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Chapter Two - Allyson Opens Up to Diane

How Diane's experience was starting to take off!

That evening, after supper, Diane and her boyfriend went to the local dance as usual. Now she began observing other couples dancing together more closely. Men normally would ask the ladies for a dance, but on occasions two women would dance together. This did not mean they were partners in the romantic sense, it was the social thing at the time, women who were not asked to dance, would occasionally dance together. She started noting small things, like where they placed their hands, and how close together they were as the danced. In between dances did they hold hands together or perhaps have an arm around each other? She was looking for clues that might suggest a more intimate relationship.

Dancing with men and her boyfriend during waltzes when the dance floor was crowded, they would dance closer together. They would dance cheek to cheek, and he would place a hand on the small of her back. This way, he could press his torso against hers.

This night with her boyfriend, she pressed against him in return. In response he pressed even harder, and moved his leg between hers as they danced. Diane was thrilled to feel his hardness, even though it was through their clothes, and she liked to tease by rubbing herself against him.

She also thought of Allyson, was she being unfaithful to her? How much she had loved her, and had enjoyed her intimacy. It was something she would have to find out, just how she would feel being intimate with a man. 

They left the dance early, and on the way home stopped in a secluded shop doorway. This was also common practice then, where lovers would kiss and cuddle and explore each other’s bodies. It did not take long for Diane to feel aroused, and permitted her boyfriend to go further than he previously had. He undid her coat to place his hands under it, her high collar dress did not make for easy access to her upper body.

He had to settle for feeling her tits outside her dress, she gave him what encouragement she could. Pulling her shoulders back and pressing her torso against his, she thrilled at the feel of his manhood against her. He had one hand on her back as he caressed her tits with the other.

Diane felt his hand on her back move slowly lower, down past her waist and over her hip. She had never let him get this far before, but now she wanted more. He continued to run it over her arse to the top of her thigh, then over it to press his fingers in the crevice between her buttocks.

He began pulling up on her dress, dresses in those days went halfway between the knees and ankles. Now she was kissing him more ardently, tonguing him deeply letting him feel her passion. His hand finally got under the material and on to her drawers. She pressed her knees apart to encourage him, and was rewarded when she felt his hand move between her legs.

She was so wet, as soon as she felt him touch her there, she let out a quiet moan. He rubbed her pussy through her drawers, and she responded by thrusting herself against his hand. He went to move to pull down her drawers, but she stopped him whispering, “Not yet.”

He went back to rubbing her pussy, he was rough but it still felt good. She held onto him as she climaxed, moaning to him as she did so. He held his hand cupping her vulva until he felt her movements stop.

Diane felt she should do something for him, and took hold of his cock through his trousers. She was thrilled at how solid it felt, and her boyfriend lost no time in undoing the buttons to expose it. Now it was exposed for her pleasure, she couldn’t see it in the darkness. For the first time in her life, she held a man’s cock in her hand. She thrilled at the experience, as it felt so warm and solid, yet soft to her touch. Instinctively she knew what to do with it, she felt the skin loose on the shaft as she rubbed it.

She fondled him massaging his cock slowly, thrilling at the touch if it. She felt a longing between her legs, so ready to receive it in her pussy. Suddenly she felt him stiffen, and then moments later felt his cum squirt up over her hands and wrists.

She moaned inwardly feeling she had been cheated, she had wanted to feel it inside her. They would have to wait as she felt his cock go soft after. Instead of continuing to hold and pet her, he broke off to have a cigarette. Unfortunately for him, it cooled the desire in Diane. She was troubled by the need to give in to her feelings, with society’s view on premarital sex being so strict.

They continued on their way home holding hands, and soon he felt ready to have another go. He tried to get her into another doorway, to pick up from where they had left off. Diane declined promising, 'Maybe next time.' 

It was not only society’s attitude that stopped her from going ‘all the way’, but also her ignorance about the love making process.

That night in her bedroom alone, she thought about her intimacy with Allyson. She felt so comfortable with her, and definitely wanted more. She realised she had much to learn, and felt she could confide in her. She stood in front of her wardroom mirror naked, to look at her body. It was curvaceous with a narrow waist, and curved gently over her hips. She turned sideways to see her 38 C tits standing out nice and firm, her tummy was nice and flat and her skin flawless.

She loved looking at herself like that, loved running her hands all over her body. She observed her lovely patch of pubic hair, running her fingers through it. As happened so often before, she enjoyed arousing herself this way. What was the word for it voyeurism? Was she a voyeur? She recalled how she had stared at Allyson, when she was sitting on the toilet when they first met.

The next morning, after wolfing down a quick breakfast, she was out the door early heading for the tube station. On the train, memories of the day before came flooding back into her mind. She looked at the other women passengers, and wondering if any of them were also queer. 

Arriving at Allyson's house she knocked on her door and it seemed ages before it was answered. Opening it with a smile, Allyson held out her arms, and Diane quickly stepped inside and they kissed.

Allyson closed the door, and after helping Diane out of her coat. They headed for the kitchen, and Allyson put the kettle on for tea. It was evident that Allyson had just got up, she had on a house coat. It was not buttoned, and as they were in private, she just let it hang loose. Under it Diane saw she had on a pretty camisole top, and a pair of modern knickers.

Allyson was extremely happy as she prepared her breakfast snack. Joining Diane at the table she asked, “What did you do last night?”

“Oh I went dancing with my boyfriend as usual,” Diane replied. 

Allyson took Diane’s hand in hers, “I wish it had been with me,” she went on.

“Yes me too,” said Diane, and told her how she had felt looking at other women. She felt quite comfortable talking to Allyson, and told her everything that had transpired with her boyfriend. She admitted letting him go further than they had before, how they fingered one another, and almost willing to ‘go all the way’ with him. 

“Can I ask you something personal,” Diane said.

“Sure you can dear, ask me anything you like.”

“Who was your first and how old were you at the time?” Diane went on.

“It was a friend of the family and I was sixteen,” Allyson replied, understanding her friend’s curiosity.

“Oh,” replied Diane, surprised to hear her confession for some reason. “What was he like,” she went on.

“It wasn’t a ‘he’ dear, it was with a woman.”

Taken aback at her answer, Diane looked down breaking eye contact for a moment. Allyson sensed her discomfort, but was happy to answer her questions.

Taking hold of her hand again, she gave it a friendly squeeze. “With a man I was nineteen, and it was on my wedding night.”

Diane continued to sip tea and nibble on some toast, until Allyson finished her breakfast.

Diane was now curious to hear the details of her friend’s admittance.

Allyson poured some more tea for the two of them, and then they moved into the living room. The fire was burning brightly, making for a nice cosy atmosphere. Allyson put some music on her gramophone, and then they sat side by side on the sofa. Allyson’s robe hung down on either side of her legs. Diane couldn’t help but look at her lovers white thighs, and how they disappeared into the leg of a pair of red knickers.

Allyson crossed her legs and Diane marvelled at how smooth the material was, and how they shone in the light from the fire. She also noted how there was no elastic around the leg openings, so different from the plain cotton drawers she was used to wearing.

Allyson was aware of her friends gaze, and feeling naughty stood up. “Gosh it’s getting warm in here,” she said taking off her robe. Moving to dampen down the fire, Diane had a good view of her derriere. She loved what she saw, noted how the material fitted so snugly over her buttocks. She felt she had to say something, “I love your knickers,” she said in a whisper, “They’re so pretty.”

Allyson turned and faced her smiling, “I’m glad you like them and don’t find them garish.”

Diane looked up at her quickly adding, “Oh no they’re beautiful,” and meant it. Now she also had a view of her camisole, it too was red and sheer. Trimmed with lace, she clearly saw the outlines of her tits and nipples.

Allyson later admitted at being thrilled at Diane’s reaction, slowly she turned around letting her have a good view of her whole body.

Diane felt her own body reacting to the sight before her, her tits felt confined and her pussy getting wet. She looked at her friend wanting to touch her, to feel her through the material. 

Turning first one way then the other, Allyson could see the effect her teasing was having on Diane’s face. Diane reached out to touch her, but Allyson moved away just out of reach for a moment. Diane stood up off the sofa, and moved into Allyson’s arms as they started to sway to the music.

Diane now had the pleasure of running her hands over her back. She loved the feel of the satin, it felt so smooth. As they moved her hands caressed her back, and then slowly moved down to her bum. The knickers also felt so cool, it was sheer pleasure to just feel the movement of her buttocks through them.

They kissed deep kisses, as they pressed their bodies together. Allyson’s fingers found the zipper on the back of Diane’s dress, and slowly she let it down. Once the music they stopped they separated, and Allyson hurried to replace the record with another one. Diane took the opportunity to slip the dress off her shoulders and her arms, and let it fall to the floor and kicked it aside.

Allyson returned to her arms, pleased she was getting into the spirit of the moment. She noted the dull underwear Diane had on, a plain white Basque and cotton bloomers. She was just happy she was here, and they would have all day together.

Now as they danced and kissed they pressed their legs between each other. Allyson now enjoyed fondling her buttocks under the elastic of her bloomers. The skin of her cheeks felt so smooth, the curvature of her bum so intoxicating.

Diane in turn was enjoying doing the same to Allyson, only she just loved feeling her through the smooth material of her lingerie.

Allyson moved her hand round, and placed it between Diane’s legs. By now they were hardly moving, just swaying in time to the music. She cupped Diane’s vulva in her hand, holding it for a moment before letting her middle two fingers slip between her labia’s. It felt so slick and juicy, Diane moved her knees apart to accommodate her.

Diane in turn followed her example, and felt Allyson’s wetness through the material of her knickers. As she fingered her through her knickers, soft sounds started emitting from her mouth. Again the music stopped, and neither of them really noticed. They were both lost in their own worlds of pleasure. This was agonizing for Diane, who felt ready for more. She gripped Allyson by her hair forcing her head back, and then placed a hard kiss on her lips to silence her moans.

Allyson indicating her wants by pushing her tongue into Diane’s mouth. Hungrily she pressed it deep into her mouth, and Diane s sucked hard on it. Taking hold of the waistband of Allyson’s knickers, she pushed them down past her knees. Now she slid her fingers into her cunt, and in the process forced her to the floor on her back. Now excited by this, she could feel her wetness.

Allyson lay there for a brief moment, a little anxious by her lover’s suddenly taking control. Diane pushed her own bloomers down past her knees, and then threw herself on top of her lover. Now with Allyson pinned to the floor, she kissed her deeply as she brought her pussy into contact with hers. Now clit to clit she pounded her, humping her good and hard. With their heads just inches apart, they saw the pleasure in each other’s eyes.

Allyson did as much as she could to match her lover’s thrusts, with her knees as far apart as she could get them. She wanted to lift her legs up, but her knickers around her ankles prevented then. “Oh fuck sweetheart,” she muttered, her head clamped between Diane’s hands. The pleasure mounted quickly inside her, till her orgasm burst over her like a thunderbolt.

Diane rested for a moment closing her eyes, as she enjoyed her climax as well. Then continued to hump her again, she was like a woman possessed as she pounded her lover. The arousal quickly mounted in both of them again, until they reached the peak of pleasure. Diane collapsed on top of Allyson as their orgasms subsided, breathing hard, their lips moist from their own saliva.

“Thank you thank you,” Allyson said as her hands stroked Diane’s hair, “That was the most beautiful sensations.”

For a moment Diane felt a little embarrassed by what she had done, didn’t know what to say in reply. It was just she’d had the most incredible feeling, and felt the need to take what she wanted. Pleased at her lover’s response, Diane now rolled on to her side. Lying there they looked at each other, smiling at each other as they caught their breath.

Allyson was the first to break the silence, “You have no idea how much I enjoyed that.”

“I’m sorry," Diane replied, “I don’t know what came over me. My feelings were just so intense I just had to do it.”

“Don’t apologise,” Allyson replied, “I needed that.”

“What would you like now?” Allyson asked, “Lunch or a bath or do you want to go?”

“No I don’t want to go, Diane answered her, “But a bath sounds good.”

With that Allyson removed her knickers from around her feet, and got up to go and prepare the tub.

“Can I see these,” Diane asked holding out her hand.

Allyson handed them to her, and then in just her camisole and slippers, left to fill the bath tub.

She went into Allyson’s bedroom, where she stripped off the rest of her clothes. She now put on the knickers, and ran her hands over the material, and loved the feel of them on her skin. The crotch of them was still damp from their love making, but she didn’t care as she rubbed it against her own pussy. Now in nothing but the knickers, she admired herself in the wardrobe mirror.

When she went into the bathroom, Allyson was already in the tub. She liked to see her knickers on her and smiled, “You like those?”

“Yes I love them,” Diane replied, “So cool and lovely to the touch.” Removing them she climbed into the bath, and took a moment to settle into the hot water. Now as they sat facing one another she asked, “Tell me about your first love?” 
Her name was Eleanor,' Allyson began, 'but everyone called her Elly. I was sixteen at the time, and she was in her mid forty’s. She was a friend of the family, or I should say my mothers. They belonged to the same card club, and would often socialise together. As she was a spinster, mother would often invite her for supper, usually on a Sunday evening.'

As I mentioned before, my parents were very strict. As a child I was to be seen but not heard, and not to speak unless spoken to. I was even told how to sit when we had guests, very prim and proper and be on my best behaviour. 

I’d always felt Elly was different from others, she always had a smile for me and often asked me questions about school etc., making me feel involved. There was a kindness in her eyes, and I felt sure she didn’t agree with mother’s strictness to me. Still one didn’t interfere with how a family raised their children. 

When I could visit her house, she was always kind to me. She did a lot of baking, making my favorite jam tarts for me. I would tell her what went on in our house, how I would be punished for the slightest excuse. My parents were not cruel to me, it was just they were believers in physical punishment. Spanking was a common punishment for me, after which I’d be made to stand in a corner. Occasionally, I’d be sent to my room where I could be alone with my thoughts. 

Once my periods started and I got those feelings, I would masturbate hard as a way to relieve the hurt. Of course I often masturbated to my fantasies anyway.

I left school at sixteen, and found a job in the department store as a sales clerk. It was about a twenty five minute walk home, and if I really hurried I could do it in fifteen minutes. On the way home I would pass Elly’s house, and when time permitted would stop in for a few minutes. As I said she took an interest in me, and I always felt welcome there.

My hours were monitored by mother, so there was not much leeway for socializing. My saving grace was overtime at the store, I was often asked to help in the stock room. I was glad to do it, and of course it was difficult for mother to keep track of me.” 

One night I left to walk home when it started to rain. It wasn’t that heavy at first, but then the skies opened up with a downpour. Instead of taking shelter in a doorway, I started to run as fast as I could. As soon as I got to Elly’s house, I ran up and pounded on her door. She opened it and I darted inside to get out of the storm. She looked at me amazed, and ushered me over to her fire. I was thoroughly soaked through, she muttered something about catching my death of cold, and began to remove my wet clothes. I stood there and let her do it, my teeth chattering from the cold. 

Even my underwear was wet, and after she removed them went and got a towel. Now she rubbed me all over to dry me, her rubs were very brisk and felt good. She gave me a housecoat to put on, and left me standing in front of the fire. She placed a clothes rack in front of the fire, and spread my wet clothes on it and a chair to dry. Leaving me alone for a few minutes, she returned with a hot drink. It was what she called a hot toddy, it comprised of whisky, hot water and lots of brown sugar. It tasted terrible I thought, and felt like throwing up but I managed to keep it down.

I felt woozy after drinking it and stumbled, and Elly caught me and moved back to sit in her arm chair. In so doing I ended up on her lap, feeling too sick to care. I must have dosed off as the next thing I knew, was she was holding me in her arms. I had my head on her bosom, with my head against her neck. When I stirred from my stupor, I felt her arms around me and she kissed me on my forehead. I felt warm as the hot toddy and the heat from the fire did the trick, making me feel nice and cosy. 

Feeling better, Eleanor asked? I just nodded my head and looked up at her. She kissed my head again and whispered, you just rest and I’ll take care of you. 

I felt good and sleepy in the comfort of her arms, and automatically rested my hand on her breast. It was an innocent move on my part, and she was happy to leave it there. I was partially on my side on her lap, with my legs curled up. I realised her hand was moving slowly over my hip and thigh, it felt good and I brought my knees up even closer to her hand. I looked up at her and she kissed my forehead, I smiled at her and she placed a brief kiss on my lips. I didn’t move just kept smiling up at her, the robe was open.

She moved a hand under it to place it on my waist, it felt warm and comforting. Slowly she moved it down over my hip, and I raised my knee to place my thigh closer to her. I realised this was erotic for her, I loved every movement of her hand. She caressed my bum and thigh with her fingers, curling them over my thigh to feel the underside. Slowly moving her fingers back up, I felt the tips lightly stroke the crevice between my thighs. It was intoxicating, my body was coming alive.

Again I looked up into her face and saw the pleasure there, I moved my hips slightly raising my leg, and felt her move her hand onto my other thigh. Now I trapped her hand between them, I held it there for a few moments. Nobody had ever touched me there before, the feelings surging through me were indescribable. My hands felt the buttons on her dress, timidly I undid one and Elly didn’t move. Now I undid a second button, she kissed the top of my head as my hand slid inside her dress.

Her tit felt warm to my touch, she had a most generous bosom. I ran my hand over it loving the feeling, I lifted her boob out of its holder and my thumb brushed her nipple. She let out a sigh and moved the hand between my thighs. I relaxed and raised a thigh to let her move it, as it moved slowly up I raised a knee to let her have access to my valley. That first touch on my vagina was awesome, she was gentle as her fingers explored the outside of it. It was too much and I moved to kiss her on her lips, not just a peck but a long searing kiss.

She responded by pressing her tongue between my lips, and I sucked on it. The feelings surging through my body were tremendous, I’d never felt so high before? My feelings were raging inside me, so I got up and turned on her lap. 

Leaning over her now I kissed her long and hard, then undid the other buttons on her dress. I felt her paps with both hands, there were so big and soft, her nipples rock hard. She repeated her caresses on my pussy, and then slid a finger between the lips. It didn’t take long before I had the most incredibly orgasm, the waves of pleasure surging through me. My body sagged on top of her after, I pressed my face into her tits, kissing licking and sucking on her nipples as my body returned to normal.

There now you have it, how I got seduced by an older woman. I was to find out later that she was a lesbian, and always had been. One would never have guessed it from her every day activities. I think too that I was ready to be taken advantage of, as I obviously responded to her advances.'

"Come on,” Allyson said, “I’ll go make us some lunch." 

At that she got out of the tub, I felt good just lying in the water and watched her dry herself. When she was finished, she indicated for me to get out of the tub. She dried me off and I loved it, as she rubbed the towel all over my body. She was quite vigorous with it and it felt good. Once she was finished drying me, she slipped into her slippers and robe and headed for the kitchen.

I followed her naked, with my wet hair wrapped in a towel and took a seat at the table while she made sandwiches. “You ever see her again after,” I asked?

“Oh yes but it wasn’t easy,” she went on. “With my job and mothers controlling attitude, it was hard to find the time to see Eleanor. But I managed usually on Saturday afternoons, and occasionally the odd evening during the week. Soon I realised I had to get home, as mother would be furious with me for being so late. My clothes were still a bit damp, but my underwear had dried.”

“Once I got home I explained what had happened, but mother said that was no excuse. She got out her strap, so I knew I was to be given a licking. So I was bent over an easy chair, and she pulled down my drawers.”

“But you know what?” Allyson said with a smile.

“What,” I queried?

“I loved every smack of that strap, I wiggled and screamed. Afterwards as usual I’d be sent to my room. There I thought of my Eleanor and how we had made love, and felt it was worth every stroke. That was the last time my mother spanked me. The next day I found the courage to stand up to her, telling her if she ever hit me again I’d run away.”

“Tell me when did you feel like doing it with a man?” Diane asked.

“Oh my goodness,” she answered, “I don’t remember, probably after my periods started and I started getting sexual feelings. Funny thing was it was always with a man in my fantasies. I would masturbate to them, it never entered my head to have sex with a woman. I can’t explain why it happened, just that when it did it felt so good. I had always been an avid masturbator, so when she did what she did I just loved it.”

For some reason that made me feel better, to know I wasn’t alone with my sex feelings was comforting.

“As I told you it was on my wedding night," Allyson went on, "And it was not a very nice experience. Robert, the man I married had always been so nice when we dated. So when he asked my parents for my hand in marriage, they quickly agreed as they thought the world of him. After the wedding reception where he got drunk, we went to our hotel room. There he was like an animal, he stripped me and threw me on the bed. Climbing on top he ignored my pleas to be nice, he forced my legs apart, and thrust his cock into me. It hurt and I felt he was tearing me apart, afterwards he rolled off me and fell asleep. 

It got worse after that night, I quickly learned I was just a piece of meat to him. He fucked me however he felt like it, bent over or on my back, up against the wall or in my mouth. Soon I found out he was seeing other women, when I said anything about it, that’s when the beatings started. He would just slap me around, telling me to mind my own business. It was a miserable time, but after only four years, he finally left me. In those days if a marriage didn’t work out, it was considered the woman’s fault. That also put an end to my relationship with my parents. They, like other people felt it was my fault the marriage didn’t work. The only friend I had in the world was Eleanor, I did manage to see her the odd time during this period.”

“Well that’s enough of that,” Allyson said bitterly.

I kept quiet after that, and we had our lunch in silence. Once we were finished, Allyson got up and placed the dishes in the sink.

Turning to me she finally smiled, “Come on,” she said, “let’s go and I’ll dry your hair.”

She led me to her bedroom, and had me sit at her dressing table. She brushed it out as she dried it. I could see her reflection in the mirror, and watched her as she worked. I was pleased to see her face relax, as the bitterness of her memory left her. Once she was finished, she put the brush down and leaned over me. She kissed my cheek and pressed her face against mine, her arms coming around to cup my tits.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered in my ear, “I couldn’t help myself as it brought painful memories back, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive,” I whispered in return. She continued to hold me, as I felt her hands move over my tits. They felt good, her touch was as gentle as she fondled them. I felt the buzz between my legs, and welcomed the feeling. Finally I tilted my head back, and she kissed my lips. I slid my tongue into her mouth, and was pleased to feel her suck on it. I knew she was getting aroused, I could tell by the feel of her hands and her urgent kisses.

I felt I should take the initiative, and make her feel good. I stood up pushing the chair back, and turned to face her. Now I grabbed her and kissed her deeply, pressing my body into hers. I slipped my hand down to feel her pussy. Sure enough as I suspected she was wet, and felt her open her legs for me. She clutched my head, and pressed her tongue into my mouth.

Tearing myself away I pushed her robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I pushed her back till her knees hit the bed, where she sat down heavily. Dropping to my knees, I lifted her legs up on to my shoulders.

“Open her up,” Diane said.

“What,” replied a surprised Allyson?

“Open up your pussy,” Diane said again.

She placed her hands on her pussy, and pulled the lips apart. Now Diane pushed her legs further up and apart, so her pussy was there in all its glory. 

“Gosh she’s beautiful,” Diane whispered, “So pretty and pink on the inside. Hold onto your legs for me.”

Allyson let go her pussy and held her legs up and apart. 

Diane moved my hands under her hips to pull her closer. Now her pussy was hers to behold, she kissed it tasting her juices, and then run the flat of her tongue over her labia’s. She tongued them up and down, before plunging it inside to tongue fuck her and suck her clit.

Allyson was soon moaning, and began moving her hips to try to match Diane's thrusts. Suddenly grabbing her head she climaxed, the juices poured out of her as Diane continued to lick them till she felt her relax. 

Diane was now almost at the brink of a climax herself, quickly she got up and helped her off the bed. Allyson knew what she wanted, and they swapped positions. Diane's pulled her legs up till they were almost touching her shoulders, now Allyson began to lick and suck her pussy.

Diane was already so high it didn’t take long, the orgasm was powerful and long lasting. Breathing hard, the two of them both climbed up the bed, and held each other in an embrace.

Once they were relaxed, they just lay in each other’s arms. Diane was smiling at her, and could see the contentment in her lover’s eyes. “Tell me more about you and Eleanor,” I asked.

“Not much more to tell really, Allyson said smiling. “Like I said we became lovers, whenever I could get over to see her that is. I met some of her other friends, who were also lesbians.” 
“Did you,” Diane asked? 

“Yes when we could, but as it was hard for me to arrange to see her. Still on those few occasions it was delightful, we had a lot of fun then.”

“How did it end,” Diane asked. 

“'It didn’t,” Allyson said, “After my husband left me I wanted to live with her. But we both agreed the social scene would have made it obvious, as we were very much in the closet. We remained friends like before, and at least now we could plan when we could be together.”

“I used to read romance stories, and wondered what it would be like to have sex with a normal man. A man at work was nice to me, and we began to have an affair. He was so much different from my husband, an excellent lover and I began to enjoy sex with men.”

“With men,” I asked puzzled.

“Yes the man was married,” Allyson went on, “So I started going to dances again and meeting others. Now I enjoy sex with both men and women, but do prefer ladies.”

Allyson went on to tell Diane more about her lovers.

That evening on the underground going home, Diane thought more about the pleasure she was now aware of. Pleased at how she’d actually initiated some of their lovemaking, and Allyson’s response to her advances. She also knew from their conversations that she had much more pleasure to look forward to.
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