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Ceciline Part 3

Three years later, Nicola and Ceciline run into each other.
I scrawled my signature in the allocated spaces. I felt oddly relieved, knowing that this was the end of a very long, and very bad marriage, but at the same time was frightened about what lay ahead of me. It had taken a child for me to realise that I had been in denial for years about the state of my marriage and after eighteen years realised things weren't going to get any better. I had to get out of the bad relationship not only for myself, but for my infant son, Bobby.

Sure Mark, had been a doting father, but he had also been a doting boyfriend and fiancé eighteen years earlier. It wasn't until the ring was on my finger that things began to rapidly change. I was fully aware that shortly Mark would stop being the perfect father and become as emotionally abusive to his son as he had been to me.

I was suprised by how easy it had been to gain full custody of my child and limit visits with his father. I was also relieved by the how much alimony I was to receive. I would have to downgrade my spending and live in a smaller house, but I would still be able to stay at home and take care of my child without having to work. I had thought about leaving several times before, but my lack of education and work experience had stopped me. I had met Mark in high school and was immediately swept off my feet by that charming, older man whom everyone loved. A marriage quickly followed. He was wealthy, and I thought I would be set for life, so my education fell and I barely graduated from High School, never pursuing a higher education.

I had found a small house in the same suburb I had been living in. I would still be near my friends and there were good amenities for Bobby. Mark would be selling the house and moving near Ashford, so he could be closer to his office and so he could avoid the embarrassment I had caused him among his friends. My boxes were waiting for me when I got home from the lawyers office. I hadn't realised how emotionally draining the day had been, until I had sat down to start unpacking the boxes. I was glad that my friend Charlotte had volunteered to baby sit Bobby for the day.

Realising that I had no motivation to unpack my belongings, I decided to make my way into the city and pick up a few necessities for my new house. I drove rather quickly, hoping to avoid afternoon traffic. Successfully managing to do so, I reached Canterbury in under an hour and was able to find a convenient parking space. I picked up a shopping trolley and walked into Dunelm Mills. I began walking between the isles, throwing sheets, towels and other linens into my basket. I found a soft blanket for Bobby’s crib and several boyish stickers perfect for a little boy’s room.

That’s when I saw her. At first I didn’t completely recognize her. She looked different than the last time I had seen her, three years earlier. Her physical appearance wasn’t much different, she had the same long auburn hair, slim figure and blue eyes. Her face was different though. She looked happier and she carried herself differently; as though weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

I watched her for a few moments, looking back and forth between two different bed linen sets. It took that time for me to muster up the courage to go and talk to her. I took a few tentative footsteps towards her, before gaining some confidence.

“I think the blue one suits you more.” I said.

She turned and said nothing in reply. I was afraid at first that she didn’t recognize me. After all, we had only spent a couple of nights together three years ago. I could see it in her eyes. She knew exactly who I was.

“Ceciline.” She whispered so quietly that I almost didn’t hear her.

“Hi Nicola.”

There was a few moments of silence. Neither of us sure what to say to each other. I hadn’t thought through what I had expected upon seeing her. I saw her glancing into my basket.

“I have a son.” She just nodded. “I just got divorced” I added. I felt like I needed to explain. She just nodded again, still unsure of what to say.

“Maybe I will get the blue one.” She said indicating to the bed set she had been looking at earlier.

“Do you maybe want to grab a coffee? I just need to pay for these things.” I asked, on the off chance she may not have any plans. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting, but the instantaneous attraction I had felt three years ago came back, and I was hoping the chemistry would still be there.

“Uh…Sure” she said hesitantly.

Luckily the queue at the checkout counter wasn’t very long, so we didn’t have to wait long. I paid for my items and Nicola paid for the bedspread and a towel. We walked to the parking lot.

“Did you want to follow me in your car?” I asked.

“It’s in the shop being fixed. I took the bus here. I don’t live that far away.”

“We can take my car then. After a coffee I can take you home.”

We put our shopping bags in the boot of my Prius. Fortunately I had been able to keep my luxury car. Although since having Bobby, it had quickly become trashed with baby toys and supplies. I had to clear a box of nappies off of the front seat, so Nicola would have space to sit. We rode to the coffee shop in complete silence. She rubbed her hands nervously on her knees and looked out of the window the entire ride. I chose a café slightly outside of Canterbury which I knew would be quiet and where I wouldn’t run into anyone that I knew.

We picked a table close to a window and both ordered a cappuccino. Nicola pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and placed one in her mouth. Upon seeing her light it, the waitress brought an ashtray to our table.

“Do you want one?” She asked me.

“No.” I had only ever smoked, because Mark had. But since getting pregnant I had given up completely. “So, what’s new with you?”

I realised straight away that it was a pretty silly question, I had never known anything about Nicola’s life. I think she realised that I never knew anything about her life, so kindly told me a few things about her current life.

“I am studying to become a massage therapist. Quit my horrid job, and am now working as a bartender at night. I take it a lot has changed with you?”

She seemed to be more at ease with me, which made me loosen up somewhat.

“Mark and I got divorced. Signed the papers today. I have a fourteen month old son, Bobby who is the centre of my life right now.” That pretty much summed up my life. Until I realised that was all I could say, and in that instant it seemed so boring.

“Mark’s the…”

“He was my husband. The one who paid you to…” I didn’t need to finish the sentence either.

“Hmph. I just never knew his name. I didn’t want to ask, you know back then. I thought it would make the whole situation too personal.” She took another drag of her cigarette. “I guess there is no one else in your life?”

“I don’t think I am ready to start dating anyone anytime soon. Mark is pretty much the only man I have ever been with I don’t think I will ever find another one.” A woman on the other hand… I thought to myself. “Do you have someone?”

“Not really.” She replied vaguely. “I mean there is usually someone, but they never last long. But nobody right now.”

I was surprised. Nicola was a very attractive personable woman. I would have thought she wouldn’t have had any trouble finding someone to settle down with. Maybe she didn’t want to though. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she had men issues. After all, something had enticed her to return to the parking lot after the first meeting with my husband, and it certainly wasn’t the money.

Our coffees arrived and Nicola stubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray. It had begun to get chilly for a summer’s afternoon. It was England though, and weather was unpredictable. It was nice to have something warm to drink. It also gave me something to do when there was a lull in the conversation.

We chatted a little longer, our conversation remaining very shallow. I think both of us were too afraid to ask what we really wanted to, or to talk about our meetings a few years earlier. She asked me plenty of questions about Bobby, and the proud mummy that I was, I talked for several minutes about him and his achievements as a toddler. Nicola was very sweet and acted interested, but I know that it must have been quite boring for a childless woman as young as her. You can’t really appreciate certain things a child does until you have your own.

Time went by quickly and I didn’t look at my watch until I had noticed that it had started to get a bit dark. We had long since finished our coffees, and Nicola had gone through several more cigarettes.

“Why don’t I take you home?” I asked placing a fiver on the bill we had received before we had even finished our coffees. Nicola had reached into her purse to get money, but I stood up and headed towards the door before she even had the chance to offer her portion of the bill too me.

Silence filled the car once again. She only spoke when I asked her where she lived. She seemed hesitant at first, but in the end told me. The flow of our conversation had ended when we walked out of the café. I was unsure of what I felt about our meeting. I wasn’t even sure of my feelings towards her. Attraction and chemistry were definitely there, but my attachment to her seemed silly when I thought about it. I wanted her just as much as I had the first night I had met her three years ago, but it wasn’t just physical attracted. I wanted her more than just sexually. I wanted her as a partner, as a companion. It was silly really. I couldn’t explain it, but the feeling were there.

She lived a little further away than I had expected. I pulled into the parking lot of a block of dingy looking flats. Three years ago, I had known she didn’t have a lot of money. I could tell by her cheap clothes and badly coloured hair. I don’t know why I had expected her to have moved up, but I was surprised she was still living in someplace so poor. I guess I couldn’t quite understand. After all, I had never worked for my own money and she was putting herself through school on a bartender’s salary.

“It was nice to see you again.” I pulled a card out of my wallet that had my name, number and new address printed on it. I handed it to her. “If you ever want to get together again, here’s my details.”

She took it and put it into her purse. She opened the door, but paused before getting out. She had swung her legs over, so they were on the tarmac, but she remained seated in the passenger seat of my car. She turned back to me.

“Would you like to come in?” She asked. “Maybe I could make something to eat?”

I looked at my watch and hesitated. I knew I really should have been getting back to Bobby, but also knew that Charlotte would have been happy to look after him for as long as I needed. I nodded and switched off the ignition. I followed her up to her flat.

It was small, but very clean and tastefully decorated. Beautiful painting covered the walls and I noticed her signature was scrawled in the corner of each one. It was almost illegible, but I was barely able to make out Nicola in it.

“You paint?” I asked.

“Not much any more, but once I did. Do you want something to drink?” I shook my head. “I am going to get myself a glass of water, why don’t you take a seat on the couch?”

She walked into the tiny kitchen that was attached to the small living room. I perched myself on the edge of a cushion on the love seat and waited for her to come back into the main room. She placed the glass of water on the coffee table and placed her hand on my knee.

“I’ve thought about you often.” She said.

I didn’t know what to say, I just nodded. I had thought about her over the past few years, but definitely not often. I was too concerned with dealing with my abusive husband and being the perfect wife.

She moved her hand up my thigh and leaned in to kiss me. She noticed my apprehension. “Don’t worry, we can do this slowly.”

Her lips met mine, and I parted them slightly when her tongue pressed against them. Her tongue began to slowly probe my mouth. I felt them trace my lips, then my teeth, then my tongue. I closed my eyes and moved my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues caressed as we continued to kiss each other.

I moved my hand to her shoulder and down to her breast. I cupped one on the outside of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see her nipples harden under the thin fabric. She continued to caress my thigh and moved it further up. I tugged on her dress and then pulled it over her head; she had to lift her hips to allow me to do so. My hands on her skin seemed pale next to her olive complexion.

“Should we move this into the bedroom?” She asked.

I just nodded and followed her into the bedroom. It was even smaller than the sitting room and only had room for a double bed. We stood at the foot of it, Nicola just wearing a small blue thong while I still had on my sweater and slacks. She began kissing my neck and I tilted my head allowing her to more of my skin. As she kissed me she unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall to the floor; they were soon followed by my panties which were incredibly less sexy than hers. I pulled my sweater over my head while she reached behind me to unclasp my bra. It too fell to the floor, releasing my breasts.

Nicola pushed me onto the bed, so I was laying flat on my back. I scooted my body up to the top so my body fit on the bed. She removed her thong before joining me on the bed. She climbed over me and straddled my torso. We continued kissing, groping each others breasts. Mine were cupped perfectly by her hands, while mine were much larger. I leaned my head up and took one of her nipples into my mouth. My tongue licked it gently and I felt it harden even more in my mouth as I began sucking it. Nicola pushed her crotch into my abdomen as she drove her tongue further into my mouth. Her clit knocking into my bare skin caused her to moan softly.

She reached behind her and began rubbing my wet pussy. She moved her hands up and down my slit before parting my labia with her thin fingers. I began sucking her other nipple as I felt her fingers probe my hole, without quite entering me. She pulled my head further to her chest. We were both moaning. I had relaxed and become less nervous, allowing me to enjoy the ecstasy of the moment.

She slipped a finger into my pussy. My wetness allowed it to slide in easily, and soon she put another one inside me. She rocked back and forth as she penetrated me. She leant down to kiss me. I took my lips away from her beautiful tits and began kissing her mouth, my tongue probing her gently.

“Hold on a second.” She said.

I pulled away, worrying I had done something wrong. Maybe we were going too fast, I had been so caught up in the moment, I hadn’t thought about what fucking her would mean. It felt really good and it felt okay. She walked over to her closet and opened it. Retrieving a small item I couldn’t recognize. When she laid on the bed next to me, I could see it better. A vibrator. I reached out for it, expecting that she wanted me to pleasure her with it. She shook her head.

“This is for you to enjoy.”

She laid on her side next to me, one of her hands propping her head up. She leaned over and kissed my breasts while reaching down with her other hand, the vibrator clasped tightly in it. She turned in on and a heard a familiar buzzing sounds. She placed it on the entrance of my pussy. I closed my head and tilted my head back when she pushed the small mechanism into my cunt. I moaned, the pleasure causing a tingling sensation up my spine. My skin became overly sensitive and every time she accidentally brushed against another part of me, my moan intensified.

She moved the vibrator to my clit and the pleasure was almost too much. I moved my hand downwards as though I were going to move her hand away, but enjoying the feeling too much, I left my hand on hers as I moved closer to climaxing. I moved her head to my mouth away from my nipples and towards my mouth. I placed mine on hers, my tongue able to move as I came, moaning loudly, my thighs clenched around her hand.

She switched off the vibrator and put it on the side of her bed. I laid in the same position and she put her head on my chest, with a leg sprawled over one of mine. I breathe deeply as I recovered from the first real orgasm I had had in years.

“Why did you let him bring home other women?” She asked me. I was surprised by the question, and it took me a moment to answer. She must have known she wasn’t the only woman.

“It was my idea.” I said honestly. “At first it was supposed to be a little fun. Our sex life was suffering and I needed a way to spice it up. He also liked things much more rough than I did. I thought another woman would let him be as rough as he wanted and I could still be included. We had fun choosing a woman, and I enjoyed my time with the ones we brought home. Then it turned into something entirely different. It changed to prostitutes -”

“I wasn’t really a hooker.” She corrected me. I just nodded and continued.

“Then he started being really rough with me. He liked the other women to watch, while he fucked me really hard. I felt so humiliated. Him fucking you in the cabin was something new. He didn’t ever do that.”

“Why didn’t you tell him to stop with the women?”

“He had complete control over me. I felt like I couldn’t ask him to stop. I thought he would have continued fucking other women, and I would have lost my husband completely. Sex was the only time I could feel any connection to him, and even then it was rare.” I paused. Talking about my marriage began to stir up emotions I had been trying to leave at bay all day. “After you, I put my foot down. Those two meetings had effected me too greatly.”

“Did you come back to the parking lot, looking for me?”

“He went back every night for a week. When it became apparent that you weren’t going to be there, he gave up. Why didn’t you come back?”

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t, because I was too humiliated about the night in the cabin after I realised that you had seen the whole affair. I was really attracted to you. I thought about you, and thought about going back so I could see you again, but I didn’t think my feelings for you were mutual. I don’t know what really brought me to the parking lot the first night anyways. I wasn’t looking to pick any body up. I just needed to get away, to think. I was pretty fucked up then.”

“I thought about trying to find you, somehow.” I admitted. She just nodded.

I placed my hand under her chin and lifter her head, so I could kiss her. My teeth nibbled her lips and I did so. I trailed kisses down her face, neck and torso as I inched my way down the bed. I paused at her pussy before kissing there again. It was just as sweet as it had been that first night three years ago. She moaned as I tongued her clit. I moved down her slit and my tongue traced each lip before I began kissing her. Her juices coated my lips. I moved my moistened lips to her clit. My kisses began slow and gentle, but became harder and less deliberate as she placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed my face further into her crotch.

I placed two fingers into her soaking cunt, continuing to kiss her clit as I fingered her. I thrust both fingers into her quickly as hard as I could, burying them deeply in her cunt. I nibbled on her clit gently causing her to jerk back slightly before thrusting her hips towards me and onto my fingers. I quickly placed another finger inside her, then another. She had no problem accommodating my four finger which were soon buried up to the knuckles.

Her moans became louder and closer together as my tongue continued working it’s away around her enlarged clit and my fingers continued fucking. Feeling she was close to orgasm, I pounded her as quickly as I could. I felt her muscles contract around my fingers with a final gasp. I pulled my finger out and moved my lips back to her slit, licking up all of her juices.

I moved up the bed, so my head was level with hers. She kissed me gently licking the juices off my lips. She then placed my fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.

“Why don’t you stay the night?” She asked me.

“I would love to. Let me call my friend who is taking care of my son first.”

I felt comfortable with someone I was enjoying sexually for the first time in many years, and I began thinking I had finally begun making the right decisions.

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