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Charlie and Cassandra Part Two

A simple bath leads to something more “hot and steamy.”
Thanks for all the awesome feedback on Part One of the story, A lot of you readers have already approached me asking when they can expect part two… well the wait is over, any feedback is greatly welcomed! 

Thanks again!

“Good Afternoon Dr. Carrington’s Office.”

“Hello Dora, Cassandra Wells calling,” I said.

“Hello Ms. Wells what can I do for you?” the receptionist replied.

 “I would like to book an appointment for Charlie, seems she has become unwell and I am also aware that she hasn’t had her first physical yet,” I replied.I heard the clicking of the keyboard

“Any preference on date and time?” Dora politely asked.

 “Any time available tomorrow?” I asked .

“How is 8 am?” she said.

 “Wonderful thank you Dora.”

 “Excellent, Doctor has requested any older health records to be brought along during the time of the appointment, it’s a requirement of all new patients.”

 “Shouldn’t be a problem,” I politely said.

 “Perfect see you both tomorrow,” Dora said and hung up the phone.

After having booked an appointment with the Doctor I went back into the bedroom to check on Charlie. I walked over and gently removed the ice pack from her forehead and replaced it with my own hand, she was still very warm.

A few hours later I returned to the bedroom, It was getting late in the evening and I wanted to make sure Charlie ate. The last thing she needed was malnourishment. I walked over to her bedside and gently woke her. She opened her eyes.

“Urrgghhh.” She moaned as she tried to roll over, forgetting that she was bound to the bed.

“Come on my sweets wake up, time for you to get something to eat.” I said to her.

“I’m not hungry Cassie, I’m tired.” She groaned as she attempted to return to her slumber.

 I went over to her side and gently propped up her torso forcing her to sit up. “Come on pet, it’s time for you to eat. I want you to get better, and you won’t get better if you are not eating properly.” I untied her hands to allow her to use them once again.

“I’m not leaving until you eat Pet, so you better start now,” I commanded. Unwillingly she slowly began to eat the lukewarm chicken soup.

“Mistress I’m full.” She said after eating just two spoonfuls.

“Come on Charlie… you worry me when you get like this please just try and eat a bit more?” I looked at her with pleading eyes. “Charlie… you are only going to make this worse for yourself when you get better.” I said to her sternly. She knew what I was thinking.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress. Your pet will be good and eat. Sorry for disobeying you Mistress,” Charlie said sincerely.

 I tilted her chin and looked into her eyes. I then moved closer towards her and very gently and passionately kissed her. “That’s my good girl,” I said softly. “You eat up and I’m going to run you a bath okay my sweets?” I told her. She silently nodded. “I will come and get you shortly and Mistress will clean you up okay my sweet little pet?” I said softly

I returned from the bathroom a short time later and came around to her side and untied her. I lifted out my hand for her to grab onto and she followed me into the bathroom. I sat her down on the toilet seat and gently lifted the soft night gown which covered her body; as I did so I gently caressed her petit little arms, wanting so bad to have her right now.

I moved her arms up and pulled off her night gown exposing her lovely round breasts. Using my hand I gently circled her nipples turning her soft nubs into hard spikes. I could already see her arousal showing its self in the form on a wet spot on the outside of her white laced thong. I went down onto my knees and removed her panties. There it was my sweet kryptonite, her luscious wet pink pussy which was begging to be fucked.

“Do you wish to be fucked you little slut?” I asked her nearly growling as I continued to massage her tits.

“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me Mistress!” She moaned.


“Oh Mistress please, please your little slut wants to be fucked, oh please fuck me please!” She screamed.

I moved my face down to her sweet subtle breasts and gently licked the outside of nipple causing her to moan and arch her back. I while pinching her left nipple I began to gently suck on her sweet tits causing her to scream.


I then began to gently nibble at her breast causing her to moan even louder. After repeating the process on her other breast I began to slowly kiss my way down her torso until I reached her legs. I gently spread them open and began kissing the outside of her leg next to her lower lips. I paused a moment basking in the scent of my slut’s wet pussy and teased the outside of her lips with the tip of my nose. I took one finger and rubbed it along the slit of her pussy.

“You are so wet you little slut!” I told her looking deeply into her eyes with passion. I then placed my index finger insider her tight hole and began to circle her engorged clit with my thumb. I felt her twitch under my work of the fingers. I had spent enough time teasing I wanted to taste her. Pushing her back slightly onto the toilet I gave myself full access to her most sensual places. I then lowered myself onto her mound and lightly licked up and down my pet’s sweet cunt. Then I dug right in. I began to circle her clit with my tongue and would stop and suck on her clit hard hearing her scream in under delight. I placed 2 fingers into her tight hole and began to work them in and out repeatedly all while sucking her clit and pinching her left nipple. I felt her back arch and her cunt began to grip on my fingers, I could tell she was close to orgasm. I then removed my fingers from her cunt and dug my tongue into her pussy while digging my fingers into her arse pushing her mound onto my face as I slurped up her sweet nectar.

 “OH MY GOD MISTRESSSSS I’M GOING TO CUMM, I’M GOING TO CUM” she screamed as she patiently waited for the command.

I then pushed my entire face onto her cunt and sucked her entire mound. “CUM FOR ME YOU DIRTY LITTLE WHORE! CUM FOR ME I WANT TO TASTE YOU!” I commanded her. She immediately let loose her load into my mouth and I greedily slurped up the after math from her tunnel.

I moved up to meet her face, still covered in her sweet cunt nectar and kissed her deeply and long allowing her to taste herself on me.

I let her come down from her orgasm and then gently commanded her into the tub and I bathed her making sure to pay attention to her sweet freshly fucked cunt.

I moved her from the bath and wrapped a towel around her and then had her follow me into the bedroom where I took out a small box. “You where such a good little slut today, I think you deserve a little reward,” I said to her, motioning for her to open the box. Inside the box was a red plaid collar with heavy buckles and a name tag which said Charlie if found please return to Cassandra Wells. The tag also had my phone number so that if she was ever LOST she would be returned to me.

“Oh Mistress It’s beautiful!” she shrieked and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

I motioned for her to turn around and placed the collar around her neck and secured it with the small lock. “It suits you well my pet, as I predicted.” I released her from my grasp to allow her to get ready for bed.

I wasn’t expecting to have had such an exciting evening, but I certainly enjoyed every moment of my time with her.

“I love you pet,” I purred into her ear.

To be continued.

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