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Charlotte takes her first female sub

Charlotte is service by a young woman
On Saturdays I like to go to the city to shop for all the essentials; specifically shoes. Christen Louboutin black patent leather pumps to be precise. Truth be told, I love to get pumped while wearing these pumps. It’s just so sexy to me and heightens my orgasms. I believe every woman deserve heightened, intense orgasms, especially me.

Shopping is an activity that I enjoy, I love to dress up sexy and strut from store to store. While doing this, I notice that I receive more than my share of attention from men of all ages. Recently, I began noticing younger women checking me out too, in the same way I would expect a man to do. Looking me over from head to toe, and not even slightly embarrassed when they get caught. Usually, they say something nice to me, like “Hello Sexy”, “Hi Hot Stuff” or “Hello Sweet Cheeks.” Initially, it would either shock or startle me, but now I just roll with it. It’s flattering. As they say if you got it flaunt it and deal with the consequences.

My name is Charlotte, I am 5”6 ”, thirty five, long dark shoulder length hair, brown eyes, 34b, long athletic legs from playing tennis 4-5 days a week at the club, and a tight ass that drives men crazy. I enjoy dancing, cycling and working out with my trainer at the gym. My husband considers me the most stunning woman he has ever seen, but he’s biased or trying to get laid.

Today I am wearing a black satin pencil shirt that shows off my ass, a cream silk blouse, sheer black push up bra, garter belt with silk stockings, a sheer black gstring, and a pair of Jimmy Choo taupe pumps. I feel confident, powerful, sexy, and in control.

I walk purposely to Neiman Marcus, my shoe store of choice. Great selection and the sales people provide the best service. I walk through the endless displays of shoes, picking shoes up to admire, while trying to decide if the style suits mine. Suddenly I hear a small voice.

“May I help you find something ma’am?” She says.

I turn to find the voice and notice it’s a young woman. She is standing very close to me. Her proximity sends a shiver right through my body. I feel excited and I am not sure why. This young girl has a great aura to her. She is standing there staring at me as though I am the only woman in the world. I feel both flattered and aroused and she has barely spoken to me.

Her sexual energy envelops me and I think, “This could be fun.” She is a brunette with beautiful doe-like brown eyes, about 5’7”, 115 pounds. She has a sexy figure underneath her work attire, a light grey suit coat covering some amble breast that are tucked under a plain white blouse. Her skirt fits snugly across a tight little ass, an ass that I have a sudden urge to spank!

I say, “Hello Emily, how are you today?”

With a shocked appearance across her face, she says, “Hello. Do I know you?”

I reply, “Not yet my dear but there is a possibility we may get to know each other very well.”

She stammers, “But how do you know my name?”

Smiling broadly, I reply, “I can read my dear. Isn’t that why they make you wear name tags?”

Slightly embarrassed Emily responds, “yes Ma’am.”

Slightly annoyed by the Ma’am reference I say, “No more with the Ma’am. My name is Charlotte. And I want to try these shoes on in a size 7.

Emily says, “I will get them for you. It’ll just take me a minute, Mam…Ms. Charlotte.”
I smile, and say, “I’ll be sitting here waiting dear”

Emily returns with a few boxes and kneels on one knee at my feet. I am enjoying this treatment. She helps me remove my shoes and her hand lingers a little too long on my foot. She seems nervous or excited, I cannot decide which. She is rubbing my black stocking pretending to smooth them out before sliding on the new shoe for me to try. Emily is almost caressing my feet, and she is definitely getting aroused. Her face is flushed and I see her nipples tighten.

My pulse is elevated and I decide to lift my leg just high enough to let her see up my skirt. She stares up at my black sheer gstring and my little tuft of hair. I watch as Emily involuntarily licks her red lips. I feel my pussy tingle.

After Emily plays with my feet for ten minutes, I finally have the new pumps on both feet and decide to take them for a test ride. I strut, back and forth, posing at every mirror. I can actually feel her eyes burning a hole in my ass, legs and feet. She is definitely aroused and so am I. Emily is sitting on one of those stools that shoe sales people use to help you put on the shoes. She’s starring longingly in my direction. I walk straight to where she is sitting and turn gracefully; her face is the same level as my ass. I bent over to fix the strap on my shoe moving my ass just inches from her face, I heard her let out a sigh.

Standing back up I pretend to lose my balance and fall back towards Emily. She raises her hands quickly and places them against my ass cheeks to help me regain my balance. I am standing straight up on my own; her hands still on my backside….it feels like several minutes have gone by. So I address her by name and say, “Emily please remove both of your hands from my derriere now!”

Turning beet red and embarrassed, Emily replies, “Please forgive me Ms. Charlotte. I was lost in the moment and I am really sorry. Please forgive me.”

Her body language was interesting; eyes down, appearing very small and fragile, a very submissive posture. I have had many subordinates in my life, but never a young female. This could get interesting.

I reply, “You’re forgiven. Now please get up and fetch me another pair of shoes, I’d like to try the red ones.”

She jumps to her feet and walks swiftly to the back room. I notice what a tight little body she has hidden under her work suit. When she returns, I am seated right in from of her stool, she sits in front of me straddling the stool. Her skirt moved higher up her legs, giving me a good view of her white panties.

I say, “Emily take these shoes off my feet and help me with the red ones.”

She replies, “Yes Ms. Charlotte.”

I decide to be a little more aggressive with her but issuing commands instead of requests.

Speaking more sternly, I say “My right foot has a little cramp, massage it for me.” Emily complies.

With an excited look in her eyes and a smile on her face, Emily works both hands on my right foot softly caressing my entire foot; from my ankles to my toes. She lifts my leg higher, my foot is close to her face and my wet pussy exposed to her staring eyes. I am damp and starting to enjoy this as much as she. I move my foot and press it against her face; she sighs heavily and rubs my foot all over her face. It feels so fucking good, my nipples are poking through my blouse and I notice how parched I have become.

I address her and say, “Suck my toes now!” Emily complies with my request. My right toes are being literally washed in her hot mouth and it feel like heaven. I enjoy her tongue lashing, but mostly I love the feeling of control I am exerting over my new little toy.

I raise my left foot and place it on the stood where she’s sitting, my foot is inches from your pantyhose clad pussy. I can literally feel the heat coming from her love hole.

I speak as I look her directly in the eyes, “Slide forward my dear, and get a little closer to me now.” She does as she is told. I like that. Her pussy is touching my left foot. She’s very wet and I am sure her juices are covering my stocking toes. Emily is riding my left foot really hard, she’s trying desperately to get my big toe into her hot little hole. I finally speak up and break her trance.

“Emily”, I say, “Let’s switch feet so you can massage my left foot.” I change my foot position; right foot goes between her legs and my left foot close to her face. I can see her wet cum all over my toes…

I tell her, “Be a darling and lick your juices off my toes.”

She replies, “Yes Ms. Charlotte, as you wish.”

Emily is clearly enjoying herself as she licks her own juices off my toes. She is making love to my foot, a look of pure pleasure on her face. Although, I am enjoying the sensation and am quite content to let this continue it will need to be at another place and time. I decide to push the envelope and see how obedient my future pet will respond to my requests. My words break her trance, “Emily. Emily!”

Startled she stops licking my toes and stares doe eyed at me waiting for me to speak. I keep her waiting for several moments to test if she dare break the silence. Emily remains quiet. This is a very good sign. I prefer that she speaks only when spoken to.

I say, “Emily, go into the back room and remove your blazer and bra, then put your blouse back on and choose a pair of red stilettos. Hurry now, off you go.”

She stands and walks off to the back room. Suddenly she is back, much quicker than I would have expected. She stands in front of me separated only be inches. She has removed her jacket and her bra. Her tits looked delicious! Nice round aureolas and hard nipples pointing to the sky. She choses a pair of Louboutin heels, similar to the ones I had on. They make her legs look so long and beautiful. I reach out and stroke her thigh all the way up and under her skirt. Emily let out a big sigh!

I speak, “Strike a few poses for me. Pretend you are modeling just for me.” She does as she is told. She looked incredible. “Now, walk for me, down and back, heel to toe. Go on!” Her ass swayed under her skirt, mesmerizing to watch, except for the fumbles here and there. Not too bad.

“My dear you need to practice walking in those heels, it is dreadful how you move. You are not crushing grapes. You need to learn how to glide and strut.”

Keeping her Eyes down, Emily responds, “Yes Ms. Charlotte. But…but.”

I ask, “Yes, what is it?”

She replies, “But I don’t have any shoes with this high of a heel. How can I practice for you?”

Slightly annoyed, I say, “Well you do now. I am buying both pair; the black ones for me and the red ones for you. I do hope you are paid on commissions.”

Her face just beams, with a smile ear to ear. She seems truly grateful for the gift. I hate to admit it, but it makes me feel good inside.

“Emily”, I say, “What time do you get off work today?”

She replies, “In forty-five minutes I’ll be done.”

I say, “Great, take my purchases and meet me out front in fifty minutes. My black limo will be parked there and my driver’s name is James. Wait for me inside the limo, understood?” Emily stood nodding. “I need to pick up a few more items before I drive you home. Waving my hand, I walk off in the direction of the mall, “Ta-Ta for now.”

The opportunity of taking my first female sub has put a spring in my step and dampness in my panties. I continue walking through the mall mentally calculating my next steps. A smile forms on my face as I see a Fredrick’s of Hollywood store straight ahead. Honestly, Fredericks is not the store for the best quality lingerie, but they do sell some of the sluttiest outfits that you can even imagine.

I decide to buy a few things for little Emily – a black half cup pushup bra will accentuate her young breasts, a red leopard print gstring that is barely big enough to cover that sweet pussy, and a black pair of seemed thigh high stockings and matching black garter belt. This is fun. My heart is racing like a little kid on Christmas morning. Emily is my present to myself and I can’t wait to open this present up.

Before I leave Fredericks I reach into my purse and pull out my Ben Wa balls and quickly insert them into my hungry pussy. Meow. That feels so good. I am anxious to get back to the limo and see how my plan is developing with Emily.

I arrive at the car, and James quickly runs to open my door, inside waiting is precious Emily. I enter into the back of the limo and sit in the middle on the rear seat. The queen seat is how I like to refer to it.

I say, “Hello my dear, thank you for helping with my packages.”

Emily with her eyes slightly down replies, “It is my pleasure Ms. Charlotte. Thank you for giving me a ride back to my apartment.”

I say, “It is not a problem. Please tell me a little about yourself, I am interested in hearing your story.”

Emily tells me the following story. She is 22 years old, the youngest of three children, her parents and siblings live upstate about a three hour drive. Emily moved to the big city nine months ago, she lives alone, attending college classes at night, she has a small, third floor studio apartment in a relatively safe neighborhood. She is surviving but just barely. Her job at Neiman Marcus covers all her expenses but leaves little money left to have much fun; like going out to dinner or dancing at a club. She feels somewhat homesick because she has not made any real friends and this city can be a cold and lonely place.

I ask, “What about a boyfriend? You’re a very pretty young lady; guys must be asking you out ten times a day.”

Emily looks up briefly, and then lowers her eyes as she speaks, “I am not into boys. I never have been. I prefer women, beautiful, sophisticated, mature women…like you Ms. Charlotte. Today was not the first time I saw you at Neiman, but today was the first time I had the courage to speak to you.”

Slightly stunned by her words, I say to her with excitement in my voice, “Well things are improving because I am your new best friend.”

She looks over at me for a moment with a wide smile and says, “I think I am going to like that.”

I am encouraged by her obvious excitement and decide to take the next step by testing Emily to see how far I can take her. I say, “My feet are a little sore from all the walking today. Can you sit on the floor in front of me and massage them for me?”

Eagerly Emily moved toward my feet, kneeling on the floor of the limo, she says, “Yes Ms. Charlotte, it would be my absolute pleasure.”

Emily wastes no time removing my right shoe first and then the left. She rests my left foot on her thigh and begans massaging my right foot. She clearly has a thing for feet. Slowly starting at my heel, squeezing, rubbing and caressing, it is so deliberate, and with real passion. I close my eyes and put my head back, a small sigh escapes my lips. Emily works the ball of my foot and the toes as she raises my leg higher.

To make things easier, I lift my butt slightly off the seat and pull my skirt up past my mid-thigh. I realize that my damp panties are in plain view but I don’t really care. I am curious as to whether Emily could see any visible trace of the Ben Wa balls.

Her hands work their magic, and my lower body is pulsating to the passionate foot massage, my mouth was dry, and all I can smell is the sweet aroma from my pussy. Then it happens again. I feel Emily’s warm mouth on my toes. Warm and wet, sucking my toes, and massaging the rest of my foot. Heavenly!

I tell myself to stay in the moment, I am Ms. Charlotte, and I am in control. But, I must admit, I never expected my body to react this way to an erotic foot massage. My body is tense, my nipples are like rocks and my pussy is craving to be touched. The experience of having my toes sucked by a real professional is creating excitement through my body that is hard to describe. AAAhhhh fuck, it feels so fucking good.

I am leaning back against the seat, eyes shut, ass hanging over the edge of the seat. My skirt is bunched up around my waist and my right leg and foot up in the air, as I receive a tongue lashing from this sexy young girl. Emily has a clear view up my skirt, past my wet transparent panties to my dripping wet pussy.

I open my eyes and lean forward slightly and say, “Emily darling, that feels so wonderful, you obviously know how to give a foot massage. I’d like you to continue with the massage by working on my calves and thighs now.”

She replies, “Yes with pleasure Ms. Charlotte.” She moves forward positioning her body in the middle of my spread legs.

Emily softly massages my legs, the feel of her hands against my stockings as she strokes, squeezes and rubs my legs is exquisite. I look down at her; she is glowing and her face flush with excitement. Her jacket is gone and her skirt is above her waist, her panties are exposed and I can see little wisps of brown hair poking out the side. I have prolonged the inevitable long enough.

I reach down with my right hand and grab Emily by the back of the neck. I pull her towards me and she willingly comes forward. Her red lips ready to experience our first kiss. But she’ll have to wait for that. I continue pulling her until our faces are touching and my lips are next to her ear. My breath on her neck and ear causes her to release a deep moan. Her skin is so soft, I have never experience the soft touch of another woman, and it’s truly delightful.

I speak in a whispered voice, “Emily dear, I want you to treat my pussy the same way you want yours to be treated, understand?” Still cheek to cheek Emily is nodding the friction causing a sexual surge through my body. I push her back toward the floor and move her face to my over-excited pussy.

Emily movedher face into position, slowly leans forward, and gives my wet panties a cute little kiss. Then she moves back slightly to caress and kiss my inner thigh focusing on the taut area between the top of my stockings and the bottom of my panties. Emily takes her time giving me soft kisses, firm strokes and wet licks with her tongue. My body tense and tingling with anticipation, she finally makes her next move. Emily slides my gstring to the side and starts with a long gentle lick of my pussy lips and pausing at my swollen clit. Softly and tenderly she flicks her tongue against me.

The protrusion factor on my clit was high and ready for her to move forward. She enveloped my clit in her mouth, taking soft little sucks until I moaned again. She bravely took a little nip at it with her teeth, causing me to flinch, as her eyes looked up at me smiling. I think, “Fuck, this girl knows how to please a woman.”

The sexual assault continues as Emily keeps a smooth, rhythmic motions for a long period of time. She increases the pace and the pressure on my lips and my clit. I enjoy the rough, animal attack without the feel of stubble on her face. I believe I can learn to appreciate the softness and familiarity of a woman. She finds the string of the Ben Wa balls that are buried in my burning pussy. Emily tugs the string, and then pushes the balls back into me, tugs again and pushes again, while her face doesn't miss a beat. Her fingers and the Ben Wa created an unbelievable friction inside my sugar walls. I rapidly approached the first orgasm I have experienced from a woman. She never misses a beat, her pace perfect, as she hits all the most sensitive spots using her talented tongue as an instrument of love.

I scream out, “Don’t fucking stop. Keep doing what you’re doing! I am so close.”
I am bucking wildly, back arching, trying to ride her face to the finish line. I watch her body move in rhythm with mine, her expert mouth delivering a sensual massage. I reached down with both hands, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her closer. I am ready to deliver to my eager little cum slut.

I scream again, “YES! Oh god! Ahhhh!” My juice floods out of me and Emily does her best to drink it all down. This has been the best oral sex I ever experienced in my life. I feel completely satisfied and unbelievably exhilarated. I open my eyes and look at Emily, her face proudly wearing my pussy juice. She smiles and appears more comfortable as she knelt in front of me.

She says, “Was that okay Ms. Charlotte?”

Feeling satisfied and sexually spent, I look down at her and say, “That will do Emily. You need some practice but I believe I can work with you.”

Smiling brightly Emily says, “Thank you Ms. Charlotte. Please be patient with me. I promise to get better for you.”

Admiring my new female sub, I say, “I am sure you will. Next time my expectations will be higher. Let’s get you home now so you can rest.”

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