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Chelle's Secrets: To New Friends

While enjoying another day off, Michelle has an unexpected first.
"What, no boyfriend today?" Rebecca asked Michelle, her expressive face a mask of sincere concern. The blonde had been lounging lazily on one of the chairs by the community pool, wearing the same tiny green bikini that she'd wore the first time they met. Once she saw Michelle walk through the gate she had excitedly sprung up in the chair, greeting the brunette with a hug that one might have expected from lifelong friends, not two women who only met a few weeks prior.

"No, he's working today. And tonight he's gotta go play wing man for his stupid single friend," Michelle replied, setting her towel down in the adjacent chair.

Rebecca frowned, "Oh pooh. That boy of yours is eye candy." Michelle blushed a little. She had brought Leman down to the pool the previous weekend and he'd had an opportunity to meet her new friend, the single mother with the body that would have been more at home on a college cheerleader than someone with two rug rats running around the pool screaming their heads off. She had definitely caught the two checking each other out, something that gave her mixed feelings of pride, jealousy, and.. curiosity even? Considering the trajectory their sex lives had taken lately it seemed that the world was just full of interesting and sometimes terrifying possibilities.

Of course, she had other distractions that day as well..

“Besides,” Rebecca continued, “I need him here to distract you from your other boyfriend. I‘ll never have a chance against those legs of yours.” With that, she cocked her head over at the young lifeguard who was sitting in his nearby chair. He was glancing around the pool, trying to appear nonchalant, but Michelle knew he was glancing her way.

She had been terrified that first trip here with Leman, having no idea what might happen. She had told no one about her brief oral tryst with the lifeguard in the pool bathroom the previous week, and though she had sworn him to secrecy she still was mortified at the possibility that he might somehow reveal their secret. As it turned out, she appeared to have worried for nothing. Other than a few times that she caught him staring at her, the young man gave no other indication of their forbidden history.

“Wow, you really ARE blushing now!” the blonde taunted, before looking more intently at Michelle. Her voice dropped a little and became serious, though her face was still a mask of pleasant surprise. “You fucked him, didn’t you? That day we met when I had to leave early, you fucked the pool boy!”

“No!” Michelle stammered quickly, her heart leaping into her chest. She recovered and said, “For God’s sake Rebecca, I’d get arrested for something like that! Besides, you’re the single one, I thought you were gonna give him the Misses Robinson treatment now that you don’t have the kids for the week.” She wagged her head and stuck her tongue out, taunting her friend and hoping she was being convincing.

Rebecca let the look linger a bit and then dropped it. Michelle had a feeling that her reply had been less than convincing. Thankfully, the blonde turned away and looked appreciatively back at the young man sunning at the opposite end of the pool.

“Well,” she started “If you didn’t fuck him you had your chance. Mommy has needs.” With that, the blonde adjusted the fabric of her bikini top, exposing her ample (fake, but a great job) cleavage as she lay back in the chair on display, mugging seductively in the young man‘s direction. She held the pose for a moment until the lifeguard got busted looking her up. Immediately Rebecca broke into a giggle, curling up doubled over in the chair, her breasts jiggling all the more for the effort . Her laugh was infectious and soon both girls were laughing, although Michelle’s perspective on the joke was deeper than her friend possibly knew. She made brief eye contact with the lifeguard and a knowing exchange occurred between the two, that kind of look that only two people who shared a very naughty secret could know.

She still remembered it. The oppressive heat of the small, dark room. The buzz of the flickering single bulb overhead the ambience to the sounds of wet sucking and soft moans. The way the concrete bit painfully into her knees. The taste and hardness of his eager penis as it punched into the back of her throat. The smell of their sweat and desire, and the rank, damp odor of the bathroom. It had been shameful, wrong. A mistake made by too much sun, alcohol, and misplaced lust.

And yet, just thinking about it Michelle squeezed her thighs together involuntarily, feeling the wetness therein at the memory.

Recovering from her laughing fit, Rebecca reached for a large plastic thermos and poured some liquid into a solo cup that she just happened to have an extra of. She handed the cup to Michelle who drank hesitantly at first, her eyes widening as the strength of the alcohol inside became apparent.

“Margarita. My recipe. I might have gone a little heavy on the tequila but with the kids gone I have to get while I can!” said the blonde. “So how did you score another day off?”

“They keep closing my office during renovations. Something to do with asbestos this time. I’m supposed to be working from home but I made it a point to get all caught up before hand so…” She gestured around at the pool, taking another sip of the drink. It was quite delicious.

“Oh good! Well since you’re boyfriend-less today that means we can have girl time! You have no idea how refreshing it is to talk to someone whose major concern isn't a cartoon character.”

Michelle laughed in reply, although as someone who didn’t have or particularly want children, she was thankful that it was a lament she couldn’t really relate to. Changing the subject slightly she complemented, “Damn girl, you look great. Still doing the personal training?”

“Uh-huh,” Rebecca replied, the words echoing as she spoke into her own upturned cup of margarita. “Todd’s been tearing my ass up.” Both girls laughed a little at the presumably unintended double entendre about her personal trainer.

“Well you might have to hook me up. My routine isn’t cutting it anymore,” Michelle lamented. She looked down at her body, clad in a white, fashionable and expensive bikini. Of course she looked fantastic, she always had. Long, shapely legs to die for. A flat, sexy belly. Tits that, while not quite the size of her friend’s, were very real and very perky at her thirty-one years of age. And she worked hard to maintain it, too. Still, there was always room for improvement and always room to fight harder against the pull of gravity.

Especially when you on occasion were being seen naked by people who had been strangers moments before. She and her boyfriend still had another “date” set up for the future with their new 'friends' Rick and Allison, and while body image issues were hardly the main reason for her reluctance to schedule it, they were at least one consideration.

“Hey, if I give a referral we both get a discount. I’ll set it up! You’ll like Todd. He’s a bastard but he gets results.”

“I’ll bet he does,” Michelle fired back. Becky giggled again and waved off the comment.

“Ah, he’s not really my type. Nice body but too old for me. I like ‘em young,” she said and again wiggled her chest invitingly in the direction of the lifeguard who actually saw the motion this time and did a double take.

'He’s gonna think he’s won the lottery twice,' Michelle thought, shaking her head and laughing before taking another drink of the margarita, feeling the slow burn of the alcohol warming her up and relaxing her. This was going to be a good day indeed..

It wasn’t Rebecca’s kids or rain that cut the day short this time, as neither of those elements were present to spoil their good time. Rebecca and Michelle stayed at the pool for a few hours, tanning their bodies and getting to know each other better. The blonde still taunted the pool boy half-seriously and Chelle still blushed each time she did it and worried that her secret would be found out. Still, he never came and spoke to them or gave any other indication that their secret was anything but safe.

'Good for him,' she thought. 'Discretion is a nice trait in a young man.' 

No, in the end, it was the empty thermos of Margaritas that prompted a change of venue. Rebecca held it upside down and frowned as the last few drops hit the concrete ground and immediately evaporated in the heat.

“Party’s over,” she said. “I guess I need to go call my ex’s house and check on the kids anyway,” she said with a scowl that suggested the effort was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. “Bastard probably has them with the sitter anyway. He fought for visitation in court and then spends every week he gets playing golf instead.” She shook her head at the thought and Michelle frowned sympathetically, again glad that it wasn’t a situation she could relate to.

“Anyway,” continued the blonde “why don’t you come over to my place in a bit? I’ve got some wine and maybe I could try and remember how to cook something other than macaroni and cheese?”

Michelle smiled at the thought. “Sure! When, say and hour or two?”

Rebecca was gathering her things quickly as she spoke, hefting her beach bag over her shoulder in a practiced move. The effort caused her golden hair to swing and fall about her shoulders in a way that struck Michelle as undeniably sexy. As a matter of fact, Michelle had been horny the entire day between the innuendos with the lifeguard and her stolen glances at her new friend’s sexy body displayed so wantonly in her tiny green bikini.

Well, and the alcohol. There was that too. But Michelle had to admit to herself that she was way oversexed lately, ever since the day with Eric and the sex tape she and her boyfriend had made. The pending four-way with Allison and Rick had given her cause to accept that she was soon going to be experimenting with another woman for the first time. The thought was both terrifying and intriguing but she had also found herself sizing up other women in a way that had never been a part of her thought process.
Women like her new friend Becky, for example.

“Sure, see you then,” Rebecca said, her blue eyes shining, her freckled face beaming at the thought of an evening of adult conversation with her new friend. Before Michelle realized it was happening, the blonde leaned over and pecker her on the cheek. It was a simple gesture between friends, but for a reason she couldn’t quite put her finger on, it excited her.

As she started to pack her own things up, Michelle could not help but stare at the blonde as she sashayed out of the pool area.

Michelle felt kind of silly getting ready for her trip to her friends house. After a long hot shower in which she shaved her legs (again) and most of her pubic hair, save the tiny landing strip her boyfriend liked, she stood in front of her closet agonizing over an outfit and reflected that she was preparing for a simple night with a friend as if it were a first date or something!

She told herself that she just wanted to look her best in front of her friend who was herself quite a looker. There was an alpha female quality about Michelle, who had been told she was beautiful her whole life and had eventually come to accept it as fact. Rebecca was a year younger than her and was a mother of two kids. Chelle had to keep up. She decided, looking at her naked body in the full-length bedroom mirror, that she would take her friend up on the offer about the personal trainer.

Michelle finally decided on a pair of red panties and no bra, as it wouldn’t have looked right with the simple black dress she picked out. Pulling it on, she smiled at the way it clung to her curves, spinning around in the mirror to admire the way her ass looked as it pushed gently against the fabric.

Trying to justify all this attention for just a simple trip to her friend’s house, she reflected that there was a devil-may-care quality about Rebecca that gave Michelle the impression that truly anything might spontaneously happen when she went over. Hell, for all the talk about how lonely she had been lately, Michelle wouldn’t have been that surprised to show up and find that she’d invited the pool lifeguard! The thought sort of scared her: she was still worried about that secret getting out and she certainly wasn’t going to risk another fling with him.

But if such a situation arose, shouldn’t she at least look her best? Tease him a little and then turn him down?

'Oh Lord, girl, you do still have a boyfriend you know.' The thought reminded her to check her phone. There was indeed a message from Leman, describing his plans to leave soon with his friend. The idea brought with it a bit of jealousy. With the way things had been between them; swinging, swapping, banging exes (ok, well that had just been her, but still..) what would hold him back if he did meet some slut out there while playing wingman?

Michelle tried to push the thoughts out of her mind and sent him a nice, supportive, love-you-baby-get-home-safe text in reply. She told herself that she was probably to blame for her own jealousy. Having seen how easily she gave in to temptation lately, what made her previously faithful and supportive boyfriend any different?

Was she really becoming some sort of wanton slut, or was the only difference between faithfulness and infidelity simply opportunity?


Later that night, looking down at the blonde head between her trembling, naked thighs, her body experiencing a kind of pleasure she’d never imagined, Michelle would think briefly of that same question and decide that, at this time and for her at least, the answer didn’t really matter.


Rebecca answered the door looking very cute in a simple green blouse and white shorts that contrasted nicely against her tanned skin. Her hair was still kinky-wet from the shower and she wore little makeup, which actually helped the freckles on her younger-looking face stand out. She looked at Michelle and her eyes got wide, a sign which made the brunette worry that she had overdressed, as she feared.

“Don’t you look sexy! And that’s coming from someone who’s only seen you in a bikini.” said Rebecca with a laugh, inviting Michelle inside and taking the bottle of wine that she had brought with her before examining the label with approval and turning to walk away from the front room.

“I’ve got a bottle open already but I think we can manage more than one tonight. Come on in to the kitchen, I’ll give ya the tour in a little bit.” Michelle followed, looking around at the house. Rebecca clearly must have done well in her divorce as the house was huge, especially considering it was technically in the same neighborhood as her much more modest one.

'I bet she doesn’t have her own private film studio, though,' she thought and almost giggled.

She continued to the kitchen, where Rebecca handed her a glass of red wine in an over-sized glass before clinking their glasses together.

“To new friends,” she said, with a very sincere look. Michelle smiled back and took a taste. It was delicious, and probably as expensive as the other things in the house.

The two stayed in the kitchen, each occupying a bar stool and drinking wine from a bottle that Rebecca liberally refilled as they spoke.

“Chelle darlin', I was going to surprise you by having the pool boy here tied up with a big ribbon when you came over but I figured it would be bad to scare you off your first time as a guest.”

Michelle laughed aloud at this even though she was a little mortified inside. It was like Rebecca had been reading her thoughts from earlier. She was about to say something and the blonde apparently picked up on the look on her face, although the follow-up question wasn’t what she expected.

“I’m sorry, do people call you ‘Chelle? For short I mean. It just sorta came out.”

Somewhat relieved at avoiding more lifeguard questions, she replied, “Yeah. My boyfriend and some of my friends. Some days I like it. Others.."

“Let me guess, your family called you that growing up and when you go to high school you decided it wasn’t mature enough so you went back to your full name, even though no one at home ever called you anything else.”

Michelle smiled at her new friend’s insight, “Actually, it was junior high for me, but yeah. How about you? You must get called Becky, right?”

The blonde gave an exaggerated nod and listed, “Becky, Becca, Becks, I’ve gotten em all. I went through the same thing you did. I guess all girls do. But once I had my kids? I started realizing that I liked the younger sounding versions a lot more than the definite article.”

“So what do I call you Becky then?”

The blonde refilled their glasses and grinned, “Call me anything but sober!”


The girl talk continued through the first bottle and well into the second before Becky got around to showing Chelle the rest of the house. The brunette listened as her new friend described all of the various rooms and furnishings, and there was a slight edge of contempt as she realized that there were still some painful memories of her divorce associated with them. To her credit, Becky didn’t dwell very long on anything in particular, always coming up with a quick quip before moving on.

The tour ended on the back patio with the best feature of the home: an amazing Jacuzzi hot tub sank into the marble-tiled walkway. The back yard was surrounded with a high privacy fence and soft, intimate lighting illuminated the immediate area without calling attention to it. Steam rose in small wisps from the heated water. It was a warm evening, but the tub looked extremely inviting. Michelle suddenly realized to her regret that she hadn’t brought a bathing suit.. And they had just been at the pool!

She was turning to say something to Becky about this when she was suddenly hit in the face with something that obscured her vision. Panicking a little, she reached for it and discovered that it was the green blouse the blonde had been wearing. Chelle looked up and saw her new friend standing topless as she unbuttoned her pants.

“Well what are you waiting for?” she said with a grin as the shorts slid down, and Rebecca stood in a pair of barely-there white panties. She turned away before Chelle could offer protest and turned the tub’s timer on, activating the powerful jets in the pool and churning the water into a swirling maelstrom. She then quickly hopped in to the water and a look of contentment came over her face.

Chelle had a moment of internal struggle which was exaggerated by seeing her friend so suddenly naked. Still, she had never been one to back down from so clear a challenge and so in one quick move she pulled her dress over her head and stepped in to the tub across from her friend. Chelle’s nipples stood like bullets in the air and she immediately sank below the waterline to cover herself.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” said Becky, quickly climbing out of the tub and running back into the house. She returned a moment later carrying a newly opened bottle of wine and two glasses. This time, she walked slowly and Chelle could not help but drink in the sight of her beautiful, naked friend. For the first time she saw her enhanced breasts in all their glory and marveled at how realistically they looked and moved with her walk. Additionally, Becky’s white panties had become completely transparent from the water, and Chelle saw the outline of her pubic area clearly defined. She appeared to be either shaved bare, or a natural blonde. Chelle decided both could be true before she quickly tore herself away, lest she got caught staring too much.

Becky set one of the glasses down and filled it for herself, then she poured another for her friend. With no apparent shame, she crouched down, giving an even better view of her transparent undergarments. Chelle reached up for the glass and Becky leaned in as she handed it over.

“So what do you think?” Becky asked. Chelle wasn’t sure what she could possibly be asking about until she watched her shake her pendulous breasts back and forth.

“Oh!” said Chelle, quickly taking a gulp of the wine as she studied the globes, her friends’ delicate pink nipples at attention just like her own. “I think they look great. You’d never know they weren’t real.”

Becky smiled in approval and got into the tub. She set her glass aside and moved towards the brunette. “Here, feel em. That’s the real test.” She reached out and grabbed one of Chelle’s hands before putting it on her left tit. A little stunned, but emboldened by the wine, she gave the breast a good caress. It did indeed feel quite natural. She brought her other hand up to the right breast and gave them a squeeze. For a moment, she thought of her friend Allison and her big breasts, breasts that she would soon be seeing this close if she and her boyfriend still went through with their swinging plans. Her mind wandered a bit at the thought. 'Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? Maybe it could be fun..'

“Damn girl, you keep doing that and I might give men up,” said Becky. Chelle suddenly realized she had been absentmindedly caressing her friend's nipple. She dropped her hands as if Becky's tits had suddenly become hot to the touch, and the blonde giggled. To her surprise, Chelle suddenly felt hands on her own breasts, cupping the smaller but every bit real mounds that had risen out of the water during the examination of her friend. A shiver went through Chelle’s body that caught her off guard at the touch.

“See, I like yours. You were blessed with good genetics, Chelle. The rest of us, the divorced mommies of the world have to make due with the generosity of our rich ex-husbands.” She grinned that freckled, blue eyed grin and then backed away from Chelle, settling a fair distance away to give the brunette some space.

Chelle took a drink to calm her pounding heart and tried to think more appropriate thoughts as she settled back in her seat. As she shifted though, an urgent and pleasant sensation touched her between her legs and she realized that she was sitting very close to one of the strong hot tub jets. Caution and decorum being drowned in red wine, she wiggled every so close to try and capture more of thrusting water’s attention..


For a while, conversation remained semi-normal but it didn't take long for the discussion to turn to sex. Becky did most of the talking, much of it complaints about her lack of sex lately plus the occasional comment thrown out about her ex husband’s dick “Micro-penis,” she said “And wouldn't you know he’d be the fucker to knock me up!”

Chelle in turn gave up plenty of intimate details about her sex life with Leman, although she stayed far away from the story about Allison and Rick. Still, a few details came out against her will.

“So is Leman the biggest ever? And if so, can I borrow him?” blurted out Becky. Chelle giggled and almost automatically said that he was, but a blast from the hot tub jet stirred her loins and the wine in her system brought out the truth.

“No. He’s got a great cock but by no means the biggest. That honor belonged to my ex, Eric.”

“Oooh!” cooed the blonde, who shifted forward and a little closer to Chelle, who wondered if perhaps her friend was simply adjusting to get her own access to the pulsating jets. “Do tell. How big was it?”
Chelle smiled, blushing before holding her hands about nine-ten inches apart. In her mind, she could have been once again on her knees before that massive organ. It was not an unpleasant thought at that moment, given her drunken state of arousal.

“Get the fuck out! How was it?” continued the blonde, eyes wide. “I had two children but I don’t think I could handle something like that.”

The brunette almost opened her mouth to give her typical answer. Her face contorted in a practiced look of disgust as she explained that size wasn’t everything, that it had hurt, and that the boy bless his heart couldn’t fuck to save his life. All of which had been true when they dated.

But then she remembered the recent video session. How hard she’d come. That feeling of incredible fullness as he fucked her, and the slutty way she felt when his hot semen had covered her face and breasts, while all the while her boyfriend watched and filmed.

“It was magnificent. Once you get used to it anyway,” she said with a wicked smile, eyes half closed. Under the water, her pelvis shifted again to grab access to the jets and her body shivered uncontrollably.

She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. Her mind wandered more to memories of that night.

Time passed without Becky saying anything in reply and for a moment, Chelle wondered if something was wrong. When she opened her eyes she realized that her friend had moved in such a way that she was facing away from her, her arms draped over the side of the pool, and she was now shamelessly moving her lower body against the jets.

Caught up in the drunken moment and badly in need of relief, she too moved and took the nearest jet’s stream full blast on her clit. Unlike the weak ones in the community pool, these were a throbbing jackhammer of pressure, even better than her shower head and Chelle found herself light headed as waves of pressure crashed against her. She was momentarily disturbed by a wet slapping sound and when she looked up she realized that Becky had deftly removed her soaked panties and tossed them out of the pool before turning back to the jets. Chelle did the same and now enjoyed the full attentions of the water spray on her exposed clit. A soft moan escaped her lips and she almost felt bad until another was matched from across the tub.

As amazing as the sensations were, Chelle wondered if they would be enough to get her off. Had she drank too much? Then again, if she had drank less she wouldn’t be masturbating in this hot tub mere feet away from her new friend who was doing the same.

Suddenly, without realizing what she was feeling at first, Chelle felt a hot breath at her ear, followed by a pair of soft lips kissing the back of her neck. A delicate hand slid under her arm and came up to caress her nipple from behind. Chelle jumped a little in shock, but her movements were not completely those of rejection.

“Becky what are you do-?” she managed, although she knew full well.

“I don’t know,” admitted the blonde. “Just go with it,” she said, moving to face Chelle as she leaned in to kiss her.

'Go with it.' thought Chelle. That was something she’d heard her boyfriend saying a lot lately.. With hardly a thought more she accepted a kiss from the most delicately soft lips she’d ever felt. The two embraced in the water, breasts pressed tight against breasts and somehow Becky’s thigh came to rest between Chelle’s legs. Chelle ground her crotch down against it instinctively, desperately wanting to continue the pleasure she had been feeling. She was terrified of this development, but also caught up completely in desire and the eroticism of the moment.

Becky broke the kiss and moved her hands down to the back of Chelle’s thighs. Gently, she lifted her up and the brunette, realizing her intent, assisted. As she moved up, Becky never missed a beat, kissing the other girl’s neck and then moving down to lick and suck at her erect nipples as she moved higher out of the water. Chelle was suddenly sitting on the edge of the hot tub, completely exposed, dripping wet (in more ways than one) in the night air as Becky’s blonde hair moved down her body, kissing her flat, sexy belly, and then coming to rest at eye level with her steamy gash. Becky grinned up again, a completely lustful look and whispered: “Just relax. Let me make you feel good.”

“Becky I’ve never -” she tried, but the blonde stopped her with a ‘shhh‘.

“It’s been since college for me, but right now I think we both need this.”

With that, Chelle felt for the first time the tongue of another woman as it danced lightly along the lips of her steaming vagina. As soon as the feeling hit, she threw back her mouth in a wordless cry and knew that nothing from that moment on would ever, ever be the same again.

She kept her eyes mostly closed as her new friend did things to her with her hands and tongue that she had never known possible. Chelle felt pressure inside of her and knew that Becky had at least a finger or two there, lovingly stroking her inner walls in time with the rhythmic lapping at her clit.

The still night air was broken by the splashing of the pool and the soft moans of Michelle as her lover brought her steadily but quickly towards a long-overdue orgasm. She felt it building inside of her and was almost fearful of how powerful it felt. Giving no quarter, Becky was relentless, as if wanting to take her friend to the brink and over before she had a chance to reconsider. It worked and the night sky was split with a piercing cry that could have woken the neighbors as Chelle came hard against the lapping tongue of her friend.

What a sight they would have been if not for the privacy fence! The gorgeous, leggy brunette woman sitting on the edge of the pool, resting back on her arms for support, her wet, dark hair falling all around her shoulders and face. Her eyes closed and her mouth open to the moon as sounds of forbidden ecstasy escaped to the air. The blonde below, her shapely ass visible above the waterline and her full breasts bouncing as she worked magic between the other woman’s legs, which now shook uncontrollably in the throes of her orgasm. It was an incredibly erotic sight, but one that was only meant for the two of them in this most private of moments together.

Michelle wasn’t sure how long she sat like that, her legs shaking, her heart pounding. She was vaguely aware as the fingers slid from her vagina and the steady laps became light, delicate licks before also stopping. What snapped her out of it was a delicate cool breath blown across her engorged vagina. The sensation made her open her eyes in surprise and She looked down at Becky, who was grinning madly.

“Thank you,” she said, and moved up to kiss her friend. “Thank me?” Chelle asked in reply, “But I haven’t even-”

The blonde embraced and kissed her before she had a chance to finish and again Michelle was entranced by the softness of her lips, as well as by the scent of her own sweet juices that covered the mouth and tongue of her friend. She had been squeamish about such things before and Chelle wasn’t one who was squeamish about too much. Not this time, though. The scent was positively intoxicating.

Knowing it would be rude to not do the same for her friend but fearful about actually doing it for the first time, Chelle started to kiss down the blonde’s neck. To her surprise though, Becky stopped her.

“Hey let’s go inside before we get wrinkles. We can continue in the bedroom.”


They went in quickly, not having access to towels they left a dripping trail on the deck towards the house as they playfully kissed and touched each other like teenage lovers. The cool air of the home’s air conditioning hit their skin and both of their bodies broke out in goose pimples as they walked inside. Becky quickly grabbed Chelle’s hand and led her to the master bedroom, which was thankfully on the ground floor. Without pause, the two women found themselves on the large bed, sheets quickly pulled aside and wet shivering bodies sliding between them seeking shelter from the cold air. They embraced under the covers, as much out of desire for warmth as eroticism, though the latter quickly resumed control as Chelle found her confidence and began to lick experimentally at her friend’s breasts and nipples.

“Suck them,” Becky breathed and Chelle complied, pulling the nipple into her mouth and rolling it on her tongue. She had heard that some women lost sensation in their nipples following pregnancy and especially implant surgery, but Becky was clearly not one of those women if her reaction were any indication.

Her body moved sexily, gracefully against Michelle’s and somehow everything just felt right. She worked her way down the blonde’s body and finally came to that special spot between her legs. It was her first time being this close to the sex of another woman and a curiosity rose in Chelle’s mind as she studied the delicate pink folds of her friend’s labia. The mounds around her entrance were somewhat puffy and less “tucked in” than her own (terminology that she had heard from her boyfriend, the memory of whom she quickly suppressed lest it interfere with the matter at hand). She was completely shaved smooth and Chelle touched the soft skin experimentally. It was very warm to the touch and Becky moaned as she felt it. The blonde dripped with moisture and before she could lose her nerve, Chelle lowered her head and for the first time tasted another woman.

It was heavenly. The subtle scent and taste, coupled with the immediate feedback from the soft woman above, so different than when she went down on a man. Every lick and touch at the area felt familiar yet strange as she lapped up and down her friend’s inner lips. Her tongue found Becky’s clitoris and Chelle marveled at the feel of it and the way the other woman shuddered when she touched it gently. When she sucked a man’s cock, sometimes it was hard to know if she was doing anything right until he actually came in her mouth. This was different. Even with the knowledge of her own body, Michelle found herself experimenting with different pressures, noting when it was too much, not enough, the wrong (or very, very right) spot. Becky’s body told her every time. She was still teaching her, even while on the receiving end.

Michelle found a good rhythm and tried sliding a finger inside of Becky, who bucked her hips appreciatively and asked for more. Another finger followed, then three, all of which the blonde’s hungry vagina took with gusto, gripping her like a vice as she bucked and thrashed with the welcome penetration.

“Oh fuck me Chelle, fuck me!” she cried out, loud in the empty house and seeming so strange coming from a beautiful woman and not a strong, thrusting man. Emboldened, she increased her pace. Her own pussy was on fire and she placed her free hand down between her own legs, finding her clit and mauling it hard as the blonde, speared on her thrusting fingers thrashed and came against her face.

Pride swelled within Michelle as she realized she had gotten her friend off on her first time. Before she could revel too much, however, Becky surprised her again. She moved up and entwined herself with the brunette. Chelle felt the woman press her crotch hard against her own as if they were and man and a woman humping away. She had seen this before in one of her boyfriend’s favorite porn films and even she had to admit the scene had been hot. “Scissoring,” he had called it.

Becky pushed Chelle back and continued humping her crotch while leaning over to suck and tease the brunette’s breasts and nipples. Chelle knew she was going to come again. The combination of Becky’s thrusting wet mound grinding against her own and the blonde’s soft lips on her sensitive tits soon sent her again crashing through several smaller peaks, all coming and going in such a manner that she couldn’t tell where one ended and the next began.

Exhausted and breathing heavily, the two fell to the bed. Chelle started to open her mouth but couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be awkward and risk spoiling the potentially fragile mood. All she knew is that she was satisfied, in a warm bed with another warm, beautiful body. 

She was awakened the next morning with a headache and a strange sense of not knowing where she was or how she got there. Realization soon came back, as did the memories of last night, which seemed like almost too much to process right now. She looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was almost ten in the morning. Frantically, she looked around for her phone and then saw it, sitting on top of her neatly folded clothes in a nearby chair along with a note from Becky.

“Hey Chelle, had a great girls night with you. I had to run to town to bring some things to the kids so help yourself to anything in the fridge and give me a call later. Have a great day! XOXO - Becca”


Returning home, Michelle was a whirlwind of emotion. Clearly she had not expected the events of last night to occur and she found herself feeling guilty about the whole thing, the drunken loss of control. Another dirty secret behind her boyfriend’s back. He had been so good to her during all of this and she had procrastinated at setting up the girl-girl session with her friend Allison, only to go and do this behind his back.

It was shameful.

And exciting. And she knew a way to maybe start to make up for her actions.

Smiling, she reached for her phone and decided that she would call Allison now and set up the fling. Right away. This weekend. Whatever fear she’d had about being with another woman had been well assuaged last night. Not that she could tell him that, Leman might be an understanding boyfriend but she couldn’t risk the chance that he might be angry with her or consider it cheating. Better to chalk this all up as a necessary preparation towards making his pending fantasy a reality. It was all part of being a good girlfriend, right?

Of course, she’d still have to pretend it was her first time with a woman, but Chelle thought she could pull that off.

She was getting good at keeping secrets.

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