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Carla's Interview - part 3

Carla gets the job.
"Now Carla," said Michelle in a matter-of-fact manner, as she stepped away from the girl she'd just help bring to an incredible orgasm, "let me make one thing quite clear. If you are to join my team, you are to report directly to me and to take orders from no one else but Andrew or myself. Is that clear?"

"Yes," whimpered Carla, still shaking slightly as she tried to push herself up from the desk that she'd been bent over.

"Good," said Michelle, "Now turn around and kneel on the floor." Carla did as she was instructed, kneeling in front of the desk. Michelle continued, "And while you're working for me, there will be certain tasks that I will require you to perform from time to time."

Michelle was now standing facing Carla with her back towards Andrew. She reached down and folded up her skirt until it was wrapped around her waist, then she pulled her panties down, allowing them to drop to the floor, before stepping out of them. She stood with her legs slightly parted and her hands on her hips, her taut arse facing Andrew and her exposed pussy at eye level with Carla. "Do I make myself clear?" prompted Michelle.

"Crystal clear," whispered Carla. She knew exactly what was expected of her. She began to crawl towards the powerful woman who was about to become her boss, in more ways than one. She looked up at Michelle, edging her way tantalizingly closer to the taller woman's pussy. Michelle smiled, "Good girl. Now, why don't you show me what a good little worker you can be?"

Carla felt a little humiliated by the comment but she didn't hesitate. She licked Michelle's clitoris before sticking her tongue inside her vagina. She could smell Michelle's aroma and she was surprised at how intoxicating it was. It made her horny all over again. She desperately wanted to do her best to please this sex goddess. She licked Michelle's cunt enthusiastically while sucking and nibbling at her clitoris.

Michelle watched Carla with a look of lust on her face. "Ohh, you're good. I'm liking that - a lot." Michelle grabbed the back of Carla's hair and shoved the girl's face into her mound, moving it up and down and smearing her juices onto her face. "Hmm, yes, indeed. I could cum all over this pretty face right now" she said, before pausing suddenly and turning away.

Michelle strode over to a chair, not far from where Andrew was sat watching them and stroking his cock. Michelle said "There's one more little task I'd like you to perform before I can decide whether you're worth hiring."

She sat on the edge of the chair and leaned back, lifting her legs high until her heels were level with her head. Her pussy and arsehole were on display in front of Carla, who was still on all fours on the office floor. "Crawl over hear and tongue-fuck my arse," ordered Michelle.

Carla was turned on by the way Michelle was ordering her to do dirty things to her. She crawled her way slowly over to Michelle, who was now rubbing her clit. Staying on all floors, Carla moved her face to Michelle's arse and starting teasing her hole with her tongue.

"Yes, that's it," said Michelle, "You really are a dirty little slut aren't you? I could get used to this, having you on all floors, tonguing away, keeping me on the verge of an orgasm. Do you think you could keep this up all day, pet? I should warn you: I've got lots of stamina."

Andrew stood up now. His cock was rock hard from watching his Senior Design Associate having fun with the new girl. "Yes, come on boss," urged Michelle, "I want to see you fuck this cute little thing. Do her from behind. Fuck her... hard." Andrew knelt behind Carla and grabbed the young girl's luscious hips. He entered her in one swift movement, thrusting strongly from and causing Carla to gasp out loud. "That's it boss, give it to her," encouraged Michelle, "I want to see the look of lust on her face while you have your wicked way with her."

Michelle bent down to Carla and put her hands on her throat "You like that don't you, little slut. Getting fucked by the boss?" Carla was struggling to breathe as Andrew rammed her repeatedly. She could barely get one word out at a time ,"Huh... Yes... I... like... it."

"Good," went on Michelle, "Because if you come and work here, you'd better get used to this kind of treatment. Do you think you can handle it, my sweet little fuck-doll?"

"Oh God," was all Carla could manage. The thought of being used and abused by these two kinky perverts on a regular basis nearly brought her to another orgasm. In the back of her mind, she vaguely wondered what the hell she was going to say to her boyfriend when she got home and he asked her how the interview had gone.

Andrew was now grabbing Carla's hair and fucking her like a man-possessed. "Oh yeh, is she a good fuck boss?" asked Michelle, "Can you see yourself fucking this juicy cunt on a regular basis?" They were talking about her as if she was just some little fuck toy.

"Oh fuck, yeh," grunted Andrew, "She's tight too. I think she's just what we've been looking for, don't you? Uh god, I think I'm going to come."

"Oh no you don't," said Michelle, half-laughing, "Don't come yet boss. I've got one more little test for Carla before you shoot your load."

Michelle stood up. "Get over here bitch" she said. She grabbed Carla's hair and almost dragged her on all fours over to the desk. She made her squat down with the back of her head against the desk-top. Michelle gathered Carla's hair into her hand and held it against against the desk so Carla couldn't mover her head. "Come over here boss," said Michelle, "I want to watch you fuck her throat again."

Andrew smiled, somewhat sadistically, and walked over to where Michelle had positioned Carla. Michelle bent down to Carla and whispered in her ear, "And don't you dare swallow any cum, ok? I want you to keep it in your mouth... for me." Carla was about to say "Ok" but Andrew was already pressing his dick against her lips. She opened her mouth and took him deeply, trying not to choke as he thrust toward the back of her throat.

"Oh yes, I could get used to this," said Andrew, as he stood and slowly fucked Carla's mouth. He looked out of the tall office window's behind his desk. Michelle was stood by his side. If anyone had been looking in from outside at that precise moment, they would not have noticed anything unusual, just two smartly attired office workers stood behind a desk. They would have no idea that a beautiful, naked young girl was squatting behind the desk, gobbling as best as she could on her boss's cock as he rammed it down her throat.

Michelle slipped a hand down the back of his pants, probing his arse-hole with her finger as she whispered in his ear, "Is that enjoyable boss? You like fucking that pretty little mouth, don't you? Are you ready to cum in it?"

"Uh god, yeh," moaned Andrew as he held onto the edge of the desk for support. "Go on," teased Michelle, "Ram you cock deep into her throat." Andrew obliged and Carla had no choice but to take it, her head held firmly against the back of the desk. "That's it boss," continued Michelle, "I want you to spurt your seed into this sweet young girl's mouth."

That was enough to send Andrew over the edge. He groaned deeply as he felt his balls tightening and squirt after squirt of thick come shot into Carla's mouth. "Ohhh... fuck... yes," Andrew almost shouted as he finished his orgasm.

There was so much cum. Carla struggled to keep it all in her mouth. Michelle took hold of Carla's elbow and guided her to feet, propping her against the desk. "I hope you did what I asked and didn't swallow any of that," said Michelle as she sided up to Carla and tweaked one of her nipples. Carla shivered with excitement at Michelle's touch and could only shake her head to confirm that the cum was still in her mouth.

"Good girl," said Michelle, "because I'm pleased to confirm that you've got the job. Now open you mouth and show me that cum." Michelle opened Carla's mouth with her fingers, causing the cum to run down Carla's chin and dribble onto her breasts. Michelle then scooped some of it into her hand and smeared it playfully over Carla's face before standing back to admire her new play-thing.

Carla looked a mess as she leaned against the desk. Her hair was all ruffled and there was now obvious globs of cum all over her. Her face was flushed and she looked exhausted but there was also a horny, satisfied look in her eye. Michelle took a step back and removed her phone from her pocket. She held it up and took a photo of the naked, dishevelled girl.

"I hope you don't mind if we keep a picture," said Michelle, "It will serve as a little insurance policy. As long as you don't say anything about what goes on here at Lendon and Trusset, the photo will remain confidential. Now I know that deep down you're going to like working for us but, if for some reason you should feel you've been indecently treated, it will serve as a little reminder that you were at least a willing participant in the proceedings."

"Besides," reassured Michelle as she stepped closer to Carla and gently stroked the hair from her face. "I'd also like to keep a little memento of this occasion. You are an incredibly hot, sexy young girl and I'm very definitely looking forward to some of things I've got planned for you. Now why don't you come with me and I'll get you cleaned up... in the shower."

Andrew watched in awe as Michelle led Carla towards the door to the en-suite bathroom located at the side of his office. He thought back to how the interview has begun a little over an hour ago. His initial instinct had been to dismiss Carla as an untalented graduate. He made a mental note to be more patient with people in future. You never know what hidden talents you might uncover in the most unlikely of people.

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