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Carla's Caress

Carla's Caress

Carla decides to have her wicked way with her two friends at a fancy dress party...
Carla didn’t care anymore; caution had been thrown to the wind. She wanted to fuck her two friends, or to be fucked by them. They had flirted enough, hinted enough, drunk enough. It was time for sex.

She was hot and wet, eager for her first taste of pussy, and the moment was right. This was no time to hold back.

She pressed forward against the French Maid and lifted her short flared skirt to reveal the golden flesh of her round buttocks. “OK,” she whispered, “show me what you can do.”

The Maid threw her small silver tray aside onto the sofa and flung her arms around Carla’s neck. Her long fingers slid deeply into Carla’s long blonde hair, and she brought Carla’s face to hers. With wide hungry mouths they meshed lips, and she kissed the woman deeply until she felt her shudder in her arms.

The Lady smiled as she approached and she stood behind Carla. She took hold of the hem of Carla’s dress, and she worked the material up over her stocking tops, then her buttocks, and let it rest around Carla’s narrow waist. Her victim was suitably exposed.

The Lady licked the fingers of her right hand one by one between her red lips, withdrawing them glistening with saliva. Then she dropped her hand down to Carla’s buttocks and pushed beneath to feel the girl’s pussy.

Carla was already aroused and her sex was open and hungry, dripping with love juice. The Lady’s fingers slid firmly into the moist heat, parting Carla’s labia, exploring the inner folds and the pouting mouth within. As the French Maid held Carla tight, the lady frigged her with an unyielding motion, back and forth, back and forth, until the sensations overwhelmed her and she stiffened into her first climax of the evening.

Carla was allowed no respite once the orgasm passed and she felt her sex invaded by the Lady’s probing thumb. She tried to ride the intrusion, but no sooner had the Lady sunk her thumb in as far as it would go, then she withdrew it and slid it up between Candy’s round buttocks.

Carla had never experienced anal stimulation like this, and she struggled in the Maid's arms as the lubricated thumb was driven into her tight rear hole. She opened her legs wider to ease the expected discomfort, but instead of pain, she was surprised to find the indignity highly satisfying. She moaned through the kiss which lingered.

The Lady forced her hand forward as firmly as she could, driving her thumb into Carla’s arse and holding it there as her fingers once again explored the folds of her sex. “You dirty little lesbian,” she whispered in Carla’s ear as she expertly aroused her. “Only a wicked little dyke would enjoy this. Only a dyke would let me frig her bum.”

“Oh, oh yes!” Carla moaned when she was released from the Maid’s kiss, and she thrust herself back on the Lady’s hand until she began to climax once again. Her two tormentors held her tightly as she shivered through her ecstasy in their arms.


The Lady and the French Maid positioned themselves on the bed with their skirts raised, presenting their round backsides towards Carla who stood, enthralled at the tempting sight. She climbed onto the bed behind them and ran her fingers over each backside in turn, raking the tanned skin with her long white nails. Each woman sighed in turn. She drew their knickers down around their knees, and her heart raced as she admired the two shaved pussies presented to her, pouting and wet, the pink labia swollen.

Carla began her feast by taking the French Maid’s buttocks and drawing them apart so that the woman’s sex was stretched and exposed and the dark bud of her clenched anus was evident above. She flicked her tongue against the wet flesh and drew the musky smell of the Maid’s arousal deep into her nostrils. She worked her tongue in between the pink swollen folds and the Maid gasped when Carla found her clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

Carla let her free hand slide across the Lady’s backside. She kneaded the firm round globes, working inward and probing her clenched anus with one long white fingernail. This is heaven, she thought; two beautiful women presenting their most pussies to be used and abused by me, inviting me to explore my dark desires.

Carla sank her tongue into the Maid’s sex and wiggled it back and forth in the tightness. She rocked her head up and down until her lips and chin were covered in the Maid’s pussy juice and she thrilled when the Maid tensed into climax. She listened to the ecstatic moans and sighs with a deep sense of pleasure.

As Carla withdrew her tongue, she replaced it with two entwined fingers and began to pump them back and forth as she moved across to the Lady’s upturned backside. She bit into the flesh presented to her and the Lady gasped as a shudder of pain coursed through her.

“Fuck me Carla,” the Lady cried out, digging her nails into the silk sheets, and thrusting her body back towards the girl. “Fuck me hard, please.”

Carla savoured the moment, licking over the Lady’s anus and sex until both entrances shone with her saliva. She knew the Lady would come with the slightest touch to her hard clitoris, and she teased her by skirting around it. She slid her tongue upward to probe the Lady’s tight rosebud whorl, before sliding downward again.

“Please Carla,” the Lady begged, her voice full of real desperation. “I need to come, now!”

“And so you shall, my Dear,” Carla whispered, enjoying her power over the beautiful woman. She withdrew her hand from the Maid’s sex and used both hands to hold the Lady’s sex open as wide as she could stretch her. The Maid rolled onto her back and began to masturbate furiously, lost in her own world.

Carla pressed the tip of her tongue into the small hood of flesh that covered the Lady’s clitoris and found the small hard pearl within. She circled it with the very tip of her tongue.

“Fuck!” the Lady cried out as her legs tensed and shook with pleasure. Her sex pulsed madly squirting warm love juice that flooded Carla’s mouth and ran down her chin. Carla rocked back and spanked the Lady’s arse cheeks hard, then harder still, filling the room with the sound of the spanking and the Lady squealed with delight into the sheets she bunched around her.

“Now who’s a dyke bitch now, eh?” Carla challenged, and she shoved the Lady away from her with her foot. She chuckled and grinned.

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