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Chapter One: My Friend Carrie's Beginnings

How a lady helped me get back on my feet with kindness and love.
My name is Carrie and I was the product of a very well-to-do family. I was one of four siblings who were raised by extremely strict parents. After all we were the upper classes, and not expected to mingle with those below us.

I was a plump girl, fat actually and not particularly attractive. At least that’s what I came to believe, although once away from home and with the help of make-up and a different hairstyle, I was quite passable. I never had many friends as a result, so became a bit of a loner. I finally got my freedom when I left home to attend University. I got involved with what my family would consider the wrong crowd, drinking and screwing around.

I’d always enjoyed masturbating almost every day since I was in my mid teens, and the girlfriends I made all seemed to be into drinking and sex. So it seemed only logical that I’d follow suit, and within a month of arriving in the city, I lost my virginity. It happened in an alley outside a dancehall, a quick poke that broke my hymen with a sharp pain. I can’t say I enjoyed it at first, but it got to be quite enjoyable later.

I had quite a few partners in that first year, so it’s not like I was just unlucky with men. Usually we’d meet some men in a pub, then go on to a dance and end the evening with a fuck.

I’d take my knickers off in the dancehall before leaving, as the sex was normally a knee trembler in a shop doorway. I was often teased because of my posh accent, and as a result started to use a lot of slang and swearwords in my speech. I thought at first it might help me get accepted by my other so called friends.

I failed my exams that first year, and went home to be lectured to by my parents. They had a hard time accepting my failure, as it was an embarrassment for them. They obviously had a hard time explaining to friends, who’d asked how well I’d done.

Finally after endless arguments I’d had enough, and took off and headed back to the city. I was nineteen by this time, and felt I could look after myself.

I found a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant, although it wasn’t much money and I was on my feet all day. I found a cheap room in the poorer part of town, and in my free time I started hanging out in the local pubs. Often I was ridiculed because of my posh accent, and I tried not letting it bother me, but it did.

A couple of the women friends I made were prostitutes, and I ended up joining them in turning a few tricks. This got me some extra money that I’d spend on booze.

Soon I lost my job and went looking for another, I couldn’t afford the rent on my room and got kicked out. I ended up living with a man who worked on the docks, but even he got tired of my drinking and kicked me out.

I ended up sleeping in a shelter when I could get a bed, or in abandoned buildings with other tramps. I was often raped and had what little I possessed stolen. Any money I could beg, earn on the street or steal, I’d spend on drink, mostly gin. I often went hungry and relied on soup kitchens for some food, usually some soup with bread and margarine, or occasionally a sandwich.

My favorite place was a shelter for homeless people, where I made friends with a very nice lady. She also had an upper class accent, so it seemed that we had that much in common. Her name was Janet and I’d usually see her on weekends, and the occasional evening. She was an ample middle aged lady, with short hair and who always seemed to be so cheerful.

When I could I’d take turns helping out, I’d fix vegetables or do the dishes and sweep up. She and I got along well, and we’d often spent some time just chatting. As she was also well spoken, she didn’t make fun of my accent.

One Saturday night in October and after a heavy night drinking, I woke up in somebody’s bed, and some woman was screaming at me. I vaguely remembered going there with a crowd from a pub for a so called party. I was hung over with a splitting headache, and next thing I knew I was out on the street.

I’d no idea what time it was, just it was dark and in the middle of the night. It was raining cats and dogs, and I hurried through the deserted streets till I came to an abandoned building. I was soaked to the skin, but at least I was now out of the weather.

There were others there too, in a similar situation as me. After a few months on the streets, you kind of get used to it. I found an empty corner and lay down, and curled up and tried to fall asleep to ease my pain. I was cold and shivering and huddled praying for sleep, but to no avail.

It was still raining the next day, and I waited for the pubs to open. Normally you could buy a drink, and at least be out of the weather for a while. This time with no money to buy a drink, I was soon kicked back out into the street.

Sicker than a dog, I stumbled through the streets, making my way to this shelter that I preferred to go to. There I could at least get out of the weather, and hopefully get some food.

Janet was there and when she saw me, helped lead me to where there was a fire burning in the grate. She sat me by it then gave me a bowl of soup, but I was so sick I was burning up and almost fainting. I couldn’t eat, just sat there feeling like death warmed up. With the heat from the fire I started to dry out, but others complained about the smell of me. I couldn’t remember when I last had a bath, so I must have stunk pretty badly.

I sat there in a kind of daze ignoring the complaints, when Janet suddenly said, “Come on,” and helped me to the door.

She led me through the streets to a bus station, and bought tickets. I was too sick to wonder where she was taking me, and didn’t really care. She took me to her house in a nicer part of the city, and led me to the back door.

She pointed to a little table just inside the door, and pointing to it said, “Put your things there and take off those wet clothes.”

I didn’t have a handbag or anything, having had it stolen long ago. I carried all my possessions in my pockets. All I had to my name was the clothes I was wearing, a comb, a bit of lipstick, a powder puff and some change.

The house was warm and I did as she asked, and soon I stood there naked and shivering. She handed me a robe and told me to follow her, and led me to the bathroom. There she started to fill the bath tub with hot water, and told me to get in.

There was a hot water immersion heater there, so the water was piping hot and lots of it. She added soapy stuff to it and told me to relax, then disappeared for a few minutes. She handed me a cloth and told me to wash myself, but with the heat from the bathwater I felt nauseous, and could hardly lift my arms.

She took over then and started to wash me, I was filthy and my hair was all matted. She used tons of soap on it, but it was just a tangled mess. She gave up trying to untangle it, and went and got scissors and cut it close to my scalp. I was just too sick to say anything, just let her do what she was doing. She disappeared for a while leaving me to soak in the tub, sleep was overcoming me.

I was made to get out finally, and she dried me off. I recall looking at the water in the tub, it was filthy with my hair floating around in it. She made me sit on a stool and examined my head, I’d had head lice and there were scabs on my scalp. She put some kind of poultice on them, and then put a bonnet over it. Next she had me put on one of her night gowns, it was like a tent on me.

She led me to the back door, where there was a small pantry like room. Many years before there had been a coal storage room, and a water closet there. There had been renovations made over the years, and it was enclosed to become part of the house. A new bathroom had been installed near the bedrooms, so this room was created as part of the kitchen.

There was a small cot in there fixed up like a bed, and that’s where she had me sleep. The first few days I was delirious, not sure if I was passing out or actually falling asleep. I had a very high fever and she made me drink some stuff she called a “Hot toddy,” and piled blankets and coats on top of me.

She nursed me every day giving me some kind of medicine, and forcing me to eat something. The hot baths and drinks obviously worked, then after about four or five days my fever broke.

During this time I was aware of another woman being there, and heard them talking about me. This woman wanted her to get rid of me, but Janet argued I was too sick to be put back out on the street.

Although my fever had dropped, I finally was able to sleep for a long time. I was still quite sick, and felt quite comfortable in her house. Janet nursed me like a baby, and I loved the attention. This woman came back on the Saturday afternoon, and again I heard them arguing about me being there. I thought it would be best to leave, and said so and asked for my clothes.

Apparently all I had left were my top coat and shoes, the rest she had thrown out as they were so filthy and torn. She assured me she would get me some other clothes, but felt I was still too sick to leave. Once the woman left Janet had me get up and take a bath, and went to fill the tub. After she came back in and helped me, as I still felt pretty weak she helped dry me off. She gave me a fresh night gown to put on and a robe so I could sit by the fire in her living room.

She went and changed my bedding, then fixed us supper. Fussing around me as I relaxed, enjoying the heat from her fire and watching some television. After supper tiredness hit and I went back to bed, where I soon fell asleep.

I awoke during the night, and I had no idea what time it was. She had placed a potty in my room for me to do my business in, and each day she would empty it for me. Now I was on the mend, I felt well enough to use her bathroom. To get there from my room I had to go through the kitchen and living room, then to a hallway that led to her two bedrooms and the bathroom.

I hurried along in the dark as quietly as I could, assuming she would be in bed sleeping. The door to her room was closed, and on the way thought I heard voices. Once I did my business, I quietly opened the door and crept back out. I listened outside her door for a few moments, and sure enough I could tell there were two people in the room.

It wasn’t like I was hearing them speaking, it was more like expressions of love. The longer I listened and heard more, what was puzzling it was like two female voices. One of the voices was Janet’s, and the other certainly didn’t sound like a man.

I knelt down so I could peer through the keyhole, there was a light on so I could see quite clearly. I was surprised to see the woman, who I’d seen earlier in the bed with Janet. Janet was naked and the woman in just her stockings, and they were kissing and cuddling.

I found I couldn’t tear myself away, I just had to watch. They were certainly quite vigorous, taking turns pleasing one another. The moans and groans they were letting out, were getting quite loud at times. Now because of the angle I couldn’t see the intimate details of their lovemaking, but it was obvious they were taking turns pleasing one another.

How long they were at it before I’d discovered them I don’t know, but I must have watched for over half an hour. Once they rested and lay side by side, they were talking quietly so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Finally the woman got up and picked up some clothes, and that’s when I scooted back to my room.

I listened carefully and soon heard them talking in the living room, again I was mentioned by the woman. I clearly heard her tell Janet to, “Get rid of her so we can get back to normal.”

Janet was arguing I was still too sick, but that she would take me back to the shelter once she found me some clothes.

I lay for some time wide awake wondering what to make of it, there were lots of thoughts going through my head. They were obvious lesbians, I knew some of the whores I’d known were like that. Also sometimes they would do it together just to entertain men, but I’d never seen them.

I was comfortable where I was, I liked Janet who it seemed liked me. This other woman Barbara was the one who wanted rid of me, but it was Janet’s house. From what I knew about Janet, she seemed to be a very passive lady. This other woman Barbara was on the other hand quite demanding I thought.

I finally slept again and woke up in time for lunch, Janet was up preparing lunch. She invited me to sit by the fire, where she served soup and crackers for lunch. That afternoon as we chatted, and I asked her about her friend. She told me they’d been friends since childhood, and that Barbara was married. She would usually drop in a couple of times a week, Janet said, “Just for a cup of tea and a visit.”

After what I’d witnessed, it was obvious why she wanted my host to get rid of me. That Sunday she didn’t go to help at the shelter, just stayed to keep me company. I brought up the question of clothes for me, and Janet assured me she would find me some. She fussed around me making sure I was comfortable, and didn’t say anything about my leaving.

The next day when she came in from work, she had a bundle of clothes for me. They were obviously used and clean, and not a bad fit although a little old fashioned. She mentioned taking me to where I wanted to go on the Wednesday evening.

I was disappointed to hear that, as I’d come to enjoy her hospitality very much. That evening I excused myself to go to bed early, and thought about what I could do to get her to change her mind. One thing I thought was obvious, she was a lesbian and I was much younger than Barbara.

Barbara was married, and only visited Janet when it suited her. Not only that, but she was even more portly than Janet. Although I was a on the plump side myself, I was in proportion. I’d never been intimate with another female before, although I had wondered what it would be like.

Once I heard her go to bed, I lay in the dark of my room. I finally convinced myself I had nothing to lose, as I’d been told I was to leave. I gave her a good hour to fall asleep, while I plucked up the courage to do what I’d planned.

At last I got out of bed, and quietly made my way to her bedroom. The door was open, and there was some moonlight filtering in through her curtains. I saw her silhouette under the blankets, lying on her side and fast asleep. I tip toed up to her bed, and removed the night gown I was wearing. Now I quietly pulled back the covers, and slid into bed behind her.

I obviously disturbed her, as she turned onto her back. “Barbara,” she whispered?

“No it’s me Carrie,” I said and held my breath. Not fully awake yet Janet was startled. I reached over and hugged her, “I don’t want to leave you,” I said. She turned her head to look at me for a moment. I placed my hand on her cheek, and brought my face to hers. “Please,” I whispered, “I’ll be good for you.”

She looked into my eyes for a moment, letting what I said sink in. “Oh Carrie,” she said, “You don’t know how I’ve felt about you.” At that she turned on her side, and put an arm around me to hold me close. With her hand in the middle of my back, she pulled me into her bosom. I was thrilled at her reaction, and when she kissed me I didn’t mind.

Never having been with a woman before, I wasn’t sure how to proceed so just lay there. As she moved more onto her side, her fingers caressing up and down my back was so light. She whispered to me how she loved me, pressing me to her as her kisses got more urgent. I felt her tongue probe my mouth, lots of men liked to do that so I was used to it. But this felt different, there was no rush as she just took her time.

I opened my mouth to receive it, and felt her tongue probe into me. I loved the feeling and began probing her mouth with mine. She sucked my tongue, and as she did I felt her hand on my arse. Her caresses were getting me very much aroused, and then I felt her press a knee between my legs. I was happy to open them, and once her thigh was between mine, I closed them to grip hers.

I was now getting into it more, as I moved a hand onto her bum. She had on a flannel night gown, and I started to pull up on it till I felt bare skin. I felt her move her hip and she pulled the material up from under her. Now it was electrifying as my thigh felt the hair of her pussy, and her leg pressing into mine.

Now I was not only enjoying it, but felt I should let her love me. She took a moment to sit up, she pushed the covers off us and removed her night gown altogether. In the moonlight I saw her smiling down at me, and then leaned over me to start kissing me again. The feel of her bare tits on mine were awesome, so big and soft. My arms came up around her, and I returned her kisses with ardour.

Her thigh was still between mine, and I opened my legs further and pressed my thigh up against her pussy. Her fingers now traversed down my side and over my buttock to my thighs. I lifted my thigh up and she caressed the underside, from my knee to my bum sending shivers of delight through me. My pussy was so wet, her fingers came within inches. She held off touching it as much as I wanted her to, I was moaning with the pleasure surging through my body.

Suddenly with a cry I climaxed, the pleasure from my orgasm rippling through me. I was amazed she hadn’t touched my cunt, and only pressing her tits against mine. I had the most amazing orgasm of my life, and she didn’t stop there. She held me for a few minutes, and then pressed her mouth to mine again. I expected her to stop now she’d pleasured me, but her hand started caressing my thigh again.

As I felt her fingers approach my pussy, I pressed my knees further apart and tried to lift my bum. Now she accommodated me as her hand covered my vulva, giving it an inviting squeeze. Now with practiced easy she caressed my pussy lips, finally inserting her fingers in between the folds. He took her time playing with the entrance, and then brought them up to play with my clit.

I’d never experienced such lovemaking before, t way she played with my pussy. Inserting her fingers a little deeper each time, then out to fondle my clit. My next orgasm was just as beautiful as the first, and again she held me quietly so I could enjoy it in all its intensity.

Gently after she rolled on to her back, I got up on one elbow and looked into her smiling face.

“Thank you,” she said softly, ‘I loved that.”

“No, I should be thanking you,” I said smiling back at her. I looked down at her ample body, with her big tits on either side of her chest. To me she looked gorgeous, smiling a look of contentment. Now it was my turn to please her, and I began with her tits. I loved the look and feel of them, they were so soft and with her nipples standing so proud. As I ran my fingers all over them, I watched the expressions on her face. I fondled both of them, gripping and running my fingers over and around them.

Now this was new to me, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed. With men it had always been so quick, a quick grope of my tits then on to my pussy. Mostly knee tremblers in a doorway or alley, they would shove their cock into me then bang away. Once they had cum, they’d pull out and that would be it. All I might get after would be a goodnight kiss if that.

But Janet was different, she had taken her time to get me fully aroused. Even after she’d given me an orgasm, she gave me time to enjoy it then continued to bring me again. Then she thanked me for letting her give me the pleasure.

Now it was my turn to please her, she obviously like me playing with her tits. I just watched her face, as I let my fingers caress them. I let my fingers move down to stroke her belly, and then back up to her tits. I could tell from her expressions she liked that, and even got to pinching and pulling on her nipples. She’d bite her lip and push her chest up to encourage me, and I in turn was getting turned on by it.

Thrilled by what I was doing, I let my fingers travel even further down over her belly. As I’d poke and finger her belly button, I felt the edge of her pubic hair. As I did I felt her pry her legs apart, which I took to mean she wanted me to go further.

I can’t describe my excitement, as I touched her pussy for the first time. When my fingers felt her open pussy, she was so wet it was easy to slip them into her. Of course I’d often played with mine, and knew what I liked and guessed she’d like the same.

I recalled how she had probed me a little at a time, I did the same to her sliding them in and out. I got all four fingers deep into her, and teased her clit with my thumb. She was moaning and trying to hump my fingers with her hips, then suddenly with a cry she stiffened as her climax hit.

I felt proud of myself for giving her an ecstasy, and wanted to have another myself. I removed my hand and lay on top of her, bringing my pussy to hers. Clit to clit I started to shag her, I felt her bring her knees up to place the flat of her feet on the bed. Now she was gasping and moaning out loud, the bed was creaking and I loved the feelings.

Once we climaxed I collapsed on top of her for a moment, and then rolled over beside her. We quieted smiling at one another and she took my hand, the one that had been in her pussy and sucked on my fingers. This shocked me at first, but her smiles told me she liked it. Again she kissed my lips thanking me, and we settled down to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find I was alone. There were noises from the kitchen, and I headed for the bathroom for my morning relief. She knew what I liked in the mornings by this time, and when I returned to bed she brought me my tea and toast.

I watched her get dressed for work, I smiled as she struggled into a rubber girdle. I thought, “The things we do to try to look good, mostly to please men.”

Once she left I rolled over and went back to sleep, to wake up again a couple of hours later. Now I had some clothes to wear, while they were used at least they were clean. The bra was a good fit, but then she’d got the size from my old one. The girdle was well worn and a struggle to get into, and the knickers were cheap cotton long legged type. A little old fashioned for my tastes, but then again beggars can’t be choosers. The nylons were new, and everything was covered with a print dress.

With nothing to do except fix myself some lunch, I sat by the fire and thought about what had happened the night before. I’d never consciously thought I’d had lesbian feelings before, but I suppose they must have been dormant inside me.

For something to do in the afternoon, I went into her bedroom and made the bed. While there I looked at myself in the full length mirror on her wardrobe. My hair was a fright they way she had cropped it, so close to my head it stuck out in tufts. Being nosey I looked through her dresser, and she had rather plain girdles, knickers and bras.

In her wardrobe hung a few dresses and some business suits, and on the bottom a few pairs of low heel’s shoes. I was surprised to find a pair of stiletto heeled shoes and boots. They did not seem to be the type of foot wear which would go with her other rather plain clothing. Also in a box under some blankets, I found some pleasure implements. She had a strap-on and double ended and other dildos. I smiled at myself as I handled them, of course I’d heard of such devices, but I’d never seen one before.

I carefully replaced everything as it was, and returned to the fireside to watch some television till she came home.

She came in carrying some groceries, and placed them on the table. She took time to remove her coat and suit jacket, and then started to fix us some supper. She just made some chit chat about the weather, and asked how I was feeling. She did seem to be a bit nervous, and no mention was made about the night before.

I offered to help her prepare the veggies, but she was quite insistent she could do it herself. I went back to watching the TV, and wait for supper. I was sure our intimacy was on her mind, as it was on mine and I expected her to say something about it.

Once supper was over and things were cleared away, we sat on her couch and watched television. All I could think of was that in another day, I was going to have to leave her home. I didn’t know where I could to go, I didn’t want to go home so it would be back to the streets.

I thought of the comfort I’d enjoyed, and felt sure she’d enjoyed my company as well. At last I felt I should say something. “I don’t want to leave you,” I blurted out, “Can I not stay with you a bit longer?” Looking into her eyes as she turned her head towards me, “I really enjoyed what we did last night. I’d never done anything like that before, but I truly loved it. You made me feel so special, like you truly loved me.”

At that she turned to face me, and I saw the joy on her face as it lit up.

She reached over and took hold of my hand, “You really mean that?” she said.

“Oh yes I do,” I replied, turning to face her.

At that she turned to make eye contact with me and said. “When I told you I loved you I meant it, I’d love for you to stay with me. I’d like nothing better than to take care of you, to please you in any way I can.”

When I heard her admission of love, a big feeling of relief swept through me. I placed an arm around her neck and hugged her close, her head against my cheek. I could smell her perfume, and felt feelings of contentment flow through me.

I placed my other hand on the side of her head by her ear, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. She turned her head to look up at me smiling, and I kissed her on her mouth. I felt her melt at that, as much as you can feel a big woman melt. She just let me kiss her, and when I pressed my tongue between her lips, she took it between her lips and sucked it into her mouth.

I moved my hand from her neck down to around her body as we kissed. I felt her bra strap at her back, and the softness of her boobs against my forearm. It was like she waited to see what I would do, as if I had meant what I had said about loving her.

The passion began to arise inside me, I placed my hand on her tit fondling it through her clothes. She sort of snuggled closer to me as I did, in a silent invitation to do more. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly one button at a time, and then pushed it out of the way. Now with just her bra in the way, her tits were there for me to explore.

As I hefted one in my hand, even through her bra it felt wonderful. I pushed my hand inside and lifted the tit out of the bra, leaning down I kissed her nipple. I licked my tongue all around it, took it in my mouth to suck.

Her hand came up around my neck, as she leaned back to make them more available. I pulled her back upright to unsnap her bra, and then along with her blouse took it off her. Now laying her back onto the cushions, her whole chest was exposed for me to enjoy. How I loved playing with them, I caressed licked and sucked on both tits. She placed her hands on either side of them, to press them together for my attention. Her breathing got more erratic with moans escaping from her lips, her tongue darting in and out and side to side.

Crying out from the intensity of her orgasm she stiffened for a moment, and I felt her press her knee against mine. I placed a foot on the floor to take my weight, now she placed one leg along the couch. I ran one hand up her stocking of that leg, feeling her bare skin then the edge of her knickers.

The tightness of her skirt and the edge of her girdle was inhibiting my movement, at this point I stopped and suggested we go to bed. She was only too agreeable, and getting up took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Already I felt more confident in my ability to please her, and I was also astonished at how much pleasure I got from it. I also confessed that with her, I’d had my first lesbian experience.

“Did you enjoy it,” she asked?

“Oh yes I loved it,” I replied truthfully, “And I’m sure you can teach me a lot too.”

Smiling at me she said, “I thought you did and I wanted to hear you say it. You can stay with me as long as you want, I hope you learn to love me a little bit too, other than just the sex I mean?”

“I think I already do love you, you’re so nice and kind.”

Now we hugged and kissed again, and then she turned me around and unzipped the dress she had bought. She pushed it off my shoulders and I let it fall to my feet, next she unsnapped my bra and I discarded it too. She placed her arms around me, she took hold of my tits and pressed her face against my back. “Your skin is so soft, and you feel so lovely she whispered.”

Turning around she pressed her tits into mine as we kissed, how I loved the feel of them again. My arms were wrapped around her, and I caressed the skin of her back. I wanted to continue from where I’d left off on the couch. Gently she pushed back from me, and dropped to her knees at my feet.

She ran her fingers up the seams on the back of my nylons, ever so light that it tickled. Not taking her eyes off me, she pulled my knickers slowly down to my ankles. She placed her hands back on my legs to caresses them, up and stopping to unfasten the straps from my stockings. They too fell down to my ankles, I placed my fingers in the waistband of the girdle to push it down over my hips.

“No let me do that,” she said, “It’s something I love to do.”

Now she tugged it down, it was a bit smug and didn’t come easy. At last it joined the rest of my clothes around my feet, so here I was naked except for my shoes. I didn’t lift my feet out of the clothes around my feet, I felt she would do that when she was ready.

I admit to being thrilled at her admiration of me, I could see it in her eyes, and the moistness of her lips. I’d often been naked in front of a man, but none had ever looked at me like that. Now she got up still on her knees, to caress my legs and run her hands up to my buttocks.

Now clutching the cheeks of my arse, she pressed her face into my crotch. Automatically I placed my hands on her head to steady myself, as she placed kisses in my pubic hair.

She sounded hoarse as she whispered, “Sit down,” so I sat on the bed.

She now removed my clothes to free up my feet, and again smiling up at me gently pressed my legs apart. Leaning into me she kissed my pussy for a moment, and then pulled on my legs to indicate for me to get closer to the edge of the bed.

Now placing her hands around my hips then pressed her face between my legs. For the first time in my life, someone kissed my pussy. I loved it as she slid her tongue up and down my slit, lapping at the juices pouring out of me. I was astonished and moaning and held onto her head, loving the feel of her tongue. She explored the depths of it, licking and sucking on my clit. She was smiling up at me with her eyes, it was as if to gage my reaction and I did not disappoint her.

When my orgasm hit it was so powerful, I fell back on the bed and clamped her head between my legs. She waited patiently till I relaxed enough to release her, then she gave it a final lick before getting to her feet. Her face was covered with my juices, now another first for me. I kissed her mouth tasting my own juices for the first time, not just a peck but a long lingering kiss.

If I’d been asked about what I thought about this before, I’d have probably said, “Yech only a pig would do something dirty like that.” But now I’d experienced it, I didn’t feel it was dirty at all. In fact I’d truly loved it, it was the best way to thank a lover for the beautiful feelings induced in me.

I watched smiling at her, as she removed her skirt and knickers, and then came the struggle to remove her ugly girdle. I moved back on the bed to make room for her as she climbed up, it was to be another beautiful night of lovemaking. She was eager to do whatever I wanted to please me, as well as make herself available to let me satisfy my curiosity and passion.

I loved it and I loved her every night after that till the weekend. On the Saturday she took me to a hair dresser, who straightened out my hair to make me more presentable. Until it grew out again, there was not much I could about it. Then we went shopping, and she bought me a lovely pair of boots.

She had me completely hooked on female sex, and it wasn’t hard to love her as she worshiped me. I quizzed her about her relationships with other women, and she admitted she’d been a lesbian since her college days. She had also joined a club for women, where she got into relationships with others. It served to whet my appetite to further my experiences, and she agreed to have me join her club.

While she seemed quite happy to take care of me, I wanted to do contribute something too. So we talked about me finding a job, at which she said she would do what she could to help me. The only problem was I had no skills, I couldn’t even type. The only experience I had was as a dishwasher, and cleaning up after the restaurant closed.

Janet was eager to help, and offered to let me use her typewriter to learn to type. At least that gave me something to do to pass the time during the day. She convinced me that I could do a lot better for myself, and to take a more positive attitude towards my life. She was instrumental in finding me a job, it was through a woman she knew at her club.

This is the story of Carrie, who I knew many years ago. We had become friends as we were both lesbians, and as such were members of a very small but select group. Her relationship with Janet and later other queers brought her out of her shell, to embrace a lifestyle she felt suited her. To say she took to it like a duck to water would be an understatement

The details of course will not be accurate, as I write her story in the first person. It is from what I remember of conversations held, about how we got to become interested in other women.

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