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Cherry's Punishment

Cherry's Punishment

Cherry catches her daughter's best friend in the shower and it opens a whole new world.
Cherry heard the click of the shower go on. It took all of her will power to stay on the sofa. Three weeks ago she had caught sight of her daughter's best friend Denise, who was living with them for the summer, lathering up her young eighteen year old athletic body through the slightly ajar bathroom door. She knew at the time she should have turned away but she could not stop herself from staring and comparing.

There was the obvious age difference, Cherry was forty two to Denise's eighteen. Denise was 5'7" a full three inches taller than Cherry. Both had silky brown hair but Denise's was longer, going just past her shoulders, where as hers stopped a few inches past the nape of her neck, with a few gray hairs at the temples. Both had smokey dark brown eyes. They both had 44DD tits but hers where not perky like the young girls in the shower. Her nipples where bigger than Denise's but not by much. Their waist lines where very different, thirty for Denise and thirty six for her. Hips again where very different, thirty six for Denise and forty for her.

Watching her daughter's best friend made her big nipples harden and her juices start flowing, making her thick thighs slick. She could not help but touch and pinch her nipples as Denise took her time lathering her firm tits. As Denise soaped further down her body she could not help it, but her hand followed down her body, stopping at her already wet clit. When Denise bent over to continue down her firm thighs, she turned slightly showing off her nice round ass. Cherry's body came undone with an orgasm.

Ever since that day she was like a moth to a flame when the shower clicked on. At that sound she would start to get wet with the memory of what she had seen and felt. Deep in her heart she knew it was wrong but she would find herself drawn back at the bathroom door again and again. Afterwards, guilt would wash over her. This was her daughter's best friend; she should not be thinking of her this way. She surely should not be thinking of touching, kissing and licking her.

This time she told herself she would stay put and resist. She closed her eyes and began to tremble like an addict going through withdrawals. It seemed like forever before the water shut off. When it did she breathed a sigh of relief. She made it.

She was just starting to breath normally, when Denise came bouncing out of the bathroom in a skimpy red silk robe that just barely covered her firm tits and round ass.

"Hi Cherry," Denise said as she sat on the sofa.

"Hi Denise," Cherry said.

"I missed you," her daughter's best friend stated.

"We have been home together all day. What do you mean?" Cherry asked cautiously.

"I missed you watching and enjoying me showering," Denise said, as she looked her best friend's Mom directly in the eye.

"What are you talking about?" Cherry asked, knowing very well she was caught but not wanting to admit it to herself let alone to the young girl.

Denise moved closer to her on the sofa and placing her hand on Cherry's thick thigh. She could feel the heat of the young girls hand through the long black silk robe.

"Now Cherry, do not be naughty and lie to me." Denise breathed out huskily. "I saw you watching me and touching yourself the other day."

"I... I do not know what you are talking about," Cherry stammered.

Denise's body pressed against Cherry. She felt Denise's hot breath in her ear as she whispered, "Naughty naughty, you will have to be punished for lying."

As her daughter's best friend said this, her hand moved the robe aside finding Cherry's nipple and giving it a hard steady pinch. Cherry sucked in a breath and her eyes grew wide. Cherry knew this was wrong but her body was betraying her. Her nipples hard as pebbles and pussy beginning to get wet. Denise untied the belt on her robe revealing her firm young body.

"Touch me, Cherry," Denise commanded.

Cherry did not move, very conflicted. Wanting very much to touch the young firm body but knowing it was wrong. Denise grabbed her hand and stated, "I have wanted you to touch me for so long and I am tired of waiting. So I am taking control. Touch me now, slut!"

She pulled Cherry's hand placing it on her already soaking pussy. Cherry's fingers found Denise's hard clit and started rubbing. "Oh yes," Cherry whispered.

"Very good slut. You take direction well. Now let's see if you take your punishment just as well," Denise said rising off the sofa. Cherry whimpered when her fingers lost contact with the hard wet clit. Punished, Cherry thought, I need to be punished for these thoughts and feelings I am having about my daughter's best friend.

Denise removed the red silk belt from her robe. She then bent over and kissed Cherry softly on the lips. She then deepened the kiss and thrusting her tongue into Cherry's mouth. Cherry moaned with pleasure at the feel of the tongue mating to hers. After a few moments Denise drew back.

"On your knees Cherry, if you want to touch me again." Denise said softly. Without a second thought Cherry slid off the sofa on to her knees.

Denise walked around her and then stopped behind her. Cherry felt silk against her throat. Cherry trembled when the young girl tied the belt tightly around her neck. Denise pulled on the belt forcing Cherry to stand.

"Time for your punishment," Denise stated. "Come along like a good slut."

The pull on the belt forced Cherry to follow Denise to her bedroom. Once there she pulled the black silk belt from Cherry's robe. She then pushed her back on the bed.

"Hands over your head slut," Denise ordered.

Cherry willingly complied, "Yes Mistress."

Denise took the black silk belt, tying the right wrist. Then threading the other end through the slats of the headboard and tying the other end of the belt to the left wrist. Once Cherry was bound tight, Denise rummaged in the bottom drawer of her dresser. She finally found what she was looking for. She walked slowly toward Cherry with a small black leather paddle in her hand. The breath caught in Cherry's throat and began to shake with fear and anticipation. Denise stopped close to the head of the bed and she rubbed the leather paddle slowly over each nipple in turn.

"You are such slut for touching yourself while watching me." Denise stated. Then she smacked each nipple one after another until each one turned red and swollen. When Cherry could take no more she cried out, "Yes I am such a naughty slut!"

The young girl paused and ran her fingers over Cherry's juicy pussy lips. She took the paddle and moved Cherry's thick thighs apart, exposing her wet slit.

"Keep your legs apart for your last punishment or you will not get you reward, slut," Denise said.

"Yes Mistress, your slut will be good." she promised.

"With each spank of your naughty clit, you are to say, Thank you for my punishment Mistress. Do you understand?" Denise asked.

"I understand, Mistress."

The words were barely out of Cherry's mouth when the first hard spank landed on her clit.

"Thank you for my punishment Mistress," she gasped out as her clit began to throb. Another spank landed on her clit harder than the last.

"Thank you for my punishment, Mistress," Cherry breathed out. Her pussy flowing uncontrollable now. Another hard spank landed on Cherry's slick hard throbbing clit, causing her to call out loudly, "Thank you for my punishment Mistress!"

"Very good slut," Denise said as she ran her soothing fingers on the throbbing slit. "Time for your reward."

"Please Mistress... please!" Cherry pleaded.

Denise knelt on the bed and placed her fingers slick with Cherry's juices in her mouth sucking deep. She then straddled Cherry's head grinding her pussy into Cherry's waiting mouth. Cherry was slurping the young girls clit feverishly as Denise bent down to finally feel Cherry's hot slick clit and pussy in her mouth. Cherry moaned with delight.

Cherry started to work her tongue in and out of the young tight pussy in front of her. Denise groaned and quivered. She started sucking on Cherry's clit harder. Then she took two fingers and started finger fucking Cherry's pussy with the same rhythm that Cherry was fucking her with her tongue. Both of their moans of pleasure were reaching a fever pitch.

"Cum for me slut. Cum for your Mistress!" Denise shouted, as she slid her pinkie in Cherry's ass and started pumping all her fingers faster in and out of Cherry's holes. Cherry's hips pitched and bucked as her body came undone with a earth shattering orgasm. She cried out into Denise's pussy and started to lick and suck faster, determined to taste the girl's cum. Cherry then moved her tongue to Denise's ass. Her young firm body started to shake as Cherry set a fast tempo of fucking her ass with her tongue.

Denise yelled out, "Yes slut fuck my ass with your tongue!" as her cum gushed out of her pussy. Cherry moved to lap up as much of the young girl's cum as she could, savoring every drop. Denise collapsed on top of her practically suffocating Cherry with her pussy.

"Aren't you glad I left the bathroom door open so you could be punished slut?" Denise asked.

"Yes Mistress!" Cherry said with a cummy smile.

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