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Cassie's Surprise Part 1

Tags: lesbian, lover
Cassie comes home from work.
Cassie turned her key in the front door, expecting her love to rush to greet her as usual when she was home first. Laura had had an important shoot with a big client this morning and had decided to leave the rest of her day free allowing her to come home put some music on, and get on with the editing. Cassie pushed the front door open, puzzled by the lack of an excited Laura bounding down the stairs, she always ran down to kiss Cassie to welcome her home. Cassie could here music.

She must not have heard me, Cassie mumbled to herself, she began up the stairs, ready for a quiet night in with her love. Little did she know, Laura had other plans.

Laura heard the key turn in the front door, it was such a fight not to run down the stairs,

"Honey I'm home." 

She heard her baby's voice followed by murmuring. The music was already on, she'd put on her get up, for the past half hour she'd been playing a waiting game, teasing herself until Cassie could give her what she really needed. Her heart raced in anticipation. 

I hope she's in the mood, Laura thought to herself. She heard the footsteps getting closer. 

"Here we go, Geronimo."

Cassie began to open her bedroom door, "honey I'm ho..."

She stopped dead in her tracks as she looked into the room. Laura was lay on the bed in the sexiest position she'd seen her lay. Her lips were glowing with bright red lipstick. Full, lush, red, kissable lips. She was wearing a crimson corset. It pushed her boobs together, Cassie couldn't tear her eyes of the cleavage. On her legs, Laura was wearing black fishnet stockings with a red lace trim.

"It's hot in here don't you think?"

Cassie stuttered as her eyes fell finally to the matching crimson panties. There was a darker patch, she could see Laura's wetness seeping through, she could already smell the sex.

Laura saw Cassie's jaw drop as she entered the room, her eyes almost popped out. Then Cassie, very slowly licked her lips. A low moan escaped from Laura's lips, almost like a growl. Cassie was turning slightly red obviously some effect was already taking toll. Laura got on her hands and knees and crawled across the bed, all Cassie could see was Laura's boobs trying to bounce free of their enclosure, she bit her lip gently trying to hide the effect Laura was having on her. Still on her knees, Laura signaled come here to Cassie.

Cassie couldn't help but obey when Laura called her over. Her mind was racing and her heart was thumping as her feet shuffled over. Laura gently caressed her face and then pulled her into a sensuous kiss, also pulling her hair out of her bun. Laura ran her fingers through Cassie's hair. Gently at first but then going into a tug. She felt Cassie moan into her own mouth.

Laura smiled as Cassie sauntered over too her, Cassie was flushed and it was obvious her heart was pounding. Laura couldn't have hoped for a better reaction, she stroked Cassie's cheeks gently, then pulled her into a passionate kiss whilst pulling the bun out of her hair. Cassie's hair felt so soft, Laura moaned into Cassie's mouth as she began to tug her loves hair.

Cassie was unsure what to do, she wanted more, but she knew that Laura was leading this all she could do was wait.

Cassie found herself being pulled onto the bed on her back.

"You have far too many clothes on, sweetheart," Laura pondered aloud in a low growl, 

"Let me help you with that."

Laura, slowly, began to remove Cassie's shirt, then leaned behind and unclasped her bra. She pulled the straps down her arms and then picked the bra up with her teeth then flinging it away.

Cassie watched as Laura licked her lips at her bare breasts and hard nipples. Cassie's tingling, throbbing pussy told her how excited she felt.

Laura gently kisses Cassie's neck, getting harder with the kisses, her mouth biting down. Cassie was squirming beneath Laura, whimpering slightly as she felt nails scratch up her side. Cassie looked up and saw Laura on top of her in the ceiling mirror, watching her grinding her pussy against her legs and kissing her neck. She could feel Laura's pussy getting wetter and wetter against her legs. Cassie could smell it. She let out a low moan. She wanted more, she couldn't wait any longer.

"Baby, more," she whispered.

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