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Cheater gets punished by his wife and mistress.

He was playing his wife, but she played him....with his mistress....
I had been fucking a much older man by the name of Ryan for months now. He was my calculus professor. He was in his 50's and very sexy. Smart, and handsome in kind of a nerdy way. He was married of course, but said that he and his wife didn't get along, and the way he talked of her, I assumed she was old and kind of boring. I fucked Ryan a few times a week, sometimes in his office at the university. He loved the way, I devoured his cock, and couldn't get enough of me. He was in love.

I heard a knock on my apartment door. I opened the door to find a very attractive blonde woman standing outside my door. She was about 5 foot two, and a little plump, but in a very voluptuous sexy way. Not fat at all, but she had a nice big booty and some D cup tits. She had long blonde hair, and sparkling green eyes, with a full mouth to complete the pretty picture. She was probably in her 30's, and she looked very upset.

She looked me up and down, and glared. "You are the whore who has been fucking my husband? "

I gasped. " You are Ryan's wife? "

"Yes, I am, and you are a man stealing whore. "

She was furious with me, and I didn't blame her, so I apologized and asked her in. I told her the whole story. How he had told me his wife was old and not very exciting. She looked at me sadly and said, " I see why my husband likes you, you are very pretty."

Her name was Anne, and I told her that she was very beautiful. She shook her head and said she thought she wasn't that sexy. I teasingly told her, " Hell, I'd fuck you. "

She laughed, but then grew thoughtful. She said she was thinking of a plan, but in order to carry it out, she would need my help. She told me her plan and I was excited. I agreed to do it.

I called up Ryan that night and invited him over. When he got to my apartment, he knocked on the door, and I let Anne answer the door. He looked like he was going to throw up. I was standing a little off to the side, and when he saw me, he was horrified.

"You think you are man enough to deserve two women? Well, we are gonna make you prove it"

She shoved him down into the recliner and said, " SIT."

He didn't say a word. He just sat down with a look on his face that was part guilt and part excitement. Anne walked over to me slowly, and said, " Tell me.... Is my husband a good fuck? "

I said, "Yes, he is. "

She smiled, and said, " Well he has been neglecting me lately. I was wondering if you could make up the difference. "

She leaned toward me and kissed me softly on the lips. She was a good kisser. Her lips were soft and moist and her tongue danced and teased mine. She leaned in closer and I could feel her soft tits pressing against mine. My hands went around her waist and I pulled her in deeper for a harder more intense kiss. We kissed for what seemed like hours. Her hand slipped down the front of my camisole and fondled one of my tits as she kissed me deeply.

I gently slid down the zipper of her dress, and her dress fell to the floor. Her bra was black and lacy against her skin. I unhooked the bra and her big tits popped out of the bra. They were amazing. Big and round, firm with large nipples. I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked and teased them with my tongue. I buried my face between her tits and inhaled the scent of her perfume. I felt her hands in my hair and I went back to tonguing her nipples. I squeezed them together and licked back and forth on her hard nipples. She moaned in pleasure.

I heard a noise from Ryan, and glanced over. He was hard as a rock, and reaching for the zipper of his pants. Anne snapped at him. " If you touch your cock even one time, Delilah and I wont let you fuck us. " He groaned in frustration. I went back to sucking his wifes big tits.

She was down to just her lacy black panties, but I was still dressed. She pulled my Cami up over my head and my smaller tits were exposed. She pulled my skirt down and I was standing there facing her in my tiny red thong. She rubbed her tits against mine and pulled me in for another kiss. We moved onto the couch, and kissed each other deeply, while our hands roamed the others body. I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt her soft plump pussy. She had a little patch of hair at the top of it, but the lips were very smooth. I slid her panties down her legs and she sat back and spread her legs.

I looked back at Ryan. He was looking very uncomfortable, and I could tell he needed to cum. I just laughed at him and said, If you touch it, I will make you leave, and I will enjoy your wife all by myself. He shifted in his seat, and kept watching. I slowly lowered my mouth to her pussy. I went straight for the clit. She pulled her pussy lips apart and I licked her clit firmly, making small circles. She gasped in pleasure. I covered her clit with my lips and sucked it gently teasing her with my tongue. Smacking my lips on it, and licking her pussy the way I liked mine licked. Her head was thrown back in pure pleasure and I ate her harder. Her hips were moving just slightly in little thrusting movements, and I could feel her getting ready to cum. I licked her wet cunt and fasted my mouth on her clit while she came with a scream, and bucked and thrashed against my mouth. I paused for about 30 seconds, and started working that hot little piece of flesh again. I tongue fucked her pussy, and sucked her clit, then she pulled her legs all the way back and I tongued her from asshole to clit over and over, while she shivered. I made her cum twice more with my mouth before she had had enough. She brought out a big dildo that she had bought that day.

"Fuck me with this Delilah. Show my husband how to do it. "

I glanced over at him and he was squirming in his chair like a man in agony. I smirked at him. Anne walked over to him and reclined him all the way back. " EAT MY PUSSY" she snapped. He licked her like he was starving, and she rewarded him by cumming on his tongue. He thought it was his turn and he reached for the zipper of his pants. She slapped him HARD. "Don't be so fucking quick. "

She yanked off his pants and underwear and his dick was hard as a rock. She smiled and motioned me over. Before you fuck me with that dildo. Lets suck Ryan's cock. We took turns. She sucked his balls while I sucked his dick. Then we switched. I took him far into my mouth, and she teased his balls with her tongue. He was about to cum, when she shoved me off him and she said, if you cum now, I will divorce you, and Delilah and I will live happily on your money for a long time.

He gritted his teeth. But managed to stop himself from cumming.

She went back over to the couch and said, " Now fuck me with that dildo. "

I fucked her with it, sliding it in and out of her pussy, while she moaned. I fucked her softly at first then harder. I licked her pussy while I fucked her with it. She came with a scream, and lay there jerking in pleasure.

We moved to a 69 position with me on the bottom. She licked my pussy while I licked hers. She was slick with her own cum and I licked her clean. She focused on my clit and made me so hot I was practically screaming. My back arched up on the couch as I thrust my pussy against her hot mouth. I came with a squeal, and she stopped long enough to grab her husband.

" Eat her pussy till she cums. " She ordered him and he started licking me, while she straddled my face. I loved the taste of her with the feeling of him eating my hot cunt. She ground her pussy into my face, and I could barely breathe, but I licked her and tongue fucked her while he made me cum.

It was her turn to fuck me with the dildo, and she did it hard. Much harder than I was used to. She was punishing me with that huge fat dildo. I heard a moan and looked down and saw Ryan dry humping the couch he was so horny.

She got up and went into the bedroom. Ryan and I followed like her slaves. She told him to lie down. He did and she got on top of him.

"Fuck me Ryan. You better make it good. " She motioned for me to straddle his face. He ate my pussy while she rode his hard cock. She was moaning like a whore, and grinding her clit into his pelvis. I was sitting on his face and every time he stopped licking, she would stop moving on his cock. I came really hard, sweat trickling down between my tits.

We both bent over the bed, and he took turns fucking us doggy style. He wanted to cum so bad, but Anne told him if he did, then she would leave him and so would I. Finally she figured he had had enough. She told him he could cum. He fucked her like a maniac. Slamming into her over and over. His eyes were glazed, and sweat rolled off him like water. He shouted and blew his cum inside her pussy. He lay there telling her how much he loved her, but she just shoved him off.

" Come here Delilah. You like his cum so fucking much, lick it out of my cunt. "

I put my tongue up inside her, and licked and sucked as much of his cum out of her dripping wet pussy as I could. She came again. This time holding my mouth down on her pussy as she ground her clit against my mouth hard enough to hurt.

She glanced over at him. She said, " You can go now Ryan. Delilah and I are through with you for tonight. "

He started to protest, but she glared at him, and pulled me against her. She started sucking my tits, and rubbing my pussy again, and I felt myself getting hot for her. She snapped at him, " I said, get the fuck out. We will let you know when we need you again. "

He got dressed slowly, while she played with my pussy and caressed me, and I made love to her too. His last image as he went out the door was His wife and his mistress fucking the shit out of each other with a double ended dildo.

Anne fucked me all night and I made her cum over and over.

She left in the morning with the promise that we would get together again soon.

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