Cheer Camp part 1

By sassycheergirl

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Alyssia finally gets her first time with a girl at cheer camp.
It was the first week of cheer camp. I knew I was going to be in heaven. Not only because of the guys, but because of the girls as well. I could just feel my pussy getting wet at the idea of spending 8 weeks working along side some of the most gorgeous girls in the state. I knew when I stepped off the bus that I was going to make my dream of being with a girl finally come true. I just wasn't sure how I was going to get to that point. Taking it one day at a time seemed kinda dorky, but hey maybe it would work.

I watched as Rochelle my bunkmate leaned over her suitcase and started hanging up her clothes. I had this great view of her ass. Her skirt was lifted above the back of her thighs and you could see the pink boyshorts she was wearing underneath. What was I doing? I came here to learn how to be a better cheerleader not try and think of getting into the girls skirts. I wanted to smack myself upside the head, but I knew if I did that it would look a little strange. A part of me wanted Rochelle to think I was cute and sweet. There was also another part of me that wanted to push her on to the bed, push her white creamy legs apart, and start licking and kissing her pussy. I wanted to feel her lips touching mine. She had her long red hair tied up in a ponytail. She had the prettiest green eyes that I have ever seen. You felt like they were just drowning into their depths. She made me feel like I was nothing compared to how she looked. I had my blond curly hair pulled up in to pig tails, and it made me look younger then what I was.

"Hey umm Alyssia would you mind handing me my suitcase and maybe helping me put up on the shelf in this closet?" Rochelle asked me. Her voice knocked the thoughts out of my mind.

"Yeah, I'll help ya out. I just hope we can both get it up there." I said grabbing the handle of her now empty suitcase. I grunted under the weight of it as I tried to lift it up to her. "Damn! How is this thing so heavy?" I asked nearly falling from the weight of it.

"Well um I'm not sure how to answer that." She said looking timid.

"Okay." I said as we both took an end of the heavy suitcase and shoved it up on the ledge.

"Wow that was a work out." Rochelle said laughing. I laughed with her, and we looked at the clock.

"We should head on down to lunch." I said as we made our way out of the room closing it and locking it as we went. It was nice how they had the "cabins" set up they were more like college dorm rooms. They had two beds, two closets, and we even had our own bathroom that had a huge garden tub that could fit two in it. The people at camp had only a few rules. No guys in the girls dorm area and no girls in the guys dorm area. No one ever really obeys that rule though. That saying what ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well it goes for cheer camp as well. I lost my virginity last year as a college freshmen at cheer camp. But that's another story.

Rochelle and I walked down the path to the mess hall. As we were walking we talked about our interest and learned more about each other As we were walking we noticed a bee buzzing around. Rochelle swatted it out of her face and continued walking.

"OW!!" Rochelle cried out. I looked over at her and she was bent over holding her leg.

"What's wrong Rochelle?" I asked her.

"I think that stupid bee stung me." She said crying.

"Do you want to go to the nurses?" I asked her once again.

"No lets just go back to our dorm and maybe you could help me get the stinger out." She said.

We walked quickly back to our little home away from home. I helped her to her bed and she laid down and pulled the red and white skirt up to the very top of her thighs. You could get a glimpse of her pink boyshorts. The stinger was right below her boyshorts on her thigh. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed the tweezers and some aloe gel. I walked back to where Rochelle was laying on her bed.

Kneeling down by her bed I took the tweezers and began to pull out the stinger. She moaned a little from the pain, but was doing fine.

"My mom always uses aloe for everything so I'm going to put some on the place where the bee stung you at if that's okay with you." I said looking Rochelle in her beautiful green eyes.

"Okay." She said as I poured some aloe into the palm of my hand and gently began to caress her thigh. I moved my hand close to her boyshorts, and then let them slide softly over where the bee had stung her.

"Mmm." Rochelle moaned as my fingers lightly brushed her covered pussy lips.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said blushing.

"I'll forgive you if you do that again." Rochelle said smiling. My heart started beating faster. I let my fingers gently run over her boyshorts again. I could feel a faint wet spot beginning to form.

"Help me take my boyshorts off?" She asked looking up at me smiling,

"Sure." I said eagerly. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, or maybe I was dreaming. I was worried about being with a girl for the first time. I helped Rochelle take her boyshorts off. I looked down at her shaved pussy, and I knew I was ready to be with her. I knelt between her legs and looked up at her.

"Are you sure about this Rochelle?" I asked. I was hoping she would said yes. I don't know how I would react if she said no.

"Yes, I'm sure. I liked you the moment you walked into our room with your cute smile and sexy little gold cheer leading outfit on. I knew I had to have you."

"I have to admit it." I said looking sheepish. "I was trying to figure out how to be with you too." Rochelle smiled at me after I told her how I felt. She spread her legs out, and I gazed down at her hairless pussy. I could already smell her, and I wondered what she would taste like.

I gently kissed her thigh and continued kissing up to the very center of her. She moaned as I got closer and closer to her wet pussy. I took one of her pussy lips and began to suck on it gently pulling on it a little. I could feel my pussy get wet. I could see her sweet nectar flowing out of her pussy. I bent my head and slipped my tongue in between her lips.

"Mmm." I said. "You taste like honey Rochelle." She looked at me with glassy passion filled eyes.

"Please." Was her only word to me. I began to feast on her like a woman having her last meal. My focus was totally on drinking every drop of her precious liquid. I could feel her fingers tighten in my hair as I tried to gobble every drop of her juices.

"Oh God Alyssia!!!!" She yelled as she came. I wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand and looked up at her. She looked so satisfied I had to smile at her.

"Wow Alyssia. I didn't know you liked girls." Rochelle said to me getting up and putting her boyshorts in the dirty clothes. "Now how do I repay you." She said as her eyes fell on the suitcase we had stuffed on the shelf in the closet. She walked over to the closet and pulled on the suitcase letting it fall to the floor. She had an evil gleam in her eye when she looked back at me. Rochelle struggled lifting the suitcase on to my bed. It made me wonder even more what was in there. I got up from her bed and went to look inside.

"No peeking Alyssia." She said waving me away. I moved back to her bed, sat down, and waited for her to get in her suitcase.

Rochelle unzipped the suitcase and looked inside. She pulled out a few scarves and a blindfold. My mind began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I had never been tied up before and I had to admit it was one of my many fantasy's.

"Um what are those for?" I asked looking at her. She walked towards me and took my hands in hers.

"You. Trust me. I won't do anything to hurt you." Rochelle said tying my hands to the headboard.

She kissed me on my lips. Sliding her tongue into my warm mouth. Our tongues dueled with each other for a few moments. She pulled the blindfold over my head and I was blinded from the site of her beautiful face. She pulled my uniform shirt down and exposed my breast. I felt her finger gently pull on my nipples. Turning them into little pebbles.

"Mmm." I moaned. Rochelle's hands felt so good on my breast. I nearly came off the bed as her mouth closed over one of my nipples.

"Damn Rochelle." I moaned as she bite lightly on my nipple and then she switched to the other side.

Her fingers went down to my skirt and pushed it up. She pulled my red boyshorts off in one smooth move. She lightly ran her finger down. She didn't push her finger in between the folds, but teased.

"Please. I can't stand the teasing much more." I moaned. I felt like I was close to an orgasm and was being denied. She laughed, and I felt her get off the bed. I heard her pushing things around. And then I heard a faint buzzing sound.

"This is my favorite friend. I don't go anywhere with out him." Rochelle said. I felt her get back onto the bed. She pushed my legs apart and gently let the vibrator tease my clit.

"Mmmm. Please Rochelle." I moaned. She pushed the vibrator into my slick pussy and began to inch by inch let my pussy swallow it. She pulled it out and pushed it in.

"Hmm." Rochelle said. "I'm wondering how you would like a higher setting." The vib went on higher and I felt myself begin to tingle. I knew it wouldn't belong before I orgasmed.

ARHH!!! MMM!!!" I yelled out as she thrust the vib into me harder and faster. I began to cum harder then I have ever came in my 20 years of life. She pulled the vib out of my pussy and pulled the blindfold off. She started licking the vib like it was a lollipop. She untied the scares holding my hands and kissed me. I could taste myself in her mouth. I loved the tangy taste of myself, and it was even better coming from her mouth.

"Wow!" I said as she pulled away. She smiled and went and grabbed her purse on the night stand and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one and handed it to me then lit one for herself.

"How's the bee sting feeling?"I asked her.

"What bee sting?" She asked smiling. "Damn I feel like getting something to eat now." She said laughing. We got on new boyshorts and I pulled my top back up. We walked out of our dorm room for the mess hall. Now we had our own little secret from the rest of camp. I couldn't wait to see what else was in that suitcase of hers. Just maybe I would find out later tonight after our workouts and cheer sessions.