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Cheat On Me, Cheat On You

Anne tries to turn the table on her cheating girlfriend, but things don't go as planned
Amanda’s Bar was slowly filling up, as was usual on Fridays. It was a good place to start the weekend. The drinks were both good and affordable, and the music was quiet enough that you could held a conversation without shouting. And, though nobody knew exactly how or why it had happened, the regular crowd was made up mostly of lesbians with the odd gay couple thrown in. It had become something like our second living room.

"Anne! Could you stop staring at the slut’s bum and look at me while I talk with you?" Nell’s voice shook me from my daydream, her green eyes gleaming with annoyance.

"I wasn’t staring at anyone’s bum," I retorted with more heat than I had meant to. It had been one of those days at work where you ask yourself why you even bothered to show up, as all the haggling and bitching was definitely more than the few bucks they called a wage was worth. I was simply trying to relax, and once I could lean back and let go, my mind tended to drift. Perhaps I was staring at that bum too, just a little, but its owner was at least ten years older than me and Nell knew well enough after three years together that I wasn’t into cougars.

"You’re always staring at other girls’ bums," she shot back with venom, "and their tits and their legs. I wonder why you don’t just go out on your own and pick up one of them. You sure seem to be more interest in them than in me!"

She looked beautiful when she was enraged. Her eyes grew even bigger than they already used to be, and her lips tended to pout. Her cheeks got flushed and matched nicely with her fire-engine red hair. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a subconscious part of me that tried to get her riled up, just to see that beautiful face full of fury.

"Anne," she hissed, "this is serious. If you don’t want to talk to me, just say so!"

It was serious. I could see her lips were slightly trembling, and that was not good. "I’m sorry, Nell, I had a rough day at work and my head is still stuffed to the brim." I put my hand over hers. "I didn’t mean to stare, hell, I wasn’t even aware where I was looking." A little white lie. "Still, I’m sorry. You know the only person I really want to stare at is you."

Everything might have been good again after my inspired speech. This is, if the waitress hadn’t shown up at that exact moment with our drinks. She was a sweet thing, just over eighteen and with dark, shiny ringlets. And boobs that were a number or two too large for her petite frame and only loosely covered by the wide neckline of her dress. So when she bent over our table to put down Nell’s rum-cola and my white wine, my eyes were involuntarily drawn to the big, soft orbs that were exposed to our view. There was no bra to hide anything, and I even could glimpse a rosy nipple.

I quickly looked away, praying that Nell hadn’t noticed my eyes straying once again.

She apparently hadn’t, otherwise she wouldn’t have thanked the waitress so sweetly.

She picked up her glass and held it out, and I mirrored her. But when they clinked together, all she said was one word. "Slut!"

Before I could understand what was happening, she had downed her drink and slammed the glass back onto the table.

"So you weren’t really staring at the cow’s udders right now either?" She accused, and I knew that I was in trouble. "I’m fed up with you, do you hear? And I’m fed up with telling you." Instead of rising in volume, her voice was growing quieter as she spoke, and that was a very bad sign. "I’ll just show you how you make me feel!"

"Nell, wait, I…" My words trailed off. She was already halfway across the bar.

But she didn’t head towards the exit as I had feared. Instead, she approached a group of women in the back. I puzzled about her behaviour, but only until she walked up to a woman in a green, business-like dress. A dress that covered the shapely bum I had been ogling earlier.

Nell was now standing right next to the woman, and although I could only see their backs, it was apparent that they were quickly striking up a conversation. I wasn’t the jealous type, so my only real trouble at this moment was that I was left to sip on my wine on my own.

Until Nell’s hand went behind the woman’s back and came to rest on her bum. A wave of jealousy washed over me and I was about to jump up and interfere, when her hand slowly slid down and squeezed the woman’s backside.

I froze. Nell wouldn’t really…

The woman and Nell turned towards each other, and then the woman, almost a head taller than Nell and with a cleavage that perfectly matched her bum, put both hands against my girlfriend’s cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss.

Nell’s eyes closed and, like staring at the movie of train wreck I knew was about to happen, I watched the woman’s mouth descend for a hungry, sloppy kiss. My chest wanted to burst open in rage, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to stand up.

Nell whispered something into the woman’s ear and they both giggled. The woman’s hands were now tightly wrapped around my girlfriend’s bum. My insides churned.

They both looked at me with amused expressions. The woman nodded at me and Nell lifted her hand, her fingers motioning me to follow, then they linked arms and stepped through the door towards the loo.

I didn’t understand what was going on. Or maybe I didn’t want to. I downed the rest of my wine and took a few deep breaths, then I followed.

Whatever I expected to find when I stepped into the women’s loo, I don’t know, but it wasn’t the picture that awaited me. In the short time it had taken me to get there, Nell’s upper body had been stripped bare, and she was now on her knees in front of the woman, who was leaning against the wall and whose skirt and panties crowned the pile of clothes next to one of the sinks. The woman’s hand was buried in my girlfriend’s hair and pushing her face between her legs. Slender legs clad in expensive black stockings and framing pale but flawless skin.

The woman stared hard at me when she talked. "Show me what your dirty tongue can do to a woman. Taste my cunny and stick in your tongue. Yes, just like that, little slut!" The way she said it, the gloating undertone, told me that she was quite aware that the girl kneeling between her legs was my girlfriend.

The slurping noises and the bobbing of her head showed that Nell was following the woman’s directions enthusiastically. My heart clenched. Still, I made no attempt to stop her.

"Yes, oh god, yes," the woman moaned, "harder!"

She was still looking at me, her eyes now glazing over with lust. I didn’t know what to do. The display was incredibly erotic, but watching my own girlfriend go down on a stranger was almost tearing me apart. I felt aroused and humiliated. A tear trickled down my cheek.

"I’m Janet," the woman told me, but then her lips pursed and her breath hitched. "Yes, suck on my clit, yes, oh god!"

Her body arched and her eyes became unfocused. She mumbled nonsense words amidst gasps and moans. She grimaced, her lips parted and a low, drawn out moan left her throat while her whole body shuddered.

I turned around, my vision blurry, and fled from the loo and outside the bar. I was deeply hurt and humiliated. And worse, my panties were soaked.


I didn’t unlock the door to my room until Nell had left for work, despite her pounding on it and begging me to let her in again and again. I couldn’t face her. I didn’t know if I had lost her forever, but if I did, I could at least prolong the time until I knew for sure.

I called in sick, which didn’t go over well with my boss, but then it never did. I already knew his tirade about due dates and irresponsible employees by heart.

Staying at home only worked for an hour, then I got claustrophobic, so I spent most of the day in the park, sitting on the lawn and staring into nothingness. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Sure, Nell did have a point about me looking perhaps a tad too much at other girls. But I had never strayed, hell, I never even flirted with other girls. She was being unjust, and making out with a stranger was way over the top.

I contemplated throwing her out. But that would leave me heartbroken and at least as miserable as I was now. Perhaps we could just make up and forget about everything. "No," I whispered to myself and shook my head, "she might, but I can’t!"

There was still that burning humiliation drilling holes into my heart. I needed to get revenge. I didn’t really have a plan, but I knew that Nell would be home around six, which was still two hours away, and that I wanted to pay her back with the same coin.

So I found myself in the Sapphire Lounge. Amanda’s wasn’t open yet, and it was the only other lesbian meeting place around here. It was a bit sleazy, but I wasn’t going to be picky today.

The fact that I hadn’t eaten all day only occurred to me after I downed the tequila and it went directly to my head.

"Trouble in paradise?" The slightly pudgy barkeeper asked casually.

I nodded and ordered a second tequila. It burned rather fiercely, and I grimaced. "Girlfriend cheated on me," I confirmed rather forcefully, "the bitch! Gonna pay her back though. She’ll see how it feels to be cheated!"

"Listen honey," she tried to placate me, "I’ve been there too a few times. If you do that, you’re only going to regret it."

Instead of replying, I simply turned around and hopped off the barstool. I didn’t need her moral sermon right now.

It was probably the tequilas, though if I had looked ahead instead of down, I wouldn’t have bumped heads with the person crossing the room behind me.

"Shit, can’t you watch it?"

I rubbed my temple and muttered an apology. I was about to get back on my chair and order another shot when my eyes met the girl’s and I recognized her. At first I wanted to ignore her, feeling her presence here was another stab into my sore wound. But then a wicked plan formed in my head, and while it was wrong on so many levels that it would have had me running and screaming if I had been completely sober, I had to fight the grin.

"Amy, I’m so sorry," I said in most regretful voice and took the hand of Nell’s ex-girlfriend, "I wasn’t watching where I was going. Let me make it up to you. I’ll buy you a drink. What would you like?"

Amy stared at me like I had two heads. "Anne?" Her voice was full of mistrust, and there was certainly a hint of anger about the bump lingering as well. "That’s a surprise. I’m not sure if you buying me a drink is a good idea."

But she hadn’t pulled away her hand yet. I rubbed my thumb over its back in small circles. "Come on, I’m really feeling bad. I know we didn’t get along in the past, but let that be water under the bridge."

"Okay," she agreed with a sigh, "just one drink."

Her eyes were still searching my own, and I sent her an innocent smile before flicking my tongue over my lips. Helping her up on the barstool next to her, I pulled mine as close as possible before hopping onto it, all without letting go of her hand.

"So, what would you like?" And, feeling a bit daring, I added, "something sweet perhaps?"

She tilted her head, which made her blond bangs cover a part of her face. I had to admit that she knew how to play with her body. She fluttered her eyelids and my gaze was drawn there, her huge blue eyes distracting perfectly from the fact that she didn’t have much of a chest, and despite being a declared booby girl, I didn’t care right now.

"You should know I don’t do sweet," she answered with a wry grin, "I’d rather have something hard and burning."

She was going for it, and my insides did a small victory dance. "Oh," I faked surprise, "I’m not sure if they have something like that."

I guided her hand to the hem of my miniskirt, glad that I hadn’t bothered to find a pair of clean jeans today. "But I’m sure that I’ve got something at home that you’d enjoy."

She cocked her eyebrows, but it didn’t stop her fingernails from trailing burning lines up my thigh. "You sure about that? What about Nell?"

I tried not to flinch when she mentioned her name, but that became a non-issue when her index finger found its way under my panties and traced the outline of my plum.

"Forget her!" My answer was mostly a gasp.

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Sounds intriguing. What are we waiting for?"

I pulled a few bills from my purse, put them on the counter to pay for my tequilas and tried to ignore the warning look the barkeeper sent me when she picked them up.


It was, luckily, only a short drive home, but it was enough to get second thoughts. Those were, however, quickly squashed by Amy’s roaming hands. By the time I pulled into the parking lot, my miniskirt was bunched around my middle and her hand was all the way inside my panties.

My fingers trembled when I put on the parking brake and pulled out the key. Once the door was locked, I felt my back pushed against the car and a hand bury itself in my hair. She kissed me. Hard. Her thigh pushed between my legs, and when I gasped, her tongue invaded my mouth like a conquistador. She wasn’t really my type, and I didn’t even like her overly self-assured personality, but the forceful way she treated me pushed all the right triggers. I moaned into her mouth.

The next few minutes went by in a daze. We somehow made it to the flat, but Amy’s fingers and lips managed to make me almost burst with need, and the few images I remembered were of myself against the wall in the hallway, the back of the elevator and our entrance door, every time with Amy’s lips on mine and her fingers roaming all over my body.

When I stumbled into the living room, I became aware that the front of my blouse was open and the front of my bra ripped open. A moment of panic that anybody might have seen me like this was cut short by Amy’s hands finishing her work and pulling both items off me.

"Nice," she whispered into my ear from behind me and cupped my breasts, "I can see what Nell finds so attractive about you." To underline her statement, she gave my nipples a squeeze that made me gasp and my knees tremble.

The skirt quickly went the same way as the blouse, and then I stood there completely naked, my panties pooled around my feet.

"Do you have ropes?" She whispered, out of breath, and pulled me against herself.

I shook my head and moaned when one of her hands slipped between my legs again.

"Bring me four pairs of nylon stockings," she ordered.

"But," I questioned, trying to catch my breath, "what for?"

"Don’t ask. Just bring them."

I was confused. I had a nagging feeling that thing were slipping out of my control, if they hadn’t already. But most of all, I was horny. I tried to tell myself that this was all just a part of my plan. I glanced at the clock while I fished four folded-up pairs of stockings from the dresser. Quarter to six, the timing was good.

"Here, Amy," I handed over the stockings and stood nervously in front of her.

She circled me while she unfolded the stockings, and it made me aware that she was still completely clothed. That wasn’t what I had planned. "Amy," I whispered, "please, I want to pleasure you!"

"Oh, don’t worry, you will."

Fabric wrapped around my wrists and tightened, pulling them together. She must have made nooses with one of the stockings.

"Amy?" I inquired, even less confident now. "What are you doing?"

"Preparing you," she whispered into my ear, "I told you I don’t do sweet. Didn’t you guess?"

I wanted to protest, I really hadn’t caught all the possible meanings in her double entendre. But then her fingers dipped between my legs once more, one of them delving right inside my puffy and moist pussy lips, and her lips started to suckle on that sensitive spot at the nape of my neck.

"There," she purred, "just let Miss Amy do what she does best and enjoy it."

The end of a stocking was knotted around my left knee, and before I could ask what that meant, my right knee got the same treatment.

"Lie on your back," Amy directed, placing a soft, wet kiss on my bum, and I did so without thinking, glad for the soft rug we had put into the room and ignoring the discomfort of having my arms bound below me.

"Pull up your legs, as high as you can."

I did. Then she knelt down right over my head. She nestled with something under me and I felt a pulling sensation under my back, something slid and stretched, and then it wrapped around my chest. My knees were drawn even further back, and I realized that she had tied them in place. I tried to struggle against the bonds, but albeit they stretched a little, they became painful if I pulled too hard.

"Amy?" My voice carried alarm.

"Hush, girl," she admonished as if I was a little child, "let Miss Amy finish her work. You’ll have your fun soon enough."

I could perhaps have freed myself if I had struggled enough. But Amy knew by now how easy it was to distract me with a few well-placed touches of her fingers, and she used that knowledge. So I didn’t really notice that she had, between those pleasurable caresses of my pussy, tied my ankles to my thighs, rendering my lower body completely immobile.

She wasn’t done, though. Once that target had been accomplished, she turned her attention towards my boobies. A few rounds of stocking went tightly around the left one and made it bulge out obscenely before being tied off. My right boob fared the same, and watched with a mixture of dread and fascination as they stood out like small melons and slowly took on a rosy hue.

"Don’t go away!" Amy told me with a chuckle and step towards our kitchen. She had shared the flat with Nell before their falling-out, I realized, and knew her way around.

Now alone in the room and without Amy’s fingers distracting me, the seriousness of the situation began to sink in. I didn’t know much about my girlfriend’s ex. Nell had always been a bit evasive when it came to her previous relationship, not that I found that strange. What she did say was that the reason for their split was that Amy had been too rough.

Which I had understood as Amy having beaten her, or something close.

Now, helpless on the floor of our living room, I began to reflect my meager knowledge. Perhaps I had captured the meaning right, and Amy was some kind of domestic abuser. Or, and the longer I thought, the more reasonable it appeared, she was into kinky bondage games. That would also explain why Nell didn’t scream and run every time we encountered Amy in one of the bars.

"Holy shit," I muttered, and my timing couldn’t have been better.

Amy was back, and she had obviously raided our fridge. A cucumber and a large carrot stuck out from one of her hands, the other held a bottle of oil. There was only one thing she could have in mind with those.

"Listen, Amy," I started, and my voice betrayed the panic I was feeling, "I think we should stop right now, this is all going too fast for me."

The smile she sent me as she approached wasn’t promising. "Oh, really? I thought you might like to be quick," putting down the items, she mimicked drawing a pair of quotation marks, "in paying back the bitch."


Her giggle rang in my ears. "Gosh, this is hilarious. But let’s not dawdle, I’m sure you had this all planned as a surprise party. Nell’s still always coming home a little after six, isn’t she?"

My pleading look was all the confirmation she needed, and then she was kneeling right in front of my exposed pussy, holding the carrot in one hand and coating it liberally with the cooking oil. Some of it dribbled down onto my stomach, but I could only watch her with rising panic.

"Ever had something up your bum?"

I shook my head. "No. Please stop it, Amy. We don’t have to tell anyone."

She put down the oil and trailed her thumb over my pussy lips, making my hips jerk. "You say that now, but I just know that you will love it. And I do think you have earned a little punishment. It’s not nice to call your girlfriend a bitch in public, and even less nice to plan to cheat on her. Don’t you agree?"

Her thumb found my clit, and when she rubbed small circles on it, I once more became jelly under her ministrations.

"Please," I groaned and damned my hips for gyrating with every touch.

"Ask me to stick the carrot up your pretty little bum."

"Please, no!"

Her nail scratched across my clit and sent a small explosion of heat all through my body, and the need to feel something inside me became overwhelming.

"Ask nicely!"

"Shit. Oh god. Do it!" I didn’t care any longer.

"I said nicely!" Her fingers pinched my clit, and I buckled as wildly as my bound position allowed.

"The hell! Please, stick the carrot up my bum, Amy!"

I almost retracted my words when the oily tip of the carrot pressed against my pucker. But a moment of sharp pain robbed me of my air, and then I felt the vegetable slip inside, hard and slippery, and the sensations exploded in my lower body.

It was the lewdest, most depraved thing I had ever experienced. And my pussy clenched every time Amy pushed it deeper inside.

"See, I told you that you’d like it."

She started to twist it around, and even if I had wanted to reply, I’d have failed. All that left my mouth were hard gasps and guttural moans. Which turned into a disbelieving, drawn out groan when I felt it slip in another half inch and my pucker closed behind it.

"All in!" Glee filled Amy’s voice.

"Oh god!" I muttered, wide-eyed and panicked, but still incredibly horny.

"Don’t worry," she soothed, "getting it out won’t be much of a problem. But let’s see to your other hole now. I don’t think we need any lubrication for that."

She positioned the tip of the cucumber against my entrance and started to push. Not hard, but with constant pressure. The pointed end went in easily, but I soon felt my pussy walls stretch. It felt huge. I was no complete stranger to dildos, but most of the time Nell and me only used our fingers and tongues on each other. Even then, our dildo was a good bit narrower than the green monster that was now being shoved inside me.

Amy pushed a little harder and I grunted in response. I felt fuller than I had ever before, but when I looked down, I realized that only the first few inches were inside me.

She pulled back a little, then pushed again. The cucumber slipped a half inch deeper. An irrational thought jumped into my mind, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be able to see my stomach bulge if she pushed it deep enough.

Another pull and push, and I moaned from deep in my throat. My pussy clenched hard around the intruder, and that seemed to be the signal Amy had been waiting for. Her movements grew faster, and while her eyes never left my face, she started to truly fuck me.

My breath soon came in mewling gasps and I had to close my eyes. Every movement felt like my pussy walls were stretched to their limits, and an intense heat built up between my legs and made my clit tingle. That lightweight feeling in my tummy settled in, and I knew that it was only a matter of seconds.

Then the movement stopped and I let out a high-pitched protest that was answered with a giggle.

"Not so fast, Anne." Amy appeared quite unfazed by the workout. "If you want to come, you have to do something for me first."

"Whatever," I almost cried, my arms pulling futilely against their bonds, "just let me come!"

"Good girl," she almost purred, and then her dress dropped to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tiny tits were crowned by huge nipples that stood up like small needles. She didn’t have panties on either, and her boyish figure and the fact that she was completely hairless made her look a lot younger.

Her feet came to rest left and right of my head and I looked up at the small pinkish folds peeking boldly out between her pussy lips. I licked my lips.

She lowered herself, but just when I thought my tongue would finally encounter her sweet plum, she shifted forward and her backside came to rest right over my mouth. I closed my lips shut.

"Stick your tongue up my bumhole and I’ll allow you to come."

I froze. That was way too dirty. The thought alone was revolting. I shook my head as good as I could, encased between her legs as it was.

She began to knead my breasts. And I realized that I was not going to win that argument. I’m a breast girl, in all regards, and every pinch and stroke sent small lightning bolts straight into my pussy. The bondage had apparently made them even more sensitive.

At first it was just a moan that made me part my lips. But then the need became too much, and I hesitantly stuck out my tongue and touched it to her pucker. I didn’t taste anything revolting, only a bit of sweat with a musky undertone.

She shivered all over, and the moan was deep and satisfied. "Yes baby," she purred, "stick it all the way in."

I pushed, and my tongue slid in, her pucker clenching around it a few times.

She moaned in delight, and when I started to move my tongue in and out, every push drew a gasp of pleasure.

I didn’t hear the key in the lock, and I didn’t hear the footsteps. I did hear Nell’s outraged voice cry out Amy’s name though and froze.

"Amy?" A pause. "Anne?" She sounded choked up.

I could only make muffled groans from my position, but Amy had no such restrictions.

"Hi Nell, long time no see. You wouldn’t believe it, but your naughty girlfriend here tried to pick me up to get some kind of payback on you. And who am I to deny a friend’s girlfriend a wish. Especially one with such a gifted tongue. It feels wonderful when she sticks it up my bumhole!"

"You bitch!" Nell’s shouted accusation was barely intelligible between her sobs, and I really started to feel bad.

True, I had wanted some kind of payback. But now that she was openly sobbing, the sounds tore like knives through my heart.

I thanked the gods when Amy stood up and light and sound reached me unhindered again. She approached my sobbing girlfriend, and the expression on Amy’s face suddenly didn’t fit with her scathing comments from a few seconds ago.

"Nell," I shouted, close to tears myself, "I’m sorry. I was angry, but I feel like shite now."

The glare she sent me was filled with revulsion. When she looked away, her eyes met Amy’s.

The two of them stared at each other for ages, but after a while, Nell’s tears ebbed. Then she choked Amy’s name, in that desperate, emotional way that only my own name should drip over her lips, and I felt like a hammer had punched my guts.

"Nell!" I cried out in despair, but her eyes only flickered to me for a second before wandering back to Amy.

Amy slowly cupped Nell’s cheeks and bent close to her. Tears leaked from my eyes when yesterday evening’s event repeated itself. Amy’s lips sought my girlfriend’s, and then they kissed liked possessed, devouring each other’s lips and tongue.

It was like watching a bad movie when they vanished into Nell’s bedroom. Our bedroom, as it used to be, mine had only been used as a hobby room since shortly after I moved in. At least until last evening.

After while, my legs started to cramp. I silently cried while I lay on the floor, unable and unwilling to move, my calves and thighs burning, the cucumber still sticking out of my pussy. I listened to the muffled sounds of their lovemaking. It was the most miserable moment of my life.


I must have dozed off after an hour or two, because I suddenly noticed an empty feeling in my pussy and realized that the cucumber wasn’t there anymore. I felt fingers on both of my thighs, and then my ankles were freed. When the knot across my chest was loosened and I could bring my legs down again, I almost cried from relief. Nell, now also naked and her sex smeared with her juices, pulled me up by my shoulders so Amy could release my hands.

I looked down at the floor and rubbed my wrists, which looked rather sore, deep red rings showing where the fabric had nearly chafed them raw.

"So this is it?" I choked, unable to look at the love of my life.

After a pregnant pause, Nell answered, her voice rough. "That depends."

At that point I should have stood up, packed my things and left. Well, it would have broken my streak of bad decisions. "Depends?" I allowed a glimmer hope. "On what?"

She knelt down in front of me, so we were almost eye to eye. "On you."


"Yes. You know, I really thought you’d be the one. But," she bit her lip in that cute way only she could, "after yesterday, and today, I don’t think I can respect you that way anymore."

My eyes misted up again. It was crazy, she was the one who had stuck her tongue up another woman first. I should have been angry, or crestfallen. The only emotion that I felt was an incredible need for her. "I’m so sorry, Nell, I…"

"Hush," she whispered and put a finger on my lips, "but I do like your tits. And Amy says she wouldn’t mind having your tongue around. I’d never do something as dirty as licking a girl’s ass, that was one of the major reasons we didn’t work out."

My heart almost stopped. Did she really offer what I thought she did?

She smiled, and I felt Amy’s arms encircling me from behind, cupping my boobs and softly playing with my nipples while Nell continued talking.

"Amy and I could finally work out. You’d be our release for everything the other doesn’t want to do. I’ve got a few kinks of my own that aren’t up Amy’s alley. We could be so happy with each other, and you could keep around and give us pleasure whenever we want. Doesn’t that sound brilliant?" Her smile was bright, her eyes radiant. She looked as beautiful as I had ever seen her.

"But - what about me? About my pleasure?" A voice inside me shouted to get away. But it was already fading.

Her answer was a pinch on my clit that made me moan. "You’re easy to pleasure. Of course, our pleasure will always come first, and we’ll decide if you have earned some as well." Her finger slipped all the way inside me and my pelvis rocked forward to meet her hand.

I took a deep breath, preparing myself to reject her offer and spend the foreseeable future in misery. But just I opened my mouth, her finger did something wicked inside me and a wave of heat shot through my pussy.

"Okay." Just like that, I had agreed. I thought that the that would be followed by a wave of revulsion against myself, but instead, a small trail of goosebumps travelled over my back, and a weightless, somehow contented feeling wrapped around me like a blanket.

I didn’t try to think much when they pulled me into the bedroom and made me lick their bumholes while they made love with each other. I didn’t protest when they called me potty-mouth and told me they wouldn’t kiss a tongue that had been up their backsides. I didn’t try to hide my embarrassment when they watched me extricate the carrot from my bum. Instead, I politely followed all orders, and when they fell asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted and satisfied, I rolled up on the foot-end of the bed and suckled on Nell’s toes as I had been told to, holding onto the faint hope that she could one day love me again.
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