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Chapter 2: Graduation

How I missed my sister and Jenny.
I was thrilled to finally be graduating and finding a job so soon, of course it was only temporary pending the results of my final examinations. I didn't think I had anything to worry about, still you never know. Of course my employers wanted to make sure I'd passed, before making me a permanent employee.

I had three weeks at home before I had to return to London to start my job, and mother took me shopping to outfit me in what she called, 'professional clothes.' The problem being a professional as mother put it was not just the need for business suits. There was other attire women were expected to wear in those days, by that I mean what was commonly called foundation garments. Corsets and Basques were being replaced with the more modern Girdles and full Brassieres. She considered a necessity in today’s business world, as women were moving into jobs traditionally held by men.

Of course I had my own ideas about fashion, and was more interested in the more modern styles now available for ladies. I preferred the girdle to the older styles of Basques, but hated panty girdles. I found the gusset in them to be too stiff for comfort, and much preferred the normal open girdle with a pair of comfortable knickers. Even with those I preferred the modern short legged version, called French Knickers to the long legged version known as Bloomers. As mother was buying me those things, I really didn't have too much to say about it.

Mother drove me up to London the week before I was to start work, to help me find a place to live. I found a room in a boarding house for women in the heart of the city, close to where the firm was located. In those days we were paid weekly in cash, so the following Saturday I began to go shopping.

There were lots of nice shops I knew of from my time at University, so had an idea of where to go. With the underground system that Londoners referred to as the 'tube,' it was an easy city to get around in.

I loved browsing through the nice lingerie now available, not only the styles but the different colours. Lots of them coming in from the continent, lacy push up bras, garter belts to replace the old fashioned garters. Nylons were coming out in more exciting shades and colours too. I could only afford so much each week, so it took a few months to put together a wardrobe with what I liked for evening wear.

Of course I missed my Jenny very much and we were writing to one another every week, I was lonely in many ways. I was also writing regularly to mother and my sister Rachael, I also missed her as we had always been so close, at least with her I could share my most inner feelings. At University there were lots of people so you never really felt alone, but now until I made some new friends, it was a lonely time.

There was what was called a 'Hot plate' in my room so I could at least make tea, and heat a can of soup to go with cheese and cold meat sandwiches. But at weekends I'd treat myself to a proper meal in a restaurant.

I started going to dances on Friday and Saturday nights, and started dating men again. However after my experiences with my sister and Jenny, I kind of hoped to be able to make friends with another woman. When I saw two women dancing together, I would wonder if they were just friends, or friends with 'benefits.' I was always very feminine in my appearance and tastes, both my sister and Jenny were very feminine ladies too. I would try to visualize what they were wearing under their dresses, and would take in all aspects of their clothing. Stiletto shoes were becoming very popular, as were black nylons.

For a few weeks it was a very lonely time, I tried to put my experiences with Rachael and Jenny out of my mind but it was impossible. I would dream of them and sometimes wake up extremely horny, and relieve myself by masturbating

At the dances I had lots of men interested in me, and dated a few. Nothing lasted and I even gave in to my feelings, and enjoyed shag with a couple of them. I did enjoy the feeling of a man’s cock inside me, although it was never as fulfilling as I would have liked.

I finally met and started dating a man I really liked, and after a couple of weeks we began to have sex. At first it was the usual knee tremblers in doorways, and after the first time I would leave my knickers off to better enjoy the shagging. As before it was nice and I enjoyed the feelings of being aroused, but never achieved an orgasm.

Up till that time I had never had sex in a bed, and had often thought how wonderful that must be. So when Andrew invited me back to his Flat one night, I was only too happy and thrilled to go.

We started petting on his sofa his hands feeling my tits, and then unbuttoning my blouse to lift them out of my bra. As he started to kiss and suck them, one hand crept under my skirt to find my pussy. She was already wet and wanting, after some fingering he finally sat up and said, "Come on" and taking my hand led me to his bedroom.

There he finished undressing me, first my blouse and bra, and then my skirt followed by my stockings and girdle till I was completely naked. Next he disrobed himself and I thrilled to watch him, once he pulled down his underpants and his cock sprang out so solid looking. I leaned back on the bed as he climbed over me, and placing himself between my open legs brought his manhood up to its nest. My pussy was tingling in anticipation as our lips, and he slid his cock into me.

I loved the feeling of its entry, and held onto him as he slowly he began to ride me. He fucked me with increasing thrusts and vigour, which I matched with my own limited movements. Suddenly he stopped moving, and I felt that familiar then his cum hitting my cervix. I groaned as I felt with a few more thrusts, and I could have matched his orgasm with one of my own.

After he pulled out of me, we lay side by side kissing and cuddled, I played with his cock and balls as I loved their softness. Once he was hard again I lifted my leg and brought it to my pussy again, he waited while I rubbed the outside of my clit with it to better arouse me, then I placed the tip inside the folds and he started to strobe me again. As before it was enjoyable, but again he cum before I was quite ready.

In the morning it was different, after our constitutional we both returned to bed and I took the initiative. I got him onto his back and slowly played with his body, running my fingernails lightly over his chest and working their way down to his manhood. He opened his legs to give me full access to his genitals. I cuddled them and stroked his cock, looking at what I was doing gave me a thrill. It was so stiff and the head shining I loved the feel and look of it, and on impulse I leaned down and kissed it then took it in my mouth.

Why I did that I don’t really know, it just felt like the right thing to do. I’d never thought of doing that before, but then again I’d never been in bed with a man till that night. His cum caught me by surprise, when it hit my throat I just stopped all movement until he had finished. The taste surprised me as it was salty and gritty, I swallowed it quickly and looked into his eyes.

He was smiling at me and I smiled back at him, his cock went slack but I still held it in my hand. I was amused seeing how slack and limp it went, the head disappearing behind his foreskin. I was horny and had wanted to feel it inside me, but knew I’d have to wait. I crawled up beside him and placed a leg over his, this way I could rub my pussy against his thigh as I kept fondling his cock.

Once I felt him start to get hard again, I moved down and took it in my mouth until I felt it was solid. Now I got up and straddling him, rubbed my pussy against it. He waited while I rubbed the shaft against my pussy, till I felt good and ready. Then I took my sweet time and slid it into me, a little at a time for just a half inch or so, each time going a little deeper. Till at last I felt him right at the back, and then I began to fuck him.

I can only describe it as a most glorious feeling, like stars were bursting over me. I called out as I had the most beautiful powerful orgasm, and moments later he joined me as I felt him cum inside me. If only that happened more often, if men learned to wait and not be in such a rush to get it over with, only thinking of their own satisfaction.

After we rested he asked me to go make tea, and I reminded him he was the host and I was his guest. He quickly learned I'm not a maid, I don't cook and I don't do dishes or any housework for that matter. Still we continued to date for a while, but that and some other things contributed to our parting. First for all the fucking we did, I never had an orgasm unless I was able to prepare myself as I said above.

If only I’d met another decent man with his own flat so we could share a bed, things might have turned out differently. The only other solution was for me to take a man into my bed, but in the rooming house where I stayed at that time that was definitely out of the question. Still I kept dating and hoping as I loved sex. As the weeks went by, my thoughts turned more and more towards women.

Near where I lived there was a cafe known as a 'coffee house', as it imported coffees from the continent. It was a trendy place, popular with intellectuals and artists. I liked to go there a couple of evenings a week, and kill time over coffee and read a book. I also often went there for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays, it was often busy with the artistic crowd, that way made it seem less lonely.

With time I got to know some of the other regulars, at least enough to say hello too. Occasionally most of them would come in with other friends, so they could sit and chat about life for a while. There was one lady who was a regular but was always by herself, she would sit with her drink and usually be reading a book. I noticed she was a regular for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays too. On Sundays she usually wore a hat and lace gloves as if she had just come from church.

She was a quiet lady and other than saying "hello" to others who acknowledged her with a salutation, she kept pretty much to herself.

One evening when I dropped in for coffee the place was almost full, and I noticed a seat at the small round table where this lady was sitting. "May I?" I said indicating the vacant chair.

"Yes by all means" she said moving her handbag off the chair to let me sit down. I was maybe twenty two at the time, and I guessed she was about thirty and quite attractive.

I went up to the counter and got my coffee, returning she put the book down and smiled at me as I sat down. We introduced each other, she told me her name was Linda, and we spent some time chatting getting to know each other. After that evening whenever we saw one another, we made a habit of sitting together and chatting. She told me she was a Lawyer and I told her I was an Accountant, and she had her own Flat nearby so this coffee shop was local for her as well as me.

Friday and Saturday nights we wouldn't see each other as I went dancing, I don't know what she did on those evenings. She never mentioned going anywhere or having a boyfriend or anything, not that it mattered really as that was her business. One day at work I was given two tickets for a variety show at the London Palladium, they were normally for entertaining clients, but occasionally the company would hand some out to us employees. So next time I saw Linda, I told her about them and asked her if she’d like to go with me.

She smiled at me and said, "That would be nice she smiled and said, "OK that would be nice, perhaps we can have dinner out and we can make a night of it."

So it was agreed and on the night in question we met at the coffee shop, and then took the 'Tube' to near where we were going. She took me to a nice restaurant where we had dinner. She looked radiant I thought, wearing a very pretty dress set off with nice ear rings and matching necklace. I admit I had some erotic thoughts about her, but felt it was too dangerous to say or try anything.

We had a nice dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the show, and wrapped the night up back at the coffee shop. We left together to walk home and on the way I would be passing her Apartment building, when we got there she turned and thanked me for a ‘wonderful evening.’

"Yes" I agreed, "I loved it too thank you."

At this she made what I thought was a strange comment, "You should know I'm not interested in men," and before it had time to register in my mind she was gone. I stood there stunned for a moment, looking at her disappearing through the door into her building.

My mind was a whirl and I hurried onto my rooming house, where once in my room I thought over all the conversations we'd had. Except for mentioning family members she had never mentioned men, no ex husband, no boyfriend and the only thing I could think of, "Was she was queer, celibate possibly? No can't be that's not normal." I undressed for bed and once I was naked I looked at myself in my mirror, I was good looking and loved my body. (Ego?) Did she find me attractive, she was always so nice I felt sure she did?

I slept naked that night, with a hand cupped over my pussy I smiled at myself and thinking naughty thoughts of Linda I soon fell asleep.

The next morning I got up and made my tea, and taking a cup with me went and took a bath. What Linda had told me the night before was still on my mind. I couldn't wait to go to the coffee shop for lunch, as a result got there earlier than usual. I worried she might not show after her admission to me, but breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her come in.

When she finally arrived, she was in her Sunday best including her hat with the veil. I was also aware of her high heels and wearing a nice pair of dark nylons, with the seams perfect at the middle of her legs at the back. For some reason that told me she was particular about how she looked, and I liked that.

Once she got her coffee she turned looking to sit down, I smiled at her and was relieved when she smiled back and came to join me. After the usual salutation, she commented on the weather as it was a bit cold and blustery out. I noticed her hands as she held her coffee cup, they were nice and steady, it suggested to me that she was at least comfortable in her own skin.

She thanked me again for the previous evening, and I thanked her in turn for the lovely dinner beforehand. No mention was made about the parting comment she had made, and of course I was dying to know if she was gay. We spent over a couple of hours chatting, although there were long periods of silence as neither of us could think of anything to say for the moment.

She was in the process of getting up and I placed a hand over hers, and finally plucking up the courage blurted out, "I'm glad you said what you did before you went in last night."

Smiling she turned and left, I grabbed my handbag and hurried after her. Catching up with her I took her arm said, "What's your hurry, I like you and can we at least be friends?"

Now she slowed down and gripped my hand, letting me still hold her arm. We walked to her apartment building, and once there she invited me inside with her. She had a lovely two bedroom Flat, it was tastefully decorated. I noticed she also had a telephone, sitting on a writing desk in one corner, something not too many people had in those days. There were papers neatly on her desk and a briefcase was on the floor beside it, no doubt as a lawyer she brought work home with her.

We removed our coats and she hung them up in her closet, and invited me to sit on her sofa. She turned on the gas heater in the fireplace, it wasn't really cold in the room, but felt it could be a little warmer.

Smiling at me she said, "Would you like some wine?"

"Yes thank you" I said.

"Red or white?" she asked.

I wasn't much of a drinker then, and didn't know much about wines but felt I should say something and replied, "White."

She disappeared into her small kitchen and in a few moments returned with two glasses of wine, handing one to me as she joined me on her sofa. We 'clinked' glass wishing each good health before taking a sip, then settled down to chat and enjoy the wine. We talked about what movies we liked as well as music, and of course books. In the coffee shop she usually had a book to read.

Sitting close together like that I found her very attractive, and now sure she was gay I found to be exciting me. Although I'd started making love with Andrew and other men I felt it was not enough, and like I said I'd missed my Jennifer. She went to her kitchen and poured us a second glass, and returning with them sat so close I felt wonderful.

Looking into my eyes she said, “So there’s no misunderstanding, you must know I prefer the company of other ladies.

No more was said for a moment as if to let what she said sink in. I was scared and excited, and didn’t move or say anything, just smiled in reply.

She pressed her knee against mine, and placed her glass on the table. She was looking directly into my eyes as if to read me, then took my glass and also placed it on the table. Lifting a hand and placed it alongside my face, she leaned forward and kissed me on my cheek. I smiled at her and she smiled back, followed it up by planting a firm kiss on my lips.

Her lips felt soft, I opened mine and she slipped her tongue between them. Now I sucked on her tongue for a moment before giving her mine in return. With our tongues probing each other we shared French kisses. We tried to outdo one another as our hands wandered over each other’s backs and shoulders, it felt so good to be making love to a woman again.

Her hand began to unbutton my blouse, and soon removed it altogether. I went to reciprocate but she pushed my hand away gently whispering to me.

“No let me love you, it’s been a long time.”

Now partially leaning over me she began unbuttoning my blouse, in the closeness I saw the desire in her eyes. I leaned back onto the cushions as she opened my blouse wide and leaning over, kissed my neck first then down to the top of my boobs. I was excited my nipples hardening as with her tongue, she ran it over my tits and pressing it down into my cleavage.

I took her head in my hands and raised my chest to her lips, indication my need for her to do more. With her chin she pressed down on my bra to let my nipples pop out, now she flicked her tongue over one then the other before taking one in her mouth to suckle me. It was agonizing in a way how she took her time teasing me with her mouth, alternately sucking and nibbling my tits.

Finally she took a moment to unsnap my bra, removing it along with my blouse and discard them on to the floor. Settling back down I lifted one leg up onto the sofa, making myself more comfortable. Settling back on her sofa, I saw her lips were moist and her eyes sparkling. She began caressing my chest lightly with her finger tips, so light it was maddening. My body came alive with the attention, my pussy tingling with delight.

The desire within me was mounting, my pussy felt moist as she continued to suck and tease my tits. I went to take hold of my own tits, presenting them to her searching tongue. Smiling she removed my hands and whispered, no let me it’s been so long. I couldn’t control the mounting pleasure surging through me, soon exploding in a beautiful orgasm. Inadvertently I called out and moaned from the sheer pleasure it gave me, my juices flooding the crotch of my knickers.

She knew what she had done, the smile on her face told me. I lay there enjoying my feelings as she got up and knelt on the floor by my knees, her hands slid up under my skirt. Pushing it up out of the way as she did, as I felt her hands move under my bum I lifted my hips. She pulled my knickers down slowly to my knees, then lifting first one foot then the other removed them altogether.

Making eye contact with me for a moment, she then slid her hands back up alongside my thighs, then my hips as she placed her body between my legs. Leaning over she kissed my pussy lips, running her tongue over my labia’s then up to flick it over my clit. I lifted one leg up out of the way, and held onto it giving her more room to explore my recess with her tongue.

It didn’t take long for my next climax to surge through my body, I was now gasping and moaning quite audibly now. I closed my thighs on her head for a moment to enjoy the sensations, and then relaxed as she continued to lick and suck my pussy.

Finally she stopped and sat back on her heels, smiling up at me indicating her pleasure too. Her face was wet with my pussy juices, particularly around her smiling lips. I sat up and slid of the sofa onto my knees, and taking her head in my hands gave her a long lingering French kiss.

Now it was my turn to please her, there was no resistance as I unzipped her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. Next I took off her bra letting her boobs swing free, her generous tits tipped with raspberry like nipples. Gently I leaned her back onto the floor, her legs opened up as I knelt between them to pay attention to her chest. I was thankful for my experiences with my sister and Jennifer, as now I could repay her in kind for the pleasure she had given me.

Her breathing got heavier, and soon she was gasping from the orgasm my caresses had induced in her. She got up after and saying "Come on", got up and pulling me after her led me to her bedroom. She went up to the bed and I was right behind her, I placed my arms around her taking her tits in my hands. I caressed them one in each hand as I pressed mine into her back and held her like that enjoying the feeling.

By now I was fully confident of my ability to not only please her, but derive extra pleasure by doing to her what gave me pleasure too. I nuzzled her neck and she raised her shoulder indicating how it pleased her too, bend over I whispered.

She needed no further urging, and leaning over placed her hands on the bed. Now I slid to my knees behind her, letting my hands slide up and down over her nylon clad legs. She separated her legs to let me indulge myself, how I thrilled at the feel of the smooth nylon. She was wearing white cotton knickers, how I would have loved them to be silk, and another exotic material I loved the feel of.

Now I could smell her pussy, she had obviously excreted lots of pussy juice with our loving. I pulled the material down over her bum and removed one foot, and planted kisses on her derriere. Now her vulva was exposed to me from behind, she was so wet and smelly and I loved it. I pressed my face into her crack to taste her, my nose pressing into her as I sucked on her clit.

She groaned out loud and raised her upper body up with her hands, spreading her legs even further apart to facilitate my searching tongue. As much as I loved it, I could only hold this position for so long. Rising to my feet I placed a hand over her cunt, and holding it in my hand felt the wetness of her bush.

Now we climbed onto the bed and lay down, out nylon clad legs entwined as we kissed and cuddled one another. We explored each other’s bodies, smooth hands making circles round each other’s tits. Our nipples which were granite hard bringing cries of pleasure from each other, then down to explore the depths of our pussies. We were both vocal as we enjoyed our orgasms, finished when she climbed on and pressing our pussies together, we humped one another.

Out of breath and sweating, we both lay on our sides looking into one another’s eyes, she was smiling as I saw the happiness in her eyes as we just enjoyed some light petting as we held onto each other.

We both must have dozed off for a couple of hours then when we woke up Linda said, "You will stay for supper won't you?"

I just nodded my head in reply and we got up and I followed her into her kitchen and helped her fix our meal. We stayed naked for the duration, and enjoyed a lovely supper washed down with some more wine. I had to leave to go back to my room after, as I had work the next day.

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