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Chinese Balls

Me and my husband Tony were going to a party at a friend's house, to celebrate his wife's birthday, and I decided to be naughty again. I put on a short black dress with a swishy skirt to it, and decided to forgo putting on panties. Instead I decided to put in my recently purchased Chinese balls.

For those who don’t know what Chinese balls are- they are two balls, about an inch in diameter, that are connected with a string. They are made of smooth plastic and coated in a layer of silicone. They are used to train the pussy muscles. What you do is, you put them in and go about your business trying to not let them fall out. Needles to say they are very arousing.

Anyway, I pushed them in and adjusted the connecting string between my butt cheeks, so it wouldn’t show. I became instantly aroused and wet from the balls moving inside of me. I put on some makeup, and strappy high heels to go with the dress. I looked great with my D sized tits pushed up and my ass looking rounder due to the heels.

We got to the party pretty early and mingled for a bit. Every move I made caused the balls to rub my pussy walls, and I was having trouble concentrating. I could smell my own juices and was pretty sure that others could too.

At some point I saw Mike come in with his new girlfriend Rita, who was very attractive but totally conservative and quiet. I walked over to say hello, and kissed both on the cheek. Rita looked at my dress and said it was lovely but she would never wear something so short. She was wearing black pants and a purple buttoned down shirt, with back pumps. She looked nice, in a prim and proper sort of way, her B sized breasts totally covered up.

"Whatever," I thought to myself, and went over to my hubby to kiss him on the lips.

"I hope she chokes of jealousy."

After a while the drinks got everyone loose and the dancing started. I was burning up with heat; I was so wet my juices were running down my thighs in little rivers. I reached between my legs to wipe some of the moisture away, and saw Rita looking straight at me with a weird look in her eyes.

"Fuck it," I thought, "I'm going to show that bitch."

I danced my way over to her, grinding against random dancing people. I approached really close to her and danced next to her for a bit. She stopped dancing and closed her eyes, moving slightly away from me.

"What's wrong," I asked, "don’t you like dancing with me? You don’t like me in general I think."

She opened her eyes and started to protest.

"You're just a stuck up bitch with a stick up her ass," I said, not letting her get a word in.

"No, you're wrong," she said, "I like you; you’ve got me all wrong."

"OK," I said, "prove it, let's dance together properly."

I started rotating my hips and grinding with her. All this movement got me more and more excited, my clit throbbing and juices flowing. I twirled a little and my skirt flared up, revealing my bare ass to Rita, who was behind me. She went red and rigid, biting her fist.

"What now??" I asked, daring her to mention my lack of undies.

"Nothing," she sobbed and ran away in the direction of the bed room.

"Great," I thought, "now I have to go calm her down instead of having some fun."

I followed her to the bedroom and found her sobbing on the floor with her hand down her undone pants. She saw me and tried to cringe to corner, as far away from me as she could, but I approached closer and sat down next to her. She was really crying, all the while not taking her hand out of her pants.

"Don’t get so upset, it's not the end of the world if we don’t get along."

"No", she cried, "I do like you, I really do."

"I like you way too much…," she blurted and looked down, blushing through her tears.

As I was sitting on the floor my skirt rode up a little, and my unusually pink and swollen pussy lips were slightly visible. I like to shave all the hair of and so they were glistening with moisture. Rita was still looking down- only now she was looking at my view. Suddenly she looked up at me, eyes wide and pleading.

"Can I please touch," she asked in a trembling voice.

I was shocked- this goody two shoes was hitting on me.

"Sure," I said- I was so horny I was dying to be touched.

She gingerly touched my pink puffy lips, just from that more juice ran out, and I saw her mesmerized look. I got up and she looked so sad, gazing up at me with big red eyes.

"Don’t worry," I said, "kneel here", I pointed at a spot in front of the bed and she obeyed.

I sat down on the bed, opposite where she was kneeling, and spread my legs wide- revealing all my glory to her.

"Come closer," I ordered, and she crawled to me- not taking her eyes off my pussy.

"You are so sexy," she stammered, "I've dreamt about you".

"You are a good girl," I said, and patted my thigh as if calling over a dog.

She instantly moved closer and put her head where my hand was.

"Would you like me to tell Mike what it is you like, you dirty little girl?"

She shook her head no, startled.

"If you don’t want Mike or anyone else to find out what a little whore you are- you're gonna have to be my pet. Would you like to be my special sex toy?"

"Oh yes", she whispered, "please…"

"Ok my little pet, I want you to lick my asshole- it's all wet from my juices and I want it to be clean."

I lay back, allowing her easy access to my hole. She gingerly stuck her warm wet tongue between my cheeks. As she licked me I rotated my hips, causing more friction between the balls and my inner walls. I started playing with my swollen clit and the combined sensations on my ass, clit and pussy brought me over the edge. I moaned and thrust out my hips, causing Rita's tongue to penetrate my anus. I kept cumming for what seemed an eternity. When my orgasm subsided I ordered Rita to get up and remove her pants and underwear. I wiped my cunt with her panties and gave them back to her.

"Put your pants back on without your undies," I said and she obeyed.

"Now go and make Mike lick those clean," I said pointing at the panties in her hand.

I saw her tense up, but she did as she was told, and I knew she was mine.

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