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Charlie and Cassandra Part One

Being a mistress has it's responsibilities too!
Please note that this story is based completely on fantasy, any feedback is welcome but go easy on me this is my first story.

I awoke to the feeling of an intense heat overcoming my body. I lay there with Mistress Cassandra’s arms wrapped gently around me; she slowly and passionately was kissing my neck.

I had met Mistress while soul searching in Europe; we were both passengers on the 114 to Pearson. I had made my way to my seat looking out the window wondering if I still knew who I was, but that was when things changed.

Then I saw her, a tall and shapely woman with long dark brown locks of hair flowing down her back and bouncing as she approached her seat, she had large but very shapely breasts I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I fixed my gaze upon her as she approached. She had big beautiful hazel eyes and full lips that I swear could make any man surrender with a simple smile.

I don’t know why but I was instantly attracted to her the minute I looked into her eyes, there was a spark yet some warmth about her I wanted so desperately to get to know

“Excuse me? Is this seat taken?” she spoke sweetly. I got tongue tied trying to speak and eventually just pointed in the direction of the seat next to me.

There she was; the most beautiful women I had ever seen, sitting just mere inches away.

What am I thinking? I will never have a chance in hell with her… look at her she’s stunning and could probably get any man she wants, and look at me…I’m just a lanky little lesbian girl…

I had never thought of myself as “attractive”. I had long light brown hair, dark brown eyes and full cheeks that show even the smallest amount of blush or emotion. I was tiny 5’1 and only 19 years old. I had an hourglass shape to my body which I often hid under long pants and t-shirt.

Attention passengers, due to the rain we are unable to depart at the present time, please enjoy the inflight movie .

“Looks like we may be here for a while… my name is Cassandra” the woman spoke and reached out her hand for me to shake.

 “Charlie,” I simply said.

She began to speak and we eventually got to know each other, we discovered we were both from the Greater Toronto Area and both where activists in the gay and human rights movement.

She asked me to dinner and the rest is… well you’ll see.

“Mm Mistress,” I whispered while she continued to gently kiss my neck up and down. I tilted my head back and met her in a kiss. I she held my head strongly as she began working her tongue in and out of my mouth. I met with hers and we gently wrestled tongues inside our joined mouths. She released me and spoke softly,

“Pet you are very warm,” she said very seriously.

"Mm I know mistress you’ve gotten your slut in the mood once again,” I growled.

"Pet, I mean unhealthy warm…you stay where you are I will be back in a moment.”

“On your belly pet, ” she gently said. I obeyed hoping of getting some sweet release before work. I felt mistresses hand on my ass checks and felt her part them, then putting a generous amount of lube on my tiny hole. She gently rubbed my ass and said, lift it up pet.” I obeyed without hesitation.

I felt her part my cheeks once again. “Deep breaths precious,” Mistress spoke warmly. I felt cold glass gently enter my asshole. “Hold it tight pet and don’t let it drop,” she said as she continued to massage my ass. I felt her remove the object from my ass a minute or two later.

“Not good pet, not good,” She simply said.

“You, my precious little play thing, have a fever. A fairly concerning one of that,” she said concerned.

“On you back again baby,” she planted a kiss on my forehead and covered me up with the heavy duvet. “You, my dear slut will not be going to work today. I’ll call the office and tell them you are ill,” she said as she walked away from me.

“Now baby girl I’m going to take a quick shower I want you to get some rest, I’ll be out to check on you shortly,” she murmured.

I waited until I heard the click of the bathroom door then slowly got out of bed and put on a pair of dress pants and a women’s blazer. I tiptoed down the stairs and to my car, “I can’t miss work today. The superintendent is going to be here for an inspection and all are supposed to be present.”

I drove quickly to the office where I was employed running on the rush of sneaking off to work, I walked in the door casually and greeted the secretary.

 “Morning Lydia,” I said, and she gave me a concerned look as I walked by on my way to my quarters. “Good morning Amanda,” I said as I walked by my personal secretary.

“Charlie, what are you doing here? You look like hell your sister just called saying you couldn’t make it today,” she asked concerned.

 “Don’t mind her she was just freaking out over nothing. I feel fantastic!” I replied.

I walked into my office shutting the door behind me. Who was I kidding I felt like hell, but I’ve been through worse.

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door. “Come on in!” I shouted as I continued working on the forms left for me by public relations.

“You are in so much trouble, Missy,” sounded a familiar voice. I looked up and my heart sank. Mistress was standing right in the door of my office.

 “I... I can explain!” I stuttered nervously.

 “Amanda called me”, “Come on now gather your things I’m taking you home!” Cassandra spoke sternly. I paused for a moment questioning whether I should refuse. I knew I was in deep trouble as it is and I didn’t want to anger mistress any more than I already have, I silently obeyed. She offered me her hand and helped me up out of the chair and held onto me tight as we made our way to the front of the office and into the car.

I knew I was in for it. “How dare you question my judgement?? HMMM? ANSWER ME CHARLIE! The superintendent was coming for a check and we all had to be there, and being in Human Resources, I thought it would be best to make an appearance.”

 I blabbered on, “so you think you have the right to disobey me when something appears more important? HMM?”

 “No mistress I’m sorry mistress,” I began to cry.

“I know what’s best for you my pet, because your mistress loves you very very much and doesn’t want anything to happen to her sweet little fuck toy.”

 She tilted my chin up.

We got to our home shortly after. “Stay in your seat. I’m going to come around the side and get you!” She commanded. She opened up the door and unbuckled my seat belt. As if I was nothing but a mere pillow she lifted me up into her arms and carried me indoors and into the bedroom where she gently sat me on the bed.

I saw her shuffle in my drawers and withdrew a nightgown. She walked over to the bed and knelt in front of me. “Arms up baby girl,” she said and she began to remove my work clothing and dress me in the mid-length nightgown she had picked out for me.

“Okay you, time for you to get some rest, go lie in the middle of the bed,” she commanded. She came over to my side and gently placed padded leather restraint on my wrist. She repeated this with my other side and with my feet.

“Mistress knows best baby girl, and we will not be having another incident like this morning. You will be punished for that, but not until you’re feeling better.”

She walked into the dinette and grabbed a few ice packs and placed the large one on my forehead and the others along the sides of my body, she then pulled the heavy duvet over my restrained body.

“Rest my pet, you need your strength."

She quietly purred as she kissed me on the cheek.

“Tomorrow you will go see the doctor for your quarterly check-up.”

To be continued…

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