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Caught By My Boss

Babysitting job bliss
It was a boring Saturday night. I was 16 and had no plans. It was summer and all my friends were out of town. I was watching TV when my cell rang. It was Mrs Sellars from next door. She was 28 and beautiful. I hadn't had sexual feelings for women before and was still a virgin 'both' way, having had a few boyfriends.

She told me that she needed a babysitter for her two year old, who was already in bed. Diane, that's what she insisted I called her, was a divorcee, and was going out on a date and told me that she might be out late. I told her I'd clear it with my mom and would be over shortly. This was gonna be easy, as it was nearly nine and Tyler would be out like a light. I'd make a few bucks and get a chance to rummage through Diane's "private" toy collection. I was a virgin, but I wasn't naive. I had babysat for Diane many times and knew of her collection of movies and dildos, among other things!

I arrived after about 15 mins in my pajamas. There was no need to dress up as I was just next door and would probably sleep on the couch until morning. I knocked and Diane yelled for me to come in. I sat down and made myself comfortable while she finished getting ready. She came out and she was stunning! Her hair was in a bun, she had on a short blue dress, and her breasts looked humongous. I was in awe. She snapped her fingers and laughed. She said, "I guess I pass inspection?" I just nodded and she smiled. She handed me a fifty, told me to order a pizza and keep the change and to not wait up. With that, she winked at me and left.

After eating and checking on Tyler, I found myself thinking of Diane. I was getting very horny, but I wasn't sure why. I hadn't found girls sexy before, but Diane had me practically dripping. I headed up to her room and pulled out her stash. I rummaged through the videos and found 'Babysitters For Hire' and was intrigued. I popped it in. The scene started with a young girl playing with herself. I laid back and got comfy. I pulled my pants down, no panties, and pulled my top and bra off.

I watched and followed what the girl on the screen did, rubbing my nipples and licking my fingers. Finally I took a wet finger and rubbed it over my clit. I rubbed around and shoved a finger inside me and wondered how Diane would taste. I pulled my finger out and sucked it dry. It tasted amazing!! I reached into the box and pulled out a six inch dildo. I put it up against my pussy lips and slowly pushed it in. God, it felt so good to be full!! I could feel my orgasm building and I forgot about the video on the screen, now completely lost in my own pleasure.

Suddenly, I heard a noise at the door. I jumped up and saw Diane watching me with her hand under her skirt. I tried to cover up and explain, but she put her finger up to her mouth and said, "Shhh." The look in her eyes made me quiver. She said, "I didn't mean to interrupt. I was stood up and came home early. I came in looking for you and found you in here. I've never been so happy to be stood up before!" She smiled.

I said, "Mrs. Sell.." She interrupted me, "Diane!" I tried to continue. "Diane, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be a baby. You are so sexy and look like you need some relief," Diane said. With that she lifted the blanket off me, exposing the dildo still stuffed in my pussy. She pulled it out and licked it. This made me so hot. She sucked it clean and said, "Mmm, tastes like honey." She reached up and kissed me on the lips and all my worries melted away. She moved down to my nipples and my pussy caught fire. I moaned her name over and over. I couldn't believe this was happening. I held onto her hair. I had never felt anything this wonderful. Then she moved down to my hips and I couldn't hold still any more.

I jumped around, but Diane held me in place. She lifted my legs up and spread them. She took a deep whiff and said I smelled like a flower. She licked my thighs, making me want to scream. I begged her, "Please!"

She asked, "Please what?"

I said, "Please make me come!" With that she ran her tongue from the bottom of my pussy up to my clitoris. At my clit she stopped and sucked it into her mouth. I screamed. The pleasure was unbearable. She continued assaulting my clit while she grabbed the dildo and rammed it into my sopping cunt. I was in heaven and I felt like I was gonna pee. I yelled for her to stop, and she said, "It's OK baby, let it go." I closed my eyes and she clamped her lips on my clit and I exploded. I looked down and it looked like I had pissed all over Diane's face! I was mortified!

I started to apologize but she smiled as she pulled me into her arms and held me close. She said, "Tonya, you've never squirted before?" I told her I hadn't and she said, "Babygirl, I think that's the first time of many and you'll soon realize how lucky you are." I was wondering whether I was going to get really lucky and get to taste her...

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