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Crush with a pupil leads to delight
It is, as we all know, normal for a pupil to have a crush on a teacher but far less normal for a teacher to have a crush on a pupil. I think I fell in love with Catherine the first day I saw her. I was taken on as a teacher for two terms at an all girls’ Catholic school, one of those schools that prepare pupils for A levels to get them into University. It was the sort of school where the pupils have to cram lots of facts and reproduce them in the exam and hope for the best.

Catherine had failed her exams and had been brought to the school by her parents who had high hopes for her. The first time I saw her was when I walked into my Chemistry class. She was sitting in the front row looking miserable. I found out later she didn’t want to be there and was forced by her parents.

Catherine was 17 and a natural blonde with curly hair, which she kept short, just above shoulder length. She has very fair complexion and bright blue eyes. She used a little lipstick and mascara (the nuns were strict with make-up) and the whole thing produced a sort of elfin like effect. I gave her a good long look and let my eyes travel down to her tits. She was wearing a white blouse and her white bra was quite clearly visible. I could see that they housed a really nice pair of tits and my heart began to leap. I was emotionally in a fragile condition. I had been teaching at another school where I had had a girlfriend. We had broken up after two years and I felt vulnerable and unsure of myself. Catherine with her lovely hair, her blue eyes and her high cheekbones made me go weak at the knees: I loved this girl; it was a good old-fashioned crush.

That term I got to know Catherine more and more. Often she would stay behind after class to ask me to clarify some point in Chemistry. Then as the term wore on, she would just stay behind for a chat. Once or twice we went to my flat for a cup of tea and a chat. It began to dawn on me that this crush was a two-way thing but I wasn’t sure and I certainly didn’t know how to develop it.

A week before school closed for the Easter break, I got a phone call from Catherine’s Mum. In a few, terse words she explained to me that she and her husband were getting divorced and they didn’t want Catherine home that holiday. The divorce was going to be an acrimonious affair with plenty of blood on the carpet. Would I look after Catherine for the holiday, she asked, while they sorted things out? She assured me she had spoken to the headmistress who had agreed to this plan. And so it was that Catherine stayed with me in my flat for three glorious weeks.

Our affair started on the first day she was there. I came into the flat to find her in the kitchen with her back to me making a cup of tea. I decided it would be now or never. I walked up to her, stood behind her and gently cupped her tits in my hands while planting kisses on her neck and cheeks. She was clearly pleased with this for she moaned slightly and her whole body relaxed. I began to whisper in her ears how lovely she was and how much I loved her. There was a lovely smile on her face and her hands reached behind her and began to stroke my thighs. I turned her round and kissed her full on the mouth. She had been kissed before and responded perfectly. Our tongues sought each other and played with each other. I had my hands on her perfect ass, which I rubbed gently through the cotton shorts she was wearing.

The cup of tea was forgotten as we made our way to the lounge hand in hand, both of us smiling. I sat her down on a comfortable settee then kneeled down in front of her. Opening her legs wide, I was able to access that lovely face again and we kissed for some time; lost in the pleasures of love and lust. When we broke free, she removed her t-shirt while I peeled off my blouse. We looked at each other’s tits. Mine are sizeable and hers weren’t much smaller. Reaching behind her, I unclasped her bra and then began to fondle her tits. She threw her head back and gasped as I pinched her perfectly formed nipples. Then I helped her out of her shorts and knickers and stared at her cunt. She had shaved that morning, which was obvious to see. I could see her wetness glistening and her lips pouting out, demanding attention. But first things first. Taking each tit in turn I licked the whole breast and then licked and sucked at her nipples. My hand meanwhile was exploring that wet, shaved love hole.

Her hands too were busy. She removed by bra and expertly kneaded my tits. My cunt immediately responded to this and began to get wet. After a while, I looked up at her and smiled. She knew what was coming next and opened her legs even wider. I love the taste of a virgin. Her pussy juices tasted of honey and treacle. I could have licked her all night. My tongue first licked her crack a few times up and down, enjoying her taste and smell, and then went in to investigate her inner parts. She was beginning to breathe faster and I brought my fingers into action to rub her clit while I continue to lick and suck her. Her shaved pussy was just so appealing I couldn’t help kissing it and licking it again and again.

This is when she had her first cum. It took her by surprise and she moaned loudly as her body shook and her cunt poured out her sweet juices. With my lips wet with her juices, I kissed her full on the mouth so that she could get a taste of herself.

“Liz, let me lick you,” she gasped.

I smiled at her, and then removed my skirt and knickers. I lay down on the carpet and taking a cushion from the settee, I put it under my ass to raise it. She then began to explore my body like a true expert (although I later found it was her first time to do this!). Starting with my face, she worked down to my tits where she spent a good time licking and sucking me. Then on to my belly and to my trimmed pussy. Using her fingers and tongue expertly, she licked and sucked my cunt. Her tongue was delicate and she used it beautifully on my willing clit, which responded to her every touch. She then inserted first one and the two fingers inside my cunt while licking me. Moving her fingers in and out gently, she licked my crack with her sweet tongue. I was getting really worked up and played with my tits, pinching my nipples with one hand and stroking her blonde hair with the other while she ate my cunt. She felt so lovely. After a few minutes I came all over her face. She continued lick and finger my cunt, obviously loving the taste of my cum juices.

After a while, we lay side by side with contented smiles on our faces. Her head was on my shoulders, her hands kneading my tits. I stroked her hair and face. It was the start of a fantastic holiday period.

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