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Caught and Captured!

Janice had attitude, and a hobby that was too much for most people.

Janice had been watching the lady at the bar for what seemed like hours. In reality, it was probably only ten minutes. Ten minutes of intense observation in which nothing went unnoticed. She turned her head only slightly to watch the doorman, standing at the entrance of the hotel in his top hat and tails, opening the fingerprint-free, floor to ceiling glass door for the wealthy couple heading towards him.

Janice could hear her therapist’s voice in her head.


“Don’t think about how you feel, how does the victim feel? What goes through their head? How would they feel afterwards? When they find out. Tell me Janice, how does that make you feel?”

Janice thought for a while about how she felt and how she felt about her victims. She thought about the buzz, the thrill, the sheer exhilaration she experienced when she pulled it off. She could feel her heart rate increase to the point of exploding with sheer delight. And as for her victims, she honestly never gave them a second thought. Not once. Not even the woman in the supermarket that nearly caught her in the act and shouted after her. No, there was no remorse at all.



Janice closed her eyes and walked through each manoeuvre in her head. When she opened them again, she stood up and confidently walked out of the bar. The doorman held the door open for the couple entering the hotel. The woman’s fur coat flowed in the breeze and the guy she was with puffed on his cigar as he nodded to the man. Smoking wasn’t allowed in the hotel, but it was not his place to reinforce those rules. The doorman nodded back and smiled, happy to be of service.

From experience, Janice knew that it was best to concentrate on something far away. The couple entering the hotel, was that something. As she approached the woman at the bar, Janice swung her loose shoulder bag around to the front of her right hand side. She leant into the woman as she passed her. The woman looked at Janice as she placed the wine glass heavily on the bar to the woman’s left. With the woman’s attention diverted, Janice’s hand hovered like an owl over the woman’s bag, dipped inside momentarily and lifted her bright green purse out of the bag. In seconds it was dropped into her own bag as she let it fall back to her right side.

Janice walked confidently out of the bar and straight towards the door of the hotel. The doorman had only just started closing the door, but fortunately, noticed Janice just in time to pull the door open again. She strode though it and out into the chilly evening.

Janice’s heart was once more racing, but she was getting used to that after all these years. The green colour of the purse flashed in her eyes and she wondered what goodies she would find inside; perhaps a memento to put on her mantelpiece, definitely some cash and hopefully a card or two that she could use immediately before destroying it. She closed her eyes momentarily and let the rush flow through her.

Janice was on a high. Even her pussy was pulsating and her nipples had become stiff with the exhilaration.

She turned left at the first corner from the hotel and walked down a cobbled alleyway. She hadn’t gone far when the woman passing her pushed her up against the wall. Her face scraped against it before her hand came up to try and push herself away from the rough stone. Janice heard a clicking sound as something hard and cold was forced onto her wrist. With one hand up in the small of her back, she felt her other hand being wrenched backwards where it was suddenly clasped to the same device. Her face was once more scraping against the wall as the raspy voice breathed over her neck. “You’re nicked.”

Janice breathed into the brickwork.  The hand pressing into the small of her back prevented any movement until the woman’s hand pulled the cuffs backwards and twisted her body to face the way she had come. Her head jerked sideways, and Janice stumbled forwards a few steps before she was pulled back by the cuffs.

“Fuck!” muttered Janice. Her eyes rolled in her head and a sigh left her mouth as she recognised the woman from the bar walking towards her; the woman with the light green leather bag, the same bag that was missing the green purse.



As Janice closed her eyes the voice appeared. “How much of a kick do you get out of it?”

“I’m on cloud nine, every time,” she growled through her teeth.

She didn’t want to be with this therapist and she felt certain that the feeling was mutual.

“Have you ever been caught before?”


“What happened?”

“The woman turned at the wrong time; she caught me lifting something. I can’t remember what it was now; it was such a long time ago.”

“What did you do?”

“Froze. Fuck, I was young, the excitement, the thrill, the whole stealing thing was new to me. I tossed the stuff back at her and ran as fast as I could, made it out like it was a prank. It worked.”

“And the good times?”

“The best was at a mall, I had noticed this woman with a bag that was so full of shopping. I accidently on purpose kicked it. I walked past her as she sat on one of the benches in the concourse. I apologised profusely and bent down to pick up the spilled goods and put them back into her bag.  She never even saw me pocket the blue and white bag with my other hand and put it inside my overcoat. Stupid bitch even thanked me.”

Janice shook her head from side to side and giggled at the therapist.

“Was it expensive?”

“Was what expensive?”

“What you stole.”

"I was hoping it was some kind of perfume. The wrapper was from Boots the chemist-”

Janice’s tone softened, she looked towards the floor. The therapist was waiting for more but the words never came.

“What was it?” Even therapists are curious every now and then.

Janice laughed, “Fucking tampons. At least they were my size.”

“What if the police were to catch you.”

“They won’t. Fucking never!”


Janice pursed her lips, opened her eyes and thought how fucking wrong she was. The woman smirked and dipped her hand into Janice’s bag to retrieve her purse.

“We’ve been watching you. It was just a matter of time before you slipped up.”

Janice spat into the woman’s face, but the majority missed its mark by quite some distance as the woman stepped to one side.

The woman smiled at Janice. “I’m Inspector Davies, Emma Davies, and this is my colleague Detective Teresa Jones.”

Janice never said a word, relying on huffing and puffing, pouting and the rolling of her eyes to convey her message.

“Let’s go inside, see if we can get a room for a quick interview,” Emma said to Teresa.

As they approached the hotel, the doors opened, as if by magic. The doorman stood by as Emma strode towards the concierge desk. Teresa held Janice back from overhearing any conversation, holding firmly onto the handcuffs behind her back. The concierge called a bellboy over and before long all three women were headed to a small room on the ground floor. The bellboy opened the door and closed it again when all three women were inside. Inspector Davies stepped outside briefly and had a final word with the bellboy before going back inside.

“No-one comes in here until we’re finished!” she said, raising her eyebrows as an additional exclamation.

Emma walked up to Janice and prodded her backwards until her bum rested on the table.

“We have this room for preliminary interview purposes to aid our investigations into your misbehaviour in this hotel.”

“I ain’t saying fuck all,” replied Janice.

The inspector’s hand came up on Janice’s nipple and she pinched it hard.

“Ouch! What the fuck!”

“What the fuck indeed. We have CCTV, we have me, as a witness and we have Teresa, behind you, who caught you red handed. We also have a few more CCTV images of the way you work from here and other hotels. Last year, you were caught red handed but got off lightly. You were referred to a therapist I believe. Someone that would help you get over your so-called kleptomania.”

“Fucking joke, she was.”

“Was she now!  Janice Stephens, you are looking at five or more years in prison-“

Janice looked sternly at the inspector’s face. Her smile had disappeared.

“I…I can’t go to prison, please, you have your purse back.”

“That’s what we thought too. Funny how great minds think alike. Isn’t it?”

Janice looked from one officer to the other. The atmosphere in the room had changed. Both Inspector Davies and Detective Jones was looking intently at Janice.

“So, this is how the interview is going to go,” started Emma, “You are going to do what you are told, and we – well , we may not find you have anything to answer for at the end of it. Shall we say, everything was just circumstantial evidence?”

Janice’s breathing was laboured and butterflies started to take flight in the pit of her stomach. For some reason she knew what was coming. She let out a brief sigh. A giggle followed it. Her tongue poked into the side of her cheek.

Inspector Davies nodded to her colleague. Janice watched her walk behind her and to the back of the table. Emma reached out and pinched Janice’s nipple a second time, bringing her attention back to the front. This time it elicited a short sharp gasp from her lips.

Inspector Davies dug down into her bag and pulled out her favourite toy. Janice heard the rustling of clothes behind her but kept her eyes firmly on Inspector Davies. A smirk crept across Janice’s face.

“You have very good and quick hands. Lucky you didn’t nick this eh!” said Emma, pulling out the tangled leather straps and black dildo from the bag.

Emma scrunched up Janice’s top around her chest and pulled her forwards. “I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, you’re going to be busy while I put this on.”

Emma twisted Janice around by the shoulders. Her long hair followed slowly and with a hand on her head, pulling back her hair, plus one between her shoulder blade, Emma pushed Janice forward onto the table.

“Lick her.”

Janice was lying prostate on the table; her chin resting on the cheap plastic and her eyes staring directly into Teresa’s moist pussy.

Teresa was half reclined on the table behind her and inching her way forward towards Janice’s face. Her legs wide open and a wanton smile on her face, her eyes were wide with expectation.

Neither of the officers noticed the tongue escape from Janice’s lips as she licked them. When she was close enough, Teresa  grabbed Janice’s hair and pulled her towards her groin. At the same time, Janice’s trousers were unbuckled and pulled down to her ankles. With her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles tethered by her own jeans, Janice was, to all intent and purpose, immobile.

Teresa finally caught the smile on Janice’s face just before Janice dipped her tongue into her sweet pussy.

It was too much to take.The excitement of this thief extending her tongue to lick Teresa was too much. Teresa groaned out loud and pulled harder on her hair. A knot tightened in the pit of her stomach.

Janice’s mouth was all over Teresa’s pussy; licking it, sucking it, flicking at it. She would have pushed a finger into it had she not been restrained. Janice had no way to balance herself and her chin was scraping against the table as she licked and pleasured the detective in front of her.

Teresa nodded her head in abject pleasure. Her lip turned up at the edges; not so much for Janice but for her colleague Emma to see.

“We’ve been told you lick pussy pretty good,” said Emma from behind Janice. “Looks like the rumours are true.”

Janice felt a finger slip into her pussy. It sank inside before Emma wiggled it about. It was followed by a couple more. That was when the thrusting started and Janice started bucking her hips backwards as best she could. At one point she lost contact with Teresa’s pussy which was corrected immediately by a tug on her hair.

“Fuck, she tastes fucking wonderful Teresa,” said Emma as she removed her fingers from her mouth to push them back inside Janice. In less than thirty seconds she was presenting her fingers to her colleague.

Teresa sucked on them, and let out a satisfied sigh as she pulled on Janice’s hair some more. There was no room for Janice to manoeuvre. Her lips were tight against Teresa’s pussy while her crotch was hard against the table. Fingers fucked into her from behind.

Janice gasped loudly into Teresa’s pussy when she felt a finger enter her anus. It wasn’t there for long before Emma had retracted it. Her hand fell onto Janice’s pert bottom but it was a gentle smack that elicited a small satisfying moan from Janice’s pussy covered lips.

After all, thought Emma, not many interviews involved loud noises and screaming suspects.

Teresa was on the verge of her first orgasm and was desperately trying to supress her usual cries of joy, but Teresa’s orgasm would have to wait as Janice’s lips and tongue left Teresa’s pussy.

“Oh! Fuck, yeah,” moaned Janice.

Janice’s joyous outcry was due to the dildo being thrust into her from behind and powered by Emma’s hips. One of Emma’s hands came down on Janice’s hip while the other pointed the strap-on at her cunt. Emma’s other hand followed suit as she thrust the dildo all the way into Janice. Her pussy was more than wet and she decided that there was no need for any subtlety. Gentle insertion was not an option.

Emma fucked her cock hard into Janice. She pounded her pussy with every thrust. Emma’s efforts pushed Janice back onto Teresa’s cunt where she eagerly started licking once more. For Janice, it was unfinished business as she could feel that Teresa was close to orgasm when the surrogate cock entered her.

Perhaps Janice shouldn’t have pushed back when Emma’s cock first started to enter her, but she couldn’t help it. She loved being fucked, especially when a woman was in control. For some reason it seemed all the more carnal. Raw fucking at its best. Though Janice did sometimes like to be in control, she knew there would be no chance of that here.

“Shall we let her hands loose?” asked Emma.

Teresa nodded. “Where’s she going to go with that up her?”

The cuffs were unfastened and Emma slid the ratchet off to the left releasing one of Janice’s hands.

Janice wasted no time with her new-found freedom. Both of her hands shot up to the side of Teresa; one of them making a scraping noise against the table before she pulled her cunt towards her face. Teresa fell backwards as her bottom was pulled towards Janice. Her tongue entered her and Janice was lapping like a dog at the honey pot in front of her.

“Fuck, she’s hungry for this,” said Teresa.

“She’s making me so fucking horny,” replied Emma. “I can see us having to arrest her, keep her locked up in a cell overnight.”

Teresa cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her lower half shook with the sheer pleasure as Janice clamped her mouth over Teresa’s clit and sucked it into her mouth. At the same time, Janice was pushing back onto the cock that was relentlessly fucking her.

Janice let out a few loud groans into Teresa’s pussy as her orgasm reduced her to a shivering wreck.

Emma pulled her cock from Janice’s pussy and started to undo the straps. Janice slipped back off the table without the pressure of a woman’s body behind her and slipped to her knees. She was turned around, only to be faced with another pussy; this one shaved and slick. Her free hand immediately found itself between Emma’s thighs as she pulled on her bottom and sank her mouth to her lips. A finger found its way into Emma’s anus.

Emma half squatted over Janice leaving her to have her way with her. She was more than turned on after the fuck that she had given her and was happy to have this deviant thief suck and fuck her holes until she came.

Teresa was watching the whole scene unfold in front of her. She gently played with her pussy, occasionally inserting a finger into it every now and then.

Emma came hard on Janice’s mouth. It took all of her self-restraint to stop herself crying out. Her hands flung to the back of Janice’s head and pulled it into her cunt. One leg stepped over Janice for balance as her groin jerked in response to the pleasure. Her juices flowed out of her and over the beautiful face below.

Teresa had finally slipped off the table and pulled her trousers back on. She was fastening her belt when Emma came over Janice’s face.

As soon as Emma started to recover, Teresa grabbed the handcuffs that were still attached to Janice’s hand and forcefully grabbed her other arm back towards them. The ratchet slid tight onto Janice’s wrists as the cuffs were fastened.

Janice knelt on the floor, her legs slightly open. Her jeans in a heap underneath her and her face covered in girl cream; sexual fluids dripped from her chin to stain her black blouse.

Emma pulled out a sizeable handful of paper towels to wipe the floor of the room.

“You got the fucking kitchen sink in there?” smirked Janice.

Emma looked at her and then at the smile breaking out on Teresa’s face. Teresa pulled Janice upwards by the cuffs causing her to extend her body upwards and stand before them.

“You are under arrest; anything you say may be used in evidence. Do you understand?” said Teresa.

“You said-“

Janice then started to cry.

“Come now, we’re playing with you,” said Emma.

Turning to Teresa, she nodded. “Take the cuffs off her.”

With both cuffs removed, Janice rubbed her wrists. She bent down to gather up her trousers and slowly got dressed.

“You should have listened to your therapist,” said Emma. “She’s very reliable.”

The smirk on her face and her searching eyes looked deep into Janice’s soul.

“Should you ever need arresting again then you know where to come,” said Emma.

“I’ll let you know when I think of thieving again,” replied Janice.

“You do that, only we may be one step ahead of you.”

After tidying themselves up, both Teresa and Emma left the room. Emma strutted to the concierge and related the story of how the interview led to nothing and that they would have to let the girl go.

Janice left the room shortly afterwards, licking her lips and wiping her chin across the arm of the sleeves of her blouse. She headed straight for the door, brushing past Emma and nearly bumping into Teresa as the girls pulled out in front of her.

“Watch your step, young lady, we’ll be watching you don’t forget,” announced Emma.



Those words, “Watch your step young lady,” rang out. The words brought back the final memory of her therapist. The one where she, Janice, was flat out on the leather sofa with her legs wrapped around the woman’s head; her therapist’s tongue licking her pussy until she came hard.

How unprofessional, thought Janice; as she tugged at the woman’s hair, pulling her into her pussy to make herself come quickly. Just as Janice gritted her teeth, and let out a loud groan, an alarm signified the end of her session with her therapist.

“Some fucking session that was,” gasped Janice.

Her therapist raised her head from Janice’s thighs and smiled at her.

“Some fucking pussy you have there, young lady.”

After Janice had tidied herself up and was about to leave, her therapist smiled at her, “You watch your step now, young lady.”



Janice skipped through the foyer of the hotel and past the doorman. A wicked grin spread across her face as she casually walked through the door.

Janice never even looked back. She knew they would be calling round to her house soon. As soon as Inspector Davies found that her nice green purse was missing, once again!


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