 and we walked with her between us to the car hire office. Frank saw to the details while I sat with her, then we found the 4x4 we’d been allocated and drove off with me in the back and Frank driving. I saw her into the hotel and up to the room. We knew she was staying the night so we’d booked rooms for ourselves too. We had a good look around the hotel and sorted an escape route, had dinner and then slept.

So far, so good.

It was the next morning that I got a call from Lauren’s PA, the gorgeous Jenny.

‘We’ve had a message. I’ll read it to you. “I know where you are. Did you have Haggis for dinner?” God, Carla, how does he know?’

‘Or she. Damned if I know.’

I rang off, sent Frank a text message then called Lauren, no reply. I dressed quickly and went to her room and knocked. To my relief she came, disheveled, to the door.

‘Bloody hell, Carla, cant I get laid without you barging in.’

But barge in I did. The room was a suite and we were in what was a small sitting room.

Someone, a woman, called, ‘Who is it, Lauren?’ from the bedroom.

She answered, ‘My secretary, darling.’ Then to me, ‘What’s going on?’

Lauren was wearing a hotel robe, her breasts almost falling out of it. I told her about the message. I heard Frank tap three times, then twice and knew he’d sorted our getaway.

‘I can’t just leave her.’

‘Please, just get dressed, tell her you have to leave and come with me.’

She looked at me, clearly exasperated, but sense overcame lust and she disappeared into the bedroom. I heard a whispered argument but in a few moments she was back, dressed.

‘That’s another relationship fucked. Thanks.’

I ignored her. I checked my gun, slipped it back into its holster and tapped on the door. Frank gave the response and I opened the door and we quickly hustled Lauren to the lift. I held her back as it arrived but she pushed me away. The lift was empty so we all got in and pressed for the basement car park. About three floors from the ground I pressed the ground floor button. Lauren and I got out and Frank went down to get the car and bring it to the rear of the hotel as we’d agreed. I led Lauren through the back of the hotel and into the waiting car. Frank didn’t hang about.

‘Jesus, Carla.’

‘What the fuck do you pay us for?’ My anger boiled over. ‘We want to stop you getting hurt. We know it’s a real threat. They, he or she, know where you are. Just let us do our fucking job.’

‘Don’t talk to me like that.’

I ignored her again. I was watchful and knew Frank was too. He wasn’t driving to the airport. He drove fast and south. I kept an eye out of the rear window but didn’t see anyone following.

It was with some relief that we arrived at Lauren’s house. Jenny was waiting at the door as we hurried Lauren in. Her mood had not improved but underneath it all she was a sensible woman and knew we were doing the right thing. That didn’t make her any happier about it.

Jenny, dressed in her standard dark suit, black stockings and heels was carrying Lauren’s diary and started telling her what her appointments were for the day.

‘I was supposed to be in Edinburgh getting soundly shagged by Lucy! How come I have appointments?’

Jenny smiled. ‘When I heard you were coming back I knew you’d want to get on with work so I moved a few to make it possible for you.’ She smiled sweetly, ignoring Lauren’s vile mood. She’d had plenty of practice as we all had. ‘Your first is at 4.30. Then you have a dinner with that MP you’ve been cosying up with.’

Lauren’s face momentarily smiled. She’d been trying to get close to this MP for some time. Ellie Saunders was a senior member of the government and a raving dyke. Lauren knew that given half a chance she could combine business with pleasure and the thought that this might be a step nearer would inevitably brighten her mood. She kissed Jenny full on the mouth.

‘You are a treasure. Sort my clothes out while I grab a quick shower.’ She hurried off and Jenny turned to me.

‘I,’ she said, ‘am a treasure.’ She grinned then her face darkened. ‘What the hell’s going on, Carla? Who is it who’s threatening her?’

I didn’t answer because I had no idea. Who, aside from us, knew where we’d taken Lauren? Was one of us leaking information to them? I called the boss and discussed it with him. He offered extra bodies to support us but Frank and I worked well together and someone new would only mess our routine. No, we’d keep to our tried and tested system and hope we could sort this out. I talked to Frank over tea while Lauren and Jen sorted themselves out. When they came down Jen had the look of a woman who’d been fucked.

‘What?’ she asked when I looked at her knowingly.

‘Nothing. I just didn’t realise.’

Jen shrugged. ‘She was determined.’ I knew what she meant. Lauren often found stress relief in sex and I knew all too well that when she wanted something she tended to get it.

‘Can't say I blame her. Where’s her first appointment?’

With our vigilance heightened, Frank and I got Lauren, who looked as if she had no care in the world, and Jen into the car. I checked my pistol as I always did and slipped it back into the soft leather holster. We swept out through the electric gates and Frank drove expertly and quickly through the streets of London. We arrived at an anonymous office block and Frank and I escorted the two women inside. An efficient looking secretary met us and led Lauren and Jenny through the office’s security controls and out of our sight. We waited.

The buzz of my phone in my pocket startled me until I saw it was Angela calling me.


‘Back from the frozen North?’

‘Yeah – all go. How’s you?’

‘I was wondering what you’re doing tomorrow night?’ I was free and told her so. ‘Maybe we could get together, have supper?’

‘I’d love that.’

‘Why don’t you come round at, say, 8?’

Frank and I delivered Lauren to Ellie Saunders’ house in Chelsea. The MP had her own security so we were able to drop Jen back at the house and get ourselves a meal before picking her up later. Her mood had definitely improved when she emerged on the doorstep. Her hair hadn’t. She grinned at me.

‘A most satisfactory meeting.’

I wasn’t too interested because I still had the unnerving feeling that things were not going to improve.

The cab dropped me outside Angie’s at just after 8 the following evening. She opened the door and was wearing a black suit with a white silk shirt and a dark blue tie which was pulled down from her neck a little. Her short black hair shone in the light over the doorway. She took in my cream linen jacket over a pale blue dress, knee length and her eyes wandered slowly down over stockinged legs and 3” heels.

‘Come in.’ She stood aside to let me pass her and, as I did, she closed the door and her hand settled in the small of my back as she guided me past the sitting room where not so long ago she had fucked me as I bent over the back of the sofa and on into a brightly lit and vast kitchen. The table that dominated the room was laid for dinner and the room smelled of herbs and garlic. She took my jacket and hung it over the back of a chair then stood in front of me and, placing her hands on my shoulders, kissed me firmly on the mouth. We spent a while kissing, my hands stroking up her sides as she pushed her tongue into me.

Angie broke the kiss and poured me a large g+t then served our supper – pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. It was a delicious meal accompanied by a smooth Primitivo that burst on the tongue, the perfect accompaniment to the meal. We chatted about things. I felt warm and safe with her and totally distracted from my work troubles. Most people are interested in my job although I don’t talk about it when I can avoid it. Angie asked me nothing and I was grateful. She seemed only interested in me.

After supper we did not, as I had expected, go to the sitting room. In a very unhurried way she led me up the stairs to her bedroom. She stopped me at the door and turned me so I had my back to her. Her arms came around me and her hands cupped my breasts as she licked my neck. I could almost feel her hunger.

She whispered, ‘Put your hands behind you.’ I did and felt soft leather cuffs close around my wrists and her fingers as she buckled them. ‘You know you’re safe, right?’

I knew. I’d played bondage games before and whilst my job might suggest a certain dominance of character in reality I am rather the reverse in my romantic life. Submissive I may be, but always cautious in my choice of partner. I relaxed as a black silk scarf covered my eyes and tightened around my head. Guided by her hands I found myself sitting on the edge of the bed. I could feel her breath on my face as she spoke.

‘I have rather a lot of little kinks. You know about clothed lovers, now you’re going to learn a little more. You ready for that?’ I nodded. ‘Good girl.’

She kissed me and her tongue entered my mouth while her hands stroked first my face and then down to my breasts. She opened my dress which had buttons all the way from neck to thigh. I felt it open and then her tongue licking between my breasts and over my nipples. She sucked each one deliciously and then licked down to my navel. Hands ran over my stockings. I heard a small growl. I hoped that was because she had discovered that apart from my suspender belt and stockings I was naked under my dress. I wouldn’t normally be but, well, I wanted her to know.

‘Looks like we forgot something in our rush to get here?’

Her nail traced around my trimmed hair, not touching my pussy, just the skin around the edges of my triangle of hair. I gasped and lifted myself a little.

‘Sit still.’ Her voice was husky but stern.

She moved away from me and I could hear rustling that sounded like clothes being removed. It was indistinct and I moved my head as someone who is blindfolded will to try to catch sounds. Sensing her coming closer to me again, I lifted my face and was rewarded by a hand cupping my chin.

‘Open your mouth.’

I did so and felt a ball, rubber and quite small being fed to me. She leant closer to reach behind me to secure it, pulling my hair out from under the strap that she had buckled.

‘Mmm. That does look good.’ She licked it and I felt her tongue as it slithered slowly over my lips.

I was momentarily concerned as I felt leather being tightened around my neck. It wasn’t too tight though and I relaxed. Something was clipped to the front of the collar and another, a thinner, leather something dangled from it between my breasts, the end resting on my left thigh. Angela was then cuffing my ankles and she pushed them quite gently apart and secured them to a bar that kept them spread. I struggled, not in an attempt to escape, rather to understand the constraints I could not see.

‘Stand up.’

With a little difficulty I stood. Her hands ran over my tits, down my sides and hips and then I felt her tongue on my nipple, then a little bite as her teeth closed around it. She repeated this on the other nipple.

‘Turn round.’

This was even more difficult, but I managed. Her hands continued to explore me, lifting my open dress away from my naked bum and stroking there as well as over my hips and up my inner thighs. She was in no hurry. Her fingernails stroked my skin but did not touch my pussy although I was desperate for her to. She knew that I reckoned.

Suddenly I felt her fingertip sliding, wet between my buttocks and stroking my arsehole. Her voice was close to my ear. ‘Has anyone had you here?’

I shook my head.

‘Well now, there’s a cherry for Angie to pluck.’

I was going to protest but her finger slid down and curled so that its tip was between my now very wet lips and it sort of took my breath away.

Her voice in my ear again. ‘I’ll take what I want, sweetie and when I want it. Feels to me like Angie’s little girl is ready. Well, she’ll just have to wait.’

She resumed stroking me. Every move of her hand was slow and light, her fingers barely touching me but it was almost painful; almost but not quite. Slowly, painfully slowly, she caressed my hips, buttocks, thighs and breasts. Each time she touched my breasts she rolled my nipples between her nails lightly and I know I groaned because I heard her, ‘shhhh.’

Gentle pressure on my back bent me so my face and shoulders were on the bed. Behind me I could feel her legs touching mine and then her finger entered me. I knew her palm was down because I could feel the tip of her finger inside me, rubbing on my g spot deliciously. She withdrew her finger quickly and then she entered me but this time with her dildo. I knew, how I cannot say, that it was that same blue strapless that she’d used when I was over the sofa. It was there, motionless inside me and her hands ran over my back, exposed now she had pulled my dress aside. Her hips began to move, back, then forward, twisting slightly as she found her rhythm. Her fingers stroked the skin of my back and she increased her pace. It was relentless and I felt my orgasm rising inside me. A finger slithered, wet between my buttocks and pressed gently at my pucker. I grunted which seemed to encourage her for she pressed harder and I tried to relax to let her in. It felt better than I expected. In fact it felt a lot better as, combined with the dildo working its miracles, I began to squirm more vigorously. This time there was no injunction to movement.

As she had before, Angie bent over me. Her teeth were sharp on my neck and she fucked me, not hard, but in a gently determined way. Her language became dirty and she muttered ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ and I knew she was almost there. I was too and although not simultaneous, our orgasms overlapped and it was impossible to say who came first and who second. But cum we did and I could feel her moisture on my legs. I arched as much as the position allowed me and I felt rather than heard the scream of pleasure that seemed to curl around the gag and split the air.

For a while Angie lay on me. She didn’t move for a long time, except to lick my neck. I felt the slow, reluctant withdrawal and thought she’d finished. But then the dildo was touching my arse and I sort of flapped my cuffed hands but whatever Angie wants, she takes. Her words reverberated in my mind as the pressure increased. The dildo was wet and slippery and entered me surprisingly easily. It hurt and I groaned as I stretched to let it in but she was not for stopping. And then, oh and then she was buried in me. She rested there for a while, her hands on my back. The movement, just like before, began slowly but built and built until, quite quickly this time, she started to swear again. This was, I knew, for her. She was taking that cherry she had wanted. And, oh, did she take it. She buggered me, firm but gentle until I heard her bellow, ‘fuuuuuck’ and her body heaved over me.

Later, much later, Angie and I lay side by side in bed. She had released me from my bonds and tenderly held me to her naked body. She didn’t apologise and there was no need for her to. It had been amazing and she’d knelt between my thighs and brought me, with her tongue, to a wonderful gentle climax. It was almost a thank you.

She was holding my hand. ‘Your first time, really?’

‘Ah ha.’

‘You didn’t seem to mind.’ There was almost a grin in her voice.

‘I thought I’d never close again.’

She rolled onto her side and her finger slithered, still wet, down over my pussy to the entrance at the centre of our discussion. ‘She’s all nice and tight, sweetie, don’t you worry.’ This time she was grinning as she kissed me and I slipped my arms around her neck and returned her kiss.


I was protected from the blast by the car.

I didn’t really hear it as much as feel it, the compression on my ears and chest. Lauren was right between me and the car, in the process of getting out of the right rear passenger door and I pushed her back in so she fell on the seat and I lay over her, looking wildly around to see what was happening. Frank was lying across the driver’s seat, groaning which, in the circumstances, was positive. I struggled to draw my weapon and, looking around all the time, I pressed Lauren down and told her to stay down. She was crying. I stepped back, keeping in the shelter of the car and searched to see if anyone was about.

The explosion had all but destroyed the door of the office we had been about to visit. Alarm bells were stridently ringing and people started to appear in what was usually a quiet street. I kept down, watching but saw no further threat. Taking my courage in both hands I stood and hastened around the car to check Frank and at the same time pressed the distress button on my mobile.

That was when the first shot came. I felt the breeze of it as whipped by like a hot wasp. I dropped to the ground and rolled behind the car door. A second shot hit the door and I saw a muzzle flash, high in a window, well out of my pistol’s range. We were pinned down and if help didn’t arrive soon... Wailing sirens stopped that train of thought. I stayed low, watching that window and saw a dark shape, someone’s back moving fast. I crawled round and checked Frank. He was bleeding from a couple of wounds but had a strong pulse. I was struggling to get him into the car when the first police car arrived. Suddenly there was activity. An armed officer screamed at me to drop my weapon and lie on the floor, arms out. I obeyed immediately. They were not gentle with me when they pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed me but I could absolutely understand why. Cuffs, twice in 24 hours, I thought to myself. Who's a lucky girl?

An ambulance arrived and I could see medics fussing around Frank who seemed to be in reasonable shape. Lauren got out of the car and, shaking but unharmed started barking at the police to leave me alone. They naturally ignored her and when the scene was secure a woman officer, dressed like a storm trooper, hefted me to my feet and started to search me. She found my i.d. card and credentials and calmed down.

They arrested me anyway and I was driven away, Lauren shouting that the police had made a stupid mistake. It was all resolved at the police station and I was given a ride back to Lauren’s house. There I found Frank, bandaged but clearly not in any danger. The blast had thrown bits of brick and metal and wood at him and he’d tried to head them away.

‘Looks like you came second.’

‘Thanks. I’ll be fine.’

‘Of course you will.’ I kissed his cheek and went to check on Lauren. She was drinking brandy and Jen was sitting holding her hand.

‘You want one too?’ Jen asked. I shook my head. This was getting out of hand. If something didn’t happen soon someone was going to get killed.

‘I’m going to see a friend.’

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