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Chapter 6: I meet a friend of mothers!

During mothers visit I meet a friend of hers!
Watching mother drive away had made me feel down, what had happened between us made me realise I was indeed a lesbian. To have lesbian feelings was one thing, to act on them was something so few women did. In those days, so few women came out as it was dangerous to let others know. It could cost one their job, as well as being shunned by friends and family.

To have an incestuous relationship with a family member was strictly taboo. Even some other lesbians would have trouble accepting that, so one had to be careful in keeping such activities private. Now that I had a relationship with my sister and now my mother, I wondered what others might have thought of that. 

 Although my thoughts troubled me, I had no real regrets. I had enjoyed our time together, and how we were able to share our most innermost thoughts and feelings. Now she was gone I felt very much alone, I missed having a friend and lover to confide in. I missed my Linda, (still thought of her as my Linda) and my occasional fling with Margaret was nice, but with her being married it was not as fulfilling as I would have liked.

At this time I still hadn’t ruled men out of my life altogether, there was still a glimmer of hope I’d find my Prince Charming. But most of my interests and thoughts were of women. I enjoyed looking and talking to them, and just hanging out with them even if they were straight. I loved the club for that reason, where I could dance and flirt with other ladies.

As I said I felt down after mother left, and for the next few days had to force myself to get on with my life. Mondays and Tuesdays were always quiet nights, a time to do laundry and tidy my flat. That first Monday mother phoned to say she got home ok, and we chatted for over an hour. I felt really depressed after we hung up, as we had talked mostly about our time together.

During our holiday at the seaside together, she had told me so much of her relationships with other women. I knew deep down inside me, I felt I too wanted to broaden my experiences and share with others. I had felt envious of her friends, and to learn they were all so straight laced to the outside world.

I was shocked to learn of one very quiet lady, who had been a teacher in my grammar school. Most of the students liked her, she had a lovely personality. She was in her sixty’s, and to find out she enjoyed activities with other lesbians. One would never have thought such a quiet, pillar of the community would be capable of such taboo behaviour.

On the Wednesday after work, I came home and made myself some supper. As I usually did I planned to go to the coffee shop for a bite to eat, before going to the club. I was at the door and had my coat on, when my phone rang. My first impulse was not to answer it, but for some reason a ringing telephone always makes it sound urgent.

The voice on the other end sounded rather timid, “Hello is this Sheila?”

“Yes who is this,” I replied.

“Hi this is Rosemary, I met you last Friday with your mum, and wanted to call and apologise.”

“Apologise for what,” I queried.

“Well, your mum and I kind of did all the talking about things in our past, you must have been bored to tears. It’s no wonder you left early, and I felt it was rude of me so wanted to offer my apologies.”

“That’s alright,” I said, “you two had lots in common.” My reply seemed to make her feel better, and before we knew it we introduced each other again.

My plans for going to the coffee shop were put on hold as we chatted. She told me a lot about herself, and of course I told her about me and my situation. During our conversation I wondered if she was queer, the way she talked about her ex husband made it sound like she was straight. In talking to mother about her after, there had been no mention of her being involved with another woman.

Rosemary called again the next day, and invited me to see a show at the London Palladium. It was a comedy with a singer and comedian called Harry Secombe, he was very popular at the time.

I said, “Why not,” and we agreed to meet at the theatre the following night.

Once she saw me her face lit up, “I’m glad you decided to come,” she said with a smile.

We took in the show, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. We went for a drink after and she was very talkative, chatting away as if we’d been friends for years. She asked me about what kind of pictures I liked, and what kind of books did I read etc... 

By now I began to suspect she was coming onto me, and wondered if I should tell her about the woman’s club in Covent Garden. Better not take that chance I thought, it’s too early to tell about Rosemary’s intentions. She might just be looking for a friend, someone to hang out with.

She asked how did I normally spend Saturday nights? 

I thought about this for a moment, and then decided to tell her about the club I belonged to. I didn’t say it was a lesbian club, just that it was a social club for ladies. I told her about the card nights and of course the bingo, but that you had to be a member.

She seemed interested, and asked me to tell her more about it. She said it sounded like a lot of fun, obviously hinting at an invite. I asked her if she would like to come with me on Saturday evening, to see for herself.

At this she said, “Yes I’d like that, as long as I’m not imposing.”

I wondered what she meant by this, and beginning to think there was a hidden agenda in her questioning. We headed for the nearest Underground station, there we each took the tube to our respective homes. I thought there was definite interest there, but was it platonic? Was she just lonely and wanted a friend, someone with a link to back home. 

We arranged to meet in the bar below the club, and after a couple of drinks went upstairs where I signed her in as my guest. Once we checked our coats, went and found a table to sit at. She took my breath away with her dress, it was a Japanese style with a high collar round her neck. It was very form fitting, with vents at the side of her legs. She had a body to die for, an hour glass figure that was very curvaceous.

She was obviously excited to be there, and I felt comfortable with her. We relaxed with our drinks and chatted, I introduced her to some of my friends who stopped to say hello.

Once the dancing started, I watched and thought she took an interest women dancing with one another. I looked at her hands, they were clasped around her glass. Gripping it tight as if it might get away

After an hour or so I finally thought, “Why not,” and asked her if she would like to dance with me.

She looked at others dancing together, and then nodded her head and we went on to the dance floor. By this time it was crowded of course, making it much easier to dance close to one another. I could smell her perfume, and felt our knees bumping one other on the crowded floor. She did not pull away, I felt her boobs press against mine as we waltzed. I loved the feel of her silk dress under my hand, inviting caresses with our movements. Slowly our heads came together, and I placed my cheek against hers. I felt her hand on my back slip down to my waist, ever so slightly bringing our tummies together.

Now as we moved round the floor, our legs started to intertwine. As we were both wearing high heels, we were about the same height. This was very arousing for me. Moving my hand down to the top of her hip, I felt her respond with a subtle movement of her hand on mine.

“I like you,” she whispered in my ear.

I loved it, I wanted to kiss her there and then, “And I like you too,” I whispered back. Once the music stopped, we held hands together as we waited for the next dance to begin. I felt her grip my hand tighter, as if I might get away.

There was an obvious attraction between us. Later as we danced a slow waltz, I let my fingers do some research. I moved them down over her back and down to her hips. I felt her bra then a garter belt, “Good,” I thought, “no girdle.” and moved my hand a little lower on her hip.

She moved her hips slightly in response, as if to caress herself against my hand. I moved it even lower down as subtly I pulled her closer to me, out legs intertwining as we swayed to the music. My heart was pounding, my juices were flowing. I felt her hand slip down over my hip, as if what I did to her she felt she had to do to me.

With the drinks and the atmosphere, I was feeling more than mellow. I felt the need to go to the toilet and excused myself, she also got up and followed me to the ladies room. As I relieved myself I felt the crotch of my knickers, they were damp and I wondered if she felt the way I did.

Silly thoughts went through my head as I sat there. There was no feeling of hardness through her dress, no corset or girdle. “What kind of knickers was she wearing, were they pretty or just plain cotton?” Her bra felt like it was the uplifting kind from the narrow strap around her back. She was obviously well endowed, but how natural were her tits?” Did I arouse her the way she aroused me, I wondered? Was she just flirting, or were there some genuine sexual feelings for me?

Mother had told me about her abusive marriage, but there was no mention of her ever being involved with another female. But more importantly, did she know I was a homosexual? 

She seemed quite content to just follow my lead, so around midnight when I suggested we leave she agreed. We got our coats and went outside, it was chilly out and I took hold of her hand. She did not object, and with our heels clip clopping on the pavement, we hurried to the tube station.

She lived in a different part of the city from me, so at the station I felt I had to say something. “As you live that much further than me, you’re welcome to spend the night at my flat.”

We were still holding hands and without looking at me she whispered, “If you don’t mind.”

In spite of the chill of the night, I felt warmth flowing through me.

Once inside my Flat I hung up our coats, Rosemary just stood there, quiet and looking very nervous. I invited her to take a seat, and asked her if she’d like a drink of wine. She seemed very uncomfortable, sitting up with her knees together and her hands on her lap.

Returning with the wine I handed her a glass, then sat beside her on my couch. I raised my glass in a toast and said, “I want to thank you for such a nice evening.”

She looked at me as if she wanted to cry, “You mean that?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said, “You’re a nice lady and I’d enjoyed your company very much.”

I smiled at her and saw her relax, she had a puzzled look on her face. It was as if she was struggling to find the right words.

“I really like you too,” she blurted out then fell silent. Her eyes moved down to look at the glass in her hand, as if she had made a big confession.

I took the glass from her hands, and with mine laid them on the table. She didn’t object or say anything, just sat there looking at her now empty hands on her lap. I placed a hand on her cheek, and turned her head towards me. I looked into her eyes for a moment, then leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on her lips. She didn’t move, just let me kiss her.

I did it again as if to make sure she understood the meaning of what I did. This time I felt her soften, I tasted her lipstick as I held the kiss longer. Now placing my other hand on her cheek, brought her face to mine and pressed my tongue between her lips.

She opened her mouth to receive it, I felt her relax and actually kiss me back. Now her arms came up around my shoulders, and pressed her tongue into mine. I loved the feel of her body under my hands, I ran them over her back and shoulders. I leaned into her kissing her fiercely, my fingertips found the zipper at the back of her dress. Moving up to the collar I found the handle, and began to unzip her dress. My hands now could feel the bare skin of her back, it was intoxicating. She did not object to my caresses, just kept returning my kisses.

My juices were flowing freely by this time, I was as randy as a bitch in heat. Finally breaking off I stood up and said, “Come,” and held out my hand. She took it and I helped her to her feet, and led her to my bedroom. There I finished unzipping her dress, and pushing it off her shoulders got her to step out of it.

I threw it on a chair and looked at her, she took my breath away for a moment. She had on the loveliest ensemble, a pink push-up bra with matching frilly garter belt, and a pair of the cutest tap pant knickers. Her garter straps were attached to her stocking tops, with both legs perfectly in line. Her breasts were bulging out over the top of her tiny bra, and she just smiled at me as I ran my fingers over them.

I reached round her and unclasped her bra, and it followed her dress on to the chair. Now I was looking at the most gorgeous tits I’d seen in a long time, perfectly symmetrical and quite firm. Her body tapered down to a narrow waist, and then gracefully swelled out over a beautiful pair of hips. I got down on one knee to remove her knickers, and as I pulled them down I was surprised at her vagina. It was beautiful, completely hair free that made her Vulva seem to stand out more than usual.

I had never realised how beautiful a woman’s vagina was, usually it was hidden behind a forest of hair. Now for the first time I looked a hair free pussy, I saw the contours of her mound. Her pussy lips were slightly open and moist, I was pleased as I realised I’d excited her too. I had been already turned on by her, now it was intensified by the beautiful sight just a few inches from my face.

I placed my hands on her thighs, delighting in the smoothness of her nylons. I moved them up to her bum, leaning in to kiss her succulent nether lips. As I did I felt her part her legs, and place her hands on my head. Now with her arse cheeks firmly in my hands, I tasted her nectar for the first time. My tongue traced her labia’s, first one then the other. I flicked it over her clit, feeling her respond to my searching tongue. She groaned as her hands tightened on my head, as she pressed my face into her cunt.

I was ready to cum myself, and made myself get up and push her on to my bed. Quickly I stripped down to my garter and nylons, now pushing her legs apart I climbed on top of her. Taking hold of her wrists I brought her hands up over her head, and held them there as I brought my pussy against hers.

Now I rode her body, clit to clit I pounded her pussy with mine. The endorphins mounted in my body, I looked into her eyes. They were shining as if they were smiling at me, her lips formed an O and her breath was coming in short gasps. I shagged her as hard as I could, till I erupted in a most powerful orgasm. Collapsing on top of her and breathing heavily, I rested as beautiful feelings caroused through my body.

I rolled off and on to my back beside her, happy and contented for the moment. She got up onto one elbow, and with her free hand ran her fingertips over my tits. She caressed me from my collar bones to my navel, her fingertips working magic on my globes of flesh. My nipples were rock hard, I gasped from the pleasure she was inducing in me.

Leaning over me she took one in her mouth, opening her mouth wide as she tried to get my whole tit in her mouth. She sucked and licked first the one tit, then switched to the other. Moans of pleasure were issuing from my lips, I held her head as I didn’t want her to stop sucking me. Swinging one leg over mine, she now straddled me and sat up. She didn’t let go my tits, held them tight squeezing and pressing them together.

I looked at hers, they were like large firm grapefruits. Her areolas were dark with her nipples hard in the centre of them. I took them in my hands they felt so firm, how I loved the feel of the woman’s tits. I pulled on them and she got on to her knees, to lean them over me more. Her knees were on either side of my legs, and I could look down between our bodies.

She was gorgeous from the neck down, her hairless vulva protruding between her thighs. I lifted my legs up and locked ankles behind her back, pulling her down to me so we could kiss again. Unlocking my legs from behind her, I placed my hands on her under her armpits and pushed her up. I wriggled down on my bed, as she walked with her knees on either side of me.

She placed her hands on the railing at the head of my bed, so she could place her knees opposite my head. Now with my hands on her beautiful derriere, I pulled her slit close to my lips. Her lips were open and wet, not only could I smell her, but now I could taste her as well. I licked her labia’s, sliding my tongue between them as far into her as I could reach. Holding on to the railing, she pressed her knees even further apart. I flipped my tongue over her erect clitoris, moans of pleasure escaping her lips. She wiggled her arse up and down to shag my face.

The pleasure surging through her must have been intense, suddenly she squirted and stopped moving and I felt her tense up. I still had my hands on her buttocks, and held her like that as her juices covered my mouth. Now she went quiet, as if wondering what she should do next. She crawled back down till her head was level with mine again, her eyes a mixture of fear at what I might say. Once I smiled up at her she broke into a big grin, I pouted my lips in an invitation for her to kiss me again.

She French kissed me, burying her tongue deep into my mouth. Finally wrapping my arms around her shoulders, I turned on my side as she also got onto her side as well. We lay in each other’s arms, content and happy or the time being.

She was the first to say anything as she whispered, “Thank you, I love you. I want to love you over and over, to caress and give you much pleasure.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled, and thought to myself. Although she had a most beautiful body, she was not the prettiest woman. Her hair was far too short for the styles at that time, she would have to let it grow longer. It was too much of a ‘butch’ look for my tastes, I liked femininity.

She loved me much after that, with slow sensuous touches of her fingertips, her lips and tongue. She was such a delight as she brought me time and again, taking me from one high to another.

Tired and contented and ready to fall asleep, I felt her remove my stockings and garter belt, then pulling down the covers got into bed and we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

We slept late the next morning, and then she got up and made us some tea. Bringing it to me she asked if she could stay naked.

“Certainly,” I replied, after all her body was beautiful to look at.

We took a leisurely bath together, after which she asked if she could give me a massage. Of course I agreed, and lay on my bed while she went to work on my body. It was the first time I was given an erotic massage, something I came to really enjoy. Rosemary really enjoyed pleasing me, I let her explore my body and she brought me a few climaxes.

Afterwards I invited her to my favourite cafe for lunch. We spent the afternoon together, just chatting and getting to know each other more. When I told her about my upbringing, she would change the subject. We had supper out, after which we returned to my flat.

Although as I said I didn’t care for her ‘butch’ appearance, but the more we talked the more I got to like her. She was obviously in no hurry to go home, wherever her home was. There was no reason she couldn’t stay for the night, only she would have to leave in the morning when I left for work.

We were sitting at my kitchen table sipping tea, and she leaned over and gave my hand a squeeze.

“Thank you,” she said, “I’ve really enjoyed being with you.”

I smiled at this, and said, “I like you too.”

“Let me love you again,” she went on.

Getting up from her chair she moved behind me, placed her arms around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. She held me like that for a few moments, and then began to lightly massage my neck and shoulders. I enjoyed her attention, then she brought her hands around and undid the buttons on my blouse.

Once it was undone she slipped it off my shoulders, so now she could caress more of my shoulders. Kissing my neck and nibbled on my ear, moving her hands slowly down to cup my tits. I didn’t resist, I was enjoying her touches. She took my tits out of my bra and toyed with them, light squeezing and pinching my nipples.

Her breathing was getting sharper, her kisses on my neck and ears more ardent. I pulled my shoulders back to stick out my chest to encourage her. I loved what she was doing to me, my body was responding beautifully. Automatically I opened my legs, loving the sensations between them.

By breathing was getting sharper, and light moans were escaping from my lips. I knew this was encouraging her, I could feel it in her touch. I wanted her to feel my pussy, she was wet and almost dripping. I steeled myself to just let her continue, to see what she would do.

As if reading my mind, she placed her hands under my arms, indicating for me to get up. Standing up I turned to face her, her eyes were shining, and her lips were moist. Taking my hand she led me to my bedroom, there I sat on the end of my bed and waited.

She removed her dress followed by her bra, I marveled at the perfection of her breasts. She had the most curvaceous body I’d ever seen to date. Next she removed her knickers, the lips of her bald pussy was also moist. She reached for my waist and unzipped my skirt, and I leaned back on my elbows as she pulled it off me. Next she removed my knickers, and I moved further up onto the bed.

Now I lay there with my legs apart, my body aching for more attention. I so wanted to be fucked, yet she took her time. She crawled up over me between my legs, and then gently she kissed me. Softly at first, then with more pressure she pressed her tongue into my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, as I felt her bring her vulva up to mine. I lifted my legs up on either side of her body, locking my ankles behind her hips. She began to trib me slowly at first, then increasing the strokes as our passion mounted. Our bodies rocked to the beautiful feelings surging through us, cries of pleasure escaping our lips, our breathing heavy.

My orgasm was powerful, surging up from within me to burst over me. She didn’t let up, the bed squeaking with the force of her thrusts. At last with a cry she collapsed on top of me, drained of energy and just lay there. The feelings of pleasure slowly abated, our breathing returning to normal.

Quieted she pushed herself up, and placed her knees on either side of my body. Sitting on her haunches in a frog like posture, she smiled down at me. Those gorgeous tits looked perfect, and I could see her whole upper body. I place a hand on each one, delighted to be feeling their firmness. Her areolas were perfectly round, her nipples proud in the center of each one.

I ran my fingers round and round each one, gripping tighter each time. I looked into her eyes as I did this, and saw the pleasure of my touch. It was reflected in her eyes, smiling she pulled her shoulders back to thrust them into my hands. I squeezed them and she let out a sigh, and then I squeezed a little harder. Her lips formed an O and I saw her lick them. Now she moved her hands further up the bed, to lean over me more.

“Harder,” she whispered, “I like that.”

Now gripping and twisting them, sounds of pleasure were issuing from her mouth.

“Ah yes,” she murmured.

I gripped tighter and tighter, letting my hands slip to catch her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. With her boobs now in the palm of my hands, I gripped and pulled on her nipples. I not only heard her sounds of pleasure, but could see it in her eyes.

Finally she had to leave, she had told me how she worked shifts at her job. I would not see her again till the following weekend, but we agreed to keep in touch

A couple of day’s later mother phoned, and we chatted for some time. She talked mostly about things from home, and her friends I was familiar with. Now after our holiday together and the secrets we had shared, she was a lot more open in her conversation with me. She did mention how old friends asked about me, how I was doing etc... She told me she had ran into Miss Simmons, the school teacher she had told me was one of her group of lesbians.

That was one that surprised me, Miss Simmons as she was known to us school kids, did not seem the type. She was always so pleasant, just seemed to enjoy the little things in her life. Her card nights with others, she was an avid bridge and whist player. Joining others for tea and cakes on the weekends, weekends when they could get together.

I never knew her to drink, although mother said she liked her sherry. She had what you might call an ample build, but quite attractive never the less. She always had a kind word for others, with a most pleasing personality.

Somehow I could not just picture her making love to another woman, she just didn’t seem to be the type. Now with my limited experience at the woman’s club I belonged to, I thought I could detect anyone who had lesbian thoughts or feelings.

She was not the only one who surprised me, it was just she was one I knew quite well from my days in grammar school. I wondered if mother told her about my being gay, but she assured me that was not the case. She had mentioned to me before when we were together, about my meeting her friends once I was home.

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