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Chapter 3: We share our love with others!

How we took out love to another level by sharing with another couple!
As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and I had to be getting home as it was now around ten o'clock. I got dressed and when ready to leave, Linda walked me down to the building entrance. She took my arm and not much was said between us, we were both reluctant to leave each other.

We stood in the doorway for a moment just looking at one another, I took her hand and said, "Thank you I had a lovely time, will I see you again?"

Oblivious of whoever might be around, Linda put a hand on my cheek and smiling said, "Yes I'd like that very much, because of my work load I'm not normally free every night during the week, but if you like we can try to see each other again on Wednesday evening."

Then with a parting kiss I left and walked home. Back in my room, it seemed dark and dreary compared to Linda's nice flat. I took a leisurely bath before going to bed, and soon fell into a fitful sleep. I awoke in the morning feeling rested and cheerful, and looking forward to my day got dressed and left for work.

Monday and Tuesday of any week for me was usually a time to do laundry, ironing, cleaning and tidying my room. I would also take the time to write to my mother, Jennifer and Rachael. By being busy made those slow days of the week pass a little more quickly, and I was looking forward to seeing Linda again.

After work on the Wednesday I hurried home, and in anticipation of seeing her I wanted to take a bath. As I was in a rooming house, there was just the one bath for the whole floor. It was not the best time if you liked the water to be really hot, as so many others had the same idea. I struggled out of my girdle, the so called ‘foundation garment’ that was supposed to control our hips into the so called 'hour glass figure.'

As the water was only warm I didn't soak as I would have liked, just washed quickly and hurried back to my room. Looking at myself in the mirror I liked what I saw, I knew I had a good figure, and didn't feel the need to shape it with a foundation garment. I selected a matching push-up bra and knickers, with a garter belt to hold up my stockings. In those days a lot of women still used the old fashioned rubber bands for garters, something I detested.

I got to the Cafe early to have some supper first, and then followed it with a coffee as I waited for Linda. Hoping that nothing came up to prevent her from getting away. It was after seven when at last the door burst open, and in she waltzed. She was in a business suit and had her brief case with her, and obviously had hurried from work hoping I'd still be waiting for her. I was delighted to see her again, and from her smile I could tell she was happy to see me.

She went and got a sandwich and coffee, then sitting back down smiled at me saying, "Glad you could make it, I was thinking of you all day."

"Me too," I replied. "It was worth the wait I had such a lovely time with you, I would have waited all night if I had to."

She finished her snack, then we walked arm in arm back to her Flat, and once inside she hung up our coats. Setting her brief case by her desk, she went and poured us both a glass of wine.

"Do you mind if I get more comfortable?" she asked.

"No not at all," I replied, "after all it's your home."

Smiling at me she went on to say something like, "Yes but I want you to feel comfortable too."

She disappeared into her bedroom leaving the door wide open, and watched as she hung up her jacket and skirt, and then removed her blouse. She had on a corset and a long legged panty girdle, as I said, part of the standard dress for professional women in those days. Still, to see her struggling out of that girdle and corset was a bit of a turn on for me. Once she removed her stockings, she put on a negligee and slippers, then and came back to join me on the sofa.

We held hands as we sipped our wine, with a mouthful she leaned over and kissed me, spilling the wine out of her mouth into mine. We took turns doing this to each other, and our kisses got longer and longer. Tongues probing deeper and deeper, we tasted one another. Finally putting our glasses on the table, she pulled me to her in a long drawn out embrace.

Her negligee was open, and excited by our embrace and closeness, I swung round in front of her onto my knees on the floor. Kneeling in front of her she held my head, then pulling her shoulders back offered me her rack to kiss. I felt my own needs rising inside me as I kissed and licked her boobs, she'd pull one out of my mouth to present the other one to me. I took one in each hand, and kissed and suckled on her nipples, nibbling on them to her moans of pleasure.

Leaning further back into her sofa, she pulled me after her as she opened her legs to let me get closer. After a few minutes I felt her push up, and her hand found the zipper of my dress and she pulled it down. Now getting me to sit up, she pulled it off my shoulders to expose my lacy bra. With a moan she pulled me to her, and pressed her face between my tits kissing them. Woving her hands round my back, she unsnapped the clasp of my bra. Now she took it off me, and running her hands over my chest, looked up into my eyes and whispered, "Up."

I stood up between her legs, letting my dress fall to my feet. Reaching out she pulled me to her, pressing her face into my tummy, her hands caressing my arse. Partially leaning over her and placing my hands on the back of her sofa, she explored my rack with her tongue, as her hands explored my hips and thighs.

She muttered something and I looked down into her eyes as she said, "Oh what pretty knickers," and slowly pulled them down past my knees to expose my pussy.

I automatically lifted a leg, placing my foot on the sofa beside her hip. Pulled me to her again, she pressed her face into me to kiss my nether lips. Excited and encouraged by this, I placed my other foot on the other side of her. Leaning against the back of the sofa, I placed myself so she had full access to my pussy. I was enjoying this position, although it was not the most comfortable for her. Still, she continued to give me oral pleasure, then helped me down and getting to her feet said, "Come," and led me to her bedroom.

There she had me lay on my back, and began caressing and kissing me all over my tits and tummy. Moved round to the end of the bed, she spread my legs and climbed on top of me. Now pressing her clit to mine, she began to shag me. Slowly at first, and then she pushing her body up on her hands pressed her clit harder against mine. I got into the rhythm of her thrusts, and enjoyed the ride. 

Now on top of me her thrusts got more vigorous, I brought my legs up over her hips. Her hair and tits were gyrating as she fucked me, the look on her face one of pure lust. Moaning from the pleasure I gripped my own tits in ecstasy. I was nearing my climax when I muttered something like, "My goodness if only you had a cock this would be the ultimate fuck."

I had a tremendous orgasm, the adrenaline pumping through my body in tune to my cries of pleasure. I held on to her, with my legs locked behind her hips I had my arms around her shoulders. Collapsing on top of me, we waited till our pleasure subsided. Rolling off me she laid beside me, smiling and leaning over gave me a nice big kiss. Once we had quieted she turned and cuddled me, our legs intertwined with one another. With our faces only inches apart she said, "Are you also interested in penetration?"

At that I smiled, embarrassed to a degree and just nodded my head. Again smiling she went on, "Do you wish I was a man?"

“No,” I said, then worried I’d said the wrong thing went on. "Men don't seem to have enough stamina to please me, at least the ones I've been with so far. "Whereas you are more passionate, longer lasting and seem to enjoy the same things I do."

Now smiling and cuddling each other she went on, "Do you entertain yourself when you're alone?" she asked.

Still a little embarrassed but enjoying her questions I went on, "Well yes, don't you?"

"You ever use something to simulate a cock when you do, you know something you can hold on to as you’re stimulating yourself?" She kind of giggled as she asked me this.

"Yes I have," I ventured. "At home I tried a carrot and a cucumber on occasion, even a broom handle, but I preferred the cucumber. It was thicker than the broom handle and more uniform." I was surprised at myself talking this way, and suddenly I said, "What about you?"

"You never tried a dildo?"

Now I had heard of them, but the truth was I had no idea of where to get them. This was the sixties, and those things were not advertised like they are today. "No” I admitted, liking the way our conversation was going, "Have you tried one?" I asked.

Smiling she untangled herself from me and got off the bed, going to her chest of drawers she opened one and brought out two. One was in a leather harness, and the other was just straight tube of rubber, about the thickness of a real mans cock. The 'tube' one was about a foot long, and rounded at both the ends. Linda explained that one could be used either by oneself, or both of us could enjoy it at the same time. The other was a good old fashioned strap-on, and now she began to put the harness around her hips and arse. Fastening the buckles, she wiggled and adjusted it so the end pressed against her pussy.

I felt excited just looking at it, as she held it towards me.

"Want to try it?" she asked.

In a way it was frightening as well as thrilling, as I said, I'd heard of such devices but never seen one, "Why not" I thought, in for a penny in for a pound. Knowing what was coming, I felt my excitement start to rise. She turned to her dresser and retrieved a bottle of oil. Returning back to the bed, she poured some oil over the dong, rubbing the lubricant all over the shaft.

I rolled over onto my back, and she climbed up onto the bed between my legs. Holding on to the dong, she brought it to my pussy lips. I watched fascinated as she pressed the shaft against my lips, rubbing it up and down the outside to let me feel it. By now I felt the need to be penetrated, holding my legs apart as I watched.

She held on to the the base of it, and rubbed it against my clit to excite me. Placing the head between my lips, she started the entry. Gently at first, just enough to let me feel it, then withdrew and repeated. Each time just as slow as before, only going a little deeper each time. As she did this she was smiling, and watching my face intently.

Finally I felt it right at the back of my vagina, automatically I nodded as an indication I was ready. Now she let go the base of the dong, and leaning over me began her rhythmic strokes. I loved it, her hair and tits were flying as she got more vigorous with her thrusts. I raised my hips in response, feeling my climax rise till it burst over me. I pulled my legs up to my shoulders and watched her thrusts, seeing the wet shaft thrusting in and out was an awesome feeling. With my climax I let go my legs, and clutched the bedding as I almost passed out from the force of it. I lowered my legs but she didn't stop, her eyes and mouth were wide open gasping as she kept fucking me. I realized she wasn't there yet, and I enjoyed the rise to another orgasm. I watched excited till with a cry she suddenly stopped her thrusts, then collapsed on top of me gasping and twitching.

I felt the device slip out of me and Linda crept up to hold me, we kissed and tongued one another as our passion abated. "Wow," was all she could manage to say.

Afterwards we had another drink before I left to go back to my room, I asked where she got those implements.

"Oh there's shops that sell them," she went on. "They don't put them out on display for legal reasons along with other things, but if you ask they will show them to you."

Now I was definitely interested, "Could you take me to one?" I asked. "OK we can go shopping on Saturday afternoon," she went on. "Would you be interested in going to a club later that evening?" she asked.

A club?" I asked wondering what she meant.

"Yes it's a ladies club where you can meet other women like us, where we can dance with one another. You can at least try it for a couple of nights, and if you like it you can join after. I've been a member for a few years now."

Linda went on to tell me about some of the activities that went on there, like card nights, bingo and sometimes a variety show. There was a regular bar there and because it was a private club, it was open till midnight, and one AM on Saturday nights. She went on to give me details about some of the activities the club held, and it definitely interested me.

On the Saturday she took me to this shop, there was a lot of rather erotic lingerie on display. We took our time browsing through the variety of garments, so many different styles and colours. There were silk knickers, corsets of all shapes and sizes, and old fashioned drawers in the latest styles from the continent. I loved just feeling the pretty material, and knew I’d be going there to shop again.

The deeper into the shop we went, the more erotic the garments were. Whale boned corsets, fancy girdles and suspender belts, including quite a selection of fancy garters. Finally Linda said something to one of the staff, and we followed her into another room at the back.

There, there was a large assortment of strap-on dildos, different sizes attached to harness that had recommended sizes listed. A selection of hand held devices including anal plugs, double ended as well as table top devices. The dongs in those days were all made from rubber, not as soft and pliant as the silicon ones available today.

We were not the only customers in the room, other women were also browsing through the variety of implements available. I purchased my first strap-on that afternoon, along with a ‘table top model.’ This one had a suction base for sticking it to a table for ‘self enjoyment.’ Linda recommended a bottle of lubricant, as well as an antiseptic for cleaning the devices.

We spent some time in that shop, I was a little embarrassed at the amount of erotica that was available. Linda of course was used to shops like this, that so it didn’t bother her at all. She was quite happy to just be there with me, no doubt a little amused at my surprise and comments. By the time we made our purchases and left, I felt more comfortable and knew I’d be shopping there again.

We returned to Linda’s flat, and I laid out my purchases. I held the strap-on up by the straps, and looking at it started getting me a little excited.

“Go on,” she said. “Try it on.

At that she took it and taking the sanitizer I’d bought, gave the straps and dong a good cleaning. Handing it to me she then unzipped my skirt and I stepped out of it, followed by my knickers. I felt a bit silly, and couldn’t help giggling as I fastened the strap around my waist. Then she showed me how to attach the other straps, around my buttocks to hold the dong firmly against my pussy.

After it was in place, she suggested tightening a couple of the buckles, this added pressure on the knob against my pussy lips.

Helping me with this excited her too, and smiling said, “I suppose you’d like to try it out?”

At that I just grinned at her.

“Come on,” she said leading me to her bedroom, there she quickly took off her dress and knickers. Then laid back on the bed and opened her legs, and began playing with her pussy. “Use lots of lubricate on it,” she said.

I did what she suggested, and watched her masturbate. Her pussy was soon dripping wet, the juices covering her fingers as she slid them in and out of her love hole. Finally she held her labia’s apart, and I saw the opening all pink and wet. “OK whenever you’re ready,” she said with a hoarse whisper.

 By this time I was as randy as I’d ever been, just feeling the end of the dong against my cunt was a big turn-on for me. I approached her holding the dong out, taking hold of it she placed the tip against her pussy lips.

Placing my hands on either side of her, I watched as she rubbed the tip against her clit. Now with the fingers of one hand holding her lips apart, she placed the head inside the opening. Now she instructed me on how to move my hips, slowly at first to insert it a little at a time. Once I had buried it deep inside her pussy, she gave a sigh of pleasure and nodded her head.

I took that to be the signal to start fucking her, she advised me when and how to vary my thrusts. I saw the look of lust on her face, she held onto her legs, pulling them apart and up to her shoulders. Now she began to move her arse in concert with my thrusts. “That’s it, come on fuck me good,” she shouted.

The intensity of it affected me too, in the heat of the moment we called each other names. She called me a horny bitch, and I called her a fucking slut. We were both hoarse shouting insults at each other, calling out when she had her first orgasm. I automatically slackened my actions at which she yelled. “Don’t stop, give it to me babe,” and I picked up the pace again. Once I had my orgasm, I couldn’t hold on and had to let go, collapsing on top of her panting from the exertion.

We rested for a couple of hours, and then shared a bath together. Following which we got dressed, and went out and had supper in a restaurant. It was after nine o’clock when we got to the ladies club, Linda had to sign me in as I wasn’t a member. Newcomers were allowed up to three visits, after which you were expected to join if you wanted to return.

The club was open to members Tuesday to Saturday evenings, and other nights for special occasions. Card nights for whist and bridge, and bingo every Wednesday and dances on Saturday. The bar was always open till midnight, and one AM on Saturday nights. Lots of women would drop in at any time, just to socialize and enjoy a drink with friends. It was a very cosy atmosphere, and I found the women to be very open minded.

The dance hall was quite crowded with women of all ages, and as I was to find out they were not all lesbians.
There was a band playing, and lots of ladies were dancing with each other. The lighting was dim and a ball was made up of small mirrors, it was attached to the ceiling and rotating reflecting different patterns of light on the walls. It was quite a romantic setting.

I was introduced to quite a few of Linda’s friends, and they made to feel very welcome. As I said there was quite a mix of ladies, there were the rather obvious ‘butch’ types in slacks and short hairstyles. To me they seemed so obviously lesbians, but most of the women were dressed ‘normal.’

At first I felt awkward when Linda and I danced together. She liked to hug and kiss as we danced, that I found to be embarrassing. I did notice quite a few other couples dancing close, cheek to cheek giving each other love taps as they danced. As the evening wore on, the atmosphere got more intimate. Some couples were openly giving each other long lingering kisses on the lips.

A lot of the older ladies were married to men, but enjoyed the intimacy of other females. A few of the members were ‘straight,’ but who were members for the social activities of the club. There were some prostitutes as well, but nobody seemed to care what other ladies tastes were.

By the time the evening came to an end, I knew I definitely wanted to join. The following week I filled out an application and paid my first years dues, after which I was free to drop in any time I wanted.

After I joined, I started dropping in for drinks during the week. Wednesday night was bingo and very popular, so there was always a lively crowd there. One could enjoy a few drinks, and chat with other ladies. If I was by myself, I would be invited to join others. I was always made to feel welcome, and marvelled at how relaxed and friendly they all were. No one seemed to care what one’s choices were, there was a certain decorum everyone abided by.

Age didn’t matter either, there were quite a few senior ladies who enjoyed lesbian relationships. There were those with regular partners, and others who enjoyed casual encounters. Quite a few were married to men, but for their own reasons preferred the company of other women. Bisexual was not a common word in those days, if one had an affair with another woman at any time, she was just considered to be a lesbian. There were a number of straight women members, but they were not critical of another’s lifestyle choices.

Linda and I were there usually every Friday and Saturday nights, and although we danced with others, it was accepted we were a couple. As I said there were the obvious lesbians from their appearance, but the majority just looked ‘normal.’ Some just like in heterosexual unions wore their hearts on their sleeve, but others were hard to read.

As the weeks went by, I got to be trusted more and more. I realized there were other activities that went on between like minded ladies. Linda was well known in the club, and others had taken their time getting to know me. One night we shared a table one of her friends named Sylvia, her partner and others. As they were old friends Sylvia chatted with Linda, and she kept glancing and smiling at me. Whatever they talked about, Linda also smiled and nodded her head as she glanced at me too.

Later Sylvia invited me to dance with her, and led me onto the dance floor. It was a slow waltz, the floor was crowded and she pulled me too her. I noticed Linda got Sylvia’s partner Janet onto the dance floor, and were soon lost in the crowd. It was intoxicating the way Sylvia held me so close, I felt her softness and smelt her hair. With the floor being so crowded, it was an excuse to dance very close. Soon we were dancing cheek to cheek, and I was aware she was pulling me closer and closer.

It was romantic, I could smell the fragrance of her perfume, felt the softness of her body and loved it. Subtly our legs got intertwined as she caressed my back, for the few minutes we enjoyed the closeness of each other. Once the music ended she gave me a loving squeeze, her lips touched my ear as she whispered. “Thank you” and at that we returned to our table.

Next dance Linda and I had, she looked into my eyes smiling, “You enjoy dancing with Sylvia” she asked?

I didn’t know what to say, just hadn’t realised it had shown for her to notice.

“That’s OK,” she went on, she likes you too.

Not knowing what to say I just continued dancing, although Linda seemed amused at my silence.

“She wants us to join them for a drink at her house after, would you like to go?”

I looked up at her for a moment, my instincts were telling me there was something unusual about this. “You want me to go with you?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said.

During this conversation, she had watched me intently, now hugging me we danced closer than ever.

After we danced in silence for a few more minutes, Linda suddenly asked, “How do you feel about sharing?”

“Sharing,” I asked puzzled.

“Yes sharing with each other, to swap partners to truly have a get together.”

I hesitated to reply, as the thought of what she was saying started to sink in.

“We can have a grand old time together,” she went on.

I didn’t respond right away, although I was surprised I did not find the suggestion repulsive. “Well OK,” I replied, my mind in a whirl.

“Good,” she whispered. “You’ll love it.”

I still wasn’t sure by what she meant by swapping partners, was it just for dances or what? I thought of how my sister Rachael and I had made love, then what I did with Jennifer. I never thought of it as cheating, to me just a lot of fun, brought on by my personal needs and choices. It’s not like with a man, where there is a risk of pregnancy.

Linda and I had been intimate for a few months now, so there were no real secrets about our relationship at the club. Was I ready for something different? I decided I’d follow her lead, and felt at least willing to give it a try.

We left the club before midnight, and we walked to the underground station. Linda and Janet linked arms and walked ahead of Sylvia and I. Sylvia took my arm, and hugged it as we hurried along the pavement as if I might get away from her.

Once we got to the house Janet stoked the fire, then got out wine and glasses and poured us all a drink. After putting on some lively music on her turntable, we settled down to enjoy our drinks.

Sylvia was sitting next to me on her sofa, and slipped an arm round my waist.

“Glad you could join us,” she said quietly, “I’d like to get to know you better.”

I admit to having a buzz on from the drinking at the club, and now we were sipping on more wine. Janet started the action by getting up and switching off the main light, leaving just one side light on, and of course there was a nice glow from the fireplace.

Now she began to gyrate by herself in the middle of the room, the music sounding very erotic. She began to dance by herself at first, then Linda got up and joined her. The two of them did an imitation of an eastern erotic dance, facing each other and running their hands over their own bodies. Slowly they danced together, reaching out to touch one another.

They didn’t stop dancing just kept moving, Linda began the strip by unzipping Janet’s dress. Janet shrugged her shoulders to let her dress fall to the floor, and then danced around to undo Linda’s. Now in just their underwear they caressed each other, still in time to the music their hands explored each other. Next they unhooked their bras, twirling them around their heads for a moment before letting them go.

Linda turned her back acting modestly, and Janet reached round to clasp her tits one in each hand. Arching her back, she leaned her head back so Janet could kiss her neck. Now her hands caressed her gorgeous tits, fondling them and pinching the nipples to gasps of pleasure from Linda.

The ‘show’ was having it’s affect on me and Sylvia, she was hugging me tighter. Our cheeks together we were kissing one another, her hand exploring under my skirt caressing my thigh. I loved it and our eyes were glued to the couple entertaining us on the floor, our bodies responding to the erotica.

I weakened first, (if you can call it that) turning I kissed Sylvia fully on her mouth. Her lips were moist, she opened them to receive my searching tongue. In the process I unbuttoned her dress to get at her tits, they were big, and it took little effort to pop them out of her bra.

Pushing her back into the cushions, I dropped to my knees to kiss and suck her generous rack. I tongued and kissed them, first one tit then the other. My hand found its way under her dress, up over her stocking tops to the edge of her knickers. She moved one foot up to the back of the sofa, in an invitation to explore further. She was wet, so wet, and now her moans were joining those of our friends.

The sounds of lovemaking were filling the room, replacing the music that had stopped. I concentrated on Sylvia’s pussy, giving it the attention she craved. Her juices were flowing freely. She placed one leg over my shoulder, and then slid her arse forward to better receive my attentions. She held onto my head, moaning as her body moved in unison with my licking.

I was not aware when the activity behind me stopped, I felt hands rubbing over my back and sides. Someone unzipped my dress, and then I felt my bra being unclipped. Gently I was pulled up by my shoulders, my dress and bra pushed off me. Linda was on her knees at the side of me, kissing Sylvia and caressing her tits. My dress was pulled down over my hips, followed by my knickers. A hand pushed its way between my legs to cup my vulva, I knew it had to be Janet. I moaned with delight it felt so good, closing my eyes to concentrate on the pleasure surging through my body.

Gently I was pulled away from Sylvia, and became aware of Linda taking my place. Now I was rolled over onto my back, and my knickers and dress removed altogether. Janet leaned over me and gripped my thighs, placing her head between them to tongue my pussy. She was hungry as she lapped at my cunt, sucking on my clit with such intensity.

My orgasms were so powerful, my cries joining those of others. Janet sat up and moved to straddle my head, now lowering her pussy down for me to return her favor. I tasted her burying my tongue deep into her crevice, sucking on her clit to get all her juices. Her clit was bigger than most, like a little teat on top of her pussy. She couldn’t hold it for long, and lay down beside me. We rolled onto our sides, heads between each other’s thighs.
Now we were in a more comfortable position, to give and receive each others attentions. Slowly the sounds of pleasure died down, and were replaced with heavy breathing.

Finally we sat up on the floor to catch our breath, and then got up to sit on the sofa and chairs. Janet put more music on the turntable, and then served us all more wine. We sat around in just our stockings and garter belts, sipping wine and listening to the music. The heat from the fire, and the affects of the alcohol began to take effect.

There was no question of Linda and me going home, as we were invited to stay the night. I don’t know if it was prearranged, or something decided on the spur of the moment. Janet finally said, “Goodnight,” and taking Linda by the hand led her to a bedroom.

This left Sylvia and me by ourselves, I had a good glow on and didn’t want the night to end. At last Sylvia suggested we should retire as well, we got to our feet a little unstable, and she led me to another bedroom.

There she undid my stockings, and removing them followed by my garter. I undid and removed hers, and then we both fell on top of the bed and kissed.

She seemed to get her second wind, as now naked and tit to tits we kissed and stroked one another. Whispering in my ear she said, “Do you like penetration?”

“Like it? I love it,” I replied.

Taking hold of my hand she placed it over my own pussy.

“Keep her warm for me,” she whispered, and got up and went to her drawers.

There she removed a strap-on, and I watched as she strapped it around her mid section. She put some lubricant on the dong, stroking it as if it was a real cock. Just watching her prepare that way was a turn on, my pussy was more than ready to receive it.

She approached me with it, getting on the bed on her knees to bring it close to my pussy. I lifted my knees in preparation, pressing them apart to give her easy access. Skilfully she let me feel it against my labia’s, gently rubbing the outside for a few moments. Placed the head inside the entrance, then letting go to place her hands on my head.

Now just using her body movements, she slowly began penetrating me. It gave the most beautiful feelings, she inched it into me a little at a time. With her hands at the side of my head, watching the expression on my face as I enjoyed her thrusts. Once she was all the way home, she held it for a minute letting me feel the length of it.

Gripped it with my pussy muscles, and savoring the feeling as she began her thrusts. Obviously skilled in the use of the thing, she began the thrusts slowly at first, then increasing the pace. Her hair was flying in my face, her eyes wide with excitement as she fucked me. It was awesome as we rose together, like we were climbing a mountain. Then reaching the peak we both exploded, the feelings induced in the two of us together. Before we fell asleep we kissed, and I promised I’d return the pleasure.

That was the beginning of many encounters we had with Sylvia and Janet. We were all willing to share with one another, and it made for some delightful fun.

Linda and I continued to date for over a year, at Christmas time we both went to our families for the holidays. Other than that we were regular partners, and I finally moved in with her. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last, Linda was given a promotion, and moved to a city in the midlands. It was a sad time for both of us, but then we had never expected our relationship to last forever.

I took over her Flat and was happy to have more privacy, I also kept the telephone which seemed like a luxury in those days. This permitted me to talk to Rachael and my mother on a regular basis, something I was to prefer to writing. In a way it was like a chapter in my life was closing, and another was about to begin.

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