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Cheerleader Lovers

A little cheerleader fun goes a long way
I really want to be a part of the cheerleading squad going into my senior year. I know getting on the squad is going to be very hard since there is one spot available and 6 girls going for the spot. I will do anything to get on the squad. I am lesbian, and don’t know if anyone else knows. I don't want them to know until I'm on the squad. I arrive to try outs in a skimpy red skirt and blue tank top and my blonde hair in a ponytail.

“Alright girls stretch out and lets get ready!” Virginia the head cheerleader yells.

Virginia is a senior also. Her brunette hair flows with her body as it curls mid way down. She is wearing her blue and white cheerleading uniform. Standing next to her is her best friend and co-captain, Stacy. Stacy is similar height as Virginia, except her hair is blonde, wavy and with a few black highlights.

“Alright we are going to show you some cheers and then you have to copy them from memory,” Stacy says hopping off the table her and Virginia are standing on.

They start the music and start doing their cheers. The 6 of us start to do them as best as we can to copy them after they are done. As I am cheering, I can’t help but feel Stacy’s eyes watching my body, carefully. Finally after 2 hours, we are done. The 5 other girls all leave while I head for the locker room to change.

“Oh Stacy,” I hear Virginia moan.

I carefully pop my head around the corner and I see Stacy sucking on the 36C breasts of Virginia. I watch, rubbing my pussy through my red panties. Stacy steps back and removes her top revealing her 36B breasts. Virginia leans down and starts to lick Stacy’s nipples. Virginia opens her eyes a bit just as I back away. I head over to where my bag is so I can change and go home.

“Kelly, can you come here?” Virginia says just as I am leaving the locker room.

“Um sure,” I say going back into the locker room.

I turn the corner following Virginia and I am greeted by Virginia kissing me hard. She pulls away giggling. Stacy comes from around the corner naked. My jaw drops at the sight of her naked body. Virginia quickly strips and I about lose it when I see both of them naked next to each other.

“We'd really like you to be on the squad Kelly,” Stacy says.

“We just want to fuck you first,” Virginia says smiling.

How can I refuse that! I smirk and remove my tank top and my bra that was holding back my 40C breasts. Instantly, the two go right for my nipples and start sucking and rubbing my breasts. They pin my arms back as they fight each other to remove my skirt.

“Ohhh fuck yes,” I moan.

The girls manage to remove my skirt and my panties. They stand straight up and we start making out. Our movements push Virginia against a locker, then me again. This time both girls go down my body dragging their tongues along my body.

“Ohhhh, ohhh,” I moan rubbing my breasts.

Both girls then start to lick my pussy hard and fast. I just gasp and moan, squeezing my breasts as I feel their long wet tongues. They keep licking and my legs start to get weak and I feel my orgasm start to build. Then a few quick strokes of the tongues later, my knees buckle.

“OHHHH FUCK!” I moan loudly as I fall to the floor squirting.

Virginia and Stacy kiss me passionatly. Virginia and I continue to make out as Stacy stands up. Virginia pulls away and when I look up Stacy is standing above me wearing a 8 inch long 3 inch wide strap on.

“Which hole do you want it in?” Stacy asks me.

“I call her pussy!” Virginia says and I look over at her and now she is wearing a similar size strap on.

I get on my knees and slowly lick either dildo before Virginia pulls me down. I slide up and lower myself down so her dildo enters my pussy. Stacy slides behind me and puts her dildo into my asshole.

“Ohhh yes fuck me hard girls,” I moan.

Both girls can’t refuse a request like that. Both of them start to thrust into me hard. Virginia and I start to make out as Stacy sucks and kisses my shoulders. They are fucking me so hard their hips colliding with mine make a loud smacking noises. Five minutes later, I cum again. Both girls pull out pushing me aside.

“Lick my pussy,” Stacy moans, taking her strap on off.

I lick my lips and I slide between her legs and start licking her lovely pussy. Stacy starts to moan as I feel Virginia starting to lick my asshole. I keep going at Stacy’s pussy.

“Oh yes, Kelly! YES!” Stacy moans, her hips bucking.

Soon she cums in my mouth. She pulls me up, kissing me softly as I rub her breasts. Virginia pulls me away and slides my head between her legs. I start to lick her pussy. I moan against her pussy licking hard and fast. Then I feel Stacy slide her fist into my asshole.

“Ohhhh fuck yes lick my pussy Kelly,” Virginia moans, “Oh yes your tongue is good!”

I keep licking faster and harder as Stacy goes harder in my ass hole and cum just pours from both our pussies. Soon Virginia’s body shakes as she squirts all over my face. Stacy pulls me back still in my ass and we start to make out. Virginia joins us in making out. We make out for about 10 minutes.

“Welcome to the squad Kelly.” Virginia kisses me softly.

“Yeah, welcome babe, now you don’t mind this do you?” Stacy asks, kissing me.

“Are you kidding?” I ask, giggling. “As long as I get to fuck you two, and you two get to fuck me, I couldn’t be more happier.”

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