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Carrie, my lesbian fling

I wanted a man, but was surprised when a woman met my lust.
I was lonely…I just had to break down and admit it. I hadn’t been with a man in 3 months. I missed the sex. I missed the touching. I had masturbated and made myself cum almost every day, but it wasn’t the same. Finally I had slacked off of that even. It had been 2 weeks since I had even had an orgasm. What kind of funk was I in? Finally I made up my mind. This has to stop. I gotta quit moping around the house and get out and have some fun. I called up my best friend Carrie and asked her if she wanted to go out tonight. She said she would love to.

We both got dressed up. I wore a HOT red minidress, and strappy heels to match. Carrie looked gorgeous. She has dark hair like me, fair skin and green eyes. She has a smoking hot body that most men would beg for. She wore a skirt and strapless top that looked like it had been painted on. We got to the bar and men were on us instantly. We danced a little, but no one caught either of our attention. Finally around 1:00 am we decided to give it up and go back to my house and have a few drinks and laughs together.

She was flopped on my couch and I went to the kitchen to make a drink. When I came out, I was shocked to see she was watching a porno movie. She giggled a little drunkenly, “I found this…I wondered what kind of porn you were into.”

I was so embarrassed. There was a scene on the screen of two women fucking each other with wild abandon. One was eating the other's pussy and the look of pleasure on the face of the one being licked was obvious. Carries eyes were sparkling with mischief and her nipples were poking through her silky top. I went to turn off the movie and she said, “Wait, could you leave it on for a few.”

“Well, uh sure. I guess so.” I sat down next to her and we drank our drinks with the two women getting louder and louder.

She finally asked me, “Have you ever wondered what that would be like?”

“What? Being with a woman?”

“Yes.” She whispered leaning toward me.

“To be honest with you, yeah I have Carrie.”

She smiled a luminous smile, the perfect wine stained mouth curving up slightly. She asked if we could just try kissing and see where it went.

I leaned toward her, and our lips met. Gently at first, no tongue, then slowly deepened as her lips parted. I tasted the sweetness of her last drink. Her tongue danced against mine, and traced my lips. Her perfect white teeth nibbled my lower lip. My eyes closed and she slid her arms around me pressing her body to mine. I kissed her cheek and her earlobe, nibbling softly, working my way down to her neck. Her head drifted back and I kissed her throat using my lips and tongue and nipping gently with my teeth. We parted, her eyes were huge and glowing emerald green. She was breathing hard, and so was I. She whispered that she wanted more, and I was happy to give her more.

I slid even closer to her, kissing her, and my hand wandered to her round breasts. Her nipples were poking through her silky tight shirt and I traced them around and around using one finger. I rubbed my thumb over her hard nipples and kept kissing her neck and lips. I gently pinched each of her nipples once and kept tracing them through her shirt. She pulled away from me, and said in a voice that was raw with lust, “I can’t take it Delilah, I need more.” With that statement she lifted her shirt exposing her beautiful, tits. They were round, and had large nipples, that were a beautiful dark pink color. They were standing out like hard diamond points.

I lightly rubbed my hands over them, squeezing each perfect globe, and testing her nipples with my fingers. She moaned in pleasure, and I lowered my head slowly to her tits. My lips closed on one perfect nipple while my fingers teased her other one. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her hardness then took one into my mouth and sucked it firmly. Her breath was coming hard and fast and her hand rubbed my back and slid down to my ass where she rubbed and then back up to my hair. Her fingers played in my hair and touched the back of my neck. I moved my lips to her other nipple, and sucked and licked and bit her nipple, till I could tell she was insane with lust.

My pussy was throbbing, with lust and wetness. I hadn’t been laid in a long time and dammit Carrie was starting to seem like my answer.

She took her top all the way off and slid her skirt slowly down. She wasn’t ready to take off her panties I guess, but they were so sexy, emerald green and silky. I could see a damp spot between her pussy lips from where she was so wet.

She pulled me to my feel and unzipped my dress painstakingly slowly. She let it pool at my feet, and she gazed at my small firm tits with the tiny nipples poking out. She did the same to me that I had done to her. Her lips toyed with my nipples. I felt liquid fire seeping through my body. Each tug of her lips on my nipples, felt like it went all the way to my burning pussy. It set off little shivers of passion. She pressed her body against mine and we started grinding our pussies together.

Our tits rubbed each other as we kissed and rubbed our panty clad pussies together. She had one thigh between my legs and I rubbed on it hard. Finally she sat up, and asked in a very soft voice, “Delilah, will you please lick my pussy.”

I laid her down gently, and slid her panties down. I stared at the perfection of her bare pussy. She had no hair on it, and it was glistening wet. Her legs were spread slightly and I could see the deep pink of the inside. I kissed my way down her belly, working up my nerve to eat her. I had never eaten pussy before.

Finally, I got to her pussy, and I gave one quick lick up the slit. I heard her gasp. I lowered my lips to her cunt and gave a few more fluttering licks, getting used to the taste of her. IT wasn’t bad at all. Her cunt actually tasted good. Her thighs spread more for me and I pushed my tongue between her wet pussy lips, deeper. I found her tiny clit and started licking it. Rubbing my tongue in circles on her clit, I felt her passion increasing.

I reached down with one finger and slid it inside of her wetness and finger fucked her as I ate her out. Her back was arched off the couch, and her ass was all the way off the bed. I pressed my lips hard around her clit and sucked. She cried out as she bucked against my hot mouth. Her orgasm jerking through. I could feel her pussy twitching with the orgasm as she gave quick little screams of passion. She lay there panting for minute.

“God Delilah, I never knew it could be like that, just from getting eaten out.”

She laid me back on the couch and whispered, “Your turn baby.”

I felt her lips on my thighs as she pulled my panties off. She spread my legs really far apart and blew gently on my pussy making it jerk.

“Oh Delilah, you have a beautiful pussy.”

She teased me, driving me crazy with lust. Her finger tracing my pussy lips, rubbing up and down the slit but never pushing in. She finally lowered her head and licked hard between my pussy lips. I almost came right then, I was so hot for her mouth. She lowered her tongue down to my wet tight pussy hole, and started tongue fucking me.

Then she slid her tongue back up to my clit and licked very lightly and quickly flickering over my clit with the most delicate of touches. God how I wanted it.

She kept up the flickering until I was practically begging her to lick it hard. My body was covered in sheen of sweat and my pussy juices were running down my ass crack. She suddenly ground her lips and tongue onto my clit hard, and my back arched. She sucked and licked my clit hard and fast until I screamed in total abandon. My thighs clenched her head, and she licked me till my body stopped jerking.

“I am still horny.” She whispered. I was too, and we went to the bedroom.

Our bodies rubbed and we took turns licking each other’s pussy and using my vibrator on each other for a while. When we were both ready to cum once more, we laid together, our legs scissoring, and we placed our bare pussies together. We rubbed and humped and ground into each other. We fucked each other until we were both crying out our pleasure. Our bare pussies slapped together as our fingers rubbed our clits. I could feel her wet slit sliding up and down mine. Our wetness made our pussies slip around very easily and the pressure was amazing.

Before long we were rubbing them so hard, we were oblivious to everything around us. I felt her orgasm just before mine. Her wet snatch jerked hard against mine as I she cried out in total abandon. Mine ripped through me seconds later and I screamed in pleasure my body collapsed on the bed and we lay there panting with our pussies touching for nearly 20 minutes. She finally moved to the head of the bed and kissed me deeply.

I could taste the taste of my pussy on her lips, and I knew she could taste hers on mine. She cuddled up next to me, and we held each other close. Her perfect tits pressing against mine. We snuggled together falling asleep.

We fucked many more times that night. I lost track of how many times I made her cum. I fucked her with my vibrator, my fingers, my mouth, and she did the same to me. We both wished for a strap-on so we could fuck each other properly.

We finally passed out in an orgy of lust, pussy juice, and wine. In the morning she got her clothes and I walked her to the door.

“Delilah? I still want to fuck guys, but I hope we can do this again.”

“God Carrie, me too. There are other things I want to do to you.”

Shyly she said, "maybe sometime when we both have boyfriends we can put on a real show.”

“Damn Carrie, that is hot sounding.”

She kissed me lingeringly at the door, and then she got in her car. I watched her drive away.

I was so hot just thinking about the fun we had had, that I lay down on my bed, spread my pussy lips, and used my vibrator. Rubbing it over my clit and shoving inside my pussy until I came over and over again. I knew that soon Carrie and I would fuck again.

I was headed out to the store to buy that strap-on we had wished for.
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