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Caught Wet Handed

You know, if you wanted me you could have just asked.
I kick off the side of the deep end of the pool as hard as I can and glide under the water until I come up. I swim as fast as I can across the pool to the shallow end and once I get there, I flip and kick off the wall to start my next lap back. Once I hit the side of the pool where I started I stop and take a drink of water. I slip my goggles off my head so I can pull my swim cap off and let my ponytail down.

The pool area is empty, even the lifeguard is off duty and a sign saying "Swim at your own risk" is hanging from the lifeguard chair. I love having the pool to myself so I don't have to worry about anyone or anything distracting me as I practice. The pool is twenty five yards across and six lanes wide. I've been swimming in the middle lane for about an hour now and having a great work out.

Anyway, it's eight pm and I am just about done for the night. I put my goggles on, take a deep breath, and swim to the bottom of the deep end of the pool. The deep end is only twelve feet deep and once I reach the bottom, I try my best to sit and stare up at the still water. I cannot help but imagine tropical fish and sea turtles swimming around me as I sit there.

As the fish swim by after a few seconds, the still water is disturbed and the fish disappear. Alongside my lane, I see a million bubbles from where a person jumped in. I swim up and see another girl is swimming butterfly across the pool.

"Damn, so much for being alone," I mutter to myself. I decide to go back underwater and swim across the pool. As I am swimming I see that the girl has stopped in the shallow end. I can see from her neck down and I'm instantly mesmerized by her perfect body. She has tan skin, long beautiful legs and a flat stomach with what look like size C breasts covered by a dark blue one piece. I have never felt like this for a girl and me being bi-curious, I think I want her.

All of a sudden, my head is overwhelmed with a pain like someone just slammed a rock into my head. I'm sinking to the bottom of the pool realizing I hit the wall head first. I must look like a jackass in front of her right now. I'm trying so hard not to have to go back up for air, so I just stay there at the bottom of the pool holding my head with embarrassment. All of a sudden, I feel a pair of arms wrap around my chest and pull me up above the water.

"Are you okay?" She looks amazing. She has long jet black hair that flows halfway down her back and light green eyes I find myself getting lost in.

"My head hit the wall." Wow seriously, I would state the obvious.

I can feel my face getting red hot from the embarrassment as I lift myself up to sit on the edge of the pool. I can't help but feel insecure around her. I am short and stocky with brunette hair that ends at my shoulders. My skin is on the pale side.The only thing I have going for me is my 36 C boobs that I catch her glancing at as she leans against the side of the pool next to me.

"I'm Jenna." She smiles and holds her hand up for me to shake it.

"Marley." I shake her hand and it feels like a surge of electricity rushes through me. As I take my hand back, I place it it on my forehead and feel a little bump.

"You'll be fine, it's just a bump."

All I do is smile at her and I can feel the awkwardness around us.

"So are you on a swim team?" She finally breaks the silence after a minute.

"Yeah, I am on my high school team. I'm actually the captain." I can't help but brag and hope it impresses her.

"Wow that's awesome. I just swim for fun."

I look down at her and catch her again looking at my boobs and she quickly looks away.

"That's hard to believe. I saw you swimming before and you swim like someone who would do it competitively too. You want to race?"

"Hell yeah. Let me go get my goggles." She hops out of the pool and walks over to a black duffle bag. I cannot help but stare at her perfect ass as she bends over to look through the bag. I quickly snap out of it before she realizes I'm staring and swim across the pool.

Once I get out of the pool, she is already on the diving board waiting for me. I slip my cap over my head and tuck my hair back into it. "Two laps freestyle sound good?" She looks over at me.

"Yeah, sounds great." We both get into our diving positions.

"On three. One, two, three!" I yell out and we both dive in. I move through the water as swiftly as possible alongside her for the first lap. When we take out flip turns at the shallow end of the wall, she manages to kick off harder than me and gets ahead by about three feet. I try to pick up my speed and catch up to her, but it is too late. Her hand hits the wall a second before mine.

"Holy shit, you're fast," I say once I catch my breath.

"So are you. I thought you were going to get ahead of me half way through the second lap." She laughs.

"I tried, but no luck. Well I am going to do a few cool down laps before I get out." As I slowly do breast stroke across the pool, I can't help but think about how turned on I am right now because of her. I usually hate losing, but this time I don't mind it.

I look over and see her swimming by me again. Shit, I have to get out of here before I do something stupid. I don't bother doing another lap and quickly get out of the pool.

"Done so soon?" I hear her yell out.

"Yeah I'm beat," I lie. I am actually wide awake and extremely anxious thanks to her, but I can't tell her that.

"Alright have a good night, Marley." She smiles at me and gives me a wink.

What the hell did that mean? Is she into me?

I leave the pool area as fast as I can and head to the locker room. The locker room is empty just like the pool area. I slip out of my bathing suit as I get to the shower area. I have never been so turned on by someone in my life. I let the hot water fall onto me as I picture her perfect body in front of me.

I lose control and grab my left boob as I reach in between my legs with my other hand. I circle my clit with my fingers and let out a quiet moan as I squeeze my boob. I feel my nipples getting hard in between my fingers. It feels so good as I slip my fingers into me and slowly start to finger myself. I can feel my fingers getting wet and I know it is not just the water from the shower. "Oh God, Jenna!" I accidentally yell out.

"You know, if you wanted me you could have just asked." I freeze and look over to see Jenna standing in front of me with her arms crossed.

I quickly move my hands to try and cover up some of my body, but it is no use. I've been caught wet handed. "How much did you see?" I manage to mumble out.

"Enough." She heads over to me and puts her hands on my shoulders and makes me step back to hit the wall. She lets her body rest against mine and moves my hands onto her breast. She kisses me lightly on the lips causing me to shiver with excitement.

"You like that don't you." She looks up with a hungry look on her face.

"Oh yes I do," I say breathing heavy. I can feel her nipples getting harder as I circle my hands around the outside of her bathing suit.

She starts kissing down my neck as I pull her bathing suit straps down, exposing her perfect boobs in front of me. I immediately put my hands back on them, squeezing harder, making her let out a moan in between kisses on my neck.

She trails her tongue down to my boobs and starts sucking on my already erect nipples. It feels amazing as she circles them with her tongue and bites them lightly, making me wet. She moves her hands down my stomach and between my legs. She slips her fingers in between my lips and starts twirling her fingers around my clit. "Oh, Jenna, fuck me now!" I yell out uncontrollably.

She quickly sticks three of her fingers into my pussy. "Wow, your pussy is so tight." She smiles at me as I try hard not to cum yet. She moves down so she is face-to-face with my pussy.She sticks her tongue inside my lips and starts licking my clit while still finger fucking me. She curls her fingers, hitting my g-spot, causing me to lose all control of my body. "I'm gonna cum!" Her mouth is filled my my juices.

She licks her lips and kisses me, letting me taste myself. "You taste delicious," she whispers.

Without thinking I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I walk us over to a bench by the lockers and lie her down on it. I start kissing her more aggressively, biting her bottom lip lightly, making her hips thrust. "You want my fingers in you badly don't you?" I look at her trying to hold in her orgasm.

I pull her bathing suit off of her and toss it to the side exposing her shaven pussy. "Wow, your body is amazing," I tell her.

"Damn it, Marley, stop talking!" She grabs my neck and pulls me back down to kiss her again. I move myself slowly down kissing every inch of her breast and stomach until my face is at her pussy. I spread her legs apart and I shove my face between her legs and start licking her clit as fast as I can.

"Fuck me, Marley!" she yells out.

I insert three of my fingers into her, thrusting up and down, causing her to move her hips up closer to my mouth as I continue licking her like crazy. I can feel the walls of her pussy tightening around my fingers as I hit her g-spot.

 "Oh my God, Marley, I can't hold it in!" She releases her juices into my mouth and around my face. She tastes so sweet as I lick my lips and get up to kiss her.

"That was amazing," she says still trembling.

"Yeah, it was." I smile at her.

We get up and walk over to the showers, still breathing heavily. While showering we make out under the water and scrub each other's bodies.

"Can we do that again sometime?" I ask her.

"Hell yeah." She smiles.

- - - - - - -

This is my first erotic story so feel free to tell me watch you think about it. This is also entirely made up.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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